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Daisy woke easily from her deep sleep without any hint of agony from the 4 bottles of Rum she guzzled down. She looked around her surroundings to find them very clean and posh with all the expensive things in life. She blinked a few times, and started to look in vain for a window that would let her know what time of day it was. When she rolled onto her side, a delicate scent of jasmine filled the air around her and she breathed it in deeply.

“Mmmm that’s nice!” She thought to herself and buried her face in the soft comforter. Her entire body smelled like she had just come fresh out of a spa, and she felt even better. Daisy writhed amongst the silken soft fabric surrounding her body and smiled broadly to herself.

“A girl could get used to this!” she said out loud to.

“Why yes… yes she could…” said a woman’s voice stepping into the room.

Daisy shot up from her coiled position, pulling the soft comforter up around her body. She wasn’t quite sure if she was clothed or not, but she was not about to take any chances.

“Where am I?!” She blurted out as her eyes looked to the direction of the voice. All she could see was a closet door that had been opened with someone inside moving about. “How did I get here?” She continued.

The woman’s voice in the closet chuckled softly and then reassured her, “Don’t worry you’re safe… you just had a bit too much to drink!”

Daisy blushed at the knowledge of this yet unseen woman. “Who… who ARE you?” she said with a hint of desperation. She leaned forward clutching the comforter to her chest and peering as best she could through the hinge gap of the closet.

“Oh…” said the unseen woman, as she backed out of the closet. “… your employer.” Kat looked at Daisy with her deep brown eyes and smiled like a cat playing with a trapped mouse.

For her part, Daisy recognized Kat as being the woman at the waterfall who was being serviced by the two young studs. Just the thought made her clinch her thighs together as the warm sensation she experienced earlier began to spread once again.

“You’re not my employer!” Daisy said retort fully. “I work for Captain Merrill Rodgers!”

Kat took a few steps towards Daisy and reached out with her manicured hand. She ran the back of her fingers down Daisy’s cheek and said, “Oh sweetie… who do you think Merrill works for?” Kat smiled warmly as Daisy continued to fight the warmth building between her legs as the incredibly attractive woman touched her face.

“My Name is Kat. And I do believe earlier today you were instructed – quite clearly I might add – to perform a product trial of our new drink that will be offered on the cruise line you work for.” Daisy couldn’t believe her ears or her eyes… she just didn’t know which.

“YOU are Kat?” She said.

“Why yes!” Kat said with a giggle. “Were you expecting some 80 year old hag?” Daisy blushed as she remembered the comments she made earlier about her. Kat continued, “Well it seems someone can’t quite follow directions!” Kat’s index finger slightly bumped Daisy’s small nose. “I do believe I clearly told you to drink only ONE of the bottles, and another one of my assistants said all FOUR were empty.”

Daisy couldn’t help but notice how incredibly beautiful Kat was as she gently scolded her for drinking all four bottles. Daisy’s mind went back to the waterfall where this woman standing before her was performing such incredibly erotic sexual acts that are normally reserved for only one’s fantasies. As Kat continued explaining the purpose of the product for the future of the cruise line, Daisy found herself peeking a quick glance down at Kat’s enormous breasts. Daisy was no stranger to breasts of this size, for she had them herself. However, SHE had spent a lifetime trying to hide them while Kat was obviously very proud to show them off. The warmth between Daisy’s Ankara bayan escort legs was spreading up to her chest and she let the corner of the comforter fall from her side in a moment of carelessness.

Kat looked down to see the side of Daisy’s bare breast and continued, “… and that is why you my dear basically were out of control. In fact… ” Kat’s glanced down at Daisy’s chest and then ever so slowly back up again. “… I believe you are still experiencing some of the effects even now.”

Daisy was once again tuning out Kat’s complex words, and was instead now focused on Kat’s incredibly long eyelashes. As Kat looked up and down, the thick and dark lashes highlighted her eyes in such a way that drew Daisy into the dark pools of bliss that were looking at her in such a lustful manner. Daisy found herself leaning forward and quickly looking up and down from Kat’s eyes to her soft ruby red lips. As she slowly inched forward, Daisy felt the cool air surround her now fully exposed breasts that had popped free of the warm comforter. She knew her breasts were exposed and she did not care. In fact, she hoped that Kat would perhaps notice them as the two women softly made contact and slowly began to kiss.

Upon their initial contact, a spark of electricity shot through both women. Daisy could barely contain the burning fire that was now pulsing between her legs, and Kat found the uninhibited enthusiasm of this previously ‘by the book’ woman to be intoxicating.

“So tell me…” Kat said as Daisy sucked on her bottom lip. “… how do you like the product’s effect?”

Daisy allowed Kat’s lip to slip from between her own, and regarded the goddess once again. Kat was standing there breathing slightly heavier than before and her chest was just out of sight behind a loose fitting oriental style kimono. Kat’s long dark hair was hanging over one shoulder, and she looked every bit the sexual animal Daisy had seen not long ago at the waterfall. Years of pent up sexual aggression and self denial caught up with her, and Daisy’s hands shot out grabbing the loose fabric covering Kat’s breasts. She roughly pulled each half of Kat’s top to the side sending a few buttons bouncing around the room. Now that Kat’s breasts were also exposed, the two women looked up on each other… each in their topless glory.

Daisy smiled and said “Its fucking fantastic!” and the two women once again began to kiss passionately with a deep hunger to find release in each other’s embrace.

Kat’s hands were the first to raise up and cup Daisy’s breasts. She found them to be very warm to the touch and hanging heavily in that perfect way. The quick exhale from Daisy’s mouth showed without a doubt that she loved the attention. Kat softly kneaded the warm flesh up the side until she felt the hardening nub of a nipple between her index finger and thumb. Kat pulled gently on the nipple extending it outward and up slightly.

Daisy’s response was to growl slightly and thrust her tongue into Kat’s mouth searching desperately for her tongue. When they met, they fluttered about with abandon. The sweet taste shared between the two women only furthered the passionate flame building around them. Kat released the now swollen nipple from her grasp and cupped the opposite breast in a similar manner. Daisy leaned back and looked down at Kat’s hand as it expertly pulled and tugged at her breast as only a woman would know how. She looked back up into Kat’s face which was leaning in for yet another lust filled kiss.

Daisy’s hands traced the slender sides and toned back of Kat’s exquisite form. As her hands went lower and lower, she finally found the object of her desire and grasped Kat’s firm ass with one cheek in each hand. Her mouth slid off of Kat’s lips and began to nibble along her neck as she squeezed the firm and round flesh beneath the kimono. Kat moaned in Escort bayan Ankara approval and continued to squeeze Daisy’s breasts.

The smell of Jasmine began to fill the room even more than before as Kat took control and gently pushed Daisy back onto the bed. Daisy’s hair spread out gently across the pillows and she looked up at Kat who slowly disrobed to mirror her own nakedness. The two women once again took stock of each other and how beautiful they both were. With the utmost of grace, Kat lifted one knee onto the bed and slowly… inch by inch crawled up the length of Daisy’s slender body. She was in no hurry as she first stopped at Daisy’s belly button.

Kat’s long tongue extended out and gently traced circles around the delicate oval in Daisy’s belly. The light from the room highlighted the taught lines of Daisy’s form quivering under the attention. Kat’s hair cascaded across Daisy’s breasts. The contrast between the cool wet area around her navel with the warmth of Kat’s hair across her breasts was exquisite. Daisy was in a perfect position where she could reach down and cup each of Kat’s breasts with her hands, kneading them gently. With each squeeze, Kat would moan or breath sharply letting Daisy know her approval.

Kat began to slowly make her way up to Daisy’s breasts. Each one was laying naturally to the side and Kat gazed upon them deciding which to pay attention to first. She lowered her lips down to the left, and breathed hot air out onto the hardened nub. Daisy felt a shot of electricity from her breast to her spine and she wiggled with anticipation. Kat looked up at her once again with those long lashes and gently took the nipple between her teeth and gently pulled. Daisy had never seen such an erotic vision before and had to close her eyes as pleasure washed over her. Kat’s lips sealed down over the areola and she began to suck and flick her tongue across the erect nub in her mouth. Daisy lay there in stunned silence as Kat divided her attention in a similar manner to the other breast as well.

Just when the two lovers had developed a rhythm to their breast play, Kat moved up and began to kiss Daisy passionately once again. Daisy met her kisses and flickering tongue move for move right up until the point when Kat’s long finger brushed the hot and wet place of desire burning between Daisy’s legs. Instantly Daisy froze in place as another woman touched her sex for the first time. The skill with which she was being touched was as knowledgeable as Daisy’s own hand would be, and yet it was this goddess before her that was providing such incredible stimulation. Kat looked deep into her eyes with each pulse of her finger rubbing around the clitoris and Daisy could do nothing but try her best to breath. When she finally relaxed enough to take in a few delicious gasps of air, Kat thrust her finger up inside her sex causing her to cry out into the small room.

