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Author’s Note: This is the last chapter I have written, with a quick epilogue at the end that isn’t long enough for its own submission. I had a lot of fun with Jules and company and I hope you have enjoyed the story.

If you would like to read more, please leave a comment telling me what you’d like to see. More of these same characters? Something completely different? More action vs. more time in the character’s heads? Darker or more light-hearted?

Thanks for reading!



After half a pizza and a round of beers, the deployment completes successfully. We all sit around the break room table looking at each other, no one ready to call it a night. Rick excuses himself and heads to the loo. I spend a moment considering Kim.

I’m overjoyed at the prospect of her as a friend, I truly am. But I can’t shake a nagging feeling of loss. When the reason finally dawns on me, I’m overcome with shame. Kim is not going to blackmail me. She’s not going to make me do degrading things to humiliate myself. Part of me is disappointed. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” I ask myself, undoubtedly not for the last time. Unless…

Kim sees me staring at her as I slip into a devilish grin “What?” she asks with a bit of annoyance.

“You know, you do still have those pictures of me from Friday night…”

“Yeah, and?” Kim is obviously uncertain where this is headed.

I lean in, as if to share a secret. “There’s no telling what I might do to keep them quiet.” I give her a conspiratorial wink.

She studies me for a long moment. After our earlier conversation, she’s understandably wary. “Are you sure?”


Finally, my smile is mirrored on her face. “You really are a freak, aren’t you.”

Rick returns a few minutes later to find us both staring at him, buzzing with expected devilry. The pizza is stowed in the fridge, but there’s a fresh round of beer set out. There’s even a bottle of tequila that Kim keeps ‘hidden’ at her desk, replete with limes and salt. “What’s going on?” he asks.

Kim starts, “Jules and I want to stay here a while. You need to stay and chaperone, or else Jules here may get out of hand.” He looks at me doubtfully. My reputation is as the one with the stick up her ass, as Kim pointed out.

“I know,” I blurt out. “Let’s play a drinking game.”

“I don’t know… ” Rick starts to back pedal.

“Hush, Rick!” Kim cuts him off. “You’re staying. Besides, two girls to one guy. Your odds are good here.”

“Okay, I guess.” Rick sits at the table with us. “What are we playing?”

“Let’s keep it simple.” Kim says. “Truth or Dare.”

“What? Are we in high school?” I laugh.

“Are you scared?” Kim taunts. “That’s hard to… picture.”

I chuckle inwardly at her obvious joke and feel a familiar tingle in my sex. I suspect that Kim can really push my limits, and I’ve given her the green light to do so. Things are about to get interesting.

“Truth or Dare it is!” I concede with a shrug, trying to hide my excitement.

Kim lays out the ground rules. “Okay, this was Jules’ idea so she can go first. Before each turn you take a drink. Once your turn is over, you pick who goes next. Got it?”

“Got it,” I say, but Rick still looks uncertain. “Don’t worry Rick, we’ll go easy on you.”

I take a big drink from my beer and state confidently “Truth.”

Kim smiles. “Are you wearing a bra?”

Wow, that didn’t take long. “No” I answer a little more sheepishly. “I took it off at lunch.” My answer seems to have piqued Rick’s interest, but there’s not much to see with my jacket on.

“Who’s next?” Kim asks.

“You are, truth or dare?”

Kim takes a casual drink from her beer, looks me right in the eye and grins. “Truth.”

“Okay,” I consider my options, and decide to probe a little deeper. “Gay, straight or bi?”

She glances between me and Rick. “Bi. Definitely bi.” Rick and I both laugh nervously at the implication. “Right back at you, Jules.”


“Same question to you.” Kim says, and waits intently for the answer.

I pause just for a moment in genuine uncertainty. “Traditionally straight, but currently… undecided.” That seemed to get everyone’s attention. “Poor Rick isn’t getting to play. Rick?”

He seems to snap out of a spell. “Oh, uh… Truth, I guess.”

I’m feeling flirty. “Drink up. From the looks you were giving me on Friday, I don’t need to ask about your orientation.” His ears are really cute when they blush, but I decide to go easy on him. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No.” He looks embarrassed anyway, poor guy.

He’s just waiting until Kim prods “Who’s next?”

“Oh… uh, Jules?”


“Do you have a boyfriend?” Rick asks.

I pause again, just for effect. “No significant other currently, but may be ready to start taking applications. Kim?”


“When’s the last time you had sex?”

