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Chapter 2: Judith

Revised with input from Trey Gallant

I showed up for my appointment with Dr. Roth on time, but I still had to wait. Fortunately, there was entertainment. The receptionist was sitting in a way that allowed me to see up her short smock every time she crossed and re-crossed her pretty legs. Eventually, I was waiting alone with a raging hardon. When a very well-dressed man with a rather spacey look on his face finally came out, the receptionist told me that the doctor was ready to see me.

The doctor may have been ready to see me, but I wasn’t ready to see the doctor, not this one! To my amazement, “J. Roth” was a woman. And what a woman! Even without her 5″ spike heels, she would have equaled my 5′ 11” stature. And she was big in other ways, too. You might say she had a coke bottle figure –the 64 oz. size!

She smiled seeing my astonishment as I stood speechless trying to take in the sight. The doctor wore a proper power suit, but the tailored skirt stopped about a furlong above her knee, and the expensive silk blouse showcased more than concealed a set magnificent mammaries.

“Welcome, Mr. Black. May I call you David? Have a seat and tell me a little about yourself.” She sat down behind her desk and opened a file folder. She began with the standard medical-type questions: name, address, age, previous medical history, that sort of thing. Abruptly, she closed the folder, looked me right in the eye, and said, “Alright, David, now tell me why you really came to see me.”

Stunned, I complied. “I’m in a real fix, Doctor Roth. I think I’m the victim of the woman who lives next door to me. A few weeks ago she, … I, I seem to be under some kind of spell. I can’t get her out of my thoughts and I don’t know why I am so obsessed with her. I have been giving her money, but I don’t remember when or how. I know I am spending all my time with her, but I don’t remember everything that we do together….”

The tone of my speech became more anxious, tense, and just a little short of hysterical, as I proceeded. I had not realized myself how distraught I had become about this situation. “David, David. Calm down.” Dr. Roth interrupted. “You seem a little tense. Do you feel nervous about putting yourself in the hands of a woman psychologist?”

“Oh, no,” I said, too hastily

“Then lie down on the couch,” she smiled reassuringly, “and I’ll help you to relax.”

“All right,” I agreed hesitantly. She brought her chair out from behind her desk and set it next to the couch. She moved to the wall switch and dimmed the lights, then returned to her chair beside the couch. A projector threw swirling colors onto the ceiling. She took my right hand in both of hers, and said, “Now we are going to work on controlling your breathing. I want you to inhale when I tell you and time your breathing in to my count. Then you will hold your breath while I count and then exhale slowly while I count. When you have exhaled each time, I will say, ‘Relax,’ and you will repeat it to yourself. You don’t have to say it out loud. Do you understand?”

I nodded. I did not trust myself to speak. At only arms length, her obvious charms were overwhelming, and her perfume was a fragrant fog all around me. “That’s right,” she said, her voice dropping to an intimate purr. “In-hale … three … four … five …. Hold-it … three … four … five….Ex-hale … three … four … five ….Relax. “

“Relax,” I said to myself, adding, “three…four…five.”

“Very good, David. Very good. Now again, more slowly, more relaxed. In-hale…three…four…five…six…. Hold-it … three…four…five…six….Ex-hale … three … four five .. six….Relax.” She repeated this over and over, each time slowing down and extending the count. I lost track of how many times she took me through this until I heard her say, “Wonderful, David. That’s good, very good. You are an excellent subject. How do you feel now?”

“Umm. Better,” I confessed. It was amazing. A few moments before, I had found myself on the verge of hysteria. Now I felt so comfortable I was almost drowsy.

“Are you still nervous about working with a female psychologist on this problem,” she asked in a velvet voice.

“No. No, not at all,” I replied. Actually, although I was more calm now, she still made me uneasy, sitting so close, bending towards me. It was an effort to not look up her dress or down her blouse’s Vee-neckline. And she was still holding my hand.

“David, you’re not being completely truthful,” she smiled warmly. “Like most men, you are a little bit afraid of me. I’m a big, sexy woman, and I’m wearing clothes that make you look at me. I think this short skirt and my low neckline intimidate you. Perhaps you are worried that now that I have you down on the couch, you would become aroused, and I would notice it. After all, the lights are dim. We are alone, and no-one will interrupt us. Are you afraid I might take sexual advantage of your relaxed, vulnerable state?”

“Yes, Dr. Roth,” I admitted.

