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Les made a call to one of his fellow cabin owners at the lake. “Julia, Les Craven here. I won’t be joining you at the brunch Saturday, but I’m letting an acquaintance use the cabin in my stead. His name is Matt Hudson. Can you accommodate him Saturday?”

“Of course. If you vouch for him, I’m sure we can. How do you know him.”

“His father was a contractor and when he needed an architect, he called me. Matt is about your age and if he’s a chip off the old block, he may be that boyfriend you’ve been looking for since your divorce.”

“Anything else you can tell me about him?”

“He’s a good carpenter for someone who never made a career of it. He may help you restore your cabin. I’ll leave you with that. The grandchildren are calling. Oh, one other thing. I told him to look for you or Marie at the brunch.”

“Fine. I’ll tell Marie. See ya’ Les and thanks! “

The next day was Friday. Matt had packed what he thought he would need in his truck by four in t he afternoon. He had anticipated a visit to Les’ cabin for about three months. He needed this visit to blow of some steam in his own unique way. He arrived before sunset and had ample light to begin the first part of his customary ritual. The weather was perfect and it suited his mood. He put away his food and tossed some other things on the couch. He stripped down and his inhibitions and his clothes hit the floor at the anime porno same time. He set up his telescope and then headed to the shower. Once in the shower, his cock was already at its full erect size. He looked down and said, “Hello, old friend.” If it had answered, it would have said, ‘Let’s get this party started!’. He lightly toweled down and continued to the couch for his bag of tricks. With it in hand, he stepped onto the sunlit deck. A beach towel floated down to a well upholstered lounge chair and he took his place on it.

His next move was to take out a bottle of baby oil out of the bag and apply a generous amount to his very hard and eager cock. He soon was enjoying the erotic feelings that were coursing through his body. His head was filled with images of a petite, amply built brunette who needed no name. Within a few more strokes, his fantasy companion was saying ‘Your cock is the only one that my pussy will accept. Fuck me, Baby! You’re what I need!’ He began writhing in orgasm and his cum spewed onto his hand, his arm, his chest, and the towel. He reluctantly toweled it off, tasting a little along the way. He set up his telescope and had a look around. The sun was setting so he opted for the bedroom as a place to spend the rest of the evening. He read a book he had brought and when he came to some unexpectedly erotic passages, he softly rubbed his cock and read asyalı porno until slumber overtook him.

In the morning, he woke refreshed and very relaxed. He put on a tee-shirt that was a little too small, but that was all. He made a fresh pot of coffee and again gazed through his telescope. He spotted a nest of hatchling sparrows and enjoyed the antics of a family of squirrels for about 30 minutes and until he noticed it was nearly time for the brunch. He got a quick shower and threw on the rest of his clothes and made it to the brunch after most people.

While Matt dressed, Marie and Julia were talking over an old topic in a new way. “Have you met Les’ friend, Julia?”

“I only caught a glimpse of him last night and this morning. He had very little on and he looked nice.”

“Tell me more even though I can probably read you mind.”

“Actually he wasn’t wearing anything. He could shove his cock down my throat and I’d love every inch.”

“What are you going to do about it. Does the dirty little whore want to play tonight?”

“Let’s see. Even dirty little whores like us should meet him first.”

“Don’t try kidding me, you slut You’ve already made up your mind! What’s your approach going to be?”

“I thought I would invite him to dinner and offer him something horny for dessert. I think my pink nighty will be an appropriate way to babes porno serve dessert.

Matt found Marie at a folding table with a pile of name tags in front of her.. “Hello, Marie. I’m Matt Hudson. I’m staying at Les’ place.”

“Les told us you would be here. Welcome. Let me get Julia. She would be the best one to handle this. Oh, Julia. Matt Hudson is here. Want to handle this one?”

He saw an attractive, petite brunette headed his way. She extended her hand and said, “Hello, Matt. I’m Julia Taylor. We have a potluck buffet here. You hungry?”

“Sure am. It all looks so good. What do you suggest?”

I brought a ham egg and potato casserole and Marie brought a lovely fruit salad . Those are the only two things I can recommend.”

“Those sound good for starters.”

“The weather is very nice today. Let’s take our food outside and enjoy the nice weather. There was only one couple at the tables. She chose a place far away from them and s at very close to him with one perfect tit pushed against him.. “Tell me, Matt, are you enjoying your stay here? Did you see anything interesting with your telescope?”

“Saw some squirrels and baby birds, a hawk, not much else.”

“I saw something interesting at your cabin last night. I have a telescope, too.”

At that moment, he knew she had seen. “I don’t mind getting kicked out of Dodge for what happened, but I am concerned about any negative consequences for Les.”

“Don’t be concerned. I’m the only one who can see the deck No one will hear about it from me. In fact, it made my own playtime very hot. Thank you. Let me know next time. I’d like a ringside seat. Want some more brunch?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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