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It had been a long day at my job as a secretary at a local legal office. As such I was looking forward to an erotic evening with my boyfriend Eric. Unfortunately he is typical of men his age, uncomfortable with dominating a woman. Its almost as if he is scared that I will charge him with sexual harassment! However, this was exactly what I wanted tonight, I wanted to be his slave.

He met me at my apartment, being the sweetheart that he is, he was cooking dinner for us. He started to rise from his seat when I entered. “Please, sit down.” I cooed seductively. If I wanted to get what I wanted I knew I’d have to tease the beast out of him. I sat down across from him and crossed my legs so that he could she just the top of my black thigh highs. “So what do you want tonight?”

“I dunno, maybe a nice merlot and a bubble bath?”

I giggled. “You’ve got a key to my place, do you really think you’ve got to try that hard to get into my panties? Close your eyes and tell me how to please you!”

He did as I asked. God I hate playing the part of the Dom. Finally his blue eyes opened and looked at me. “Head.”

“That’s more like it!” He looked relieved. “Do you want to give me a facial?” He looked stunned as if a woman should not know the secret desires of men, their primal need to dominate and humiliate.

Shock quickly turned to excitement. “Sure!” He said, unzipping his pants.

“What, no foreplay?” I asked. “I’m not even undressed! Should I take my top off?”

“Please.” He replied and settled in to watch the show. Damn, I wanted more participation than this! I stood up and took my sport jacket off and unbuttoned my thin, white silk blouse. I stopped halfway, allowing him a peak at my 36C breasts cupped in a black bra.

“Are your nipples hard?” He asked nervously.

“Maybe.” I coyly answered. Then, as he started to get up to finish undressing me I quickly sat down to take off my high heels. “Damn, my feet hurt!” I noticed his disappointment, and something else in his stare. He did not move, instead he just stood there a mixture of turned-on, confused and irritated. Good.

Once my shoes were off I stood up and faced him. Standing several inches taller than me, I stood on my tip toes to hug him. As my lips neared his ears I could sense his desire stemming from my breath on his neck and my brunette hair brushing his face. Abruptly I released the xslot embrace and started walking towards the kitchen. “What’s for dinner?” I asked. I could sense his annoyance, finally progress.

At that moment there was a knock at the door. “Get that.” He said uncharacteristically rude to me.

I decided to chance it hopefully not overplaying my hand. “What, so now I’m your slave?” I queried.

“Yes.” He said with a measure of resolve.

“Kinky!” I squealed and in a fit of excitement I took off my blouse and my bra to answer the door.

It was a woman in her thirties, blonde and dressed professionally in a dark business pants suit. Turned with her side to me while she appraised her surroundings, I could see the outline of her rather large breasts. 38DD I guessed, making me feel small. “My car broke down and I was wondering…” She stopped mid sentence as she turned and finally noticed that I was completely topless.

“You need to use my phone, sure!” I finished her question by answering it.

“But you’re nude! I don’t want to interrupt.” She answered not knowing what to make of things. “The friend I was going to visit in this building should be back after awhile. I can wait.”

“Nonsense,” I grabbed her by the arm. It surprised me that this seemed to make her more comfortable. “Stay as long as you wish. Have a seat on the couch, the phone is on the stand next to it.” I led her to my couch and showed her the phone. Next I led Eric to the couch to sit next to her. She was attractive, and carried herself well. She had short blonde hair, blue eyes and perfectly white teeth. She also wore expensive black heels. I could tell she was a Type “A” personality. Very competitive. Once Eric was comfortable I sat down on the floor at his feet. I began stroking his inner thigh and laid my head on his knee.

She was taking all this in, it seemed she had forgotten about whomever it was she was going to call. Eric reached over and placed a hand on her knee gently rubbing it. She responded by moving closer to him. Emboldened he let his hand explore her thigh, to which she relented. With his other hand he gently caressed my face.

Finally his hand met her breasts, and she allowed it to explore inside her blouse. After a moment Eric had her topless as well. “Kallisti, help me with her pants.” He commanded and I obeyed. Soon she was naked. Eric took his xslot Giriş shirt off. “Kallisti, take off my pants,” he commanded again. “With your teeth.” He added as an afterthought. As he stepped out of his pants he ordered me to take off my skirt and panties, but leave the thigh highs on. “Oh and could you put on those heels I like?” Damnit, he asked me a question.

