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Thanks everyone for your feedback. It encouraged me to write another chapter. Special thanks to my editor and idea genie, Xelos.


+{Kasper’s Den}+

Part 10

[By Emri]

Opening my eyes in Amir’s warm, protective hold against his soothing heartbeat is the greatest way to wake up; at least until I realize that I have to pee and I can’t wiggle out. I raised my head from his chest and looked up his strong, brown jaw to watch his pronounced, Arab nose flair and close with his light snores. His eyes were closed with a row of long, black lashes lining the center of them. He looked so peaceful and innocent when he slept. It was nothing like the muscled beast who’d ravaged my ass the night before.

Last night his parents left early for a fundraiser. I couldn’t remember if it was for an orphanage in Bangladesh or building a new library. Ali, his twin, left too so we had the place to ourselves.

“This will be us someday with a family of our own. We will have a quiet night at home together and you’ll make us something for dinner,” Amir said as he kissed the back of my neck and slid his arms around me from behind as we watched his parents leave.

“I’m making dinner?” I asked as I turned my face to the side to get a kiss on the cheek.

“I think you should. How else will we feed ourselves? Father gave chef the night off. You wouldn’t let us starve, would you?” Amir said with an oddly cold air that didn’t sound like he was joking. I’ve never really prepared much other than cereal or toast. My mother is very traditional and she thought boys shouldn’t cook or do “girl” things… it would make them gay.

“Ok, sure… I guess I could make a salad,” I said as I looked at the bowl of fresh vegetables Emerson always kept on the counter.

“Good, something light so you can please me afterwards,” Amir said as though that too was part of my job. He kissed my cheek and then went to flop on the couch and put on a soccer game.

I found some kale in the fridge and I knew where Emerson kept the big salad bowl when he made his uber-healthy creations. I diced an onion and sliced a tomato like I’d watched him do. I added cucumber, some tiny nuts (I didn’t know what kind, but I liked them in the salads he made), and added the light dressing he uses. I tossed it all together and then found some smaller bowls for us.

“Are you almost done? I don’t think it’s supposed to take this long,” Amir called from the couch in between cheering on his team.

“I… yes… just wait,” I said and tried to hurry.

“Don’t use that tone with me,” Amir said and turned off the game. I stared at him with my jaw hanging open. I don’t think he’d talked to me like that before. He stood up and walked towards me looking at me as if I was in need of punishment.

“You’re being… Why are you being mean?” I asked and felt my voice breaking.

“We’ll eat outside,” he said, ignoring my question. “Bring the bowls out when you finish, and don’t take too long.” He walked past me and out the front door.

I felt like throwing it all in the trash and going to my room. I didn’t know why he was being like that. I was confused and upset. I took a deep breath though. My submissive side told me to just take him his dinner. I rationalized that maybe he was just upset because he was hungry.

I put the bowls on a tray with napkins and two forks. I had to elbow the exit button on the door while i balanced it, but when I got halfway through the door I realized he’d want a drink too.

“Fuck,” I whispered to myself and turned back towards the kitchen. I thought again of throwing it all away, but I couldn’t. I love him and I wasn’t up for a fight. We’d had a nice day together.

I grabbed two glasses and filled them with the cucumber water Emerson had made that morning. I loaded them on the tray and fought with the door again.

“Dude, what are you doing? I’m starved,” Amir called from around the corner.

“I’m coming,” I said, not sure if he would hear me.

“Hurry up,” he barked. His tone, his words, the final straw. I set the tray down on the ground and went the other way. I’d had enough.

“Did you drop it?” he called when he heard the clink of bowls and forks. I went over to a bench by the front door and sat down, trying not to cry.

“Are you crying?” Amir called and I heard his footsteps rush around the corner. “Kasper? Baby love?” his tone changed completely when he saw me.

“What did I do? Why are you mad at me?” I asked and sniffled. He came over to me and squatted down in front of me. He took my hands and leaned in to rub his nose against mine.

“Come with me,” he said and pulled on my hands. He pulled me up to my feet and then walked backwards and led me around the house.

“Oh!” I gasped when I saw what he had set up. There was a small round table with a white table cloth under a zig-zag of white sparkling lights near the pool. The table was set with plates and silverware and Cebeci Escort two flutes of some sparkling juice and flickering candles in the center of the table. It looked like a fancy restaurant. .