“Well, ateşli gaziantep escort bayan given what you say you have been through, you are right to be concerned. It appears that it WOULD be very easy to manipulate your mind to take advantage of you. But don’t worry, my young friend. I never have sex with a man against his will. Believe me, I don’t go to bed with a man until I’ve got him very, very willing. If I make love to you, I’ll make sure you really want it first. So just put those fears out of your mind.”

At some point during this conversation, I don’t know exactly when, Judith had pulled her chair even closer, and had begun stroking my leg just above the knee. Gradually, her hand worked its way to my crotch. “Now are you ready to tell me everything about this woman and your obsession with her?”

“I’ll try.”

“I’ll help you.” she smirked and began a slow massage of my crotch.

“Oh … Doctor! Please, don’t do that!”

“Why? Don’t you like it?”

“God, yes!” I gasped.

“You’re supposed to,” she said. “Just relax and enjoy the sensations.”

“But…it makes me so …. it is getting me aroused.”

“I’d be worried if your were not.” she smiled. “You’re going to tell me about a sexual experience. I want you to experience the arousal you felt then.”

“But Doctor…”

“Don’t resist me, David. This is for your own good. Trust me. Let go and give in to your feelings. You must be completely open with me. Let go of your inhibitions. I want you to become sexually aroused. Sexual arousal makes a man docile and obedient. Doesn’t my stimulating you sensually make you feel like doing anything I tell you to do?”

“Oh…yes, Doctor,” I sighed.

“Of course you will, anything I tell you. You trust me and you are going to let me help you. Now take a slow, deep breath … just like before. Hold it … and let it out slowly. As you exhale, your eyes will close. You are feeling relaxed, and you will tell me everything about this woman who you fear is sexually exploiting you.”

“Yes, Doctor,” I sighed as her hand slowly put me into a wonderful, dreamy mood.

“For the last several months, I’ve been seeing an older woman, a neighbor of mine. I seem to be completely obsessed with her.””And what is the problem: that she is older or that you are obsessed with her?”It was hard to think, much less talk, but I heard my voice answering for me. “My obsession. I’m signing over my paycheck to her, and I didn’t even remember doing so. I don’t see any of my friends my own age anymore. I have nothing in common with the woman except sex. I don’t even remember much of what Grace and I do in bed; I seem to fall asleep every time we …”

“Grace?” Dr. Roth interrupted gently. “Is that her name? Grace…?”

“Yes, Doctor,” I responded to her unspoken question. “Her name is Grace Archer.”

“Why the randy old…,” Judith murmured to herself. “This is getting interesting. I think you had better tell me how this relationship began.”

I tried to explain how I had been ogling Grace for several days and her catching me looking.

“Then what happened?”

“For several days, nothing,” I recalled. “Then, the next Saturday, I was just about to leave the house to pick up my girlfriend, when Grace came over to visit.”

“And…,” she coaxed.

“I don’t know why I even let her in, I didn’t have time,” I went on, almost babbling. “Sarah was waiting for me, but when I opened the door, I couldn’t seem to stop her,” I admitted lamely.

“Who is Sarah?” Judith asked.

“She was my girlfriend at the time,” I explained. I went on to tell Dr. Roth about sitting on the sofa with Grace, talking with her, unable to keep my eyes off her. How the drinks seemed to hit me harder than I was used to. How things got so out of focus, and I began first fondling then eating Grace out and finally how we ended up in bed, how she virtually raped me, and how I lost consciousness when I came. “…and that’s all I remember,” I finished

“Hmm. Didn’t that seem odd. You were about to go out with your girlfriend, and yet you invited in this neighbor you hadn’t met?”

“I couldn’t say no. Maybe it was because she was wearing the same little black dress as in the dream,” I explained.

“Dream? What dream, David? Listen to me,” Judith interrupted, a little more urgently this time. “You said something that may be very important. I want you to relax and try to remember everything you can about that dream. Everything.”

“Yes, Doctor,” I sighed, sinking even further into that dreamy, fuzzy-minded state as Dr. Roth stroked my hand. Things were becoming so clear now, memories that I hadn’t recalled, but instead of generating the anxiety they had when I first became aware of them, when I decided to call Dr. Roth, they seemed distant, unattached to me.

