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Fiction is: imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented. b. The act of inventing such a creation or pretense. 2. A lie. 3.a. A literary work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not necessarily based on fact. b. The category of literature comprising works of this kind, including novels and short stories. 4. Law. Something untrue that is intentionally represented as true by the narrator



Writer JCW


Story Boy genus


Come on Joe you need some sun. You can read that book outside. His two fathers know sunlight was needed for good health. Yes two fathers. Joe”s parents both died in a hit and run crash. Jim was the older brother of Joe. Their father and mother had named him in the well as being Joe”s father, well caregiver. Jim had a lover named Phil. The lawyers and judge had a fight over queers, and adopting. Jim won, and he was a father, with Phil being named as caregiver of Joe as backup just in case. Joe had stood up in court to tell the lawyers to get the f… out of the way. Jim had a hand over his mouth to muffle the worst of it. The judge had a grin hide by a hand as he told them in nicer words to do as the kid said.

Well it might be a strange family but it was working. Joe was a strange kid. He had been home schooled all his life. His parents were both professors teaching at a college near there home. Joe was at the presence time doing self-learning. Jim was ordering books on line on the kid”s orders, as he was too young to do it himself. Gee something else to do, get him able to order shit on his brain level not his age.

Oh lord, he did it on his own. You can make a person out of air and whole cloth. A Mr. James was soon on line talking sense to many people that had been doing wild stuff for years. James blows them out of the water, and proved them wrong in every way. Soon the nut cases were running for the exit. Joe used Mr. James to make himself able to act as somewhat older to get what he needs on his own. He did post a list for his brother/dad.

Deliveries of books was soon on overload at the house.

Oh boy a local professor published a book. Joe read it. OOPS. Joe read it, and posted a rebuttal on line. Oh the wire got hot with all the back, and forth. “Prove it to me, came at last.” “Okay.”

Jim is an author of great repute; his books sell out before they hit the store. He was invited to a large party on the campus of the collage. It was by invitation only. As he was speaking to Professor Jones he spoke of the fuss on line, “why don”t you just set down with this Mr. James guy, and get it settled?” “I wish I could.” “Well go to your lab. I know the person, and can have him in konyaaltı sınırsız escort your lab in a few minutes.”

“Thank you.”

The look on Mr. James face when he sees the young man that has been chatting with him. “Good god is this a joke?” “No, let me use your black, oh sorry green board.” Joe started writing on the board, and called for another board after awhile. Three boards later he set down on the desk as he called for the man to check his facts out. He asked for a coke after awhile, and the man called for it. The young man that brought it was one of his lab assistances and he was told to check over the boards too. It took hours to do. At last the two looked at each other as the professor left out a swear word.

Joe handed him a batch of paper; “here sir this is where you well fucked up, sorry.” “Dam it can”t be that, it has been known to be true for years.” “No I smelt something, and checked the facts out, look on page three, it was messed up there.” “Oh lord no that will mess up most of six books I know of.” Joe giggled as he said sixteen at my last count. The three people set around the desk most of the night rewriting the mans book. They had it maybe 2/10 done when the sun came up. Over the rest of the month messages were sent back, and forth till the book was ready to be placed back in the hands of the publisher. With a new title page

“With thanks to PEN name Mr. James/Joe for telling me I F… up” Oh the count now is twenty-eight other books that did too. See list at end of book. Sorry guys. I learned something from Joe. “If it smells check it out.”

Oh well back to school. He started looking at lasers. Jim saw where he was going from the list of books he was reading, and called some of his friends in to build a lab in the old barn behind the house. Oh did that open a can of worms. Let”s see first of all someone spoke of health. Eyes, lungs, a half dozen other items. Then some research on keeping it all inside the barn. Eyeglasses had to be bought. And used.

Joe had his hands in on the whole lab. He had his own ideas where to go with it. He pushed the field way beyond where it had been before. Jim told Phil one day, we have to get Joe to take a break, he is pushing to hard.

A few days later one of Phil”s cousin”s 13 year old Tim wondered into the lab to be handed some dark glasses. He watched as some medal, glass, and objects of all kind were destroyed. Malted, holed cut up just vanished. “Boring,” was what he said. “I have a batch of tickets to Mickey”s playground. Let”s blow this joint.” Jim and Phil told them to go ahead, and Phil would go along as the token grown up. Tim, Joe and two of the neighbor kids Jack, and Tommy were all ready to konyaaltı türbanlı escort go the next day.

The plane landed near Disney land. They all turned in the paperwork to get real tickets for the wonderland. The hotel was loved, but just to leave the clothes. Let”s go!