Her face darkens before she catches herself. There’s a story there and I’m afraid I struck a nerve. “Six months ago.” Kim stands. “It’s time to get serious. gaziantep masaj salonları Beer is for wussies. From now on, you need to take a shot on each turn.” She takes the tequila and fills a shot glass to the brim before sliding it in front of me. “You’re up.”

The playfulness has left Kim’s eyes and I decide to give her a chance to retaliate. Besides, I asked for this. The tequila burns on its way down my throat. “Dare.” I say flatly, looking straight at her.

She fixes me with challenge in her eyes. “Lose the jacket.” I stand up calmly, never breaking eye contact. I am not going to back down from her now. I slowly open the two buttons on the jacket, and slide it from my shoulders. My rock hard nipples stand out prominently and the color of my areolas can be easily seen under the harsh fluorescent lights of the break room. My blouse gapes enticingly from the missing buttons as I fold the jacket and place it neatly on the table.

Rick’s eyes are glued to my protruding nubs. It’s time to loosen him up a bit. “Rick?” I ask, pouring a new shot for him.

He holds the glass up in mock salute before downing the liquor. Coughing a bit, he responds “Oh, what the hell. Dare.”

I smile. “Pinch them.” Rick’s eyes go wide. I walk over and stand directly in front of him. “Go ahead, pinch them.” No one asks what ‘them’ I’m referring to. As I stand over him, my chest is roughly at Rick’s eye level and I’m close enough that my modest bust fills his plane of view. It takes him a moment to remember how to work his fingers as Kim drags her chair to our side to get a better look. He finally brings both hands up to my chest, and delicately places a thumb and middle finger around each of my nipples. “Pinch them,” I repeat. “Harder!” Rick increases the pressure and bolts of electricity shoot through my body. “Twist them!” I close my eyes and savor the sensations before bringing my hands up to Rick’s. He releases his grip as I press his hands into my breasts. A moment later I pull his hands from my chest and slump down in the chair next to him. My brain is awash in a sea of alcohol and desire. My face and chest are flush and my breathing heavy.

Although the game and the booze are obviously having the intended effect on all of us, I still want more. I NEED more. I’m a bristling mass of sexual frustration and emotional turmoil and I need deliverance. Rick and Kim are just too timid… too nice. I don’t need nice. I need NOT nice. I need to peel back the layers of propriety and affection to uncover the raw, animalistic lust that’s brewing underneath.

I stand to pick up my beer from the nearby table. As I turn, I address Rick in what I hope is a sultry tone. “Nice job, Rick. They’re a bit sore now.” I bring the bottle to rest soothingly against one protruding nub. “Mmm, that’s better,” I coo as I circle the bottle against my blouse. The bottle is not nearly as cold or wet as the glass from earlier, but the effect is similar. I kick off my heels, relishing the feel of the cold floor against my stockinged feet.

“This game is too slow,” I say as I step in front of Rick once more. I shift the bottle to soothe the second nipple and provide a better view of the first. “I think we need some more truth from Rick.” I bring the bottle to his mouth, which is hanging open in shock and anticipation. “Take a drink, young man.” His hand closes around the bottle and he takes an audible gulp. I hike my skirt up high, allowing me to straddle his legs with mine. I take the bottle from Rick and reach behind him to place it on a table, my half open blouse hanging dangerously close to his face, before lowering myself gently onto his lap.

I lean in close to Rick’s face, but speak loudly enough for Kim to hear. “Tell me, Rick…” My hips start to rock subtly back and forth and I feel the rasp of his jeans through the thin nylon of my stockings. My mind flashes back to James in the comic shop and a warm rush of desire flows through my body. “When we were at Barry’s and you were helping me to your car…” My panty covered sex just grazes the lump in his pants, and I feel it grow in appreciation. “Did you maybe…” I draw my words out, prolonging the moment. “…cop a little feel.”

Rick’s inability to answer tells me all I need, but I want to hear him say it. He needs to admit to me, and to himself, that cracks have formed in his gentlemanly veneer, that his base desires hold some sway over him. “It’s okay, Rick. I don’t mind.” I whisper in his ear. “But you have to tell me. You have to tell the truth.” I nuzzle into his neck and shoulder,

“Yes,” he breathes softly.

“Louder, Rick. Tell me all about it.” I place a row or gentle kisses from his collar back up to his ear.

“Yes.” he says a little more forcefully. “It was an accident at first.” His eyes are closed and his head lulls to the side to give me better access. “But it felt so good, so… wrong..”

I return his hand to my breast. “Like this?” I coo softly.

“Yessss,” It comes out as a hiss as he begins gaziantep masaj salonları escortları to grope me through my shirt. “I couldn’t help myself. You looked so beautiful, so sexy, so…” I cut him off with my lips on his. My tongue pushes forcefully into his waiting mouth. I kiss him deeply, my pussy grinding against his cock through the layers of clothing.