“No, I don’t want to miss anything.” I challenged him.

“Do it now!” He exclaimed, tired of my teases. I turned and hurried into my bedroom to fetch the shoes. I did not let him see the smile on my face. Once in the bedroom I took off my skirt leaving my thong and thigh highs on. I quickly found the heels. They are black leather with a pointed toe. There is nothing between the leather of the toe and the leather at the heel that is topped off with an ankle strap. All on top of a three inch heel.

When I came back he was all over our stranger, and she noticed I was still in panties. “She’s not listening again.” She reported.

“Come over here.” He said, noticing the thong. When I got within his reach he grabbed the panties and ripped them straight off leaving my ass and hips sore. Inwardly I smiled. “Now lay down and spread your pussy for me.” I obeyed and soon our naked visitor was on top of me, face buried in my crotch. I could feel the pleasure of her warm, moist lips and tongue on my clit. Soon a finger was burying itself into my cunt, then another, and finally a third. Then I felt her other hand exploring my ass, then toying with my asshole until she finally pierced it.

As I was about to return the favor, Eric moved in behind her giving me a unhindered view of his cock and balls as well as his ass. I reached up and started caressing his massive scrotum. “Rim me.” He said, so I began licking around his anus. He shivered with the delight of my fingers on his testicles and my tongue on his ass. “Stop teasing me and stick it in!” He reached behind him and shoved my head into his ass. My tongue slipping into his ass. “Like that!”

Then I heard him spit. As I played with his cock I could tell by feel what he was planning, he was going to ass-fuck our guest! I helped guide his 7-inch member into its target. She squealed with delight. He began pounding away at her ass, while she fingered my and licked my drenched cunt and I in turn gave him a rim job and played with his balls.

Able xslot Güncel Giriş to take no more, he pulled out of her. “Kallisti, are you ready for your facial?”

“Please!” I said, and moved myself into position to take his cock in my mouth. As it touched my tongue I could taste her ass on it. I did not care, my man was finally taking control and I was going to submit to him properly, submission to anything he desired. I felt his hand grab my head, fingers intertwining with my hair.

“I want to face-fuck you till you gag you teasing little slut!” With that he began pulling my head towards him as he violently thrust his pelvis in my face. Sweet agony.

“This is for not obeying him!” I heard our visitor say as she slapped my bare ass hard with her hand. I heard Eric chuckle.

Then Eric tensed up, I knew what was “cuming” next! He pulled out of my mouth even though I would have gladly drunk his seed, but he wanted to cum on my face.

Next thing I knew, she was on her hands knees before him just as I was. She was competing with me! “Oh you both want it? Then beg!” He said, getting more excited.

“Please give it to me! You promised before she came to our door!” I pleaded.

“Give to me, and you won’t regret it.” She purred.

Two women fighting over his cum on their face was too much for Eric and he spurted. I felt the warmth on my chin, nose and eyelids. I could taste it in my mouth. I thought he even got it in my hair. I had won!

Or so I thought until I opened my eyes. In his excitement he had cum enough for the both of us. Tired and drained he slumped onto the couch. I wiped the cum from my eyes and face carefully not to loose a drop. Then I stuck my two cum-soaked fingers into my mouth and eagerly swallowed.

Not to be outdone, she leaned forward to lick the cum off his phallus. “That’s right, clean it all off.” Eric said with a satisfied sigh.

Now it was my turn to prove that I was a dirty slut. I leaned over and like a cat began licking the cum off her face. Eric chuckled with pleasure at the sight. Two attractive women, one cleaning his dirty dick off orally, the other licking the first woman’s face with her tongue!

Ever competitive she stopped and looked Eric in the eye. “How about you clean me off with your piss?” Damn she was good, I was trumped in the dirty little slut game. She smiled at her victory as I joined her, both of us cum soaked and our knees before our man.

“Guess that ends that little pissing contest!” Eric said, obviously amused and delighted at his own wit. Then I felt his warm golden shower all over my face, hair and tits.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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