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We were finally going to do it. After weeks of waiting I was going to get to fulfil one of my biggest fantasies, in less than 24 hours I would be standing behind a camera recording the two girls having sex with each other. Each time we’d talked about doing it there had always been a reason that we had to postpone it, but now the time was right.

It was a Friday night, and after a tiring day at work the three of us had decided not to go out to the club with the rest of our workmates but to have a night in at my flat with a DVD and a bottle of wine. After getting Laura a job as a receptionist at the bank I soon introduced her to Kate and it wasn’t long before they were spending a lot of time with each other, Laura was my room-mate when she met Kate. The three of us got on really well, we’d spend nights in together talking about nothing in particular, just feeling comfortable in each others company.

The night was no different than any other night we’d spent together. The wine had been flowing, we’d been laughing at each others story’s and they had yet again been kissing each other on my sofa, it was more than just a quick kiss, one of these days I was expecting them to start having sex right there in front of me. I let them carry on kissing and stroking each other while I went into the Kitchen to get us a new bottle of wine.

My mobile phone rang, it was one of our friends asking why we weren’t at the club, after staying on the phone for what felt like half an hour I went back into the lounge with the new bottle of wine. As I opened the door I caught a glimpse of Kate pulling her top down, I knew that those two had just had sex but we were so comfortable with each other it seemed like an everyday occurrence. I joked and told them they should have waited for me so I could watch them. As I poured all three of us a glass of wine Laura asked me what I was doing tomorrow night. I had nothing planned and wondered what they wanted to do, Laura told me that they had been thinking about seeing each other on film from the last time we had talked about it, they had thought of what they would do to each other and even bought some new toys to try out for the first time in front of my camera.

I had been hoping they would bring up the subject as I wanted to film them so badly. I had spent many nights thinking about what it would be like. I jumped at the chance to see Kate and Laura having sex. We talked until 2 am about the arrangements for tomorrow night, who would do what, where it would be, and what we’d do with the video. At around 3 am Laura and Kate left my place and took the 5 minute walk back to Laura’s flat.

Kate and Laura had been seeing each other for a month, they had already moved in together, it seemed like they couldn’t be separated. They we’re still exploring each others bodies and finding new ways that they could pleasure each other. They must’ve been one of the most sexual couples I had ever met, they loved to have sex whenever and wherever they were. They had told me countless story’s of their adventures in parks, public toilets, nightclubs and one story involving a garden hose in Kate’s dads garden. They had showed me pictures of them having sex that Laura had taken on her phone, they definitely weren’t shy about their bodies. I think I had seen more pictures of them with their clothes off than with them on. Seeing pictures of them was one thing but getting to be in the same room as them watching them have sex was something I had been dreaming of since they started going out.

As I closed the door behind them I smiled from cheek to cheek. I still couldn’t believe that I was going to get to see Kate and Laura bringing each other to sexual ecstasy, making each other squirm as there tongues got to work inside of each other. I had told them that I’d edit the film to look like a proper porn film, they were excited to see the end result. I sat in my lounge finishing of the wine and thinking of how I’d edit the film.

I was woken the next morning by a text message from Laura that read.

hey sexy had fun last night hope Ur still OK 4 2nite we r getting so wet 4 it we had a gr8 time on Ur sofa here’s summing 2 say thanks x

There was a file attached to the message, I opened the attachment secretly knowing that it was a picture of them, the picture loaded up and filled my screen. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, I was looking at a picture that Laura had taken when she was on her back, it was of Kate’s head buried into Laura’s pussy with Laura’s hand pushing Kate deeper into her.

After a day spent not doing much apart from thinking of the girls and making sure my camera was fully charged I got a text from Laura telling me to go round at 9 pm.

I turned up at Laura’s flat, Laura and Kate had arranged their bedroom the way that they wanted; there were two pairs of black fluffy handcuffs attached to the bedposts; one on the left and one on the right, they had even put silk sheets on their bed, dark red with a black design, they wanted this night to be special. I’d asked them to move the bed forward so that I could get behind the bed and get some good shots. They showed me some of the toys they had bought, they had vibrating bullets and two types of dildo, a strap on and a rabbit. Sincan Escort I couldn’t wait to see them using them. We went into Laura’s lounge and opened a bottle of wine, I didn’t drink that much because I wanted them to be slightly drunk, I thought they might be more relaxed in front of the camera if they drank more.

