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Mel and Jerry arrived. Hugs and introductions all around as Jerry dropped Mel’s bags inside the front door.

I fixed some drinks, more hugs between Kait and Mel. They went outside to see the garden then upstairs to unpack Mel’s things, came down and suggested the beach. Jerry and I needed to talk and so we suggested they go and we follow. We went into the office.

Jerry had the paperwork from the Realtor. She’d made the usual noises about it being a good market and expecting a fast sale. Time would tell. She’d been a “fierce fuck” according to Jerry. “Begging for it, can’t be getting much at home” were some of the expressions he used but he was more interested in Mel. “She’s got a hot little body on her Ben. I worked a bit of magic with that one, she’ll probably be blowing me by dinner time.”

“Good luck Jer.”

Mel indeed was a nice looking package. A lovely friendly but naughty face. Only about 5’2″ but great proportions, nice rack, tiny waist and her ass looked fantastic. Her legs were beyond average length proportions for her short height. It occurred to me that she’d be easy enough to toss around and bang the shit out of.

I signed the paperwork where indicated and put it back on Jerry’s side of the table. Next he took out an information sheet on his new venture. He spoke as I read it. It seemed worth a roll of the dice and Jerry was all in favor of it. He was usually on target. I wrote a check.

“How’s Liz been?” He asked.

“She’s having a fine time I think Jer.”

“I bet she is. She’s a good sport.”

“That she is.” We smiled at each other as I passed the check. “How was Chicago?”

Jerry told me the details of his meeting and the connection with the check I’d just given him.

“So what’s my niece been doing in the garden?” I took Kait’s book from the window ledge as we drifted outside and looked around.

“We haven’t got a vegetable patch, but everything else is here.”

“Wow Ben, this is amazing, look at this picture, it was a building site.” Jerry was indeed impressed.

“She’s an amazing girl Jer.”

“I never realized. I mean, she was always a great kid but I never knew she could do this and well, I haven’t seen her for years. She’s grown up, that’s for sure.”

We sat on a pile of bricks and surveyed the visible world. “So that’s it buddy, you’re staying here now?”

“Yep, I think so, for a while at least. I could hit the Islands for winter, maybe San Diego. I want a boat again but there’s time for everything.”

“And Kait?”

“It’s all up to her. I’m here for her. She might start a business doing this stuff.” I swept my arm across our view of the garden.

“That could be good. Small scale or does she want to take over the entire shore region?”

“If we stay out of it she’ll be happy being small for now.”

“Hey, we could buy up a bunch of stuff, put her in charge, make an empire out of it.” Jerry was off and running, his plans were always big ones as mine had once been.

“She might not be ready for that Jer.”

“Yes, I know how it goes Buddy, she’s too busy with your cock for now. She needs my counsel I can see.” He slapped my back as he stood. “Let’s go check out these beach babes.” His suggestion was a good one.

I loaded a cooler and wheeled it behind us to the beach.

Only Liz, Mel and Chris were there. Kait and Ellen had gone to look at her garden. More introductions and an especially warm greeting between Liz and Jerry followed. Liz then blurted out “Mel wants to fuck you Jerry.”

I buried my face in my hands as Jerry tried to sound slightly surprised. “That could be arranged I think, let me see, what time is it?”

“Do you have another appointment?” Liz laughed and Mel was blushing as she closed and slightly parted her knees, leaning back on her hands, probably wishing there had been a different way for Liz to broach the subject but certainly not offended by the topic.

“Let’s go then.” Jerry was standing up and offering his hand to Mel. I couldn’t believe that she took it and stood with him. He put his arm around her and looked towards Liz “You too pussy cat?”

Liz was on her feet in seconds but suggested “Maybe we could invite Chris too?”

“Sure, the more the merrier.” Jerry was in control. They left the beach and left me with a full cooler and a load of beach blankets.

I decided to call Kait and plan on walking the four blocks to Ellen’s place. No answer. I opted for some quality alone time. I skimmed through one of the magazines the girls had left behind and napped. I awoke to a tap on the shoulder followed by kisses on the neck. Kait spread herself on my back and in a whisper asked how I was.

“Good Sexy. How are you?”

“Really good, do you know what I’ve been doing?”

“Not a clue.”

“You want me to tell you?” She wiggled her body on mine suggestively.

“Mmm, please do.”

I made as if I was still almost sleeping and let her tell all. She hugged me as she spoke slowly, her face next to mine, over my right shoulder.