Daisy’s long fingernails dug deeply into Kat’s back as waves of pleasure washed over her one after another. Kat’s magical hands were providing stimulation in all the right places between her clit and her sex. In addition, the entire time the magic was occurring down below, Kat continued to suckle on each of Daisy’s breasts. Before long, the familiar sensation of release was upon her and Daisy exploded into the confines of the room screaming out for all she was worth- her sex clenching down on Kat’s fingers which were buried deep within her. Kat held a long kiss as Daisy shuddered again and again – her eyes rolled over in her head and she felt like she could perhaps once again pass out due to the extreme pleasure she was experiencing.

After the storm calmed, Daisy opened her eyes to once again look upon her goddess of pleasure. Kat smiled and sat back on her haunches exposing her sex for Daisy to see. Kat gave her the universal ‘come hither’ motion with her Bayan escort Ankara glistening finger and then began to lick it from top to bottom as she had done earlier to the massive cock at the waterfall. Daisy obeyed without hesitation and rolled over, to then crawl on all fours across the bed. As she neared Kat, a long toned arm extended out and grasped her hair. Daisy knew what was expected of her and she lowered her self obediently to Kat’s glistening sex.

Once in position, Daisy extended her tongue out and into the sweet warmth of Kat’s pussy and began to slowly lick up and down, side to side across Kat’s swollen clit. She knew she was doing well because Kat’s hips began to slowly buck up and down as her tongue moved up and down. Daisy switched things up a bit and flicked her tongue as rapidly as she could. Kat responded by breathing in sharply and leaning forward to smack Daisy’s bare ass with a loud smack. Daisy’s throaty laugh sent shiver’s up Kat’s spine and she once again sat back to enjoy the attention of her lover.

The tongue play continued for several minutes until Kat lifted Daisy up to a sitting position. Kat then leaned over to the bedside dresser and produced two small silver egg shaped objects connected by a wire . She held it up to her face and playfully looked over the shiny surface into Daisy’s quizzical eyes. Without saying a word, Kat leaned forward and began to give Daisy another passionate tongue kiss. Daisy closed her eyes and once again tried to wrestle Kat’s skilled tongue into submission. Seeing her chance, Daisy took the lead and began to push Kat back against the wall. As she did so however, she found that she lost all control of her body. The most intense and overwhelming feeling she had ever known penetrated her sex as a sound of soft buzzing filled the small room.

Daisy’s eyes opened wide, and her mouth hung open in silence. For her part, Kat smiled an evil grin and looked down past the heaving breasts of her lover in order to make sure the silver egg was perfectly positioned. Satisfied all was well, Kat turned up the vibratory power and watched her lover begin to melt into the sheets before her. Kat then took the matching egg that was also making the same soft buzzing sound and placed it between her legs.

Not knowing how she would be able to last for more than a few seconds, Daisy thrust forward from her position on the bed and threw her arms around Kat in order to hold on for dear life. She felt her breasts crush into Kat’s breasts and it was all she could do to just hold on and shiver from top to bottom. Kat was kissing her passionately all over the delicate features of her face, and she could feel the vibrations pushing her once again over the cliff into her personal valley of pleasure. When she heard Kat begin to cum, Daisy lost herself completely and gave in to the humming beast below.

Kat was pleasantly surprised by Daisy’s eagerness. When she threw her arm across Kat’s shoulders and began to cry out to the god’s of pleasure once again, Kat could no longer control herself. She kept the humming egg perfectly positioned as Daisy’s body began to shudder from the orgasm she was experiencing. The two women’s breasts were perfectly interwoven like gears in a cog as the first explosion of pleasure rocked Kat’s body. The entire room seemed to fade away to darkness leaving her hopelessly at the mercy of her own body. Sparkles and streamers of brightly colored light burst forth into the darkness and filled Kat’s eyes as she gazed upon the hedonistic gaze of her lover. She held per position as long as she could before she finally collapsed into the Jasmine sheets and was quickly followed by an equally satisfied Daisy.

Both women looked at each other and began to smile. Kat ran her finger through Daisy’s long hair and said, “I think I’ll keep you. You just may need to help me convince my husband…He’ll be here any minute.”

Daisy giggled and gave Kat another passionate kiss. “I think we’ll be able to manage!” she said and began kissing Kat’s neck once more.

Just then, the sound of heavy footsteps could be heard outside the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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