It was now past mid night and after the second bottle of wine we decided that now was the right time to move into the bedroom and begin filming, before going to the bedroom Laura and Kate wanted to get changed in the bathroom. I sat in Laura’s lounge watching the TV and wondering what they might be changing into. I was expecting them to come back wearing something sexy, after all this was a special moment for them and they would want to look their best. I wasn’t disappointed, after 10 minutes or so Kate came back into the room looking absolutely stunning; I looked her up and down she was wearing her black 6 inch Stilettos, transparent black stockings that stopped mid thigh where they were joined by suspenders, she had a black lace thong underneath, she had her black velvet corset on that I had seen her wearing in some of the pictures they showed me. It pushed her boobs together making them look bigger than her usual C cup, her outfit was the right colour choice to go with her long black hair and it complemented her slim figure. She had done her make up and looked better than I had seen her before, her lips were covered with a luscious red lipstick which made them stand out.

Laura followed her looking amazing as well; She was wearing some new baby blue Stilettos with some baby blue fishnet stockings that stopped above her knee, she had on her baby blue French knickers with a navy blue trim and a little navy blue bow at the top. She had shown me these before but they looked even better now she had them on, she had a baby blue lace bra on her size D boobs filled out the cups nicely. I could see her erect nipples under the bra, she liked showing off her body and the thought that the clothes would soon be coming off made her wet.

The two girls looked amazing. Kate’s hands moved up Laura’s body, she lightly grabbed her chin and pulled her mouth closer to hers to give her a passionate kiss. I thought they might start having sex right there, they looked so sexy playing together I wanted them to stay like that forever. I got the girls to pose for me so that I could take a picture and keep a record of this amazing moment; Kate put her head next to Laura’s pussy and looked longingly at the camera, Laura bit her bottom lip and pulled Kate’s hair to bring her head closer to her. I took the picture on my phone, somehow they looked sexier on the camera than they did in real life, I was sure that when I filmed them they would look amazing. Every time the two girls kissed they were getting hornier and hornier, Kate’s hand started rubbing Laura’s clit making her moan under her breath. I could see a wet patch forming at the bottom of Laura’s French knickers, as much as I liked to watch them play with each other I decided that we should move into the bedroom before they got too carried away. Kate and Laura led me into the bedroom where I picked up my video camera and the girls sat on the bed.

Laura and Kate talked about what they would do, they were getting excited just thinking about each others tongue inside of them, Laura wanted to start off by walking into the room and playing with a waiting Kate on the bed.


Laura stood in the doorway pushing up her boobs, making them look much bigger than they were. She started squeezing her nipples, making them harder and harder. She slowly walked over to Kate, her hips swaying up and down, as she walked over to a waiting Kate on the bed her hands lowered down to her moist pussy and started to rub her ever hardening clit. As Laura stood at the side of the bed Kate began to sit up expecting Laura to sit on the bed and kiss her. Instead Laura slowly walked to the foot of the bed, she stood at the bottom of the bed and faced away from Kate, running her newly painted nails up and down her ass cheeks Kate smiled as she could see the scratches that Laura had made on her ass.

Laura turned to face Kate. After looking her up and down she moved her hand down to her hard clit slowly moving her fingers in small circles. She kept eye contact with her, she new that Kate liked to see her play with herself and new that she liked it even more when Laura thought of her. While she was rubbing her clit with her right hand, her left hand went behind her back and unhooked her bra in one fluid movement, her baby blue bra glided down her body and fell on to the bottom of the mattress. Kate liked to see Laura’s solo entertainment and now that she could see her warm supple breasts and her erect pink nipples she wanted to have some fun of her own. Her hands ran down her black corset over the velvet material and down to her thong that was becoming increasingly see through the wetter it got, with one finger she pulled her thong to the left to expose her naked hot wet pussy. She was dripping wet now, the sight and sound of Laura making herself moan and squirm was making her pussy flow with hot sweet come.

She began to move Etlik Escort her fingers over her moist pussy lips and then up to her clit, she matched the rhythm of Laura’s hand movements, imagining it was Laura who was rubbing her rock hard clit. The thought of seeing Kate pleasuring herself over her turned Laura on even more. She slid her index finger into her already moistened pussy, keeping her French knickers on, teasing Kate by not letting her see her fuck herself. The feeling of it going in making her shake with extreme pleasure, her finger swirled around in her as she teased herself, bringing herself to the brink of orgasm and then not letting herself get too carried away.

