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Damien’s vision was filled with flesh and lust. He looked at his friend to his left and pondered. His shorts displayed a large bulgeous bump. The paler dark skin of the tall sole to his right dominated the view.

“Entertain her, Damien. I’ll find a way to get up there and speak to her properly. Pull her back down to earth or something…”

Damien looked puzzled. He had always been comfortable around Jonathan, true, but to even think of giving in to deep, lustful bellows of his soul right here, right now… Jonathan approached Kayla’s right foot to his left. He tapped lightly on her heel. The large mass rumbled as her foot slowly fell forward, slamming on the ground with force enough to test his balance. Jonathan moved toward its front. Sitting in front of her toes, he grabbed one. It’s length and size was imposing even to his waist. He pressed it, feeling the indent of her print, and simply laid his head on top. The warmth clouded his mind. His sense of self seemed to give way to pure animalistic instinct.

Damien, meanwhile, had slowly advanced toward Kayla. His hand trailed on the skin to his right, feeling the odd forgotten hair here and there. Looking up, he saw large folds in her belly, typical of anyone bending down, looking at something on the ground between their legs while sitting. Her eyes glared at him with a mixture of pride, dominance and lust. The lanky man instinctively knew his only way out of this situation was in front of him. Staring forward, he saw the largest woman sex he had ever seen. He was close now. The aroma he had noticed earlier, while going through Jonathan’s living room, was back with the force of a strong gust. But this time he embraced it. Large drops of liquid seemed to pool at its base. A constant, rhythmic pressure expelled it to the same beat he could feel course through her veins.

Damien looked back, at Jonathan, waiting, in a sort of silent request for approbation. His friend motionned at him to keep going.

“Come.” Her voice boomed. “Come!” The fat lips of her sex seemed to tense up. Gorging up in blood, augmenting her sensitivity. A large, thick, bulbous red clitoris protruded from atop. “Come!” She repeated.

Damien was stumbling forward, his mind captured. Two large thighs rose up as high as the house behind him. In the middle, the most imposing labia he had ever witnessed. He got as close to it as he could. The air filled with warmth and the peculiar smell of her engorged vagina. His feet depressed the soil as he walked forward on a ground drenched from the flesh opening above. The slit was as tall as he was. Countless folds barred his way like multiple sliding doors. Damien inserted his two hands in the middle and, with all his strength, pushed the enormous skin flaps open. A draft of hot air hit him.


The moan filled the area. Damien pushed onward, put one of his feet up on the bottom of her opening, and propelled himself up. In one swift motion, he was inside her.

Jonathan was pushed back. Kayla curled her toes as she tried to stifle an orgasm. As the foot in front of him trashed around, Jonathan saw how Damien was, again, feeding her craving. They were both, it seemed, easily manipulated into giving in their sexual urges, feeding the now monstrous sized human to increase in size.

Jonathan saw a torrent of fluid expelled from between Kayla’s legs, with Damien being ejected at the same time, completely nude. He must have undressed at some point. His large, imposing sex was completely erect, a fat red mushroom on the cusp of ejaculation. As soon as he got his bearings back, her liquid flowing off of him, he ran back to her, and climbed back in. Jonathan had to act quickly. Her toes jumped toward him, yet her foot had barely moved. He had to warn her of what is to come. As soon as the growth slowed, Jonathan sidestepped past her feet and raced toward her hips. Her flesh sprayed out nicely from her behind, allowing him to find footing to climb the distance up the area her thigh and pelvis joined.

“DEEPER!” She yelled. Jonathan couldn’t see, but Kayla’s trashing told all. Another wave came, filling her with heat as she ejaculated all over the front lawn, her juices strong enough to push Damien’s car away slightly. Jonathan felt the skin around him bloat, pushing him inside folds he had to extricate himself from. The lara kendi evi olan escort top of her thigh now looked a few feet higher.

Craning his neck, he saw Kayla looking up in abandonment toward the sky, her being completely filled with bliss. Her right hand massaging her breasts, using her fingers to knead her nipple like one would a large loaf of bread.

Jonathan grabbed what skin he could, and started to climb the right side of her stomach, quickly passing under the elbow. She was oblivious to him and a slight spasm could send that elbow smashing on her stomach. He hurried. Her large breast kept trashing every which way from her intense ministrations. The skin ahead of him folding in ripples, then back out smooth as she pressed constantly. Jonathan climbed as he could, like one does an indoor climbing station, yet it’s as if the walls kept changing form and position. Just as he reached the area under her armpit, Kayla shook. Another, powerful, heart-stopping orgasm rocked her. Damien had reached as deep as he could inside her. A torrent of cunt juice pooled at his feet, rose, and quickly submerged him as the walls of her vagina contracted and expelled her ejaculate with him.

Jonathan saw the armpit get farther away. The skin under his hand expanded. He lost the grip on his right hand. And then his footing.

