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Just a peck on the cheek and a little squeeze of my hand. Not much right? But, boy! Was I interested! I knew Kathy worked at the House of Pies up on Ventura blvd. and suddenly I had such a major craving for a slice of pie! I moseyed on by there the next afternoon and sat at the counter. Kathy waved at me when I came in and she told me she was due for her break. I waited a bit and we took a nearby booth to chat.

Kathy was even prettier than her little sister with her blue/green eyes and curly blond hair. Her smile was infectious and she showed it plenty as we talked. She knew I was curious about her sister’s sexual past and she brought it up before I had a chance to.

“Gail and I, well, our parents divorced when we were both in our young teens.” She explained. “Things changed so dramatically after Mom and Dad split up. Gail and I had to depend on each other more than ever. Mom was working full time and we were left alone quite a bit. We were both interested in boys, of course, and there were so few available in St. Charles…naturally we ended up dating some of the same guys. My sister has been known to stretch the truth but, well, I assume you know she had some…’Experience’ with boys back home?” I nodded my head yes.

Well, she kind of got to be known as the ‘Hand Job Queen’ of our town and even though she was still a virgin, everyone in St. Charles thought of her as a complete slut.”

“Gail is a virgin?” I said in shock. “Really?”

“Well, as far as I know.” She responded. “I know it may be hard to believe but I would hope you would give my sister the benefit of the doubt. She cares for you Jeff. She really does.”

“But what about this ‘John’?” I asked. “She seemed to be so sweet on him. You mean to say she never…”

“My sister and I are very close Jeff. And we’ve helped each other out along the way.” She replied softly, her eyes downcast. “We managed to keep John…satisfied, even though he never got to…you know.”

This all seemed so odd to me. They ‘helped each other out?’ What was she talking about?

Kathy changed the subject and we chatted for another ten minutes or so until her break was over and she had to go back to work. The pretty blond moved up right next to me until our bodies were touching and almost whispered “Please give my sister a chance Jeff. You won’t be sorry.” And with that, she disappeared behind the counter and into the back room.

Well, I certainly intended to give Gail a chance but I couldn’t understand this virgin business. I mean, the girl shows me her ass and pussy like, ten minutes after I met her. I’d licked her pussy, I’d sucked her nipples, but…she’s a virgin? Very curious.

The next night Mrs. Hogan was going to LAX to pick up her boyfriend Bill who was flying in from Minnesota. She actually asked me to stick around the house and “Look after the girls.” Shows how much she feared her daughter’s virginity with me around! No problem. I agreed to do it though and so the four of us sat up watching some Charlie Brown special on TV. I thought the 8 year old would never get sleepy and go to bed.

Finally the show ended and Kathy took her youngest sister off to beddy bye. With the two of us now alone, I once again tried to get amorous with Gail. After only a few Trabzon Escort kisses she took my hand and led me to her and Kathy’s bedroom. Now I was finally getting someplace! Or so I thought. Their bedroom had double french doors with just a sheer curtain for privacy. You could see right in the room unless the lights were out. Gail was dressed in a skirt and a sweater tonight and we got on the bed with just the night stand light on. I kissed my girlfriend and she eagerly kissed me back. I moved my hand down to her leg and slid it slowly up her thigh, enjoying the smooth sensuous feel of the baby flesh I encountered just below her panties.

“No hand job tonight, OK Gail?” I suggested.

“No hand job Jeff.” She replied evenly. That was a green light if I ever heard one and I moved my hand up to touch her panties! Soft and warm, her panties just barely covered her little pussy. Some of her pubic hairs were sticking out of the leg band and I teased them a bit, kissing her all the while. Gail separated her legs to give me better access to her excited young pussy and soon I could feel the little division she had there. I gently moved my fingers beneath the leg band of her panties and heard Gail moan as I touched her bare pussy!

“Oh, take off my panties!” She begged. My cock jumped when I heard those words. tonight was the night! I was finally going to fuck this cute little girl from the North Country! Gail lifted up a bit and I reached under her skirt and hooked my thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down and off. I brought the soft warm panties up to my nose and sniffed her delicate feminine scent.

“Oh Jeff, kiss it like you did the other night!” She breathed at me. I gladly complied and pushed her skirt up to completely expose Gail’s virgin pussy. Just two tightly closed lips. They were a rosy pink color next to the white skin of her belly. I pushed her legs apart and then took her pussy lips in my hands and slowly pulled them apart exposing the center of her feminine core. It was beautiful! I lowered my tongue and then swiped it up the rapidly moistening slit of her pussy. Gail moaned in appreciation and I repeated the action again and again, pleasing her the best I could. She responded by opening her legs even further, giving me complete access to her girlish vagina. I nuzzled her pussy for a couple more minutes, then stood up and began to remove my pants, assuming the time was at hand for us to finally consummate our love relationship.

Gail watched me as I took off my pants and exposed my hardened cock to her virgin eyes. OK, I know it was far from the first penis she’d seen but I was proud of what I had and was eager to do my stuff with her. I took my penis in my right hand and squeezed it a bit as if to reassure myself of it’s rigidity. It was plenty rigid, believe me!

Just then, someone lightly taps on the door! What the…? I see Kathy just outside. She has to know we need privacy for God’s sake! She can see right through the curtains!

But Kathy just opens the door anyway and pokes her head in with a little smile on her face. “Everything OK you guys?” She asked with that little smile still on her face. Without waiting for an answer, she enters the room. Kathy has changed Trabzon Escort Bayan into a very short baby doll nighty with matching bikini panties. She stands there for a moment as if to give me a real good gander at her considerable sexual charms. And, Wow! They were considerable! Her red pussy hair was barely visible beneath her little white panties and her gorgeous pink nipples were also showing beneath the diaphanous top. Kathy was not as big up front as her little sister but her tits were certainly not a disappointment! Just perfect little cupcake tits!

