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Karen Gets a Yule Log

(This is part of a series that I’ve started. If you’d like Karen’s adventures to continue, tell me what you think. I enjoy reading your comments.”)

Karen couldn’t believe how her sex life had exploded since her dare with Nancy. It seemed that Nancy was always trying to one up herself and that always mean for a hot time for Karen. She wondered what would be next and imagined that the next time would probably occur that night at Nancy’s Christmas party.

Things usually got a bit hot at Nancy’s parties and her Christmas parties were usually the best of the year. You might expect New Years to be hot, and Nancy’s New Year’s Party was hot too, but there was always something extra special about the Christmas party that got Karen hot. It might just have been the Christmas was Karen’s favorite holiday and she had a bit of a crush on Santa.

Karen always had a hot spot for Santa. She remembered as a young girl, her parents taking her to the mall to sit on Santa’s lap. She didn’t know why that made her feel so special but it did. Maybe it was how she felt so warm and safe with the man in red.

It wasn’t until her sophomore year in college that she fully realized the crush she had on Santa. Her sorority had hired a Santa to do a fundraiser. The Santa was perfect, complete with his own white beard, probably in his late 60s or early 70s. He looked exactly like Santa. They did a winter wonderland for children to come and tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Each of the Sorority sisters got to sit on Santa’s lap as well, telling him what they wanted.

When it was Karen’s turn she hopped up on Santa’s lap and was surprised to feel something poking her in the bottom. Although she wasn’t terribly experienced, she knew she was feeling his hard cock pushing into her. She also knew she should be shocked and disgusted with the old man playing Santa, but what she was feeling was something else. She was getting aroused.

For the life of her she didn’t know why she did what she did, but she began to move her hips, subtly but with a slight undulation. As she did, the short flared skirt she was wearing rose up until she could feel the soft velvety cloth of Santa’s pants against her bare upper thighs and behind. Santa let out a “mmmm” as her bottom settled right on top of his rigid cock. Karen had wondered who would leave the bigger wet spot as she could feel her vulva moisten. She was sure some of her liquid would stain Santa’s pants, but she was equally sure he would soil them from the inside.

She continued to roll her hips as she told Santa that she had been a good girl this year and was hoping for lots of presents. Santa nodded, but there was a fire in his eyes. His hand that had been on her back, dropped lower and she could feel it moving under the back of her skirt. Karen could feel the white gloves he was wearing toying with the back of her thong, pulling it so the front wedged between her vaginal lips. Now Karen let out a “MMMM,” louder than Santas, as the fabric rubbed her clit.

Karen didn’t know how long she had been on Santa’s lap but she was sure it was longer than the others. She ground down on Santa’s cock one last time, gave him a kiss on the cheek, wished him a Merry Christmas, and jumped up.

Karen took a nice, long, hot bath to get ready for Nancy’s party. She paid special attention to her special regions. Since Nancy had prepared Karen for her dare by shaving her vagina, Karen had kept this area smooth. She had taken to waxing to avoid the stubble that went with shaving. This meant she only needed to apply some body butter to keep her area smooth and soft.

If it wasn’t for her 34d breast and the fact that she was 33, she looked like a little girl down there. She remembered how she had longed for hair down there so she could be a woman, but now it seemed like being bald was what was desired. As she applied lotion, she reached a bit lower and her fingertip touched her anus. She felt the silky lotion rub into her bottom, the finger slightly penetrating her hole. She shivered and knew she better stop of she wouldn’t ever make it to the party.

Karen climbed out of the tub and dried off. She eyed Tokat Escort the clothing that were laying on the bed waiting for her to put on. Nancy had taken her shopping and they had picked out matching clothing, with the exception of color. Karen’s short spaghetti strap dress was in red. Nancy’s was in a deep green. Under they had black thigh highs, attached to lacy garter belts. Matching black lace thongs and shelve bras completed the outfit.

Karen, after putting on the undergarments, looked in the mirror. She turned slowly, admiring herself. She did look great she thought. The bra barely covered her nipples and if she moved too much they were likely to pop out the top and be visible. The thong from the back wasn’t really visible and the “V” front hid the lips of her vulva. Once the dress slid over her head, Karen’s cleavage was framed in the red of the dress. The hem lowered to the lace top of her stockings. She knew if she bent over, she’d be putting on a show for anyone looking. She looked amazing.

On the way to Nancy’s, Karen felt her pulse race. She knew Nancy was capable of anything sexually and that made her excited and nervous. The Christmas lights could be seen well before the house, which was decorated for the party. Everything was beautiful. The decorations made Karen forget her sexual nervousness and focus on the holiday.

Nancy greeted Karen at the door, taking her coat, and giving her a hug and kiss. Nancy escorted Karen into the house where the party was in full swing. About a dozen beautiful couples and a few singles were already mingling around, drinks in hand. More hugs, kisses and quick gropes were exchanged. Karen was unsure if the men or women looked hotter and whose hands felt better rubbing up and down her back, setting on her ass. She could feel herself getting aroused. Of course the drinks she had consumed weren’t hurting either.

