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A pure fiction. None of this happened. Just the product of experience, an education and an active imagination. I hope that my creative writing teachers would be proud of the construction and detailed storytelling. I have a feeling that they would be less so about the actual subject and activities contained within the story.

Could it happen? Or something very much like it?

If the comments are positive, Kaylee might be back for more adventures.

Not Dreaming

Kaylee couldn’t believe it was all real, Him, the house, her car, the closet and the dresser in the master bedroom that was starting to fill with her new clothes. