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Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement with the first two instalments!


After that, it was a regular thing. At least twice a week — and more often more frequently than that — we’d meet up. Once more in the office, where she rode me while I sat in her chair, a few times in her place when her husband was away (when she’d asked me to put one of his shirts on while I fucked her from behind in front of a full-length mirror, before she put it back on it’s hanger); but mostly at my place. We’d leave at differing times; either I’d go first and wait for her in my flat, a painful hard-on straining at my trousers waiting for her, or she’d leave first, go for a drink somewhere close by and wait till she saw me walk past. It was glorious.

After a few months, it was time for our annual conference. Every other time I’d attended, it’d been the most boring weekend of my life, but this time SHE was going. To a hotel. In the middle of nowhere. Where I’d be.

I mentioned it to her as we lay recovering in my bed the week before — and the fact that it coincided with my birthday. “Really?” she said, smiling her smile and sliding a hand down to stroke over my balls, “We’ll have to do something special then, won’t we?”

The first day was the most exquisite monotony I’ve ever known; the journey down there, check-in, the initial talks and discussions (PowerPoint presentation after PowerPoint presentation), the dull work-orientated chatter over lunch… All the while our eyes were meeting, flaming with lustful looks whenever we were sure nobody could see. I was wondering all the time what she had in my mind for my birthday present the whole time. If anybody had asked me a question, I wouldn’t have even been able to tell them what language the talks had been given in…

Before we went in for the afternoon talks, she was talking on her mobile. Hanging up, she walked over to me and leant in. She acted like she was pointing something out on the agenda. What she actually said was, “My room — 235 — at seven-thirty tonight.” I nodded as if understanding a procedural diagram and walked away, heart pounding and trying to keep an erection at bay in the conference room. The talks helped.

I got to my room, showered, changed and paced. And paced. The clock crawled towards seven-thirty. At seven-twenty, I couldn’t stand any more and walked out to briskly head to her room. I checked to make sure no-one saw me approach, then knocked. “Come in…” I heard her say from inside.

I opened the door, ducked inside and turned to lock it within a second. Turning back, I moved slowly up the short corridor to the main room of her suite. She was laying flat on the long, wide double bed, wearing only a white woollen bathrobe, her dark blonde hair splayed on the pillows. It was barely fastened, showing most of her full breasts and only just covering her waist — one of her knees was raised slightly and she ran a foot over the top of her other shin. She lowered both of her eyebrows and wrinkled her nose at me mischievously. “I knew you’d be early…” I just nodded. “Happy birthday, Michael. Get undressed.”

I kicked off my shoes and socks in record time and was unbuttoning my shirt when she undid the loose knot of the bathrobe’s strap and gently threw it open; first one half, then the other. As my undressing became more rapid, I stared at her full curves, her dark pink nipples, her face. As I dropped my pants and stepped out, almost fully hard already, she had started to run her fingers up and down the length of her pussy lips. I walked over to the bed, wetting my tongue.

She saw me and shook her head. “Oh, no — this is your birthday. Come here and kneel over me; one leg either side.” I got on the bed on my knees and moved up the bed. She started running her hands over my body as soon as it was within her reach, beckoning me further up the bed. Soon I had a knee either side of her, the underside of my balls just touching the top of her tits. “God, I love how you get so hard so quickly…” she said, taking hold of my cock in both of her hands and rubbing me, staring at it, getting me as stiff as possible, all the while slowly and deliberately licking her lips. “Give it here, Michael — fuck my mouth” she said as she moved her head forward.

I ran my fingers through her hair and moved the head of my cock into her mouth as she looked up at me. She took just the head at first, sucking and licking on it as if it were an ice-cream, holding it with one hand and jerking me off slightly. Her other hand played with my balls, massaging them and she sucked and licked. “You taste soooooo good — have I ever told you that?” I shook my head, my mouth dry. “Mmmmm…” she licked all around my fat cockhead and sucked and kissed Beylikdüzü escort it. “Well, I should have — you do.”

She leant up further and moved her hands to my backside, pushing the length of my shaft into her mouth and she sucked, sliding it in and out. I gripped the headboard and slowly fucked her mouth with it, moaning. She let it fall out and took hold of it again, staring right into my eyes as she started to suck and lick on it again. “Jesus, Kate. I’m going to cum soon.” She nodded and stopped.

