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Big Tits

Chapter 3

Hands and Knees

Although I hadn’t been conscious of it, simply recalling and recounting my fantasies to Katherine had obviously started having their usual effect, and as we kissed I felt my already thickened cock steadily lengthening and stiffening. But I was in no rush so even as I felt Katherine’s hand snaking down between my legs I rolled her over, then lifted her up on to her hands and knees.

I knelt behind her for a minute, leaving her in suspense as to what I was actually going to do next. Her arse was as beautiful as the rest of her body, full, yet firm globes of completely unblemished, creamy white flesh. The crack between them was invitingly deep, and I somehow knew that one day she would let me take her by that route. But that could wait for another time, right then I had other things in mind.

Having shifted her legs a little further apart I turned over on to my back then pushed my head up between her thighs. Her pussy was still puffily swollen from our previous love-making, with traces of the mix of my semen and her lubricating juices still moistening the folds. Reaching one hand up to fondle her breasts and using the other to pull her a little lower, as I stroked and squeezed her buttocks I pressed my mouth against her pussy-lips and began to lick her.

She gave a long, soulful sigh of pleasure when she felt my lips make contact, then began to slowly sway her hips from side to side, allowing my tongue to reach different areas of sensitivity. As it always did, the mere scent of her sexual arousal sent my excitement soaring, and knowing that in that position she could do nothing but let me do whatever I wanted to sent it even higher. So I lay there, my hands caressing wherever I could comfortably reach, kissing, licking and sucking her by then writhing body through one fairly strong climax, then some time later, to a much more powerful, rolling multiple orgasm.

By then, although what I had been doing had given me an almost painfully throbbing erection, I half expected her to be too drained of energy to reciprocate for a while, but I was wrong. Giving herself no more than a minute or so to catch her breath, she told me to get up into the same position as I had put her in.

‘Let’s see if this is as good for you as what you have just done was for me.’ she said as she knelt beside me, then bent low and reached beneath me. ‘Ah yes, it certainly looks and feels as though it’s in need of further attention.’ she said as one hand closed around the straining shaft and I felt the other pushing forward between my legs to take the weight of my dangling balls. ‘So let’s see what I can do for it.’ she added as one hand began to slide back and forth while the other tugged and squeezed.

The mere touch of her fingers set blood coursing through my veins, but as her actions became more purposeful it felt as though it was all heading in one direction, down to my groin and into my cock. And what I was feeling couldn’t have just been my wishful imaginings because after only a minute or two Katherine hissed. ‘Yeesss! Yes that’s much better, getting even bigger, bigger and harder!’

And as it did the snowball effect kicked in, the more swollen it got, the more sensitive it became to what she was doing, and the sensations I was getting became even stronger. And of course Katherine was well aware of what was happening to me and knew exactly how to maximise the intensity of those sensations.

Her fingers’ purposeful stroking up and down the shaft became much lighter, much of the time their tips just skimming and fluttering over and around the tautly bloated head. And while one hand was doing that the other was adding its contribution, making the rapidly accumulating contents of my tightening balls seethe and churn as it gently but firmly fondled and squeezed. But as well as changing what she was actually doing to me she also varied the timing of her actions, sometimes doing things quite quickly, and then doing them almost unbearably slowly.

The constantly changing stimulation sent the pressure inside me sky-rocketing, creating powerfully upwelling rushes of almost tortured delight, and I heard myself gasping and grunting each time Katherine’s talented hands sent more and more of them surging through my jerking body. I was torn, torn between wanting the agonising torment to end, yet at the same time wanting the blissful ecstasy to go on and on.

‘Now that’s what I call a cock!’ Katherine exclaimed excitedly in a husky voice at some stage. ‘I’ve never seen one that’s as responsive as yours is Craig. Nor one that gets quite this big, I’m looking forward to getting some really great pictures.’ she added as her fingers slid slowly up and down the full length of the shaft.