And Finally. Finally! I finally understood what was going on here. I understood how Gail and Kathy had helped each other out back home. How Gail managed to keep John “Satisfied” without giving up her virginity. Oh, now it was all making sense to me!

“Everything is just A-OK Kathy!” I winked at her when I said it. “Maybe you can come over here and help me tuck your sister in! Kathy didn’t speak. She didn’t need to, but just moved to the bed where she climbed on next to the two of us. I gave her more than a little peck on the cheek right about then and we exchanged tongues too.

“Gail, give me a hand here would you?” I asked my little girlfriend. The two of us pulled Kathy’s panties off and then we helped her out of her baby doll nightie. Kathy then pulled off Gail’s sweater and skirt and then the two of them laid back on the pillows. What a sight! The two Hogan sisters, laying side by side, completely nude! You could see the family resemblance in the pale pink color of their nipples and the kind of inwardly curving growth of their pubic hair. I asked them to kneel for me and, after giggling a bit, they gave in and moved to all fours before me. Both sisters had world class asses and it was impossible to give either on the trophy for “Best in Show.” It had to be ruled a tie!

Now it was time for me to enjoy Kathy and I teased her little pussy while Gail looked on, a bit miffed to be sure. “Now don’t have too much fun Jeff!” She snipped at me. Just kidding. Kathy was quick to warm to the situation and her pussy was soon producing plenty of lubrication for her upcoming penetration. She softly caressed my cock and tickled my balls a bit too. I laid her on her back on the mattress and asked Gail to help me put it in. She shot me one of those “Eyes towards heaven” looks but went ahead and took hold of my penis and placed it right at the entrance to her sister’s pussy. She moved it up and down a bit, teasing her big sister. Kathy responded by spreading her legs open and doing her best to accept my cock. I felt the slippery heat of Kathy’s pussy welcoming me and I pushed forward and managed to stuff about half of my prick into her.

“Ooooo!” She gasped as she felt my big cock fucking it’s way into her little hole. Gail, meanwhile, settled back against the pillows propped up against the headboard and watched us. She seemed to accept what was taking place and made no further complaint. I shoved harder and got all the way to the bottom of Kathy’s bare pussy! Oh, it was delightful! Nice and tight, soft and warm. Everything I expected it to be. I looked over at Gail and she decided to take a more active role in our unusual encounter. She spread her legs well apart and then Escort Trabzon reached down and opened her pussy for me! All the pink she had was now on display! I continued to fuck Kathy’s appreciative little pussy while her little sister shamelessly showed me her virgin cunt. I devoured the salacious sight she had presented me with and began to deliriously fuck Kathy’s unprotected cunthole while admiring Gail’s completely exposed pussy!

Kathy began to utter words of encouragement to me as I picked up the pace and fucked her harder.

“Oh, thats it Jeff! Don’t stop now, please don’t stop!” Like I was going to stop any time soon!

Feels good Kathy?” I prompted her, hoping for more trashy mouth talk.

“Oh yeah, it feels really good Jeff. Please fuck me a little harder while you look over at my sister’s bare pussy! Smart girl, Kathy. She knew she couldn’t just let me forget about Gail or there could be trouble afterwards.

I glanced over at Gail, still holding her pussy lips apart and told her “I love your pussy honey! Could I please see…just a little more?”

Understanding the gist of my question, Gail moved again to her hands and knees and exposed her tight pink asshole to my excited gaze! Then, she reached back and, taking her rear globes in her hands, she spread herself wide open for my viewing pleasure. I responded by fucking her big sister even harder, filling the little bedroom with the slapping sound of my balls hitting her asshole.

I briefly considered switching and fucking Gail’s virginity into the past but I know neither of them wanted that. No, it was almost better this way. Gail’s virginity was still available and I was enjoying this thrilling and unexpected fuck more than I would have thought possible.

“Oh, don’t come in my pussy Jeff!” Kathy wailed when she sensed my orgasm approaching, “I haven’t got any Birth Control pills out here yet!”

“I can’t help it Kathy!” I shot back. “Your pussy is so tight and Gail is so sexy there all nude and showing off…!

“Then, when you’re ready to come, come on my little sister’s asshole Jeff! She hissed, “Come all over her nasty little asshole!”

Hearing her big sister’s request, Gail lowered her tits to the mattress and stuck her delightfully plump ass even further into the air, expecting a nice wet load of sperm to splash onto to it very soon.

She wasn’t disappointed. I delivered several ball jarring stabs into Kathy’s naked pussy and, feeling the sperm beginning to rise, I jerked it free of her body and quickly moved behind Gail’s panting body. I placed my cockhead right up at the tight little pink ring of her anus and, joyfully, began to ejaculate!

Now it was Gail’s turn to moan as she felt the hot liquid erupting from my cock. I touched it right to the puckered dime sized hole of her anus and held it there, managing to actually load some of my come right inside her little asshole. It was all slippery now and covered with come and I couldn’t help but push forward.

“No! She gasped, “Please no!” Gail tried to squirm forward as I almost managed to fuck myself right up into her never before touched little asshole. Almost but not quite. No, that would have to wait for another day.

But that day never came. I soon came to understand that Gail really wanted to marry as a virgin and I was nowhere close to marrying anyone right then. I really cared for both of the Hogan sisters and saw them from time to time but our sexual adventures were never to be continued. Those were the good old day to be sure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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