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Karen’s Hot Green Dress

It was a quiet day in the office because many of the sales reps and management turds had gone to a regional meeting in Memphis.
Of course, a few of the secretaries had to go along… to attend to their bosses’ needs…
Yeah, right.
I worked in different departments, depending on which one was short-handed or just behind.
If a co-worker saw me yesterday, he/she thought nothing of it if I wasn’t at a desk near them, today.

So it was a nice Thursday and I was in the break room when Karen walked in. She was carrying a large, green basket of ivy, which was one of several that she maintained in her office and in her boss’ office.

“Good morning, gorgeous. Your dress matches your plant… Nice, very nice.”
What the hell… it never hurts to flirt a little with a pretty woman, “I like that one even better than the red one you wore a few days ago.”

“Well, thank you, kind sir. I like it better, too, but most of the people like the red one better.”

“Don’t get me wrong, now. The red one is outstanding, but this one makes you look amazing… or maybe I should say you make it look amazing.”

“Boy, you’re just full of it, today. Do you have time to set some plants down for me?”

“Well, I AM on break, but for you… I’ll do it.”

Her division occupied three offices in the south end of the building. All the others were in the north end. Once a week, she’d take each basket of ivy to the break room, set it in the large sink, and spend a few minutes with each one. She watered, washed and talked to each plant about how pretty it was, how big it was growing, how many dead leaves she was going to remove, etc.

As I pulled the hanging baskets down, Karen would pick them up. Needless to say, I was thoroughly enjoying watching her bend over… and she knew it.

“I can only see one problem with that dress, though.”


“It’s just tight enough to see your panty lines when you bend over.”

“Pfffft… I should have known. Once I get all these done, will you help me put them back up?”

“Sure, I’m in the parts office today. With all the dealers at the big meeting, it’s pretty slow and Dave can handle it by himself for a while.

Later, as she was bending down, picking up the baskets and handing them up to me, I wasn’t able to detect the slightest hint of panty lines, “Hmm… I don’t see ANY problem with that dress now. How’d that happen?”

She smiled and bent over. One hand grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up a few inches, exposing the right cheek of her bare ass, “I took ‘em off.”

I nearly fell off the step stool before she handed me the next ivy, “Damn, girl! You sure know how to make an old man sit up and take notice!”

She turned around, smiled and pulled the neckline down a little, showing me some cleavage, “Bra, too.”

“Honey, Richard would kill us both if he knew what you just showed me, and how much more I’d LIKE to see.”

“Shit! I can be laying on the bed, naked and legs spread, and he wants to look at is his fucking Corvettes on the computer. It seems like hot cars are the only thing that gives him a hard-on these days.”

Once again, I gripped the top of the step ladder. I couldn’t believe Karen was talking like that, “Shit, girl… you can’t imagine the picture I have in my mind now. Hmmm…. If it were me, the Corvettes would just have to wait. Just ain’t no way a Chevrolet gives me a stiff one.”

She gave me a quick hug and thanked me for the help. I really wanted to get a handful of ass cheek, or maybe some tit, but I was a good boy. I politely told her, “You’re welcome,” and stopped by the restroom to run off a batch of ball batter.
What a relief…

An hour or so later, Dave took his break and within seconds, Karen appeared in the doorway, “Hey, you got plans for Saturday? I need a little help moving some furniture.”

“Richard won’t help?”

“He’s going to Arizona. His mom has a headache… or maybe she’s planning on having one. Hell, I don’t care. He’s probably fucking her, or maybe his sister… maybe even his daddy. Sex hikayeleri No… he’s probably sticking it in a monster truck’s exhaust pipe. Can you come help me out?”

“Karen, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than… uh.. ‘help you out.’ But you need to think about something. I’m 41 and you’re 32. I know, damn well, you could find someone much younger than me that would be absolutely dying to… help you.”

“But I want you to help me, Don. I don’t care how old you are, you’re nice to me and you make me smile.” She turned around and glanced out the door, scanning both ends of the hallway. She used both hands and raised her dress, this time it showed her entire, FINE ass, “… and don’t tell me you want to pass on THIS.”

“I’ll figure out something. What time?”

“He’s flying out on Friday night, so come as early as you want. It may take all day to get everything done,” she smiled and winked.
Just before she left, she repeated her statement, this time with a little more emphasis, “Remember what I said, CUM as early as you want.”

That night I told my wife that I had to work on Saturday, “The warehouse supervisor has to leave town for a family funeral and they need me to be there, in the rafters, to watch the electrical contractors. They said it will take all day to change out the transformers, plus part of the day on Sunday. Bob should be back for Sunday, though. I certainly hope so.”