Kate continued rubbing her clit, beginning to spread her legs wide as she drove herself closer to a much wanted orgasm. Laura took her finger out of her hot pussy, her knickers now soaking wet, it was time to get rid of them. She slid them down to her ankles and pushed them to the side with her right foot, she was now standing completely naked in front of Kate. Kate’s eyes looking her up and down as she continued rubbing her clit, not letting herself come. Laura watched Kate so close to an orgasm on the bed and was getting increasingly horny. Her index and middle fingers slid down to her warm gaping pussy and slowly disappeared inside of her, the feeling of her fingers going inside her drove her wild. She couldn’t take the anticipation any more, she needed to have an orgasm, she started pushing her fingers in and out of her, fast. The sight of Laura driving herself to an orgasm made Kate want to get to her orgasm as well, she started to rub her clit faster and faster, starting to moan as the the ripples of pleasure shook all through her body.

Laura was now at the point of orgasm she was breathing loudly with every stroke of her fingers. She let out a load moan and bent over to rest on the bed, she was still fucking herself with her right hand, her left hand holding her naked body up above the bed. Kate held Laura’s fingers, she wanted to feel Laura come, Laura looked into Kate’s eyes, she squeezed her hand as she let out an almighty scream as she came.

The thought of Laura’s intense orgasm prompted Kate to start rubbing her clit faster and harder than she had been. She could feel herself getting closer and closer to the brink of an orgasm, her pleasurable moans were music to Laura’s ears she loved to hear Kate come. Before she could let out that cute little squeak as she came that Laura so badly want to hear Laura had an idea. She took Kate’s hand away from her clit and knelt between her widely spread legs. Kate moved her hand back down to her clit but Laura took it away again and without saying a word put her hands under Kate’s legs, around her waist and pulled her further down the bed, Kate was now lying on her back with Laura kneeling between her spread legs.

Laura moved her head down to Kate’s mouth and passionately kissed her. Her right hand ran it’s way down Kate’s corset covered body and rested on Kate’s hard throbbing clit. Laura began to slowly move her hand in little circles on top of Kate’s clit, Kate began moaning and breathing heavily as Laura’s hand was sending little waves of pleasure in to Kate’s hot dripping wet pussy, she her wanted to come so badly. Pushing her hand onto Laura’s she began to move their two hands around in circles each circle faster than the last. Kate and Laura’s lips were locked together with their tongues exploring each others mouths. Kate’s body started to pulse up and down, Laura knew that she was going to hear her come. Laura rubbed Kate’s clit even faster and Kate started to moan and squirm more frequently, Kate looked into Laura’s eyes and told her she loved her, this made Laura want to give her even more pleasure she slid her two come covered fingers inside of her. This combined with her clit being rubbed gave Kate a feeling that she wanted to have every time she came, her body was moving uncontrollably now, she was in sexual ecstasy. She didn’t think an orgasm like this was possible with just her girlfriends fingers but Laura knew how to give her what she liked. Her hands reached up to the top of the black leather head board, wrapping her hands around the leathery edge and squeezing it until her knuckles turned white. Kate was moaning louder and louder her back arched furiously and after what felt like hours of waiting she was finally going to come. The pressure build up inside her pussy making her body twitch and shake with delight. Laura knew she was about to hear the noise that she wanted to hear so badly, Kate’s legs spread apart and her toes curled, she let out a cute high pitched moan as Laura sent her into an earth shattering orgasm.

Kate relaxed and lay motionless on the bed, her hands were still holding onto the head board, she had loosened her grip but kept them on there as she revelled in the experience that she had just had. Laura moved up from her kneeling position between Kate’s legs and sat astride Kate, one of her warm thighs either side of Kate’s body. She had a line of come on her right thigh that had trickled down from her hot wet pussy when she had given herself what she thought was her finest orgasm ever, she wiped Çankaya Escort the come of her thigh with her index finger and moved it up to Kate’s mouth. Kate pushed her tongue out and let Laura put her come covered finger in her mouth, she sucked Laura’s warm sweet finger, licking Laura’s come off and sucking her finger making her let out a pleasurable moan. Laura took her finger out of Kate’s mouth and slid her saliva covered finger over Kate’s neck, down her velvet encased body, under her own body and onto Kate’s clit, her finger was now between both of their dripping wet pussy’s. After just coming Kate’s clit was still sensitive and Laura knew it, she wriggled her finger underneath her giving herself pleasure but giving Kate even more. Kate let out more moans than before, the weight of Laura’s body on her and Laura’s wriggling finger made her body shudder as the last of her come seeped out from her wet pussy, dripping on to the bed and adding to the already come covered silk sheet.