“It was Friday, the night before her visit. I seemed to wake up, and saw Grace standing over me. She was wearing a short sexy bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan black dress and was touching herself. I couldn’t seem to move or speak. Then, very deliberately, she dropped the dress and slipped into bed with me. Before I could do anything she offered me her luscious breasts. In my dream, I was unable to resist. I took her succulent tits in my mouth. Instantly her nipples grew hard as rocks as I kissed and sucked them.”

“Go on,” Judith encouraged.

“By instinct my hands found her wide firm ass and began kneading it while she began playing with my prick! I was getting more and more excited, about to come. I thought she was just going to jack me off, but she just nestled my head on her breasts and spoke softly to me, and the dream seemed to fade away. Then it seemed to come back. She was still nursing me at her breast and playing with my cock. She stopped, tranquilized me with a kiss, and crawled on top of me.”

“Effortlessly she took my prick in her hand and guided it up inside her warm moist cunt. Slowly at first, she started to ride up and down on my cock. She was fucking me and I was powerless to stop her. I had never before been taken by a woman against my will. I had never before even let a woman get on top of me to fuck. But in this dream I seemed to have no choice. Grace was too heavy; I hadn’t the strength to get her off of me and soon found I didn’t even want her off.”

“It was heavenly having her on me, being overpowered and fucked by this big sexy woman. The pleasure was so intense, I couldn’t think. I loved what her pussy was doing to me. My body responded totally to hers. I was being raped, but I didn’t want it to stop. She rode my prick expertly, getting herself off time after time. Each time she came, I felt my cock bathed in hot rich cunny juices. I felt overpowered, helpless, violated! She was using me to sate her own considerable lust. And every second of it was ecstasy! Then at last she started riding me faster. Her canter became a trot and then a gallop! She was beginning to make me come! I felt the orgasm build and build until at last I exploded inside her. She continued riding me, slower now, until I was drained.”

“When she felt my prick gradually go limp at last, she rolled off me and nestled my head on her breasts again, and spoke softly to me until the dream seemed to fade away.”

“That was very important, David. See how much you can remember when you let me relax you?” Judith said. “Now, you’ve said you don’t remember what happened after she came to your house the next day. Let’s try to work on that. I want you to relax again and try to remember more, not about the dream, now, but about that night Grace seduced you. You knew she was an “inappropriate” woman for you, yet you were feeling very horny. Remember how horny you were, just like you are now. She had you in bed. Her pussy was going up… and down… up… and down…. Like my hand on your cock now. It was so relaxing, David. You closed your eyes and let her fuck you… fuck you… to sleep…” My eyes were closed, and Judith’s voice seemed to come from far away: “Tell me what happened next.”

“I vaguely recall that she woke me up several times and said it was time for me to have more.”

“That’s right,” she encouraged me. “She let you wake up a little. Go on…”

“Each time,” I continued, “she gave me her tits to suck until I was hard again, then she got on top of me and fucked me until I passed out from the orgasm. I seem to remember her talking to me as she fucked me. It all seemed unreal, like the dream I had the night before.”

“So when I woke up the next morning and found her in my bed, looking down at me and smirking, I was momentarily confused.”

As I spoke, I seemed to be reliving the moment…


“What are you doing here, ma’am,” I blurted out.

“Can’t you tell, silly boy? And don’t call me ‘ma’am’ although I am old enough to be your mother. I’ve been making love to you, so you will call me Grace, for now. Your prick spent a couple of busy nights in and out of me, and did I give you a romp!” she laughed.

“A couple of nights?” I said, more confused than ever. Hadn’t she just come over the afternoon before? How long had I been out anyway?

“Last night,” she said coyly, “and the night before.”

“My dream!” I exclaimed. “So the dream was real!”

“The wildest of wet dreams, young man,” she answered, leaving me more confused than ever.

“Of course,” I mused, trying to sort it out. “But how could you fuck me without waking me up?””Now how would I fuck an unsuspecting young man?” She smiled as if posing an academic question “That would be easy. First I would sneak into his bedroom and place a tranquilizer patch on his arm while he was asleep. Next, while the drug took effect, I’d play with myself to get good and horny and to make my pussy wet and ready for the action to come,” she giggled. “Then I would drop my dress and cuddle gaziantep bayan escort up with him. By then he would be too doped-up to object to having a sexy woman in bed with him. I’d let him suck my tits to keep him busy while I started working on his dick until he had a nice, big boner. Then I’d climb on him and ram that lovely stiff organ of his up inside my slippery pussy. I would get myself off a few times and then make him cum inside me until he was temporarily drained.”