“It was a joke. I forget I can’t prank you like I do with other guys. You’re too sweet,” he insisted in a sheepish, apologetic voice.

“Oh!” was all I could say. It was so beautiful and perfect. One of the house staff came out carrying a pizza box.

“I had them make your favorite food. I called your mom and she said you liked the pizza place near their house so I had the chef call them and bribe them for the exact recipe and one of their boxes. We had to special order the flour from a place in Ventura… see?” Amir said as he took the box from the house guy.

“It’s from Perelli’s! Holy woah!” I looked down and Amir opened it to show a perfect cheese pizza like I’d eaten hundreds of times as a kid.

“Of course! Only the best for my love,” Amir said. “Am I forgiven? It was a bad joke.”

“I can’t believe you… no one’s ever done something so thoughtful like that for me.” I shook my head and looked at him. Amir moved towards me and leaned over the pizza box with his lips puckered like he wanted a kiss. I held back though and he pulled away with a guilty look.

“Why don’t we go eat by the pool? Forget the fancy table, it’s pizza,” Amir offered. I followed him along the side of the pool back to a private area away from the big house. There were a few loungers hidden by a canopy of low palms.

“I can’t wait for you to try this. It’s the best cheese pizza you’ll ever eat!” I said as Amir sat down on the lounge chair and patted the spot next to him. There was a small side table where he set down the box and opened it. He took out a slice for me and got one for himself.

Perelli’s is that floppy thin New York style that you have to fold in half or it all slides off. Only he didn’t know that, and he didn’t follow my style. I counted to three and then we both took a bite. It was hot, fresh, and just like I remembered it. Amir took a bite and chewed on it as if evaluating.

“Not too bad,” he said with a shrug. “Kinda greasy though.” He set his slice down and wiped the back of his hand across his lips, smearing a little red sauce over his cheek. I leaned forward and swiped my tongue over it. Amir blushed and his lips spread into that confident smile that knows how much I want him.

“It’s pretty messy,” he said. He picked up his slice again and it flopped over as he brought it to his lips. The cheese and sauce slid off the bread and went straight down between his pecs and under his loose tank top.

“You’re pretty messy,” I corrected with a laugh.

“Aww fuck!” Amir laughed and put the slice down. He peeled off his tank top and used it to wipe off the cheese from his chest then tossed it on the grass. His rippling brown chest and abs lay illuminated by the night lights. Somehow the trail of sauce between his pecs only added to his allure. I couldn’t stop laughing at his helpless state.

“You have to fold it in half or it spills everywhere,” I gave him a pointer.

“Now you tell me.” Amir glared. He took another piece from the box and folded it like I showed him. He went to bite into it. As he did, a large drop of grease and sauce escaped from the slice and landed on his bulging chest then rolled down his abs stopping at the green waistband of his boxer briefs that poked out from his shorts.

“It’s good but so messy. I’m not used to it,” Amir noted. The oily line highlighted his perfect abs and led my eyes down to his bulge. Staring at the glittering trail distracted me from the pizza. I needed his cock.

“You’re eating like a two-year-old. You made a mess. Seriously, you might do better with a baby bib..” I covered a laugh and tried to look stern.

“I’m not a bab-” he started, but then went quiet as he came to the realization of what I was doing. He then continued, “Maybe you can help clean me… daddy?”.

“I think I’d better.” I set down my slice and leaned towards Amir. I crawled over him and kissed his firm pecs one after the other. He tossed his pizza over towards the open box and leaned back against the lounger while he slid his hands down my back. He lifted my shirt up and slid it off me.

“Yeah? You can help me?” Amir did the most adorable voice in his attempt to sound helpless.

“Such a mess! It’s up to daddy to clean you” I said in my best daddy voice.

Amir nodded.I lapped at the leftover sauce between his pecs. It mixed with the sweaty salt of his skin. I collected it on my tongue and then raised up to meet his lips. I pushed my tongue through them and he sucked at the sauce.

When he finished it, I kissed down the center of his chest and went to the spot near the waistband of his boxerbriefs. I licked his abs clean and then kissed down to his bulge.

“Baby wants some milk or more pizza?” He asked. I looked up at him and Kolej Escort nodded. He pushed down his shorts just enough to show his pubes. He stopped then, demanding an answer as if it had been a serious question.

“Pizza? Milk? Uh… Milkza?” I said hesitantly.