His heart jumped to his throat as he fell, unable to grasp the dark, enlarging skin in front of him. Only seconds passed, but to him it was minutes.

It was hard for him to describe his thoughts. The first moment was brimming with dread. Vertiginous intent filled his ribcage, clogging up his breathing. The lack of balance threw him on his back, the wind pushing him like a soft mattress. And suddenly calmness. He saw Kayla’s armpit get further away. A large, imposing mass propped up on his right as he passed her fat breasts on the way down. Her head moved back down again, her orgasm subsiding. Strands of her braids fell over her shoulders, and after an eternity, her eyes noticed Jonathan.

The air seemed to tremble. A swift movement brought the flesh wall of her arms closer to him. Her biceps contracted, sinews pushing against the bottom of her skin, and then all air escaped his lungs. Jonathan turned around, fist pounding on the ground he had seemingly fallen upon, and searched for air. He finally laid down on his back, gasping as his lungs screeched for salvation. Jonathan still felt movement. Abruptly, the ground propelled itself upward. Her palm. He was in the middle of it. It was obvious now. Her warm flesh. The softness of her skin. The mound of epidermis under her palm had cushioned his fall as she caught him. For a moment, Jonathan grabbed a finger, as big as him. He was just happy to be alive.

Gratitude suddenly filled his body. He turned around. Kayla’s cushy lips, the large opening of her nose, blocked his vision. The mouth opened, and Kayla’s pearly teeth appeared. Jonathan felt relieved. He should have been terrified of the past ordeal, but the giant smile in front of him simply assured him that all was right. He had finally reached her. Jonathan waved.

“Have you had enough?” he said to her laughing. “I’ve been trying to climb up so you could hear me.”

Kayla turned her head. Her free hand cupped her ear, and soon a large lobe of ear pointed at him.

“SAY AGAIN?” Her voice bellowed.

“I’ve been trying to get here to tell you something. Just listen to me for a bit.” Jonathan paused, hesitating. “Is Damien ok?”

Kayla nodded.

“Look, we don’t have much time, so I just want you to be ready for what’s coming. I’ve decided to get us some help… Damien is part of that help.”

Out of habit from having to look at her speaker, Kayla turned around, faced Jonathan. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN?” she asked. Directly aimed at him, and so close to the source, her voice felt like a bang on his body. Kayla moved her head again, her ear close to him anew.

“Damien’s part of an organization that specialize in dealing with all sorts of strange events. It’s government sanctioned, but officially it does not exist.” Jonathan paused. He could see her brow furrow from the side. Clearly Kayla was not convinced of his actions. “Look, I thought it over while you were out. You keep growing, right?” Jonathan looked lara otele gelen escort slightly over her palm. He could have been on top of a city high rise. “And from what I’m seeing, more and more every time. It’s only a matter of time then right?” Kayla moved the corners of her mouth left and right, pensive.

Jonathan continued: “So I figured, it’s better if they find out about you through someone I know personally, then through whatever else could get them to notice you. I don’t know much about them, since Damien isn’t allowed to tell me about his work. But what I can tell you is that they will be good for you. Damien has always spoken of them with fondness. They usually struggle with recognition inside their own spheres. You will be a valuable asset to them I’m sure, but in return they should take care of you.”

Kayla rubbed her chin with her hand. The scrapping sound of skin like waves on a beach.

“Beside, at the rhythm you’re going, you won’t have much to fear of anyone soon enough, right?”

She turned around and gave Jonathan a comforting, closed smile.


Her warm breath washed over him like a blanket.


Jonathan prosterned himself in exaggeration. Her laughter boomed out.


She laughed at the idea. But there, at the back of her mind, a little doubt prodded at her, telling her she was right.

Jonathan motionned at her again to listen.

“By the way,” he yelled, “where’s Damien? Is he ok?”


The flesh Jonathan stood on shook. He quickly got down on all fours, grasping for stability. Kayla’s face got further and further away and in but a moment, her hand was resting on earthly soil. Jonathan moved out of her hand and took but a moment to get his bearings. The earth under his feet was damp with liquid. The smell of sex was like hitting a brick wall so strong it was. He realized he stood in the middle of her ejaculate. On each side of him, massive legs rose, her knees toward the sky from her sitting position. Jonathan looked behind him, he saw something move under her left foot. It seemed to be an arm gesticulating in every which way possible.


Jonathan ran toward him. Kayla’s massive feet had him pinned down. If the mound of skin under her thumb had saved Jonathan before, the mound of flesh under her big toe had completely buried Damien’s body under her feet, pinning him between it and the ground.


The earth shook as Kayla moved her feet upward on her heel.

Damien appeared, his erection still apparent. He took some quick breaths, and got up, jogging toward her nether region again. A sudden tackle threw him to the ground. His friend had caught up. His mind seemed to unlock. His thoughts had been driven to frenzy. His entire body coming down from a powerful high, as if the past half hour had been nothing but a sort of drug induced sex party.