I was more confused than before, if possible. Was she talking about what she could do, or had done? Last night, or the night before? I couldn’t seem to think straight.

“Sexual satiation puts a man to sleep the right way,” she continued, not giving me time to sort it out. “So I could take off the now unneeded patch. After that first orgasm, I had a better way to keep you under control but your cock well employed. Any time I felt you starting to get restless, I let you suck my tits again. My breast calmed you down and stiffened up your prick for me the way I like it. Then I put your prick back in me and rode you to an orgasm that made you pass out again. We had two long, hot busy nights.”

“But why me?” I gasped.

“Why you?” she laughed. “Because I needed to get fucked and you were handy,” she grinned. “What better reason could a horny woman have for sneaking into the bed of a sleeping man and making love to him all night. Look at me, David. You should be able to tell that a woman with tits and hips like mine has been used to getting lots of sex all her life. I developed early. At thirteen I was jail bait and dying to get laid. I put the move on my older sister’s 16 year old boyfriend in the back seat of his car. I told him he could play with my tits the way I had seen him try to do with my timid sister. But I wasn’t timid. While he fumbled inexpertly, I unzipped his pants and worked on his cock until he was hard. I had to show him how to put it in me, but I got fucked three times that night and I haven’t stopped since.”

“For the last thirty-five years, I’ve almost never spent a night with an empty pussy,” she continued, proudly. “I’ve had scores of lovers putting their cocks between my legs to try to keep me satisfied. My third husband was the best, putting it to me several time a day! If he had told me about his heat condition, I would have gone easier on him. But, rest his soul, he died happy. Since then, I haven’t been able to get screwed nearly often enough. Oh, I seduced the parson who came over to offer sympathy, and I have gone down on a couple of patients at the hospital, but it had been too long since I had a regular supply of prick for my cunt. I was going crazy from the dearth of man-meat!”

“Then, a few nights ago, I caught a glimpse of you through your bedroom window, undressing. I felt my panties get wet and the revelation came. ‘Look at all that hard young prick right next door and going to waste tonight!’ I said to myself, ruefully. ‘There is the tool that could solve your pussy’s problems for good. Seduce the owner of that baby, give him a really good lay, and you can make him stick it up in you anytime you need it. I got so horny lying therein bed drinking and dreaming about holding you naked in my arms with your long thick prick snaking all the way into me, I had to use my dildo to get some relief.”

“So when I saw you ogling my tits and ass that morning, I knew you were my pigeon. I was sure you would be thinking about me, fantasizing about sucking my big tits, dreaming of my going down on you with my big ass. All I had to do was get in bed with you just one night and I could make you like it so much I’d turn you into my private fucking machine! And now I have what I need. Your hard young prick is going to solve my pussy’s entire problem. And I am going to make sure you enjoy pleasing me.”

“Mrs. Archer!” I exclaimed, flabbergasted. “You can’t do … Oh! …”

“Hush,” she said tenderly and kissed me, taking hold of my cock and starting to massage it deliciously again. “I told you to call me Grace, I can make you screw me any time I want to be screwed. And since I haven’t had you in me for several hours, I want it now! I want to feel your big, pussy-pleasing prick filling up my cunt again. Oh look at the hard on you’ve got lover. This is too much!” she laughed. “What an easy fuck you are. What a marvelous cunt pleaser you’re going to be! Just telling you how I seduced you last night got you horny. You need to get laid all over again.”

“Grace, stop!” I pleaded.

“Are you sure you want me to stop?” she grinned as her hand encircled my penis. “You’ve got a BIG problem here. You are showing signs of intense sexual craving, David. I diagnose this beautiful hard on as an attack of chronic cunt deficiency. You need a lot more sex than you’ve been getting, young man. Fortunately, I can do something to alleviate your immediate discomfort. When I see a man in this condition, I prescribe a good roll in the hay. And the treatment begins by getting you really hot. I want you to suck my titties.”

“Just go to work on my tits again for a few minutes until they are hard as rocks and my pussy is juiced up nicely. Then I’ll administer a dose of my special medicine that will give you a short respite from your craving for sex. But I have to warn you, there is no permanent cure for a man with your problem. You’ll have to keep coming back to me again and again for additional treatments.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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