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Jonas had been visiting Jenny at the massage parlor for nearly two years now. Although the sub-tropical Asian metropolis was not his home, he had been spending enough time there via prolonged trips to know the city well. Jonas first visited the massage parlor on an earlier visit to the city while in town for one of his first professional engagements there. A colleague had recommended it as a higher-end erotic massage service. By chance, Jonas was served by Jenny on his first trip. Jenny, a petite Asian in her late twenties, was a talented masseuse with a great personality; Jonas had visited the massage parlor many times in the past two years, but had never been anyone’s customer except for Jenny.

The receptionist received Jonas at the secure, businesslike entranceway and greeted him by name. The business was a favorite to local and visiting professionals like Jonas for its quality and discretion. Once inside, a hostess greeted Jonas and took him to his suite for that afternoon’s appointment. Jenny was already waiting inside the suite, which looked much like a large hotel room to the casual observer. Soft carpeting and wall art with subdued lighting provided a relaxed environment. A massage table stood against one wall adjacent a table with fresh towels and linens.

Jonas greeted Jenny and took a seat on the couch. A second hostess brought in a tray of tea for Jonas and Jenny and set it on the table in front of the couch, next to the vase of fresh cut flowers. This was a ritual dating back to Jonas’ first visit so long ago when he accepted Sivas Escort tea not quite knowing what to expect. While the relationship between Jonas and Jenny was clearly one of a business nature, they mutually enjoyed each others company and talked comfortably for a few minutes.

Jonas rose from the couch and walked over to the seat in front of the en-suite bathroom. Jenny took his clothes as he undressed for his shower; they would be neatly folded and hanging for him when their session was complete. Jonas was completely comfortable naked in front of Jenny. Certainly, there were no secrets about his body to her. After his shower, she would take his bathrobe from him and he would lie on the table, face down.

Jenny was an excellent masseuse. She started with Jonas’ back to ease the tension from too many hours in front of his work computer. When Jenny was ready to massage his buttocks and legs, she would first spread Jonas’ legs as wide open as possible. Jonas always enjoyed the feeling of slight vulnerability that came with this, his balls slightly exposed even in this face down position. Jenny massaged Jonas’ buttocks and inner thighs vigorously, but also let her fingertips trace lightly on his body from time to time. Jonas loved to feel the contractions in his scrotum when Jenny did this. Jonas and Jenny were so familiar with each other, that his unrestrained moans would guide her work; a certain understanding had developed between them through many visits.

Once Jenny turned Jonas on his back, she would massage his arms Sivas Escort Bayan and head to begin. He particularly enjoyed the sensation of lying unclothed on the table. He long ago asked Jenny to leave him completely uncovered, his cock lying patiently for its call to attention. Jenny would start the process to arouse Jonas sexually while massaging his chest, pausing briefly to squeeze his nipples for a few moments. Traveling down to his stomach and navel, Jonas would feel his cock begin to stir towards an aroused state. There was no hurry, Jenny had developed a process that slowly took Jonas towards a full erection over several minutes. Jenny incorporated verbal cues into this process, with comments like, ‘are you ready to get hard Jonas’, and ‘how much cum do you have for me today.’ Certainly none of this was part of Jonas’ first experience with Jenny, nor was it likely part of the service for any but the most loyal and long-time customers. Sometimes Jonas would answer Jenny’s questions, and sometimes he would remain silent…it was all part of the process.

Once Jonas was fully erect, Jenny would apply more oil liberally to his cock and balls. She knew very well, Jonas liked his hand jobs slow, slippery and noisy. Jonas loved to listen to the sound of Jenny stroking him, her light dirty talk against a backdrop of slippery, wet noise only heightened his pleasure. Jenny always brought Jonas to the brink of orgasm several times before letting him cum. While Jonas’ first few visits had seen Jenny tug him off quickly, likely Escort Sivas the standard client treatment to this day, Jonas repeated visits over two years and generous tips had lead to a different experience.

Jonas groaned as Jenny held the base of his cock with one hand, pulling his foreskin taught, while massaging the head of his cock with her other hand. Jonas loved the feel of Jenny on his cock and body. While it was different than what he experienced with his lovers, it was immensely pleasurable. Jonas actually used his sessions with Jenny to practice deep breathing skills to heighten his orgasms and understand his body better in order to enjoy better sex with his lovers. He relished the feeling of power that Jenny wielded over him….better breathing control or not, she determined when Jonas would cum.

When Jenny was ready to let Jonas orgasm, she would stimulate the base of his balls with one hand and stroke with the other, applying just the right amount of pressure. Jonas always came forcefully during his Jenny visits. Once he started to cum, she would continue to stroke him, noisily, until the last spurt. She would then stand noiselessly, with her hands gently on Jonas for a few moments while he regained his breath. This immediate post-orgasm moments were always comfortable peaceful for Jonas as he lay on the bed, hyper-aware of the cum that had landed on his chest and stomach, sometimes dripping to the side. After a minutes, Jenny would quickly and efficiently wipe him down. She would then finish their session with a few minutes of post-orgasmic work on Jonas’ legs, with a focus on his ankles. For whatever reason, having his ankles rubbed after an orgasm induced the most incredible sense of calm in Jonas that was nearly as pleasurable as the orgasm itself. For Jonas, this was the happy ending.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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