Then slowly, reluctantly I pull away. “I thought so,” I say with a cheeky grin. I reach past him once again, pressing one blouse-covered tit into Rick’s face as his hand still kneads the other absently. I pluck my beer from the table and stand, skirt still rucked up to the top of my thighs. I turn to Kim, who is watching me hungrily. “Your turn.” I smile as I hand the bottle to her. She drains the rest in a single pull and sets the bottle down, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Kim is fascinated by the scene unfolding in front of her, even a little surprised. But she has none of the shell-shocked daze that Rick wears. Her eyes show amazement, amusement and above all… desire.

Kim is not conventionally beautiful, but she’s not unattractive. Her sandy brown hair is cut in a short, boyish style. Her face is cute, with a dusting of freckles that I suspect she wishes wasn’t there. In contrast to my petite frame, her shoulders are broad and sturdy. Hidden beneath her baggy jeans and flannel shirt are rounder hips and a fuller bust than I could ever hope for. Moreso than beautiful, the effect is strong, powerful. And power is captivating… sexy. I yearned to feel her power.

“You…” I say sliding onto Kim’s lap and staring into her eyes. She returns my gaze coolly, challenging me. “You were trying to check out my tits all night.” I stroke her cheek teasingly, but she’s determined to keep her cool. She barely reacts as I pluck open one button on her shirt, exposing the beginnings of her generous cleavage. “Then you saw them… and a whole lot more.” I chuckle inwardly. “Did your hands wander, too?” My lips graze her earlobe as I ask.

“No.” she answers flatly, without hesitation.

“Not even a little bit?” I kiss her neck, trying to stoke her arousal. “Not when you found me naked in the bathroom?” I hear a confused murmur from Rick, but press on. “Not when you had to use your strong hands to lift me to the car? Not even when you stripped me bare to put my nightshirt on?” I pop open another button on her shirt and let my fingertips play over the newly revealed flesh.

“No.” She says firmly, but makes no attempt to dissuade my actions. “I told you, I’m not like that.” her voice softens a little. “I got an eyeful, sure. There was no avoiding it. But that’s all.” Her principles and her pride seem determined to keep her from giving me what I so desperately want.

“You laid next to me for hours, and all I had on was that thin little shirt.” A third button open, my hand snakes inside her shirt to cup her full breast. I hear a slight gasp and feel her nipple harden through her bra as her desire and her resolve wage war with each other. I scream at her in my mind to take me as my lips linger on the skin beneath her open collar. “And then I sent you those pictures…” I give her nipple a tweak.

“Pictures?” Rick asks, but his question hangs unanswered.

My free hand grabs Kim’s, placing it on my knee. I slide her hand under my skirt to the smooth flesh of my thigh. “It’s not really fair, is it…” Her hand starts to squeeze as I resume kissing her neck and chest. “Rick got to play, at least a little. But you’re left… wanting.” My tongue traces the strong line of her jaw and a small gasp escapes her mouth. “And you know all of my secrets.” more kisses on her neck and cheek. “You’ve seen all of my skeletons.” I bring her other hand to my heaving chest. “You have all the power,” I’m grinding myself against her, feeling her hands grope me possessively. “Now the only question is…” My tongue swirls in her ear. “What are you going to do with it?”

I kiss her… hard. My body is poised, my mind is backed against the edge of a cliff. I wait for the explosion of lust, of desire, of action, but it never comes. Stupefied, I pull back from Kim, looking into her eyes for answers. She lets me dangle in my uncertainty for a long moment, before her face splits into a wide, roguish grin.

“Nice try, you little minx!” She begins to stand, causing me to slide to my feet. “But you don’t get to drive the bus.” My whole body quivers and hums with constrained desire, but my mind is awash with confusion. I look around and spot Rick, mouth agape and staring at us dumbfounded.

“Wha… what do you mean?” The fog of lust makes it impossible to think.

“You said it yourself, I have the power.” Kim hooks one finger over the button of my blouse, pulling the fabric away from my body and exposing my tits to her lustful gaze. ” I do want to play. But first,…” she turns and steps towards the table with the tequila, leading me by the button. “Fix us all a proper drink.”

Kim pulls masaj salonları gaziantep up chairs on one side of the table for herself and Rick, then ushers me to the other side of the impromptu bar. “Come have another shot with me, Rick, and enjoy the view.” She casually unfastens the remaining buttons of my blouse, leaving it open to where it tucks into my skirt. She slides one hand under the dangling shirt to cup my breast possessively, before taking a seat next to Rick.