“Good choice”, amir said, as he pushed me off revealing his thick bulge. “Say?” He asked, “do you know how they make pizza?” He put his hand on my hair, gripped my ponytail and ground my lips against his cock outline.

“No sir,” I said through muffled lips. I shook my head and bit at the waistband of his shorts. He slid his other hand down and pushed on his shorts and boxer briefs until his cock freed itself and bounced up to smack my cheek.

“First, they prepare the ingredients specifically taste testing each one. Quality is key here. Tell me how it tastes.” He grilled his cock and shook it in my face.

“Mmm hmm,” I mumbled. Obeying his cue, I began to suck his rod.

“Then comes the dough… to prepare the dough one needs to knead the air out. This can be done by grabbing it and pulling it, pushing it apart and mashing it back together,” he said as he sat up. He reached over me to knead my ass. He pushed down my shorts and briefs then grabbed me roughly. I loved the way he man-handled what was his; the ass that begged for his seed. I wiggled it for him as his finger slid against my hole.

“Now as with most baked items it is important to grease things properly and make sure the oven is warmed up. You can’t go shoving things in when it’s cold or it does no good. I need it nice and hot,” Amir said. He reached over to the pizza box and then came back to slide two greased fingers inside me.

“Mmm,” I moaned as I slurped his thick, pulsing cock. I pushed back against his fingers as he proved me open.

“It’s getting there. Nice and hot for my meat,” Amir said between gasps as his fat head pushed into my throat. I swallowed hard on it as I sputtered and gagged. My spit was leaking out of the corners of my lips as he fucked my throat and fingered me hole.

Amir moved around to lay on his side so he could get closer to my hole. He paused at my cock as he slid under me in an inverted position. He slurped on it and I started to buck into his tight lips as his fingers slid in and out of my warm hole.

He only sucked me for a minute, but he’s so good at it that he had me close to the edge. I stopped fucking his mouth and pushed on his chest to let him know. I didn’t want to finish too soon. I pulled my cock away and heard him laugh.

“Feels too good, baby? I think this oven is almost ready,” Amir said as he rapidly shoved two fingers in and out of me. He gave my ass a smack and took his fingers out.

“Mmm hmm,” I mumbled around the heavy throbbing monster stuffing my throat. Amir pushed me off of him, but I didn’t want to let go of his cock. I sucked it even as I got to my feet, bent over his lap with my pacifier.

“You can’t get enough, can you?” Amir laughed. He pushed me off of him and his cock popped out with a loud “bah” as it broke the seal of my lips. I looked at him with disappointment. He got on the lounger on his knees and brought me over to kiss him.

His heavy cock bounced angrily in front of him like a just-used diving board. A line of spit dripped down my chin. I reached down and pumped his cock, getting a little reward of precum in my palm. I raised it up to my lips to taste it.

“Good stuff?” he asked with a smile. I nodded. He reached behind me and pushed his fingers back inside my hole. I gave a little jump and gasped as he spread my hole with his slick digits. He gave me a few pumps and then slid his fingers out and brought them to my lips.

“Taste it baby, tell me if your pizza pussy is ready for me,” Amir said as he pushed into my mouth. I sucked the sauce and grease off his fingers as he pushed them back against my throat.

“Oh fuck, Kasper. I’m so ready for you,” he growled as I pumped his cock again.

“Me too. I need your dough in my oven,” I bit on my lip and looked at him with needy eyes. He put a hand on the back of my neck and brought me in for another kiss before pushing me down to the lounge chair in front of him. He turned me away from him and pushed on my back until I fell forward on all fours.

“Time to get this pizza in the oven,” Amir said from behind me. I looked back at him as he lined his cock up with my hole, but then he leaned over me and reached for another slice of the pizza.

“You’re going to eat while you fuck me?” I asked as I watched him fold it in half.

“No, it’s going in the oven! You wanted to see how the pizza is made. What baby wants, baby gets,” Amir said cheerily and started to lower the slice towards my hole.

“No no no! Oh shit! Dude!” I yelped and crawled away from him.

“Get back here,” Amir barked and grabbed my left hip with his free hand.

“Don’t you dare!” I squealed and laughed; not sure if Rus Escort he was joking. He looked at me with serious eyes though. I raised up and started to get away from him.

“All right. If you’re going to whine, we can skip that part. Get back here,” Amir said and reached for me as he tossed the piece of pizza back into the box. We were definitely not having any leftovers.