Laura took her finger out from under her pussy and put it straight into her mouth, licking and sucking the last of Kate’s come off her own finger. Her hands moved down to Kate’s sides as Laura moved her mouth down to Kate’s and thrust her tongue in between Kate’s soft red lips to let Kate taste her own come mixed with Laura’s own saliva. Ates hands came off the head board and down to Laura’s waist, they lay there as she let Laura’s tongue encircle hers letting her taste her own come. Kate had newly painted blood red nails that she moved down to the bottom of Laura’s ass and ran gently over Laura’s self inflicted scratches, up to the base of Laura’s spine and then while pressing her nails harder in to Laura’s naked flesh she ran them across the length of her back up to her shoulders leaving scratches of her own. As mixed feelings of pain and pleasure shot up and down her spine Laura moved her hands over Kate’s warm slim body, she fondled Kate’s corset covered breasts before moving them up to her neck pushing her head closer to the mattress. Kate ran her hands gently over the scratches she had just inflicted on Laura’s back, a moan came from Laura’s mouth as Kate soothed the pain from the scratches by stroking her hands down Laura’s back giving her little goosebumps as she received Kate’s pleasurable touch.

Laura sat up on top of Kate pushing her chest down to the bed as she lifted herself up. Laura was looking longingly at Kate studying every inch of her velvet imprisoned body. Kate was admiring Laura on top of her, from her shoulder length light brown wavy hair, the rose tattoo on her left hip and lastly her wet shaven pussy with a hardened pierced clit. Her eyes moved up to Laura’s perfectly rounded 32 D breasts, her hand ran up Laura’s body from her hips, up the sides of her body and started groping and squeezing Laura’s boobs. Laura let out a sigh as the waves of pleasure went though her breasts, her nipples were starting to harden each time Kate squeezed on her breasts, Kate started to feel her nipples with her fingers and the feeling of hard nipples between her fingers made her mouth come up to Laura’s chest.

Kate started softly kissing in between Laura’s cleavage then across her left breast until she got to her left hardening nipple. As she stay kissing Laura’s nipple her right hand moved back up to Laura’s right nipple. She took her nipple in between her thumb and index finger beginning to squeeze making it harder as she done so, Laura’s left nipple had been kissed until it was fully erect, traces of Kate’s red lipstick decorated Laura’s nipple but she still wanted to tease her nipple. Kate pushed her tongue out on to Laura’s erect nipple moving it lazily in small circles making Laura’s breathing become heavier as she got more pleasure. Kate had still been squeezing and groping Laura’s right nipple with her fingers but decided she should pay some attention to it with her mouth. As Kate took her mouth off Laura’s hard nipple, a line of her saliva joined her lips to Laura’s nipple, Laura instantly broke this line of saliva by moving her own hand up to her lubricated nipple and continuing the work that Kate had started, rubbing Kate’s saliva into her soft skin as her fingers moved in circles around her saliva soaked nipple.

Kate continued kissing her way over to Laura’s hard and waiting right nipple. Kate wrapped her lips around Laura’s hard nipple gently sucking it making Laura moan as she received Kate’s pleasure. Kate’s tongue met Laura’s nipple with a flicking motion mimicking what she had in store for Laura. As Laura imagined what Kate’s tongue would be like inside of her Kate took her tongue off Laura’s hard nipple and replaced it with her teeth, gently biting her warm nipple. The moan that came from Laura as Kate’s teeth pushed down on her sensitive nipple sounded like she was about to come again. Laura moved her hand off her left nipple and onto the back of Kate’s head, she ran her finger through Kate’s long black hair taking a firm grasp and pulling Kate’s hair to pull her head away from her nipple. As Kate’s head left Laura’s nipple her teeth scraped along it making Laura sigh with delight. Laura pushed her tongue into Kate’s mouth violently thrusting their tongues together they sat on the bed kissing. Laura sitting astride Kate only wearing her knee length baby blue stockings and baby blue high heels, Kate sitting under Laura still wearing her black lingerie and sitting in puddle of their combined pussy juice. Her thong and suspenders now soaked in Laura’s come that had been dripping onto her while Kate had been so expertly teasing her nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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