“Move back, Michael.”

As I settled back on my haunches, she pulled a bottle of oil out from under a pillow. She covered her hands in it and started to rub it over her tits, squeezing them, pulling on her rock-hard nipples and moaning. “Want to lend a hand or two?” I didn’t need asking twice and began to rub and cover her beautiful big breasts in the oil, revelling in the slick sensation of the handfuls of flesh covered in the slick oil. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, rub them…” As I did that, she began using her hands on my twitching cock, slowly sliding them all over it, covering it, sensually and slowly jerking me off again. She tugged it towards her tits and I complied, resting it between them. “I can’t believe we haven’t done this before, baby…” she said and smiled while pushing her tits up and around it, enclosing my dick in between them.

I started to slowly fuck them, bending double nearly at the sensation of it, electrifying the whole length of me. “Fuck them, Michael — cum in my face, cum on me!” She was watching the wide head of cock appearing and disappearing between the mounds she was pressing onto it and I started to fuck faster and harder. “Oh, GOD Kate — I’m going to cum!” I shouted at her through gritted teeth, bucking my hips as fast as I could. “Do it, Mich-“

She didn’t even get to finish my name before the first jet of spunk flew from the end of my dick and I moaned loudly, the cum hitting her chin and neck. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yes!” she groaned and let go of her tits so she could jerk me off as hard and as fast as she could, directing the cum onto her cheek, into her mouth and then pushing me backwards to angle it onto her tits. I lost count of how many times I came, my eyes wide but tilted upwards at the ceiling, but she was still leisurely jerking me off, rubbing my cum up and down the shaft as I looked back at her. She swallowed what she could and left the rest where it was as she leant up to suck hot warm liquid from the end of my dick.

“Thanks for the present…” I just about managed to say.

“Oh, darling… That wasn’t your present! I’m just getting you ready for your present. Let’s get you cleaned up, shall we?” I cupped the back of her head and kissed her hard on the mouth before she broke off and pushed away. “Follow me.”

In the bathroom, there was an opened bottle of champagne and two glasses had already been poured. She swilled one round her mouth and swallowed before pouring another one. After a sip, she turned the shower on and dropped the bathrobe. “Joining me?”

I stepped in under the jets of hot water as she started rinsing the cum from herself, so I gave her some help, soaping up my hands and standing behind her. My cock nestled against her wet back as I began to wash and soap up her tits, tugging just a little hard on her nipples in the way I knew she liked. She tilted her head backwards and I leaned over her shoulder to kiss her slowly, taking my time. She grabbed one of my hands and moved it to over her pussy, grinning against my mouth as she did so. I cupped the mound between her legs and started to rub a finger either side of her clit. She made a noise almost like a growl and took hold of two fingers of my other hand, pulling it down from her breast and pushing them into her cunt. I slid them all the way in and started to finger-fuck her while continuing to rub her clit.

I was already stiff again and it pressed against her back, the water running over and between the two of us creating a delicious warm liquid friction between our skin. She moaned and moaned as my hands worked, before she stepped out and away from my arms to turn to face me. “Get your hands soapy and wash my arsehole — and let me wash that wonderful cock of yours.” We stood face-to-face as she washed my cock, getting it as soapy as possible. My arms wrapped around her again and washed her as she’d asked, getting her arsehole as relaxed with gentle fingering. Her breathing was getting laboured and, as I slid a finger into her arse, she moaned loudly and bit my chest — “No, that’s it, I can’t wait — fuck me, Michael. Fucking give it to me!”

She turned and bent a little, putting her hands flat against the tiled wall as I stepped in and pressed my large cockhead against her anus, Beylikdüzü escort slowly edging it into her. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhhhhhhh… That’s it, baby — nice and slow — you know how I want it…” She was moaning almost continuously now as I moved all seven and a half inches inside her tight soaped ass, holding her hips to steady her. I slowly moved my entire length nearly all the way out and then all the way back in, letting her adjust to it. She pressed her forehead against the wall and moved one of her hands down to work furiously at her pussy as we fucked.