“I went to Liz’s. We looked at her garden for a while. escort bayan She led me by the hand to the different areas she wanted to discuss, then she led me indoors. We just looked at each other once we got inside and well, we started kissing. We just had on these wraps over our bikinis and well, we just started making out. We were both oily and sticky, she suggested a shower. It was yummy Ben. We washed each other all over, really slowly, taking our time. She did me for a while and I did her. We each turned around while the other did our backs. Then we each did one another’s legs. Then we both started washing each other together and our hands went everywhere. Still slowly but getting faster if you know what I mean, more urgently as we got more turned on. She has a gorgeous body, she’s 33 you know. After a little while she put her hands on my face and kissed me and when she broke the kiss her hands just slowly went down my body, together. Off my face, onto my shoulders, down my upper arms, onto my waist, my hips and on and on, all the time her face was getting lower and she was kissing me.”

“She went straight down to my toes and then slowly came back up. When she reached my pussy she just leaned forward and kissed my mound, she kind of nuzzled into me and I opened my legs wider. She pushed her face more towards me and I lifted my left leg onto the shelf and put my hands on her head. She was all over my pussy Ben, licking and slurping, the shower water was running off her face and chin as she sucked on my clit. I had to lean against the wall, I knew I was getting close to cumming, she knew it too Ben, I think she really knows what to do. Just as I was getting really close she stopped and she put her hand on me as she stood up and looked right at me. She said she wanted to see my face as she fingered me. Her fingers slipped inside oh God Ben, she finger fucked me really good, it was as if she hadn’t stopped and I looked at her face and felt her fingers and it was all just so sexy Ben and I came really hard all over her fingers. Oh Ben, are you awake?”

“Yes, don’t stop.”

“Well Ben, she said it to me, she called me a slut, she said I was a little slut for fucking you and her brother and she said she knew I was a slut the moment she met me and she asked me to say it. I said it Ben, I told her, I said I was a slut and she asked me if I wanted to cum again and I said yes, yes, I do and she asked me if I was her slut too and I said yes, yes I am and she told me to cum for her, she said ‘cum for me you little slut’ and she really pushed into me hard and I just fucking exploded Ben and she didn’t stop she just kept finger fucking me and squeezing my tits and calling me a slut and a whore and then she started asking me about your cock and how your cum tastes and do I like it when you fuck my ass with your hard cock and she just kept going with really dirty, sexy talk, all the while calling me a slut and saying how she was going to show me how to suck your cock properly, oh Ben, I just kept on cumming, it was insane and intense, fuck Ben, I came again and again and she said she was going to suck your cum from my cunt and oh God Ben, I want you right now.”

“Roll me over Kait.”

She straddled me. Her wrap was across my hips, we were somewhat hidden in the dunes. I entered her easily and quickly. She tightened her cunt around me and began to shake. Her grip was tight and although movement was minimal Kait brought me off easily and came herself readily. She laid her chest on mine. Still inside her we kissed.

“You are a slut Kait.”

“Your slut, Baby. Let me suck your cock clean.”

“Right here?”

“Right here, right now.”


She slipped off me and slithered carefully down to my cock. She sucked and licked my softening cock clean. She held it to each side, licked along its length, sucked the head between her lips and swirled her tongue around. All in all an expert job. She came up to my face, licked her lips in a smile “I love being your slut Ben.”

I pulled my shorts back up underneath Kait’s body and in the process I dragged half a bag of sand into my groin area.

“Fancy a swim?”

“Sure” replied Kait and we strolled down to the ocean.

“Can we fuck in the ocean?”

I smiled at Kait “Only after dark my love.”

“But the lifeguard won’t be there after dark.”

“You want to fuck the life guard too?”

“No, but what if I get a cramp?” We laughed together.

It was strange in many ways and it took some reflection to figure it out. How could I be as happy as I was? How could it be ok for Kait to be the way she was? Again I decided that I was getting more out of Kait’s sex life than anybody else. I was definitely in love with her. Would there come a time I’d feel threatened, would I want it to end first? I was actually ok with all the girls fucking each other as often as they felt the urge. I hoped against hope that we didn’t start anything that Jerry became involved in and I thought I’d be reasonably content if Chris’s dick shriveled up and fell off.

On the other escort bayan hand, I still had an inkling to fuck Ellen and Mel. Besides that I was certainly open to throwing Liz the high hard one at the next opportunity. I decided that I had some serious issues and was on the verge of practicing double standards if I stopped or hindered anything that Kait had in mind.

