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Dear reader,

I thank you for visiting these chapters of my story. If this is the first one you see I advise you to start with Chapter 1, for that’s where you’ll be informed about all those characters from the start.

All others, I want you to have fun reading this, please leave a comment, advise or whatever you would like to share with me.

The next chapters will take some time. I have to start writing them….

Love you all,


28 In my car

In this section you best listen to:

Tourist by St. Germain

We drove to her house. St. Germain was playing Rose Rouge on my CD player, with some good advice that I interpreted for myself. “I want you to get together.” Well, that was exactly what I wanted. Being with someone. Not with just anyone, but with the person sitting next to me.

Juanita was quiet and drummed in rhythm with her fingers on the dashboard.

My mind drifted to Chittie, I had just talked to her to alert her that I was coming for lunch.

“Of course, Doña Delgado, Chittie will make a nice table for you and …”

I chuckled and said “Yes, Chittie, for me and Juanita.”

“I knew, I knew … two such beautiful women have to …” I shut her up.

“Chittie STOP! We are far from that. But I hope we will get to know each other better. “

“Of course Doña Delgado, of course. Don’t be in a hurry, take your time for everything, being in a hurry is bad for the digestion as my late Jorge always said. But it’s quite hot under those smoldering embers isn’t it? This time it will certainly become more, Chittie knows for sure! I see it in both of you. Something beautiful is growing, now let it come to full maturity. Sorry Doña Delgado, I’m rambling again. But I’m so happy for you.”

I had said goodbye to her laughing. Juanita had stood beside me with growing surprise. Of course, she had only heard my part of the story.

“Well, that was a funny conversation.”

I was still laughing when I told her that Xochitl was a treasure of a human but that she could get carried away by possibilities every now and then.

“She’s already seeing us tie the knot.”

“Who? She and… ohhh, hold on, she meant you and me?” I nodded as I looked at her with a smile. Her face fell and she started to blush.

“What’s the matter, Juanita, don’t you think it’s a funny idea?”

“Yes, but you can’t get married here at all!”

I shook my head and pulled her towards me. With my head next to hers, I whispered in her ear: “Officially, same sex cannot get married here, but Chittie has found something about that. Didn’t you notice those photos yesterday?”

Juanita backed away to look at me in surprise. “Those pictures on the wall at Chittie’s?” I nodded. “No, I don’t believe I did. Was there anything weird with those pics?”

“All the photos hanging there are from unofficial weddings. At Chittie’s, anyone can get married, but it is usually gay or lesbian marriages that take place there.

She has been doing this since her husband Jorge died, because, as she says herself, everyone has the right to make a loving commitment. Her brother is a pretty progressive pastor and blesses the marriages. So maybe not for the state and the official church, but every bridal couple has received the blessing of God from the pastor.”

After a moment’s silence: “And who were the bride and groom in the photo you are on?”

“Oh, that was a coincidence. My then girlfriend and I had wandered in while a marriage was underway. I had no idea who got married. Probably it were those two guys in the middle. Everyone who came in during a marriage was welcome, which is why the majority of the people in most pictures are regular customers.”

She nodded but became very quiet. No word was said till we were well on our way.

I looked at her for a moment, hmm how good she looked. She had stopped drumming. A slow song of St. Germain had made her look out of the car window. I focused on the road again.

“How long have you known her, Dito? You get along so well.” I sort of startled when she spoke.

“You mean Chittie and me?” From the corner of my eye I saw she nodded.’

“I was still young when we, as a family, already came to the restaurant of Xochitl and her husband Jorge. My parents had a special relationship with them. Jorge often came to our house to do odd jobs. When we needed an electrician, carpenter or plumber, Jorge was called.

We actually ate at Chittie’s every Sunday. She made a Chateaubriand and it was flambéed at the table. We had a fixed table and bursa escort bayan fixed places. My father opposite my mother, Chittie stood at our table with a mobile cart with a burner, a cutting board and spices. I was allowed to sit opposite Chittie so I could have a good look at everything.

We also had a regular ritual, that went the same way every week: when the meat was ready, Chittie cut off a slice of it. She gave it to Mama. My mother then cut it into a biteable chunk and poked that on her fork. The fork went back to Chittie with the piece of meat, she put it through the pan with gravy again and offered the fork to Father. Then my mother tapped the plate with her knife, shook her head at Chittie as to tell her she did it wrong, at which Chittie put the fork with the meat into Father’s mouth.”

“What a strange ritual.”

“Oh, I always thought it was funny. Especially because I knew what came next. “

Juanita hung on my words as I continued.

“When father had chewed and swallowed and that often took a while, he nodded at Mama. My mother nodded back, and Chittie, who had been waiting next to Father all along, was pinched. Then she let out a cry and was allowed to continue cutting the meat. When all the meat had been served, she walked past all the plates again with the gravy and draped some over the meat.

In addition, she was pinched in her butt by both Father and Mama. Which made two more calls and gave us a lot of fun. We never knew whether it would be a high-pitched cry or a more animal growl. That growl of hers was great. She especially did that when she was a little behind me.”