Still confused, I set about the task of cutting the lime into wedges for the shots, as Kim and Rick stare unashamedly at my exposed body. The table is low enough that I have to lean forward, bringing my breasts fully into view. “She does have some cute little titties.” Kim says appreciatively. “Nothing like these knockers, though!” She cups her hand beneath her much larger boobs, lifting and squeezing them and causing her partially open shirt to gape widely. Rick sits silently in the other chair, his eyes darting between Kim’s chest and mine. I slide a small plate forward, containing the lime wedges and a small pile of salt. Three shots of tequila soon follow.

Kim motions for me with a crooked finger and I step around the table to stand in front of her. She places her hands on her hips as I tower over her seated form. A glimmer of doubt touches her face. “Are you sure?”

I fix her eyes to give her one more push. “You have the power. Stop asking permission.”

With a wicked grin, Kim spins me around to face Rick. I hear the purr of a zipper as my waistband goes slack. “I’d hate to mess up your new skirt.” she explains as she draws the garment down my legs and leaves it folded safely on the table. Rick stares at me in shock, unable to process the events unfolding. I stand before him in just my thigh high stockings, white lacy panties and dangling blouse.

Kim’s strong hands return to my hips and pull me backwards, onto her lap. She quickly dispatches the last buttons on my blouse and pulls it completely off of one shoulder, groping my exposed tit roughly. “Look at Rick. Keep your eyes open!” My head snaps up from where it had started to drift back against her.

I smile at Rick, who stares back in disbelief. I laugh, remembering how embarrassed he was at a glimpse of my bra a few short days ago. I snap back to the present as Kim’s hand slides down my stomach and under the waistband of my panties. “Oh God!” I call out as two thick fingers slide forcefully into my waiting pussy. Kim is not gentle as she pistons in and out of my sex, coating her hand with my juices. With my already heightened arousal, I know I won’t last long under her onslaught.

“Now for that drink.” Kim says, her voice light with amusement. I growl my frustration as she pulls her hand from my panties and holds it up in front of me. My juices glisten on her fingers in the harsh light of the breakroom. My mind is torn between embarrassment and arousal. “Keep watching him.” I lock eyes with Rick as I sit panting on Kim’s lap. He stares back, fidgeting in his seat as he unconsciously massages his cock through his jeans. She begins to wipe her fingers on the bare skin of my shoulder and neck and I tilt my head to the side for better access. The tickle of salt being sprinkled on my slickened skin brings a smile to my lips, and I shudder when Kim’s tongue starts to lick the prepared offering. I pull her hand to my mouth and eagerly suck her fingers inside, savoring the taste of the salt mixed with my juices and reveling in Rick’s reaction to my display.

The sound of the empty shot glass landing loudly on the table draws my attention back to Kim, as she brings a wedge of lime to her smiling lips. “Now that’s a proper drink!” We linger for a moment, before Kim pushes me forward. “Up you go, it’s Rick’s turn.” I slide to my feet and glance back to Kim, letting my blouse fall discarded to the floor. My legs are shaky from my pent up arousal. “Go ahead and serve it up for him.” She says with a satisfied smile. “But don’t get too carried away. You don’t get to cum until I do, and I’m not sure I’m ready to flash my pussy to Rick yet.”

I turn back to Rick, my face awash with desire. I sway my hips in an exaggerated strut as I step in front of my young admirer. “Are you ready for a drink, Rick?” I coo as I slide onto his lap for the second time tonight. As I straddle him and I pull his hands to my sides. He stares back, unable to answer, eyes glazed with lust. I slide one hand into my panties as I bring my lips to his. My tongue pushes past his lips as my fingers push past the folds of my hungry cunt. Movement catches my eye, as Kim steps around for a closer look, her own hand stuffed unashamedly down her pants. “She likes to watch!” I think to myself with an inward chuckle.

I kiss Rick deeply as I work my fingers in and out of my squelching sex. My arousal builds to a fever pitch until I remember Kim’s words. I reluctantly pull my lips away from the kiss and my fingers from their task. In a flash of depraved inspiration, I wipe my fingers against a bare breast, bringing the now sticky nub to a sensitive point with a tweak. Rick licks his lips, still moist with our mixed saliva, as I reach back toward the table. My hand finds the plate of salt and lime and I mash the dish firmly against my tit, letting the contents spill over our bodies. The plate falls to the floor with a clatter, revealing my salt-crusted breast to Rick. “Open wide!” I laugh as I press my tit to his lust-slackened mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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