I sped up in time with the movements of her hand, pushing her into and up against the wall in the process. She turned her head and her tits and cheek were pressed against the steamed tiling as I pounded into her ass, her face flushing as she started to cum herself, pumping her hips back onto my length as she did. I held her up as I slowed down and slid out. “No, fucking cum in me” she said, shaking her head. “I was going to anyway” I said, turning her and grabbing her ass cheeks to lift her up. She wrapped her legs around me as my dick probed the entrance to her pussy and I teased her with it for a few seconds as she kissed at my neck — before sliding my whole length into her as hard as I could. I turned with her and pressed her back against the wall, sucking at her nipples as I fucked her fast and hard. “Oh, Jesus, fuck me Michael. Cum in me, give it to me…” over and over from her as I left most of my cock in her each time, just slamming it back and forth as hard and fast as I could until I shot a further four or five loads of spunk into her. “Oh GOD, Kate — your pussy is so good” I shouted into her neck as the last one burst from me.

We spent the next few minutes recovering and then kissed and washed each other in the warm spray of the shower. She told me to get out and we towelled off, looking at each other’s naked bodies, getting horny again. There was a KNOCK-KNOCK at the door. “Hmm… That’ll be your present, then” she said with a wink. “You’d best get out of sight on the bed.”

Puzzled, I jogged across to the bed and lay out of sight, still a little damp from the shower. Kate put the robe back on and headed off to the door. I heard her say hello, exchange a few words with somebody and then close the door. She walked back in, smiling at me naked and half-hard on the bed — followed by another woman. “Michael, this is Lisa.” I just blinked.

Lisa was clearly only just out of her teens — maybe twenty-one? — and stunning, wearing a very short black mini-dress. Her long, dark-brown hair hung way past her shoulders. She had almond-shaped brown eyes which scanned me, lingered over my cock, and then she blew me a kiss. “Hello, birthday boy.”

Kate whispered something to her and Lisa nodded. She started undoing her high heels as Kate walked to the bed, letting the robe fall away. She lay next to me on the bed and ran a hand down to my dick before kissing me. “Now… THIS is your present.”

“Umm… Thank you, Kate.”

“You’re welcome.” Kate leant across me and opened the dresser drawer to pull out a vibrator. She dropped it onto the bed and kissed me slowly on the sternum. Lisa had just let the mini-dress fall away to reveal a total absence of underwear. Her tits were smaller than Kate’s, but still a very pleasant size — full and firm against her body — and she had shaved her pussy almost totally bare. She walked around and sat on the other side of me on the bed. “Now, Lisa…” Kate said, “…as Michael is a little shy right now, I’m going to give you instructions. OK?”

“Mmm… Absolutely.”

Kate looked at my cock, which was rapidly hardening and began stroking it faster. “Why don’t we start by seeing what we can do with this?” Lisa nodded. “You suck on the head of Michael’s cock for a while, and I’ll take the shaft.”

Lisa smiled and moved her hair behind her ear as she dipped her head and began to suck and lick at my cock methodically. Kate grinned and moved her head down to lick around and suck at the rest. “Oh, my God…” I moaned, watching them work. When Kate was closer, Lisa began stroking and squeezing at Kate’s tits, which were hanging down freely. Kate licked up my shaft to meet Lisa’s mouth with hers and they kissed playfully. She broke the kiss off and Lisa went back to sucking at me. “How’s that, Michael?” Kate asked.

I slowly nodded, “It’s good, Kate…” I was dazed, unable to process the events and sensations.

Kate lay down next to me and we kissed as Lisa carried on sucking me, my dick now fully hard in her mouth. Kate parted her legs and started playing with her clit, picking up the vibrator and turning it on. She ran it over and around her clit, up and down the lips of her cunt Escort Beylikdüzü and around the hole. She slid it a part of the way in and looked over to Lisa. “Why don’t you concentrate on this for a bit?”

“Love to” Lisa said, taking hold of the vibrator and sliding it in and out of Kate’s cunt before leaning down to lick at her clit. Kate moaned gently as Lisa parted wide her pussy lips and lapped at them, the vibrator sliding into Kate’s cunt and out again wetly.