After two hours of drinking, sharing in conversation, and some slow dancing, Nancy called out that it was time for the special event. A large chair, no more of a throne was brought into the center of the room and placed in front of the Christmas tree. “And now, our guest of honor.” Nancy announced.

“HO! HO! HO!” sounded through the door and Santa marched in. His outfit was perfect, the white beard real, probably late 60s or early 70s. Karen nearly spilt her drink. She had told Nancy about her experience in college. Nancy knew that Santa had turned Karen on.

Santa took his place on the throne and Nancy turned to the crowd of partygoers, saying Santa has come to see if he can fulfill your Christmas wishes. Who wants to go first? Santa patted his lap.

Nancy knew that Karen’s nerves would never permit her to go first and she watched as Karen backed to the edge of the room. Partygoers lined up to talk with Santa. Nancy went first. As she climbed onto Santa’s lap she whispered in his ear, her ample cleavage in his face. Santa chuckled and belted out, “My Nancy, you are on the naughty list.

As the night progressed, each person took their turn on Santa’s lap, except Karen, who remained in the back of the room. “Karen, come and tell Santa what you’d like.” Karen heard boom across the room. Her legs moved, as if on their own, carrying her to him.

Standing in front of him, Karen saw Santa pat his lap urging her to sit there. She thought she could see the outline of a hard cock under his red pants. Karen stepped up, turned and took her spot on Santa’s lap. She could feel Santa’s hands on her waist, positioning her on his lap, directly on his cock. She could feel him push up gently.

Karen’s face blushed red. Santa reached up and gently took Karen’s chin, turning her face towards him. “Karen, Santa wants you to be a naughty girl” he said.

“Okay,” she whispered. Her face turning a brighter red.

Santa reached down Karen’s back, pulling up her dress to expose her ass and slid his finger along her crack. Down and under, until he was touching her rosebud. Karen moaned as the crowd watched.

“Karen, do you know what Santa does with naughty girls?” Santa asked.

“No,” she replied.

“They get spanked.” With that he turned Karen and placed her over his lap. Tokat Escort Bayan Her breasts spilled out of the top of her dress and he raised her hem, exposing her ass. With that his hand came down on her ass and the crowd let out a collective groan. Again and again that white gloved hand came down on Karen’s reddening ass cheeks. With each spank, Karen could feel her ass raise up to meet Santa’s hand.

Karen lost track of how many spanks she had received, when she felt Santa’s finger enter her soaked pussy. She looked around and she could see couples beginning to play with each other. Dresses had been dropped to the floor. She could see the pastor’s son sucking on the pierced nipples of one partygoer while his wife sucked his cock. Others were in equally engaging positions.

Karen’s pussy was pulsing on Santa’s finger when she saw Nancy’s bald pussy in front of her face. “Give me a lick before Santa has his way with you.” she told Karen. Karen had tasted Nancy’s pussy before so this wasn’t anything new, but she had never done it with Santa’s penetrating fingers in her before. Karen felt her pussy gush on Santa’s glove

Santa then pushed his soaking gloved finger into Karen’s mouth. “Suck my finger just like you’re going to suck Santa’s cock,” he told her. Karen sucked her own juices from the glove. She could taste herself. Karen could feel Santa’s hard cock. It was sizable.

She lowered herself to the ground between his legs. As she did, Nancy lowered Karen’s dress, leaving her clad in only her lingerie. Santa opened his coat and then his pants. Karen knew that Santa had a large cock, but she wasn’t completely prepared for what came out of his pants. His cock was impressive. It looked to be about 9 inches and it wasn’t even hard yet. On top of that he was uncircumcised so the flesh hung over the tip. She had never seen an uncircumcised cock before.

When Santa’s cock came out, everyone seemed to stop what they were doing. They were fixated on that huge penis. Karen pulled back the foreskin and Santa’s huge mushroom crown popped out. Karen couldn’t stop herself. Her tongue extended, licking the head before taking it in her mouth. Santa slid down in his seat, his pants falling to the floor. Now Santa’s grapefruit size balls came into view.

Karen continued to suck on his hardening cock, her hands sliding under to fondle Santa’s sack. His cock continued to grow until it barely fit it into her mouth. Santa began to thrust, grabbing Karen by the hair, his cock filling her mouth and entering her throat. She had never had a cock that big. Karen wanted nothing more than to please Santa.

She removed her mouth from his cock, but continued to stroke it. She lowered her mouth and tongued his balls. Santa slid even lower and lifted his legs a bit. Karen knew what he wanted and she extended her tongue, rimming his ass. “My God. My tongue is in Santa’s ass.” Karen thought and her hand lowered to her slick pussy.

