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Arriving at Roxanne’s apartment, the couple headed in for the evening. Roxanne wanted to shower before the evening set in and Joey sat in the living room waiting with a glass of tea. He opened his phone to check up on his app and messages before bed.

Kevin to Joey – Needed some help “filling” in for you. Attached was a short video showing Stevie on top of Stacey kissing while she fucked him with a strap-on. Then the camera backed up and rotated a bit revealing Kevin also fucking him and smiling at the camera. Finally, it rotated briefly to show Julie waving, then blowing a kiss.

Stevie to Joey – Hey Joey. Having a wild day here with K & the girls. We miss you.

Adam to Joey – Hey Brother. Hope your day was good. See you tomorrow. Picked up some sexy threads today.

Joey wanted to jump into the app before Roxanne finished her shower, so he brought it up and saw there was a major update today and made a note to read the changelog soon. He opened the profile page and noticed the aesthetic changes from the update right away.

Adam: His brother’s body was hot, and he wanted to get some alone time with him soon to fully appreciate it. He continued Adam’s lower body development with thicker thighs, hips and ass. Despite his small stature, he was really developing a shelf butt.

Jane: His sister’s weight hadn’t changed since and he resisted messing around with her body as he was growing to appreciate her large size as it was.

Mom: His mom still had an update tonight to finish her tightening up.

Dad: He continued his dad’s lower body development as he did his brother.

Joey heard the shower end and scheduled the changes as usual. He went and sat on the couch awaiting his teacher and lover. After several minutes she came from the bedroom wearing a small white silk robe with white stockings. Captivated Joey watched while she sauntered over to him, straddling him on the couch. Bending down, she closed her eyes and kissed Joey deeply and softly. Joey embraced her as they kissed with their tongues dancing passionately. He slipped both hands under her robe and proceeded to softly caress the curves of her ass, feeling the lacy garter and lack of panties. As his hands traced up her back, the robe opened revealing a matching lacy bra covering her perfect breasts.

She smelled fresh from the shower and Joey was completely captivated in the moment. He pushed the robe over her shoulders letting it drop to the floor. Holding her soft ass, he stood and proceeded to carry her to the bedroom. They continued kissing while he laid her on the bed and he softly caressed her body as she removed his clothes.

“Joey, after this weekend how will I go back to work and not be constantly thinking of you,” she asked with somewhat exaggerated concern.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be there for you whenever you need me,” Joey responded with continued affection.

“I like being your sarışın gaziantep escort naughty girl, but I think I’m getting a little spoiled,” she continued. “I’m not sure you can keep up.”

“Well, it sounds like I’ll have some backups available, if need be,” Joey teased.

“Oh, gawd! That makes me sound so slutty, Joey,” she grinned.

“Not slutty, just naughty,” Joey assured her while pulling her straps down to reveal her breasts.

“I guess that’s true,” she pondered. “I mean you’ve been with several women this past week! Including your mom. I guess I’m not the only naughty person around here.”

“Definitely not,” Joey responded while sucking and licking her breasts. “But certainly, the hottest!”

Joey proceeded to orally appreciate his teacher’s body, kissing and using his tongue to great effect. By the time he was between her legs she was practically vibrating with need. As he swept his tongue between her lips, he could clearly taste her excitement. As he penetrated her, she clenched his long tongue and moaned loudly. He could feel the soft texture and ridges inside her canal, and he pressed up to her familiar tender spot triggering her first orgasm. He watched from between her legs and was excited to make her feel good with his tongue. He continued pressing in rhythm with her clenches and carried her through a long satisfying orgasm.

He went lower and she moaned as he began to penetrate her anal opening, increasing in volume as he went deeper. Joey moaned as his cock ached below him. He wanted to fuck his teacher’s ass so bad after watching her train the basketball team. He needed to know first-hand how good her ass felt after witnessing her please so many men. He pressed deeper into her stretching his tongue as far as it would go while he pressed his mouth against her. She looked down at her lover with wide, excited eyes as Joey’s tongue explored the inside of her anal cavity.

“Joey, I can’t believe how good you make me feel,” she said in a breathy voice. “Your tongue feels so good, Joey.”

Joey moaned and continued exploring her anal cavity with his long tongue. He wasn’t put off by the earthy taste of his lover and instead found it highly arousing. This type of play was increasingly turning him on. He could thank Kelly for this newfound fetish that seems to be spreading to his friends.

Joey moaned loudly as he continued burrowing his tongue into Roxanne’s rectum as she looked on. She reached her arms between her legs and pulled Joey even deeper. Suddenly, she pulled Joey up on top of her and kissed him deeply, using her tongue as he had with her ass sucking his tongue into her mouth.

“Joey, I can’t believe the depraved things I’ve done this week,” she said between the kissing. “Joey, you were stuffing your tongue so deep, I was afraid I would taste nasty,” she continued. gaziantep sarısın escort “Joey, stuff your dick in my ass right now. Fill me lover!”