I gave Carly a good, hard fucking that night, but all my mind could see was Karen’s young ass. When she got out of bed to take a piss, around 2am, Karen’s image had hardened my cock again. I grabbed the KY jelly and spread it on ol’ Fat Boy. As Carly crawled back into bed, I lined up her asshole and unloaded, again.

“Goodness, Honey, what has you all stirred up tonight? I enjoyed the first round, but this one was a surprise… a good surprise, though.”

I kissed my faithful wife and told her I was getting caught up ahead of time, “In case Bob doesn’t get back in town, I may have to set up the cot in the break room Saturday night. It’s too far to drive all the way home, then back early on Sunday. I hope like hell he gets back, though.”
I lied… I was going to cheat on her with a 32yr old brunette. I was going to fuck that kid as much as my body could handle. It would probably disable me for a week, but I had to do it… had to.

On Friday, I was working on the complete opposite end of the building. It was the office where a dozen more people were working. At 10am, I told them I was going to make a quick run to the bathroom and grab a Coke and candy bar in the break room.
I walked directly to Karen’s office to tell her everything was set for Saturday.

To my dismay, her husband was standing in front of her desk, waiting to take her to an early lunch, “Well, Richard, don’t take her anywhere she’ll eat too much. She’s puttin’ on a little weight, lately.”

He knew I was teasing, but fell right in line, “Yep, she had to start buying her jeans with elastic in the waist. If she puts on any more, I’ll have to get a pickup truck to haul her around.”

Karen chastised both of us and I told her, “The outline of Anderson contract is almost ready. We’ll need your input on the wording of the marketing section. You two enjoy your lunch and just give me a call when you get back. If I’m not at my desk, have Lily hunt me up.
“See ya, Richard.”

When she called, she told me that they’d had a quickie in a motel, “He said he needed some to hold him over until Monday night… the shit head is taking an extra day so he can fuck his mama again before he comes home.
“What time you going to be at my place?”

In a purely, business-like voice, I answered, “We can make that seven, if it will work for your department. I’ll get the rest of the paperwork done today. Thanks.”

At ten minutes ‘til 7am, I parked across the street from Karen’s apartment. As it turned out, she’d been watching for me since a little after six o’clock. She stepped out her door and waved. I guess the other tenants were sleeping in, because I saw no activity.

Once Sikiş hikayeleri inside, she wrapped both arms around my neck and lifted one leg. She pulled herself up and curled both those short, slim legs around my waist, “So I’m getting too fat, huh? You think you can carry all this weight through that door behind you?”

In all fairness, her wait was around 105, clothes on… I had NO problem carrying her to the bedroom. Once I set her on her feet, she lifted her t-shirt over her head and dropped her shorts to the floor. That entire procedure took two seconds, “Well, you going to get naked or just stand there and look?”

I pulled her back to my body and kissed her, “Honey, trust me… this is worth taking the time to look. But I have to tell you that I’ve changed my mind. I can’t do this.”

She grinned and slapped me on the shoulder, “You’re so full of shit. Let’s get these clothes off.”

“Well, okay… if I have to.”

We started to lie on the bed when a thought hit me, “Before we do this, I want to see the Corvettes on Richard’s computer. Maybe it’ll make my dick harder.”

“This will make it harder,” she said as she grabbed two hands full of hair and pulled my face toward her bald pussy, “and if it doesn’t get harder while you eat me, it will when I eat it.”

My old tongue had lots of experience and went directly to work. Three rounds around her clit and two quick stabs at her hole, then repeat… works every time. I had Karen cumming in less than three minutes. I didn’t let up until the middle of her third orgasm, when I replaced my tongue with a hard cock, ramming it home in the first push. The fingers on my right hand danced all over her torso, from her tits to her pussy mound. My left hand continued manipulating her clitoris, which had become so sensitive she was in a constant state of orgasm.

I showed that little youngster what an old man could do, alright. Once I filled her cunt with my sticky, warm sperm, I slid to one side and stuck my cock in her face.
She was crazed and dazed as she sucked me clean, trying her best to milk more out of me.

I began to feel a build-up, but I stopped.
Hell, if I didn’t watch myself, I’d be spent by noon and shot for the rest of the day.
The only furniture moving we did that day was bouncing on her mattress… and we did plenty of that.

After a breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, hashbrowns and lots of coffee, Karen knelt on the dining room floor and sucked Fat Boy to attention.
She was proud of her achievement and moved to my lap, facing me with her legs hung over the arms of the chair, “I always wondered if this would be a good position. UHhhnn… mmmm… that really fits pretty good. You just rest, old man, and I’ll do the work this time.

She kissed me and started rocking her hips. My cock was as deep as it would go and her rocking was only moving it an inch or so… but it was driving me crazy. Her right hand was behind my head, pulling my lips tighter. Her left was wedged between our pubic bones, doing a magnificent number on her clit.