As she stuck her tongue in as far as it would go, she felt Santa’s balls tighten. His cock began to erupt cum, coating her face, pooling in her eyes. Nancy, seeing this lowered her face and took some of Santa’s cum, too. After he stopped cumming both women began to lick the cum from the other, cleaning the others face.

Karen and Nancy continued to kiss and caress one another. The two sexy females were putting on quite a show. Santa sat, watching, stroking his cock. He hadn’t lost his hardness. Karen looked up, amazed that a guy his age could recover so quickly, but then he was Santa, so she figured he had some magic in his sack that would keep his yule log erect.

“Karen, Come to Santa. It is time for you to get your present.” Santa instructed. Nancy removed Karen’s thong.

Karen got up and came to Santa. His big cock was sticking out from under his belly. Pointing up like a missile from his groin, he directed Karen to come and straddle his legs. His cock was now pointed directly at her wet hole. She worried that it wouldn’t fit. Santa grabbed Karen by her hips, moving her into position. His cock head was nestling her vulva. Santa was in control. He maneuvered her hips, alternating between pulling down and pushing Escort Tokat up. Karen could feel the walls of her vagina stretching to accommodate Santa’s girth.

She knew her pussy was wet, she could feel the juices that were running down her legs and down Santa’s cock. God, she had never been stretched like this. She thought what a stud this man must have been in his prime. Santa was amazing at this age, he must have been magnificent in his late 20s.

Just then Santa thrust up, while at the same time pulling down on her hips. She felt him bottom out, felt her clit make contact with his belly, and for a moment she blacked out. When she came to, she looked behind her to see who was spreading her cheeks and rimming her backdoor. Nancy was there, smiling up at her, but there was a line behind her. It seemed everyone wanted a piece of Karen.

“This is going to be the best Christmas ever, if I survive,” thought Karen. She felt a new tongue enter her ass. She couldn’t believe her pussy was stretched to beyond capacity, the head of Santa’s cock was battering her cervix, and she had a line of people wanting to eat her ass. Amazing.

Karen heard a bell and looked over to see Nancy ringing a tiny bell. “Every time a bell dings, Karen has a new tongue enter her anal ring.” Obviously a play on the “angel gets its wings” saying, but Karen wasn’t going to argue.

Santa began to thrust again. Driving his massive sleigh into her tunnel. “Should we continue with your present? If I keep pushing hard like this I may push through your cervix,” Santa commented to Karen. “Do you want me to continue?”

“Yes, do anything you want to me. I’ve been naughty and deserve this present,” Karen responded.

With that, Santa doubled his efforts. He could feel Karen’s cervix begin to yield to his pounding. He knew she might not be able to take it, the pain there might be too intense. To take her mind off of what was happening deep in her vagina, Santa lowered his bearded face to one of her breasts. He took a nipple into his mouth, and at just the moment his cock broke through, he bit down.

Nancy, who was watching Karen, saw Karen’s eyes roll back. Karen’s face deformed into the face of someone in intense orgasm. An unearthly groan left Karen’s mouth and a gush or juice squirted from her pussy, soaking Santa’s mid-section. Karen’s body went limp and those around wondered if she had passed out or died.

Two men helped pull Karen off Santa’s cock with a loud “POP!” Karen’s hole gaped from the void left by Santa’s impressive member. The men were instructed by Santa to drape Karen over the arm of Santa’s chair. This left her ass exposed and open. Raised up for whomever wanted to use it. Santa wanted that hole next.

When Karen came too, she could feel a beard between her legs. She could feel it licking up the juices that had run down her legs and up her crack. Then the beard was gone and she once again felt hands on her hips. The battering ram, that could only have been Santa’s cock, was back at her pussy, pushing inward.

After several stabbing thrusts, the cock was removed and she could feel the head pushing at her back door. “It will never fit,” Karen exclaimed but the pressure continued until the thick mushroom sank into Karen’s backside.

Karen was surprised, a warm sensation was radiating through her bottom. Her sphincter stretched to accommodate the girth of Santa’s cock. Karen looked around the room. Everyone was in a state of bliss, either watching her or receiving pleasure from some other guest.

A slow in and out motion began and Karen could feel the beginning of another orgasm. She couldn’t remember the last time she orgasmed so strongly or so many times. Suddenly Santa’s hips met Karen’s backside and he was buried deep inside her. She could feel him deep in her bowels. She could feel pressure in her stomach against the arm of the chair with each thrust.

She exploded in one final orgasm as Santa thrust faster, in and out, deeper with each thrust. She continued from one orgasm to the next and just when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore she hear heard Santa cry, “HO, HO, HO!” and he emptied his cum into her. The warm sensation flooded her body and she blacked out again.

When she woke up, Karen was naked in Nancy’s bed. Nancy was beside her, stroking the hair along Karen’s temple. She leaned over and gave Karen a kiss on her forehead. “Merry Christmas,” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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