Without hesitation Joey began rubbing his tool all over her dripping wet pussy, until it was covered in the thick somewhat foamy secretions flooding from excited pussy. He pressed the head of his large cock up against the puckered entrance to her ass and pushed in. As with the others in recent days it was a bit of challenge getting the thick head of his dick pressed inside her. Once he entered, they both gasped and stared at each other with excitement, then went back to the spectacle before them.

Joey was hard as a rock and his cock quickly thickens after the glans. He used his fingers to spread her juices around his large shaft as he pushed further inside. She was tight, no doubt, but they were too excited to stop now. He worked several inches of his shaft into her ass as she watched with fascination.

“Wow! It’s really tight, Roxanne,” Joey said as he paused and took a breath. “Are you OK?”

“Yes,” she answered in her breathy voice. “You’re just really big, Joey. The biggest I’ve ever had there.”

Joey continued working his thick shaft into her tight ass and scootching himself closer and now holding her legs up and open he was able to fully sink his cock into her anal passage. As his cock fully entered her, he could feel the walls of her ass squeezing and seemingly to pull him in further. With her in this position he could see the indentation of his cock in her abdomen once he was ball’s deep. Practically in shock, she reached down and pressed against Joey’s cock in her stretched rectum.

“Oh, wow”, Joey said when she squeezed the tip of cock through her skin.

They both looked at each other and then back at the clear display of deep penetration and watched as Joey receded just as slowly. Her ass clung to his cock as he pulled it out several inches, creating a sensation that would have caused Joey to blow his load several days ago. With his now well practiced control, Joey just enjoyed the feeling of her tight ass around his cock. He leaned forward, placing his hands near each of her shoulders and proceeded to slowly fuck his teacher in the ass.

“Oh my gosh, Joey,” she said to him as they looked at each other. “I can’t believe I can take you all the way inside me like this. It makes me feel so full.”

“You feel amazing, Roxanne,” Joey replied.

They continued like this building in excitement and intensity.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”, she growled as Joey pounded into her. “Fuck my ass, Joey! Oh, I feel so nasty and naughty. I’m so lucky you like me this way because I’m not sure I could ever go back”

“I don’t think I could either, Roxanne,” he replied before leaning in for a kiss filled with moans and dripping with saliva from the two gaziantep sarışın escort bayan of them.

“Tell me more naughty stories, Joey,” she begged. “It turns me on so much listening to all the things you’ve done.”

“Do you want to hear how I fucked my sister in the ass?” Joey teased. “…. or do you want to hear about how nasty my brother gets when I fuck him in the ass?”

“All of it, Joey,” she growled. “It’s so sexy how your family plays around together.”

“Well, you might like to see my sexy brother suck my cock clean after I fuck him in the ass,” Joey continued. “He loves sucking my big dick.”

“Oh, Joey! More, more,” she begged.

“He’s really good at taking my whole dick in his ass,” Joey abided her lust. “The other night I watched my sister fuck my dad with a huge strap-on dildo. It’s bigger than I am.”

Roxanne’s eyes went wide and screamed out, “Joey! Joey! Joey!”

She shook in a wild orgasm, nearly dislodging Joey as she slammed her legs down to the bed. She continued like this for close to a minute before passing out. Joey stopped and waited until she recovered several seconds later.

When she woke, she grinned in a seductive and sexy way at Joey, saying, “Oh, Joey. The things you do to me.”

With his cock still lodged in her ass, Joey knelt up and lifted her legs again to her chest, then eased himself back into her, balls deep. They both moaned as they looked from each other to Joey’s cock sinking into her ass. Joey started some slow strokes and worked himself back into a good rhythm. Her ass felt amazingly tight, and he knew he would be ready to fill her bowels shortly.

“Fill my ass with cum, Joey,” she begged. “Cum for me, lover. Right in my dirty ass.”

Joey watched his cock and could swear it bulged before his eyes as he began to finally dump his load in his teacher’s ass. Joey tensed and shook his hips just enough to keep the orgasm going for over a minute. Unlike when he came in her pussy, the cum remained inside due to the tight hold she had on his cock. They both watched while Joey pumped cum into her bowels and as before, she rubbed the head of his cock through her distended abdomen.

Joey sighed with relief and began to extract his cock from her ass. He flipped and laid on his back next to her breathing deep and slowly.

Looking over at his lover, teacher and friend, he gently touched her face and smiled, “Guess I’ll go clean up.”

“Not yet you won’t,” she answered while kneeling up and over Joey to adeptly begin licking and sucking his cock.

She didn’t hesitate as she lifted his cock with one hand and ran her tongue all around his semi-hard shaft. She looked up at Joey while she did this, smiling and moaning in the same sexy look she gave earlier. When she got to the head of his cock, she raised her eyebrows quickly and took the head of his cock in her mouth. She sucked on his cock and took several inches in as well. He could feel her tongue swirl around the ridge of his cock which sent chills up his body as he struggled with the extra sensitivity.

After a good couple of minutes, watching Roxanne suck his cock and lick her lips clean, she popped off the bed and pulled Joey with her to the shower. They laughed and caressed each other while they washed up in the shower before bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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