As I hit the surf running with Kait by my side I knew again that to go with the flow was the best policy. Being with Kait was top priority and this would all play itself out soon enough. I also knew I’d be happy enough to say ‘good-bye’ to any and all of them, except Kait.

Kait told me that the girls were going dancing that night. No boys allowed. I asked her if she’d be doing Ellen’s garden. “Of course I will and Ellen too if you don’t mind.”

I was initially surprised that she’d asked for my approval. Then I remembered I’d already given it days ago.

“I don’t mind at all, maybe I’ll bring refreshments over.”

“Oh yes, that’d be nice. Will you fuck Ellen with me?”
“Would you like that?” I knew she would but wanted to hear it anyway.

“Are you kidding, I’d love to see you sink your cock into Ellen.” Kait was hugging me now, we were chest deep. “She has a beautiful body Ben, really nice, she seems really fit. I could suck her clit while you fuck her, like we did with Liz, that was sooo hot Ben.”

“It was indeed my Sweet Kait and what I saw of Ellen sure looked good.”

“What you didn’t see is even better. She has a Brazilian wax, she said she’d take me for one and her breasts, well, you saw how big they were but her nipples are big, they really stick out when she’s excited, maybe as thick as my pinkie.” Kait held her pinkie before my eyes.

“Mmmm, did you lick ’em.”

“Yes I did, I really sucked them and flicked them with my tongue, she loved that.”

Her hand went below the water and she began rubbing my hardening cock.

“Oh Ben, we have to fuck Ellen together soon.”


“So, you four are all going dancing tonight?”

“Yes we are, I’m so looking forward to it.”

“Good for you.”

“What will you do?”

“Catch up with Jerry I suppose. Give my cock a rest.”

She smiled at me. “Don’t be so sure, I might need it when I get home.” She squeezed me again.

I liked it when she used the word ‘home’ instead of ‘back to the house.’

Kait turned and swam away. I dove under and chased her. We frolicked in the surf for a while before heading back to base camp and sipping a soda. She sat between my legs and leaned against my chest. My arms entwined her and I hugged her firmly but gently to me. She gripped my arms in approval and told me again how safe she felt. At exactly that moment I decided to take a couple of days in the City and give Kait the choice to join me there or stay at the beach.

Kait showered and we were chatting when Mel, Jerry and Liz arrived. They seemed very pleased with their afternoon and excited about the evening plans. The girls went upstairs, Jerry and I talked. Kait appeared an hour later. Holy shit. She looked absolutely drop dead film star gorgeous. I told her so and she smiled, gave me a twirl and the tiniest peck on the lips so as not to smudge her lipstick. Her make up was heavier than I’d seen it, she looked older.

Mel and Liz followed a few minutes later and the vision of these three together was, in a word, unfuckingbelievable. Each of them looked totally ravishing. Three of them together and Ellen yet to join the group was going to cause some major interest wherever their evening led.

Ellen arrived looking equally stunning and the girls departed in a giggling, laughing, touching, sexy, rush of highly fuckable pussy. Within minutes of them leaving Jerry told me he’d be leaving too. I was surprised but understood that Jerry had enjoyed a great afternoon with Mel and Liz. He had no intention of fucking Kait and I pondered the idea that he perhaps felt uneasy about my relationship with Kait. Maybe he just didn’t want to be near what he knew was happening between her and I. Ellen would probably be on the menu another time if he wished it. He also called the Realtor and made plans to see her with my paperwork. “I’ll call you tomorrow?”

“No problem, you sure everything’s okay Jer.?”

“Yes, no worries, just look after her.”

There was clearly something on his mind.

“Jer, listen up. I love your niece. If it gets fucked up in anyway, it won’t be me. I will look after her for as long as she wants me to.”

“I know Ben, it’s just that, well, the shit I’ll get if, well, you know. Just do the right thing Buddy.”

I shook his hand, we banged shoulders in an awkward man hug. It was one of those rare occasions that Jerry demonstrated feelings. That in itself was serious food for thought.

My evening was quiet but productive. I caught up on paperwork, bills and watched some sports before heading to bed at a reasonable hour.

It was one o’clock when Kait came home. She came in to our room and slowly woke me with bayan escort gaziantep soft kisses. As I stirred her hand slid over my belly and took hold of my limp cock. When my eyes opened I saw Mel’s silhouette in the doorway.

“Hey Baby, you awake.” She whispered.

“I am now.”

