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Another Saturday night is fast approaching; I anticipate it all the time. Even though I get to see you Wednesday nights, it just doesn’t seem like enough. I want more, SO MUCH more!

Entering the dimly lit bar, people drinking singing and all I can think of is seeing you. My knees go weak when I suddenly see you across the room. I make my way to you and when you see me, you throw your arms around me and hug me tight kissing me to. “Hey baby.” You nuzzle against my ear.

“Hey yourself sexy.” I reply and smile as I gaze into your eyes.

How I missed your smile, the way you look at me. I want you now but I know that good things come to those who wait. I kiss your lips softly yet quickly and go get a drink.

We sing our duet and all I can think of as you bump and grind with me is how bad I want to please you. I want to make you as weak as you made me all this time and tonight is the night. I won’t take any excuses from you either. I spend all night taunting and teasing you. Antalya Escort

We are outside the weather is quite chilly and I slip my hands under your coat and you wrap it around me to keep me warm. You kiss my cheek and talk to a few friends. Suddenly you feel my hand slide around to the front of your pants. You hold me tighter but no one can see us. I unzip your zipper and slide my soft warm hand into your pants and stroke you softly, teasingly.

Your body stiffens up with the initial shock but you relax a little and smile at me with that look of ‘I can’t believe this it is so unlike you’ look.

As the night ends I wait for you, “Take me home with you” I whisper in your ear as my hand absentmindedly runs over the front of your pants teasingly. You look at me and reply, “I can’t you know we agreed.”

I stroke a bit more and get right close. “Please I can’t be without you, I want to please you.” I purr in your ear and bite your neck playfully. “I Antalya Escort Bayan won’t take no for an answer.” I whisper trying to control my breathing.

You agree and we head off to your place. Once we get home we waste no time in shedding our coats and shoes and begin to kiss wildly. “You like to tease me you little witch.” You say in a deep accusing voice.

As we make our way to your bedroom, we rip each others clothes off, hungrily kissing and nibbling and biting and grabbing each other as we head up the stairs. Once in your bedroom, our kisses turn urgent and passionate, We collapse on the bed entangled with each other.

I feel you tug my hair,kiss and bite down my neck and chest. You hungrily suck and nibble on my hard nipples and drive me wild. I purr and hear you growl with hunger as I roll you over pinning you to the bed. “I want you and now I have you, this is done MY way.”

We kiss and I bite your bottom lip, I slide down your body Escort Antalya and make my way to your hard cock and begin to lick every inch with my soft, warm, wet tongue. I gaze up at you for only a moment and then plunge you deep into my mouth. I suck you slow and hard. It is almost painfully slow but I can tell by your moans that you are enjoying it.

My tongue ring glides gently along your shaft. I stroke your cock as I lick and tease the head with my tongue and my mouth. Alternating between licking and sucking.

I love making you pant hard, gasping for breath as I plunge you deep into my mouth again. I suck slow and easy at first, as I increase sucking faster and harder and not stopping. I can feel you swell in my mouth and I can’t get enough of the way you taste. Sucking harder and harder swallowing your head deep in my throat and moaning as you squirm and pant harder.

Suddenly I feel you explode and without hesitation, I swallow it hungrily and without spilling a drop. I suck and lick your cock clean and slide up licking my lips.

I see you panting and eyes closed. “Well?” I whisper giggling. “Was it worth being teased?”

You look at me and smile; you grab me and kiss me deep and hard. I think I will take that as a yes. Until next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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