Jonathan shook him. “Damien! It’s over.”

The absurdity of the situation finally hit the two men. Both nude, they stood in between the legs of a giantess. Damien blushed.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me”, finally said Damien, “I.. it’s…”

Jonathan sat back. “It’s ok. I know what you’re trying to say.”

They both looked up. Kayla was looking at them. He knew she couldn’t hear them though, her head already so high up. “I’ve felt it too. A sort of intense longing for her whenever she gets excited”, explained Jonathan. Damien’s eyes lit up. That was it. That’s what happened.

Kayla’s hand appeared by their side, her palm pointed upward.

“GET ON.” she commanded happily.

The two men climbed her. “Listen to me Damien, I’ve told her about the Bureau of Anomalous Investigation.” They both stumbled down to their knees as her hand moved up. “She’ll hang out with them lara rus escort for a while!” he yelled as the moving air rushed past their ears. “We just have to be careful until they get here! Don’t give in to your base instinct.”

The hand stopped moving. They both looked at Kayla’s face, now just a few meters in front of them. A smile belied her intentions.

“ANYONE READY FOR ROUND TWO?” The two men’s pupils dilated in surprise as they saw the biggest tongue in the world rush toward them. Arms up, they tried to block it. In an instant they lost sight of each other as the red fleshy wall pressed on them.

Jonathan flailed, the wet, rugged exterior of the mass of muscle pressed on his body, completely enveloping it. Like a large water bed, he felt his form sink inside the mass, which was shifting between complete softness and temporary rigidity as the muscles contracted.

Kayla pulled away and looked at the two men drenched in her saliva. Both had erections anew. She smiled.

“JUST KIDDING!” She said laughing.

Vertigo took them as the hand they were on rapidly lowered. The ground was rapidly within sights.

“YOU BOYS HAVE FUN FOR A BIT, I’LL BE STAYING HERE FOR A WHILE.” Kayla moved slightly out of the way, her movement sending tremors. She carefully placed herself a bit farther from the house and the car, made sure she didn’t block any pathways, and laid down in the short, yellow field of grass that surrounded the area.

She didn’t feel tired at all, but the sunset felt nice on her skin. She crossed her legs, shaked her shoulders a bit to find comfort and, with both her hands behind her head to provide comfort, closed her eyes.

Jonathan and Damien had regained their sense completely. The sudden nakedness of their form hit at once, and they blushed.

“I’m gonna put something on if you don’t mind”, expressed Damien. Jonathan laughed. Damien picked his clothes from the ground. They were soaking wet, like all the area around them, from her lubricant. Strings of sticky liquid stuck to them and the ground.

Damien dropped his clothes back down with a defeated look.

“Just wait for me in the living room, I’ll get us fresh clothes”, Jonathan said to Damien. “I have to get some supplies for tonight, we can talk about this on the way there.”

Damien nodded.

They both headed inside the house. Jonathan climbed the destroyed stairs as best as he could. Cracks were all over the place from all the recent turbulence. On the second floor, plaster from the ceiling was visible in the corridor. As he entered his room, he couldn’t help but give one look behind him at the bathrooms, the sight of the completely demolished porcelain made him pensive.

Damien was just now coming to terms with the recent events. Everything had been such a shock. From the first time he heard the story, to the giant form that appeared before him, to his mind losing it as she opened up her sex to him. There definitely was something odd there. It wasn’t in his nature to act as he did. Yet as he had seen her inner lips part open, something primal hit him. His mouth salivated without any conscious prompt. His penis had hardened, his skin felt extra sensitive.

As he plunged inside her, as he felt the walls of her vagina pressing him from all directions, it had felt then as if an entire machine put his body to the brink of ejaculation over and over, if such a thing was possible. His entire neurological self on fire, as he had grabbed the slimy walls of her interior, his mouth having pressed against the warmth of her inner skin, licking all he could.

Damien shook his head. Just thinking about it again was making him physically excited.

“For sure,” he thought, “there is for certain an induced behavior in this. I’ll have to make a note for the Bureau.”

A loud thump surprised him. Jonathan had just jumped over the bottom of the broken stairs, with a pile of clothes in his hand, all dressed in fresh clothes. Damien reflectively put his hands up as Jonathan threw the pile he was holding at him.

“Here!” said his host, “Dress up and meet me in your car. Make sure it still works. We’re going for a quick ride. I’m going to let Kayla know.”

With clothes in hand, Damien followed Jonathan to the house porch. There was only a bit of light left from the day, the Sun completely gone. The blue sky was turning to a dark gray.

Jonathan had never looked so small as Damien compared his size to the immense being he was approaching.

“This could be what actually legends are made of…” he thought to himself.

In an instant, he snapped back to reality and put the shorts he was holding on.

“Let’s go.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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