“Yes sir,” I came back to him and he pulled me back onto the lounge chair. He pushed me forward again and came up behind me. His heavy, swollen cock rested between the cheeks of my ass and he rubbed it over my hole as his arms wrapped around my waist. I reached down between my legs and felt his fully, hairy nuts. I gave them a squeeze. He gasped and then bit down on the back of my neck. It sent a shock of warmth through me as his muscled chest rested on my back and he lined his cock up with my hole.

“Ahhhh,” I yelled as the tip of it pushed open my hole. He slowly slid it into me and kissed my neck. His hands went to my pecs and he twisted my nipples as he nibbled up to my ear.

“Uh huh,” I whined as he shoved more inside me. My cock was rock hard and leaking precum against the lounge chair as Amir held me against his chest and worked himself deep inside me.

“Yes, baby. It’s warmed up for me. You feel so good. Fuck I love this,” he praised as he sank into me; his cock lighting up the spots inside me that made my dick drip a steady stream of precum.

“Oh fuck me, please. Fuck I need it so bad,” I begged. He gave me what I asked for, but in slow, controlled movements to not hurt me. He was protective of his things.

“You want that, baby? You like me inside you giving your pussy what it needs?” Amir growled against my ear. His lips and tongue traced a path up my neck. He held onto me tightly as he started to slide in and out of me.

“Yes sir, please Mr. Pizzaman. I need it,” I moaned. I turned my head until his lips found mine and locked on. Our tongues wrestled as his cock started to slide in and out of me. Each motion left me with a flutter of chills and fireworks as he gave his boy what he needed.

“You like what I made you?” Amir asked in a low voice as lips sucked on my earlobe. His hands rubbed up and down my chest until one made its way down to my cock. He gave it a squeeze and pumped it in time to his swift, steady fucking.

“Fuck yeah, you know how to please a customer,” I assured in between gasps. My cock was pulsing in his hand as his cock dug deep inside me to the places that made my eyes roll back and my throat gasp for air.

“I try to match the product to the right customer,” Amir chuckled. He pushed in deeper and rubbed his sweaty chest across my back. My body purred at his expert touch. I relaxed into him, arched my back, and tired to open for him.

“Fuck yeah. Keep going like this and you’ll make manager soon,” I praised as my body gave a shiver of delight.

“Employee of the month? That what I get for giving my boy what his body craves? Yeah boy? The milk that’ll make a real man out of you? You’re so hard,” Amir noted as he stroked my throbbing cock while he filled me with his meat. I could feel it inside me. It was twice the size of mine; longer, thicker, hotter. It felt so good to be his; to be safe in his arm; to be under his control. The earth could have been exploding right then and I wouldn’t notice.

“Fuck me… so fucking close to… uh fuck!” I felt my cock on the edge, those stars you see just before you’re about to finish.

“Oh fuck, me too, Kasper. I can never last long inside you… so good my love,” Amir grunted as he sped up. He has his legs between mine; his hairy, muscular thighs stretching mine out so he could dig in deeper to my hole.

“Uh I’m gonna… Ohhh,” I howled as my cock started to shake in his hands and explode in cumworks or firecum or whatever the portmanteau is for that. My body shook and his arms wrapped around me to hold me against his chest.

“Baby! Fuck!” Amir groaned and started to fire off inside me. I could feel his hot cum shoot up into me, burying deep inside my hole.

“Uh huhhh,” I gasped as we spasmed together, hunched over the lounge chair together shaking like two animals in the woods.

We collapsed together as his final shots fired deep into my gut, my cock squishing against the slimy cum-coated fabric of the chair. Amir rested on his elbows and knees so he wouldn’t crush me as I recovered my breath in his cave of muscles. His lips came to rest on my shoulder, his arms slid around my cummy chest. I turned my face to the side and his lips found mine again.

“Fuck I love you so fucking much,” Amir laughed as he gasped for air. “Let’s just stay like this until the servants find us.”

“Or your parents,” I noted through raspy breaths.

“Oh, yeah. Guess we can’t do that… just five minutes, ok?” Amir said and kissed me again then rested his cheek against mine. I listened his breathing slow and then turn into a light snore. I was trapped under him, always trapped after we finished. I sighed and closed my eyes, happy with his giant softening spent cock stuffed deep in my crust.


“If you need anything, ANYTHING at all, just text and we’ll contact the house staff to come and care for you. Be good, little one,” Mr. Hamad said and kissed my cheek.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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