Juanita laughed. “Then they must have had a great bond with each other.”

I nodded and thought about the time when Mama and Father were still alive. Chittie and Jorge had indeed had a great relationship with my parents. Suddenly I realized that all the relationships my parents had had with others had been more than friendly, even more, amiable.

“Are your parents still alive, Juanita?” I looked at her for a moment and saw she got a somewhat uneasy expression. “Sorry I was too bold?” I looked back at the road.

“I don’t know anything about my father. My mother took the secret with her to her grave. She passed away two years ago.” I looked aside for a moment and saw that she had taken a sad look. I put my hand on her knee.

“You don’t have to tell it now, girl. I don’t want you to be sad just because I want to satisfy my curiosity. Tell it when you want it or not, it’s up to you. ” I concentrated on the road again, my hand remained on her knee.

She cleared her throat. “My mother has always told me that you don’t need a man to be happy, especially with a child. She advised me to keep Tomàs. Even more so when I told her I didn’t know who his father is.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her looking at me with a penetrating look for a response from me. I continued to focus on the road.

HOooooo, hold on. All of a sudden the lightning struck me. I looked for a place to park the car and hit the first side path. I braked hard and put the car on the side of the dirt road. I lowered the sound of St. Germain and looked at Juanita without saying a word. My lips tightened and Juanita looked at me in shock.

“What are you doing Dito? Why are we standing still? What is wrong?”

I became angry now. “Now you listen very carefully girl. When you really want to start something with me, I want you to be totally honest first and stop bullshitting me.”

She looked at me with a surprised and worried look. “What … what do you mean?”

I gritted my teeth and I hissed at her: “Just a few days ago you told me you had such a hard time with the divorce and now you’re talking about not knowing Tomàs’ father. Now you tell me…. where is the lie?”

She got a head like a buoy. “I…, I….” She hung her head as tears fell on her hands. I said nothing, opened the window and waited patiently for her to speak. I heard a bird whistle a nice song and couldn’t control a little smile.

29 In control

In this section you can listen to:

Vous m’emblouissez by Helen Merrill, Jamais, jamais by Rainbirds, You go to my head performed by Julie London, Pessoa 1934 by Rainbirds, You go to my head performed by Mathilde Santing, Sympathy for the devil by Rainbirds, You go to my head by The Continental.

“I…, I……” Charlize sobbed and trembled. I stood in front of her and had the tip of the spike of my high-heel placed on her thigh. She was in her uniform, her görükle escort hands at her back, sitting in front of me. Her head bent slightly forward, so that her bangs covered her eyes. Like the sunlight, the outside noise sparkled in through the open window. A bird high in the sky sang a beautifully varied song.

I looked down at her and thought to myself what a great actress she was. I shifted my stiletto shoe slightly and pushed her skirt higher with the pointy toe. When I could see the dark curls, I put my heel back on her upper leg and pressed my stiletto heel a bit into the soft flesh. Her head shot up and she looked at me wildly through her bangs.

I bent over and took her chin in my hand. “I thought we made an appointment when you came here, you little slut!”

“Oui, madame … I … I didn’t want to do it, mais …”

“Chèrie, tell it from the start, and don’t blame anyone else. I want to hear everything from you in detail.”

She looked at me boldly now.

“I got up early this morning. I had to go to the toilet and immediately took a towel and my toothbrush so that I could take a shower right after. In my nightgown I walked down the quiet corridor, probably everyone was still asleep. At the second door I heard soft strange music playing. Apparently someone else who got up early too. I walked on and suddenly I heard a creeping moan. I involuntarily smiled…

Behind this door was someone who probably liked morning sex. I paused for a moment, and the moaning turned to deep moans. Without realizing it, my free hand made its way to my chest and I rubbed it. I gently massaged and tugged on my now hard nipple. I let it go again and squeezed it. To keep from screaming, I pressed my lips together. I decided to walk on, someone could walk down the hall.

Excited, I showered quickly because I didn’t take the time to satisfy myself as I was afraid you might need me. After I had showered I walked back into the hallway. Only the music still sounded. Almost arrived at my door, I heard another door open and turned around. A girl came out whom I had met during hazing. She looked at me, turned red and quickly ran down the hall to the stairs. I walked into my room and put on my uniform, like you told me.”

She looked at me to make sure I didn’t have to say anything. I nodded to let her go on.

“While I was getting dressed, I realized I couldn’t fasten the corset myself.”

I was well aware of that when I gave it to her. That’s how she would always need me when getting dressed. However, my smile paled to the grin on her face, so I subtly pressed my heel into her thigh.


“I wanted to ask you to fasten the cord and gently opened the door to your room. Then I saw you sitting naked on the couch.”

“And then?” I asked her even though I already knew the answer.

“What I had heard and the shower had made me so hot that I couldn’t control myself.”

I shook my head.

“I don’t want to know what you did, I want to hear what you saw and what it did to you.”

She looked at me questioningly for a moment. “Oh, ohhhh, Naturellement.”

It started to dawn on her.

