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Julia in her nervousness pushed her hair out of her eyes outside the apartment door before knocking. She dearly hoped Andre wasn’t in but a part of her really wanted him to be in as well- she wanted that cock deep inside her again. She glanced at the card one more time before rapping at the door. She heard movement inside and held her breath for a moment.

The door swung open to reveal what appeared to be a working art studio with canvases on the wall as well as on several easels. A man appeared from behind the door and Julia cautiously asked, “Andre?”

“Yes.” He smiled.

She looked him over- the tanned face, arms and chest, the bright smiley eyes and the black hair. The small tuff of brown hair leading down under the waistline of his shorts to where she knew that massive hungry cock was. She wondered why she hadn’t noticed before in the museum. He took her hand and kissed with a twinkle in his brown eyes as he led her in, “I’m glad you came.”

“Wow.” She stood inside the door enough for him to shut it while she stared around. The bed in the corner was a mess but smack bang in the middle of the room was a settee with a cream blanket lying on it. Around the rest of the room were clay sculptures and paintings most of them with naked men and women in erotic poses. Some looked as if they were even in the middle of a sexual activity, “These are amazing.”

“Merci.” He smiled, “With your permission could I use you as a model.”

“I… umm…”

“Let me introduce you to the other half.” A man stepped from a door, which Tekirdağ Escort led to the bathroom, “This is my brother, Albert.”

Julia looked across and had to stop herself from letting her mouth fall open. Albert was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts and was as well toned as his brother with similarly tanned skin but with brown hair and some stumble on his chin. There was also that enticing fluff telling her just where to find the best bit of the man. This was the man who was on the canvases and carved into the clay and he was one hell of a hunk. She could see herself touching him and getting fucked by his cock and it was making her wet. It wasn’t like she had anything better to do so she said, “What the heck, sure. I’ve never sat for an artist before though.”

“It is easy to do.” Albert replied, “You forget that my brother is there.” He smiled revealing nice white teeth.

“You want it now?”

“If you are free.” Andre answered.

“What would you want?”

“You would pose that beautiful body of yours with my brother…” He paused a minute as he considered something, “Perhaps you curled round him so your face is by his penis. Would you be happy with that?”

“That sounds ok.” As those words came out Julia couldn’t believe she was agreeing to it all.

Albert was already lying on the settee naked and was waiting for Julia. Julia paused for a moment, staring at Albert’s lengthening cock. She wondered whether she was in a dream. She pulled off her t-shirt and felt both men’s eyes instantly Tekirdağ Escort Bayan on her as her breasts rose then fell as they were released from the burden of the t-shirt. She smiled feeling proud of the fact she had the attention of these two handsome men. Slowly she let her skirt fall from hips, over her thighs and to the floor. She hooked a finger over her knickers and pulled them down slowly. The men’s eyes widened as her trimmed mound was revealed. She kicked the knickers off her ankle and moved over to the settee with the male eyes still on her.

Julia got on to the settee and curled over Albert’s legs with her head close to his groin. She couldn’t believe her luck at the sight of the hard cock in front of her. All she wanted to do was encircle it with her hand and take it into her mouth. She glanced up as Andre announced to the silence that had fallen, “You are a natural. Prefect. Don’t move.”

She attempted to hide the smile at the sight of Andre’s own erection in his shorts. He vanished behind a canvas.

With Andre hidden Albert whispered, “He was right, you are a beauty.”

“Thank you.”

She felt a hand of his snake down his side and find her breast which he then gave a squeeze. She glanced over to the canvas before then giving Albert’s cock a lick. He reached up to her head and tickled her ear turning her on even more and stroking her hair. From behind the canvas Andre said, “Stay where you are, I just need to go to the


Albert and Julia looked to Escort Tekirdağ each other, each with a knowing look. She reached out and took his thick cock in her hand before reaching over and taking it into her mouth. She licked the head and his eyes rolled backwards in pleasure. He reached out and drew her legs up so he could get at her clit. He licked at her clit and then took a dip in her wet opening while she continued to move up and down his cock and lick it. Both twisted and bucked at the intense pleasures they were feeling.

Julia mumbled on to his cock, “I want you to fuck me.”

“You do?”

She sat up and twisted round, “I’ll fuck you. I want your cock right inside me. Your brother has had me, now it’s your turn.”

His eyes lit up and he smiled as she shifted herself over his cock. She remarked, “Your brother is missing all the fun.”

“He’s already had it. Take me, use me for your own pleasure.” He bucked upwards to try and reach her wet opening but she hung just out of reach. Slowly she edged downwards until she felt his cock’s head straining to take her. He bucked upwards and moaned as she gripped his whole sexual being in one swift movement. She moved up and down his length while he squeezed her breasts and played with her clit. His eyes rolled backwards as he his thick cock fattening even more as it prepared to explode within Julia’s sopping tight tunnel. He grabbed her hips and shoved her hard on to his cock as he came. He groaned as he released himself in her. She wasn’t far behind in coming and had to contain her cry of pleasure. She sunk on to him gasping for breath.

“My brother is coming back, quick.” He hissed.

Reluctantly she slipped off his semi-hard dick and returned to her previous position, “Move later?”


She closed her eyes and prayed there would be more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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