She kept me at that feverish level for what at the time felt like an eternity. Giving me just enough stimulation to keep those incredibly powerful rushes surging through my body, but making sure I didn’t climax too soon. Then finally, Antalya Escort through the misty haze of over-prolonged rapture I heard her say. ‘I think you’re just about ready now. Are you ready, have you had enough now Craig?’

‘Oh God yes!’ I gasped, then gave a much louder, deep-throated grunt as I felt both her hands tighten.

‘Right, now let’s see just how much you have got for me.’ she said as one hand began rhythmically squeezing my balls, and the other started pumping strongly.

By then the pressure inside me was so great that it took no more than half a dozen pumps before it reached criticality. Then it felt as though every muscle in my body suddenly contracted, arching my head, shoulders and back as tight as a bow-string, and at the same instant, somewhere deep inside me a dam simply disintegrated.

Of course in that position I couldn’t see what was happening but the suddenness of the release of all that pent-up power must have fired the bulk of the already churning semen off in one single jet. ‘Shhiiitt!’ Katherine gasped in a tone of awed amazement when it erupted, pausing for a moment before pumping and squeezing even more vigorously. The sheer force of that first massive blast stripped me of all control of my body’s reactions, but I felt it bucking and heaving, and my cock spurting powerfully, again and again, as several more enormous convulsions ripped through me.

So much power had been expended in those few seconds that I felt drained of every ounce of energy and as the spasms that had been gripping my muscles lessened in strength, I simply collapsed down on to the bed.

‘That was magnificent Craig. I hope it felt as good as it looked.’ she whispered, pulling her arm out from underneath me and snuggling close.

‘I assure you it was much, much better.’ I somehow managed to reply in a rather croaky voice.

‘Good. Have a bit of a nap now, we’ll clean you up later.’ she replied in a low, caring voice, then giving me a quick kiss before pushing herself up off the bed.

I probably slept for no more than half an hour, and when I rolled over and found the remains of my ejaculation caking amongst my chest hair I decided I needed a quick shower to both clean and further refresh me. ‘I’m just going to have a shower.’ I called out to Katherine, who I could hear moving about in the kitchen.

‘OK. While you’re doing that I’ll make us some coffee.’ she replied.

The shower worked wonders and feeling both refreshed and re-invigorated I slipped on a bath-robe and went through to the kitchen. Not having anything else with her meant Katherine had just put back on the blouse and slacks she had been wearing earlier.

‘Feeling better now?’ she asked when she saw me.

‘Still a bit weak-kneed.’ I answered with a grin before taking her in my arms.

‘Me too.’ she replied softly as I bent to kiss her.

‘You do the most amazing things to me Katherine.’ I whispered as I held her close.

‘I assure you it’s no more than you do for me Craig.’ she replied. ‘It seems our individual predilections are perfectly in tune with each other. I wonder if we are ready to exchange confidences about them.’ she added uncertainly as she slipped from my arms and went to pour the coffee.

‘Exchange confidences?’

‘Well fantasies are one thing, what has actually happened in our lives is quite another matter, much more personal. You hinted at the reasons for your preferences, that there was an older lady, when you were young. Do you want to talk about what happened, are you prepared to share that with me?’

Did!? I had never asked myself that question, never considered there might be a situation in which I would be asked to do that. But then I had never met a woman like Katherine. She was beautiful, talented, our work and artistic interests matched almost perfectly, and sexually we fitted together like the perfectly machined parts of a rapidly ticking time-bomb. Even in the very short time we known each other she had started to dominate my thoughts, and if sharing some of the things that had happened to me as a boy brought us closer together then perhaps I had a lot to gain.

‘Would you like me to?’ I asked.

‘I think the more we know the better our chances are of understanding each other, and that makes for a closer relationship. But of course that may not be what you want.’ she added hurriedly.

‘Oh I do, I want to be very, very close to you Katherine.’ I replied earnestly, moving up behind her, slipping both arms around her waist and bending to kiss her neck. ‘I’m more than happy to tell you anything you want to know. I have no dark secrets, just what many people consider odd preferences.’ I added.

‘OK, let’s take this through to the lounge-room then.’ she said, gently extricating herself from my enfolding arms. ‘Do you have any brandy to go with it?’

