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The dash on the passenger side of that old red Kenworth had a nice sloping angle to it so that it sloped towards the front edge of the bucket seat.

I loved to turn around backwards and recline back on the dash with my ass in the seat and my legs propped up on the back of the seat stretching up to the roof of the cab.

He seemed to enjoy it when I’d lay back this way. He could easily reach my outstretched legs and run his hands over my skin. Mostly he seemed to enjoy the comments other drivers would make about his wife as he passed them.

On a trip to Houston one night the rocking motion of the truck coupled with the vibrations pulsing through my seat from the stereo began to make me throb and ache for him.

He’d been hitting the highway pretty hot since early that morning. I was craving the warm intense feel of his hands massaging and caressing my silky skin.

I needed to feel that warm tingling sensation that would come from deep inside me when his hands would move lightly over my inner thigh and brush the crotch of my jeans so lightly I almost couldn’t feel it.

I asked if we would be stopping soon and was disappointed to find out we were 3 hours out of Houston and were already running behind schedule. How much of an emergency is a load of Coors beer anyhow.

I thought if I slipped into something a little more comfortable and a lot sexier maybe he’d drive faster or throw caution into the wind and let the drunks wait just a little longer.

I went into the bunk and pulled out my purple lace bustier that laced up the front with ribbon and the matching thong.

It was his favorite, I figured if anything would do the trick that would be the one.

Leaving the garter belt and stockings out this time, I slipped back into the cab placed a pillow on the dash of the truck and assumed my favorite relaxing position.

Back against the dash, ass in the bucket seat with my long silky smooth legs stretched out towards the roof with ankles crossed.

The act itself was incredibly tantalizing for me. I had never exposed myself in public in such a way.

Even though it was dark and we were cruising down the highway at an excessive rate of speed.

I still felt as though I was parading myself publicly in the eyes of strangers. It felt sinfully thrilling esp. for someone that had yet to venture from the comfort of her own bedroom or living room.

When I got myself comfortably positioned, I turned my face away from him watching the traffic we were passing by. Partly to show him, that I was ignoring him and partly so he couldn’t see the red heat that had grown in my face from feeling so daring and exposed.

He turned the stereo down and spoke my name softly but I ignored him and kept singing.

His voice rose a little and he asked me to take my panties off. I felt the heat from my face move rapidly down my neck right into my breast. I jerked my head to face him, shocked.

He just smiled and told me that I hadn’t come to my seat half naked for the hell of it.

I told him I couldn’t do that, but I’d go to bed if he wished.

He said no, and again asked me to remove my panties, assuring me that know one could see us or would even imagine what we might be up too in the cab of that truck.

Even though it was pitch dark and the only lights in the cab were the soft glow of the led on the stereo and the CB radio I suddenly felt as though the driver of the truck we were passing could see me. I felt my body tremble with fear and excitement.

Once Tokat Escort we had finished passing the freight liner. I rose slightly off the seat and slid my panties over my ass, without bending my legs I slid them all the way up over my ankles and out of them.

He held his hand out for them, and when I had handed them to him he brought them to his face and seemed to smell them long and deep.

Told me that he knew I was excited because I was already wet and he loved the sweet smell of me.

As we passed yet another truck. I could feel that red heat traveling farther down my breast, could feel myself becoming even wetter as he spoke to me.

He told me to spread my legs.

I shot him a look and thought to myself “Oh, God he’s not stopping. Just what in the hell does he think is going to happen this way while he’s driving”

He pulled the arm rest down on my seat told me to hang my right leg over it and let the left fall against the door.

I got that naked in public feeling and said I can’t do that.

He said yes you can, I want to watch you masturbate.

Oh, my god. That forbidden act. I wasn’t raised that way. Not that I never had, I just never had with the thought that someone else might actually know that I had, Let alone watch me in the act.

I thought what in the hell have I started. This wasn’t the plan.

I was just suppose to entice him into pulling off the road long enough to please me. In the privacy of our bed, the way I had been raised, the way he had taught me to begin with.

I felt that trembling in my body again, followed by a warm rush from the combination of excitement, fear, embarrassment. Not sure which was the strongest feeling?

I protested, he asked me to rest the heel of my right foot across his shoulder on the back of his seat. I did as he asked.

He asked me again to masturbate for him.

I said I can’t, I even said I don’t know how.

He said he knows damn good and well I’ve masturbated before, was I just ashamed to do it for him.

I felt my face growing hotter. I didn’t answer him.

He smiled and said you’ll do it before the night is over with.

I said over my dead body and he just smiled again.

He began caressing my leg at the ankle all the way down, stopping just short of my inner thigh and then rubbed my skin lightly tickling me with his finger tips as he worked back to my ankle.

He ran his hand back down the inside of my leg, my inner thigh, till his fingers brushed my pubic hair then stopped short and pulled back.

I could feel myself throbbing, my skin tingling. I slid my ass over in the seat just a hair so he could reach me better, hoping to draw him into me, but he pulled back.

He ran his hand back up the inside of my leg again; he brushed his fingers across my hair giving me that wonderful tickling feeling.

When I tried to push closer to him he just pulled back again. Always staying just out of reach.

He told me if I kept trying to come closer I was going to end up falling right out of the seat into the floor, said I needed to slide back. He could reach me just fine.

I slid back a little, he massaged the inside of my thigh, tickled my hair again. Traced his fingers along my slit.

I was squirming in my seat. I wanted more, oh so much more. I needed to feel him inside me so bad it hurt.

He asked me if I wanted him,

“God Yes, Please don’t stop”

He pulled his hand away resting his arm over my calf and Tokat Escort Bayan said Masturbate for me.

“No, I just can’t do it.”

He said you will if you want that orgasm as much as you look like you do.