“Mel and I are lonely, can we come in?”

I put my arms around her “Sure you can. How was your night?”

Kait gestured towards Mel and Mel walked towards us slowly. “We had a nice time, you wanna hear about it?”


She settled beside me and leaned across to pat the other side of the bed, Mel climbed aboard. Kait’s hand moved over my groin and belly as she began talking.

“Well, we were a little bit naughty but not as naughty as Liz and Ellen. We had a lot of fun dancing and we got so much attention. We were teasing the boys and well, Liz did it first, she got a guy really hard while they were dancing and then she walked back to us and left him with his big cock sticking out. We were laughing so much and then it became a game. We all danced together and got really sexy and I think we annoyed a few girls but the men were really interested and they kept coming over to dance and buy us drinks and well, we just did a lot of flirting but Liz and Ellen were too naughty. They went outside and fucked a guy together and then they came back in and found another one. I know we’ll hear all about it tomorrow. But Mel and I were just cock teasing and having fun with each other but we both got quite turned on. You think you could help us?”

Kait had a mischievous smile on her face as she squeezed my cock. Her free hand reached for Mel’s and pulled it under the cover where Mel joined in caressing my cock and balls. I was awakening nicely, my cock standing proud and ready. Kait stood to undress and left Mel in charge. I put my arm around her and began to caress her neck. Naked Kait rejoined us and took over as Mel undressed. Kait put her damp, sweet-smelling panties to my face.

“Here Baby, can you tell how hot I’m feeling.”

I inhaled the scent of her sex, deliciously intoxicating.

“All those men wanted to fuck us Ben, it was so hot knowing that we could pick any of them and drive them wild. I told one guy Ben, I told him that if I didn’t have your cock waiting for me at home that I’d want him to fuck me all night. He thought that was sexy Ben but I told him he could never fuck me because I only want to fuck you. I told him how hot and wet I was and how I really wanted a cock inside me and he was getting so turned on, trying to feel me and hold me against him. I told him that it wasn’t his lucky night because I had the best cock in the world at home and that I had to leave so that it could be inside me and fuck me and pump me full of cum and make me scream and I think he almost shot his load in his pants. Was that too naughty Ben? I told him that if he was your friend then maybe he could fuck me with you and I told him how I liked being fucked by two boys. Was it okay for me to tease him like that Ben?”

I grunted a noise that didn’t answer her questions but it let Kait know that I was certainly listening. Mel’s face was slipping down my chest, pausing to kiss my nipples as she continued softly stroking my cock.

“You like the smell of my panties Ben? Would you like to taste me?”

My right arm came to Kait’s thigh, I pulled against her and she clambered carefully across my chest. Kneeling above me she placed her hands on my shoulders and edged forwards, bringing her cunt to my face, she kept talking.

“You want to taste me now Ben, you want to know how wet and hot my pussy is?”

She held herself within reach of my tongue and I stretched it towards her, able to achieve the lightest touch. Mel’s mouth reached my cock and she softly circled the head with her tongue while gripping it snugly at the base. Kait gasped and moved closer allowing more of her sex within tongue range. I played her game, knowing she’d be on me soon.

Oh so slowly I stretched and reached for more of her and she offered more of herself. Mel was laboriously loving my cock. It throbbed wet with her saliva and rock hard as it slid between her lips. Kait hovered her sex above my mouth and I plunged in and sucked her, licking deeply and along her lengths. She oozed and dripped onto my face, my chin and into my mouth. She held the bed head as she shook her cunt on my mouth and she screamed her ‘Yessssss’s’ as orgasm ripped through her. She flooded me and I pushed deeper, crushing her clit against my teeth. Her thighs tightened and her shudders came in waves as spasm after spasm of joy swept through her glorious core. She relaxed and giggled. Turning quickly to see Mel devouring my cock. She joined Mel and kissed my cock. Mel let it slip from her mouth and shared a wet kiss with Kait. Their tongues danced and twisted against one another’s.

Kait looked up at me with a seriously evil smile on her face, she pulled Mel’s arm. Mel lifted her left leg across me, Kait positioned my cock at the entrance to Mel’s sex. Mel held herself above me and Kait slid my cock along the length of Mel’s lips. As Mel agonizingly slowly lowered herself, my cock began to penetrate and stretch her cunt lips. Fuck she was tight but very wet and comfortable. The knuckles of Kait’s index finger and thumb rubbed along Mel’s wet and swelling lips as Kait controlled how much of my cock entered her friend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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