Yep the rides, the food, the drinks. Ow shit you know all about it. Well not all of it.

“You”ve all seen the pier with the ghosts waving at people. Well Joe looked at them just a wee different then most people did. He was thinking how they did it not how it looked. He came back to the rooms with that look in his eyes that said, I”ve got a bug up my ass, and don”t try to get it out. “Okay spit it out.” Joe spoke of wanting to tour the back stage underground of the place. “Oh lord I don”t think that is done.” A call for a bellhop soon had a young man in the room that turns out to be a former marine. Phil pulled his former service out as talked to the young man. “Look the kid here is not as he seems. He is a brain walking around in a kid”s body.” The request is made, and luckily the young man has a buddy that is an engineer in one of the places Joe wants to go.

The other boys get to enjoy the park alone, as Joe, Phil, the young marine and his buddy Sam who turns out to be his lover tour the backstage. Phil comments that the marines seem to attracted a lot of gay guys as they wonder around. Questions were asked by Joe, and some by Phil as well. Joe has a pad full of notes by the end of the day. Phil spoke softly to the two men, “how would you like a job guys? It will pay well. We need some people like you to be nursemaids for the kid. Really it is mostly driving a car, as the cops don”t like him driving a car. “Oh there is more to it then that. Think of it as having a gun, and maybe getting to use it sometime.” More was spoke of later, some threats were spoke of.

Two new men in the large house. There was plenty of room as it had at one time held almost three full families. Grand”s from both sides, brother”s sisters, father”s mothers, and a few nephews too. It was one close family. They never know when someone might show up needing a home.

The two marines might be setting around having a brew, and Joe would walk in to ask for a ride to get a book, a piece of something he had need of to build something else. “Who”s up tonight?” One waved a hand, and stood to head out to the

fancy car that came with the job. It wasn”t one of those rides in the back, and point jobs. They rode together, talked to each other. Joe called out where the cops were, and spoke of how predictable they were. He spoke of having a scanner that showed how stupid they were. “I could give them a map that would make them konyaaltı ucuz escort rich if they got a cut.”

It was also not a wait in the car job. A trip for a book usually meant two dozen. This boy was not a one track at a time boy.

Out of sight was not to be as there had been many people that had lust, hate, love of money, and so on.

One day in the barn Joe called for a full stop. Hell he screamed it. He demanded a full inspection. Everything was looked over. At last they found what he had seen out of the corner of his eye. A mirror that was used in the laser experiments had a tiny hole in it. Worse there was a hole in the wall as well. And worse yet one in an apple tree, and a cheery tree, and so on. The last hole was in a rock on the side of a hill. Oh boy was that a big fuss. Fix this fix that dig a basement, a deep one. Aim this that way, and so on. Oh yes the visit to Disney land. The heck with see thro visions. Joe went for a body that almost can be felt it is so real, and can talk to you, and hear as well.

The marines in the group almost had a fit over some of the stuff that they saw. Phil throw a don”t talk about anything gag on everything.

A building project was started that used most of what had been found out. It had to be lightweight, as will as portable. A generator was made to power it all.

The company plane was hauled into the shop, and striped of all weight that they can get off it. Cutting holes, placing things in the holes went fast. The generator was placed in the center of the ship.

A shipment of tanks trucks, all sorts of army junk was received, and placed around a farm outside of the town. One day Phil asked Joe if he wanted to handle the lasers on the plane? They flow a close look see at the farm then did a high pass with Joe on the computer firing. Trucks, cars, guns, buildings, dummies, the place looked like a junkyard after one run. Even the field looked like it had been plowed. Okay one fine film was made of the gun run, and after on the ground as well.

A few weeks later a large troop of air force big wigs, all dressed fit to go to a dance walked into the house. Joe was well dressed as well. Phil was dressed like he always did in overalls. The movie was spoke of, and a price was spoke of. Joe broke into giggles as he looked at the lowball offer. “Gee we got a better offer from the Chinese then that.” “What you”re going to sell it to them?” “Well we will if you keep thinking like a cheap skate.” About three countries names were spoke of before the cheapskates folded their tents and paid up. A few names of people in each country were spoke as well.

“Gee they are suckers aren”t they?” “Lets get back to the real money maker, the telephone that lets you talk face to face with each other.”

“Thank you Mickey.”

The end


The end

hoo Oh yes this is where you can find me to say well done or it sucked, or think about doing ???? You know this is not paid for HINT send some cash to NIFTY I wish I had some to send him, but retarded GIs don”t get much. Licking OUT THE CAN. LICK LICK

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