I thought to myself; he’s not going to break me. I said NO.

He turned the stereo up, that vibration from the speaker under my seat returned. He turned the base up, still more vibration.

He ran his fingers down my leg, tickling my skin. Traced my slit then slid his finger between my lips, Oh god yes; he’s going to give me what I want.

But then he retreated, leaned as far as he could out of his seat ran his hand through my hair over my belly to my now heaving breast.

Circled my erect nipple with his fingers, the sensation of the lace rubbing my nipple between his fingers only serving to drive me even farther towards the edge.

He asked yet again are you going to masturbate for me. My will growing weaker but my resolve not to give into him still strong, again I said NO.

Again he withdrew;

I could feel the throbbing pulse between my thighs begin to slow along with my breathing.

At first I thought well I won that battle then I thought; or have I.

Just when I thought I was going to cool down completely, I felt his hand traveling down my leg again.

“Oh damn, I can’t take this anymore. He’s trying to torture me.

I pulled the ribbon out of my bustier letting it fall open; I began caressing my breast catching my nipples between my fingers gently pinching them. He can’t possibly keep this up.

He slid a finger through my slit and inside of me and back out again, he tickled my silky blonde pubic hair, then slid his finger back into me, back out again. This time to circle my hard erect clit,

Oh,God don’t stop now, please I’m begging you don’t stop.

I must have been thinking out loud because He stopped for a few moments that seemed like an eternity, slid two fingers back into me and thrust them as far in as he could, began to slide them in and out of me repeatedly.

I could feel my entire body trembling, He’d never teased me this way, I’d never felt such intense pleasure before.

Finally he was going to give me that sweet release. But once again he stopped. Who was this man?

I was pulling everything with in me to resist. Too let him know that I wasn’t going to give into his request. After all it was him that had taught me to say NO and I wasn’t going to change my mind now.

Just as my labored breathing began to slow again, I could feel his hand sliding back down my leg.

NO God, not again, I can’t take anymore.

I began to fondle my taught nipples again with my left hand as the right slid down my stomach between my thighs.

I felt my body shudder as my fingers reached my clit. I don’t ever remember it being so sensitive. I could feel myself begin to rock with my own movements.

As I circled my clit with my fingers I could feel him push his fingers inside of me again, hear his deep voice telling me not to stop.

It seemed like it took just a moment to build right back up to that fevered pitch, I’d reached so many times that night.

The leather seat beneath me so wet I thought for sure I’d slide right off into the floor.

He pushed his fingers into me long and hard as my own fingers teased my clit and the sensitive areas along the inside of my lips.

I felt my body tense and tremble, I knew I was about to climax when he withdrew, grabbed Escort Tokat my arm and told me I needed to get in the bunk.

He was pulling off the exit to the Coors where house at Houston.

This couldn’t be right; surely we hadn’t driven for 2-3 hours. I’d never felt him shift a gear. He had to be lying, teasing me, and torturing me. But he wasn’t my legs where so shaky and weak I didn’t think I could move.

I shut the curtains behind me and sat down on the bed trying to catch my breath, still feeling the throbbing, tingling wetness between my thighs.

I heard the guard tell him we were early but if he’d pull down to dock 33 the dock hand would cut the seal and open the doors, so we could back in and they’d wake us when they finished off loading the trailer.

I felt the truck move into place and a hell of a jerk as the trailer slammed into the rubber dock guard.

I couldn’t hear what the dock hand had said to him but he never drove like that, so I knew he was either mad or in a hurry. I was hoping like hell it was the latter.

I heard the stereo go up just before He came through the curtain. I thought Oh, Please finish this. I was craving him like I never had before. I wanted him, needed him inside me Now.

He pushed me back on the bed, when I started to slide further up into the bed he grabbed my legs and pulled my ass to the edge.

I said “I need you right now; I want to feel you inside me Now.”

He said not yet, he dropped to his knees. Slid his tongue, up my slit and tickled my now incredibly sensitive clit.

I squirmed at the touch of his tongue, tried to slide forward to meet him. He slid his fingers in until he found my g spot teased my clit with his tongue. I thought I was going to melt away.

He pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his tongue. He pulled back and asked if I wanted more.

“Oh God yes, don’t stop this time, I can’t take it please don’t stop. “

He ran his fingers into me hard and began to suck my clit.

I felt my body trembling once again, the muscles in my thighs quivering and tightening.

I was begging please don’t stop now. I sat up and held his head hard with my hands. My thighs stiffened and drew tight around him. And finally drew to that long awaited orgasm of the night.

He didn’t stop, he kept sucking, licking and fingering until he had me Squirming again.

He stopped, undressed and after 3 hours of teasing and torturing.

I finally had him inside me. That sweet, sweet pleasure of feeling him inside me, kissing me, sucking my breast, caressing my breast.

Feeling his warm breath on my neck, the feel of his lips and hands on my skin, my lips.

Every time the fork lift shook the truck he’d drive himself that much deeper inside me till I could no longer distinguish between the rocking of the fork lift and our own rocking.

He brought me to orgasm over and over before that dock hand banged his night stick on the side door.

We got dressed, I could hardly stand legs shaking as he helped me out of the truck to sign papers and find the much needed bathroom.

As my feet hit the ground I was suddenly aware of all the other drivers standing around in front of the trucks waiting to be loaded and unloaded.

As heads turned I could feel my face and neck grow red hot.

He whispered in my ear “if you wouldn’t glow like a red light no one would ever know.”

That only served to make me grow hotter and redder.

Then he whispered again “I knew you’d do it”

I’ve forgotten a lot of highways, forgotten a lot of loads to a lot of places I may not remember a single highway or road mark from the outskirts of Fort Worth to Houston that night, But I’ll never forget the trip he took me on, on the way there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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