“Kneel up, baby” Kate said to me, making contented noises. “Let me suck you now.” I knelt on the bed and moved up so Kate could lean up on one elbow and take me in her mouth. She deep-throated me as far as she could, her hands playing with her tits and slowly pulled back, licking and sucking firmly on me as Lisa fucked her pussy with the vibrator. “God, you’re hard again…” she said as she let it fall out of my mouth before doing the same thing over. “My young Michael…” she said and kissed the tip of it. She turned to Lisa. “Would you like to get fucked by this, Lisa?”

“God, yes.” Lisa moved her head up from licking at Kate’s pussy. “How do you want to fuck me, Michael?”

I finally found my senses. “Why don’t you ride me?” Lisa smiled, nodded and moved back across the bed to me, sliding the vibrator out of Kate’s pussy. I could see it glistening as Lisa used it on herself, holding it between her cunt lips while she jerked on my rigid dick with her other hand.

Kate moved around next to me to get a good view and took the vibrator from Lisa’s hand as she straddled me and slowly lowered herself onto my cock. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh… That’s fucking lovely… God, you’ve got a lovely fat one, haven’t you?” she moaned as she lowered all the way down, taking it all in. Her pussy felt incredible, the tightest I’d ever known — and she got wetter with every inch she took inside herself. She ran both her hands through her hair as she started to slowly rise up and lower back down. “Oh, FUCK ME… That’s a really nice cock…” she grinned. “You are one lucky bitch, Kate…”

I looked over at Kate who grinned back, nodding — she was watching Lisa ride me while fucking herself with the vibrator. I sat up and Lisa let her hair fall down as she wrapped her arms around my neck. She kissed me, her tongue flicking against mine, before raising herself up so her tits were level with my face. She got her feet under herself and she started to raise and lower herself that way. I cupped her tits in my hands — they just about spilled over in each handful — and sucked first one nipple then the other. “God, you can get a nice long bounce on your dick, babe…” she said, pursing her lips as she concentrated on her riding, moving her hips in slow, wide circles as she moved up and down.

I felt Kate move; she had knelt up herself to move up level next to me. She leant in and started kissing and sucking at the breast I wasn’t, moving a hand in between Lisa and I to finger and flick at Lisa’s clit. Lisa groaned loudly and flung an arm around Kate’s neck. She kissed Kate on the mouth and then me, and then looked down to watch her pussy sliding up and down me as Kate rubbed her off. Lisa bit her lower lip hard — “Sexy fuckers, you two, eh?” — before kissing Kate and I again, more passionately. Kate nodded as their kiss ended and pushed me towards the bed.

I lay flat again and Lisa adjusted so she could start to ride harder and faster. She was playing with, pulling on, her own tits with a look of pleasured concentration as Kate moved up the bed and swung one of her legs the other side of my face and, in close-up, slid the vibrator from her cunt. She held it out for me and I licked it, starting to buck upwards as Lisa’s bouncing became more vigorous — along with her moans. “OHHHHHHHHHH, JESUS — GOD THAT’S GOOD…”

Kate sat on my face slowly and I moved so I could lick up and into her cunt as far as possible. I lapped and kissed at Kate’s pussy like a cat, throwing my whole head into the strokes of my tongue as the two women moaned above me. Kate started to cum quickly, fingering herself as I forced my tongue back and forth into her cunt as deeply as I could manage. Her pussy juices were soaking my face before she slumped to one side next to me.

I looked down and Lisa grinned at me, bouncing as hard and fast as she could and my balls, which I’d thought depleted, started to tighten as I started cumming. Lisa felt it and swung her leg off and began to match the pace of her pumping hips with her hand, moving her mouth over the top of my cock. “Go on, cum for me, I want to see this big fat dick give me that lovely cum — cum in my mouth, babes, give it to me…” over and over until I shot three long loads. The first caught Lisa by surprise and hit her on the chin, but she covered the head of my cock with her mouth and sucked hard, bobbing her head rapidly, draining me as I shot again and again…

Panting later, Kate moved on top of me and we kissed. “Michael? We’ve got her all weekend…” She smiled. “Happy birthday…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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