‘Yes I do, a rather good one. I have a client in the liquor business and get the odd bottle or two Antalya Escort Bayan from time to time. You take the coffee and I’ll bring brandy and glasses.’

Once we were settled I started recounting what had happened between Heather and I all those years ago.

Chapter 4


‘Although I had just turned eighteen, by comparison with today’s kids I might have been four or five years younger – not only still a virgin but with virtually no practical experience of even the milder stuff that goes on before the main event. Well you’ll get some idea of just how much of a geek I was when I tell you that my main interest outside of school hours was bird watching! So much so that for my previous birthday my parents had bought me what I thought was the best possible present, a pair of really good binoculars. Many evenings and most week-ends I would be somewhere out in the countryside surrounding the small town we lived in, and spent many cramped, but happy hours identifying and watching the bird and other animal life.

One Sunday morning, in the hope of spotting some birds other than locals I had climbed a large tree on the edge of a field from which the wheat had just been harvested. I’d had good luck and in the first hour or so had added a couple of new species to my list of sightings. During a lull in arrivals and departures I’d scanned the area of town that lay across the other side of the field but there was just the usual, not very interesting, Sunday morning goings on. Some people gardening, some hanging out washing or cleaning their cars, and quite a large number arriving at the local church for the morning service.

A little while later a flash of reflected sunlight caught my eye and re-focusing the glasses, I saw what I felt sure was the vicar’s car driving down a lane running out of town towards the other side of the field. I’m sure I would have ignored any other car, but I suppose my curiosity was aroused because I knew that at that time the vicar would have had to be in the church.

Mr Bailey was new, much younger than the previous vicar had been, and his wife, Heather must have been several years younger than he was, probably somewhere in her late twenties. Although she was still a lot older than me and my friends she was young and pretty enough to arouse our attention, and if what I felt, and some of the other boys admitted to, more physical interest too. In fact just about all of us agreed that it was a real shame that she was already married, and especially to a vicar.

I’d heard my parents talking about them, saying how nice the new vicar seemed to be, and how hard he was trying to get involved in the community. They had also said how difficult it must be for them, especially for his wife, as they were both from another part of the country and had no local friends of their own.

The car turned off the lane on to a track leading to the edge of the field immediately opposite to where I was, and with the glasses I could see that it was being driven by Mrs Bailey. She drove slowly through the line of trees bordering the field, then turned and stopped the car, she was no more than fifty yards away and as I was about twenty feet up the tree I could see straight down through the windscreen.

At first absolutely nothing happened, she just sat there, perhaps listening to the radio, and I returned to watching the birds. But because the situation seemed so odd, some time later I swung the glasses back to the car. And from then on she had my full attention!

She had already undone some of the buttons down the front of her blouse and had one hand inside, it looked as though she was fondling her breasts. As I watched I felt my cock stiffening, then it came up to a full erection when she arched herself, hiked her skirt up to her waist and tugged her panties down past her knees.

For one brief moment I could see everything, the pale vee of her upper thighs, the mass of dark pubic hair, and although it may only have been my imagination, I felt sure I could even see the fleshy slit beneath it. Then, although my view was obscured by her hand, I got even more excited when it became obvious that she was playing with her pussy.

Looking back it’s hard to remember just what I knew about sex at that age, I mean human sex and sexuality. Having lived in a country town all my life it would have been impossible not to know about sex in general, but humans do a lot of things animals don’t, I’d never seen an animal masturbate, and I did that quite a lot. I had heard stories from boys who said they had done that with girls, but then there was no shortage of stories of what certain boys had done with some girls, and I wasn’t so naive as to believe everything I heard.

But even without being sure of all the details and the whys and wherefores of it, it was quite clear that she was doing the equivalent of what I was very tempted to do as I watched her. Her head was thrown back, her eyes closed, Escort Antalya her mouth slightly open and although I couldn’t see exactly what her fingers were doing I could tell from the expression on her face that she was getting herself off.