Our mouths were still locked together when she started grunting her pleasure, “Mmmm… rrrrrrrr… mmmmm… mmmmm… aaahhhhh,” she raised her head and kept it up, “Oh, my Godddd… Oh, fuck… God this is so fucking gooooood. Oh, yeah, here it cums… here it cums… here it cuuuuuumms! OH, SHIT! FUCK! Oh, God this is so good. Wow! I can’t ever remember cumming that hard. It would kill me to have orgasms that hard every time… Oh, fuck… what a way to go, though.”

She kept up a gentle pace until she felt me swelling inside her, “Alright, my big ol’ hard lover, let it go. Fill my pussy and don’t stop. I want all the juice you got.”

She got it, too.

After I finished, she moved her little legs to the floor, but couldn’t move them. They had done a lot of work while they were hung over the arms of the chair. She slid to her knees while the light pain subsided and circulation restored itself to her arteries. During the wait, she carefully examined Ol’ Fat Boy with her hands and eyes. He even got a few kisses and licks.

I Erotik hikaye decided to let her be in total control of our weekend, accepting every suggestion and appreciating her exciting desire to enjoy our time together.
I lost track of how many times we ate each other, but it was a bunch. We fucked a total of four times before I begged for a nap. The time was almost 5pm, so I gave Carly a call and told her that Bob wasn’t going to make it back for Sunday’s work day, “…so I’m just gonna grab a barbecue sandwich down the street and watch TV for a little while in the break room. I already have the cot set up, so I’ll be fine. I’ll see you sometime tomorrow evening.”

She didn’t know how accurate her statement was, when she said I sounded tired. She also had no idea my dick was in Karen’s mouth during the entire phone call…

An hour later, her doorbell rang; it was the pizza delivery guy. I reached for my jeans but Karen told me to wait, “I’ll get the door.”
She opened my wallet and took out two twenties, “Watch this…”

She was stark, fucking, naked when she opened the door and reached for the pizza box. The pimple-faced delivery boy almost dropped it on the floor when she handed him the forty bucks and said, “Keep the change, honey. Everyone knows I’m a ‘meat lovin’ kind of woman. Bye, sweetie.”

We agreed that it would have been a winner if we’d have filmed it and sent it in to America’s Funniest Videos.

We shared one more, slow, easy fuck when we went to bed at 9:30.
As morning arrived, we showered, ate biscuits and gravy, and talked a while. About 9am, we enjoyed each other’s bodies for another hour or so, then it was time for me to head back home.

“Don, you’ll never know how much I really needed all this. Yesterday and last night were absolutely perfect. I wish we could spend every weekend like this, but at some point, I’m sure you’d prefer looking online at Corvettes. After all, I’m getting older and less attractive every day.”

I pulled her bare ass to me and kissed her, “You know what? For the rest of my life, every time I see a Corvette, I’ll remember this weekend. I hope it won’t be the only one I’ll spend with you.
But, you’re right. You’re gettin’ old and breaking down pretty fast. We need to figure out another plan pretty fast, before you fall completely apart.”

“She kissed me again, smiled and said, “Fuck you, old man. I’ll see you at work tomorrow.”

Mondays were always very hectic at work. Around 2pm, Karen strolled into our office, wearing her red dress, with a handful of mail, “For some reason, all the mail got dropped on my desk, today. Here, Linda, this is for you. Jack, this one is yours. Don, there’s two for you. And… for Chester, this little package. See y’all later.”

I had to hand it to her; there was no smile, no wink, nothing that would indicate her little extra ‘interest’ in me. One of my envelopes was an order for parts, the other wasn’t even addressed. I opened it first…

I was glad nobody else saw it when I read the note,
Old lady

I wadded the paper and tossed it into the trash can. A few other assorted papers went in on top of it. I laid the parts order in my ‘outbox’ and picked up a blank sheet of paper, “Shit! This one was supposed to go to the warehouse office. I need to stretch my legs and talk to Bob, anyway, so I’ll be back in a little bit.”

The warehouse could be accessed from both ends of the office. I exited the one closest to my office, made a left turn and hurried to the far end of the building. Twenty feet inside the other entrance, I reached the hallway and took a quick look to make sure the coast was clear.

Karen wasn’t at her desk, and the door to her boss’ office was closed. That door was usually open, unless something private was taking place. I tapped twice and heard Karen’s voice, “Come on in.”

As I cracked the door open, I saw the red dress bunched up above her waist. She was bent over Mr. Gordon’s desk with both holes staring straight at me, “It took you long enough. You take time out to check on some Corvettes?”

As my pants hit the floor and my hard cock slid through her cunt lips, I answered, “Nope, but I would have been here quicker if you’d been wearing the green dress.”

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