“I saw you with your feet on the bench with your legs spread and your hands on your breasts. Your eyes were closed. I saw your fingers pulling on your err nipples. Then I saw your hand go over the belly between your legs and then I felt wet between my legs and I did what you did.”‘

“Yes, and what did you do then?”

I changed the position of my shoe and pushed the tip under her skirt between her legs. She watched what happened, but said nothing. Her head obsessed following the movement of my foot. When I felt resistance I rubbed the tip of my shoe up and down. Not too much, but just enough for her to feel uncomfortable. I heard her breathing quicken.

“I rubbed between my …” she started to pant.’

“Legs … Nnnn …”.

“Continue.” I slightly increased the pressure on my shoe.

“You were so … busy …” Her sentences were now spoken in a kind of staccato, pausing after every two words when my shoe went up.

“I assumed … that you hadn’t … heard … me, but I couldn’t … close the door … because I … had one hand … between my … legs and … with the other … pulled on my … nipples. ” She had said it as quickly as she could and I saw her face start to color.

“And it was … such a hot … sight, to … see you … on the couch … as your hand went … faster and faster … and I felt that … I was… getting close.”

She now supported bursa escort bayan her forehead against my thigh. I put some more pressure on it and put my heel on the floor. As if I stepped on an accelerator and released it, over and over, I worked her crotch. I felt that the toe of my shoe was now between her lips.


“Don’t let me stop you Chèrie, tell me further …”

“I closed … the … door softly … closed …” She moaned.


Hmm, Dito slow down. Calm down now. Let her recover. The tip of my shoe was high in her crotch and pressed against her clitoris. I gave a little more pressure, which made her buttocks get off the ground.

“… So that you… wouldn’t hear me……. With one… hand still between… my legs… I dropped… on my… bed… and smothered… my scream… in the pillow…. “

Her head was now rolling back and forth over my thigh.

“Everything got wet …, my skirt …, my bed …, the floor … everything got wet …. and, and then … I couldn’t … go to the hallway …. I heard … voices and I … thought … one thing: … I have to … clean … before you would see …. I thought… your bathroom… and when I…. opened the … door to your room… there was… no one… And then… suddenly you were… there…. Oh yes… oh yes… “

She moaned again and groaned, I thought I even heard her teeth grinding.

Now I started feeling wet myself and took my foot away and put my hand on her head and pulled it against my crotch. She let out a cry and pulled her head away.

“S’il vous plait, Madame le Preses let me come, I’m so hot.”

There was a snicker in her voice while she said it and looked at me longingly. I shook my head. After I got dressed I walked into the bathroom and saw her standing there, her corset halfway, her breasts bulging above the fabric. In her bare ass she was removing a stain from her skirt.

“You are going to help me first. Remember I didn’t give you permission to use my bathroom. If you now focus on your task to my full satisfaction, we will see from there.”

I took her hair and pulled her hard against me. While lifting my skirt with my other hand, I pressed her face to my wet panties.

“Lick, foolish pledge, lick as if your life depends on it.”

It remained silent for a long time, nothing was heard but our moaning.

I came back to reality and saw I was staring at the bird and slowly became aware I had a smile on my lips, when suddenly Juanita broke the silence.

“They don’t know any better at work than that I was married and went on alone with Tomàs after an unfortunate period. The reality is that I have no idea who Tomàs’ father is. In the period that he must have been conceived, I had quite a few different contacts.”

I looked at her. “Why?”

She had looked down all this time, but now dared to look at me. She looked sad.

“I wanted to tell you that at your house that evening. I have never seen the second photo book Pablo made. He had made it for someone who had some sort of power over him and had to give the book to him. Pablo had told me that if I wanted the book I would have to wait until they made contact with me. He urged me not to make a fuss, because otherwise it would end badly.”

“WHAT? That little manipulator had you trapped? What a bastard!!” I looked at her with horror. “How awful!”

In terlude

In his diary

Wednesday 8/15/1979

Now that V. has returned to her home country and D. has moved into the student house on campus, Mistress has indicated that she needs a new toy. Someone who can come to live here at the mansion to meet all the mistress’s wishes. I ordered J. Monday to place an ad in a regional newspaper asking for a female servant. This morning the newspaper was distributed and this afternoon three calls were made. Mistress has indicated that she is willing to pay the normal applicable fee.

Thursday 8/16/1979

Today there are five more responses. I rejected two of them because they were married women. Mistress has announced that she wants to see one of yesterday’s three candidates. I called the other two saying that we will not use their services. I invited the remaining four to come and talk tomorrow. Initially I will speak to them… Mistress has indicated that she only wants to speak to the one who remains. In it she fully relies on my insight.

Saturday 8/18/1979

This afternoon I am going to pick up E. from the orphanage, where she has lived and works now. I told her not to bring too much as there is always a possibility to have things she forgot to be picked up later. Since D. is staying on campus in the dorm this weekend, I told J. to reserve a table for three tomorrow. Mistress had told us to include the girl in the family. As before D. was born and she married J., C. was a family member.

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