If I hadn’t needed both hands to hold the glasses steady I would have jerked myself off too, my cock was certainly demanding attention, fully erect and straining so hard against the front of my shorts that it was becoming almost painful.

Without taking my eyes off what she was doing I tried to move to a position where I could wedge the glasses against a branch, so I would need only one hand to hold them, when she suddenly opened her eyes. For a moment or two I thought she was looking straight into mine, then I realised that was only an illusion, but the impression certainly gave me a scare.

She continued staring in my direction with a puzzled look on her face, then hurriedly pulled her skirt down, began to button up her blouse, and a few seconds later she started the car.

I couldn’t believe my bad luck, but my cock was throbbing so hard I still needed to get myself off. Having hung the glasses over a branch I had undone my shorts and got it out when I realised that instead of heading back to town, the car was coming towards where I was.

I’m not sure why, but I panicked, somehow got my cock back inside my shorts and started to scramble down the tree. But by the time I reached the ground she had already got there, and was standing beside the car.

‘I thought there was someone up there, I saw flashes of sunlight being reflected off something. What were you doing?’ she asked quite calmly.

‘Bird-watching.’ I mumbled in reply.

‘Oh yes!’ she answered sarcastically. ‘I think you were watching me. Weren’t you?’ she asked much more severely.

‘For a bit, yes, Mrs Bailey.’

‘So you know who I am. Do you know what I was doing?’

‘I think so.’

‘Yes, I guess you would.’

She paused for quite a long time, obviously thinking about something. I presumed she was considering who best to report me to and I was wondering just how much trouble I’d got myself into. So what she said next took me completely by surprise.

‘Look, if I do something nice for you will you promise not to tell what you have seen?’ I really had no idea what she meant, but nodded.

‘Did you get excited when you were watching me? I mean, did you get a hard-on?’

I felt my face turn scarlet at the question and again simply nodded, then froze when she stepped up close and I felt her hand pressing lightly against the front of my shorts. Although my erection had partially subsided at her sudden appearance, my cock was still stiff and thickly swollen and as her fingers felt that and curled around it, she smiled. ‘And you’re still a bit wound up I see. Move around to the other side of the tree, just in case someone else comes along.’

It probably sounds silly but I still wasn’t certain of what she was going to do, but did as she asked. ‘Now, lean back and enjoy yourself.’ she said as she started to undo my belt.

Although I was speechless, overcome with embarrassment, I also felt myself shaking with excited anticipation. It was only a matter of seconds before she had my shorts and underpants down around my ankles, then I felt her fingers close around my cock.

It was the first time a hand other than my own had touched it and the way she handled it made what I usually did for myself seem rough and brutish by comparison. She was obviously in no hurry, her fingers moved slowly and gently, tugging and squeezing, sliding the loose folds of skin back and forth, her finger-tips slipping over and around the increasingly sensitive head. The sensations she produced were electrifying, and in spite of my confusion and embarrassment I felt my cock automatically responding, quickly lengthening and thickening.

‘Aah, it’s getting harder already!’ she said as she felt it rising, then pausing for a moment and supporting it mid-way along the shaft with the palm of her hand, she added. ‘Now, let’s see just how big it gets.’

As she spoke she ran the palm slowly back and forth along the underside of the shaft and I could feel it steadily growing as more blood was pumped into it. After several of those tantalising strokes she curled her hand around the base, giving it a few squeezes before gliding back along the shaft, then letting her fingers skim over and around the head again.

There was just no comparison between the feelings I got from my own hand and those she was generating and I shuddered as the increasingly intense sensations spiralled through me.

‘Yes, that’s coming along very nicely.’ she said as she worked it up to its maximum size and hardness, and I gave a soft moan when I felt her other hand slip up between my legs to cup and roll my tightly swollen balls.

She continued until she had turned my cock into a quivering, throbbing mass. ‘You’re lucky to have such impressive equipment.’ she said throatily as the pressure inside me rose higher and I felt my entire body tensing. ‘I bet it’s thrilled a few of the local girls already. But.’ she added as she began to pump it more firmly. ‘I think it’s just about ready to go off now.’

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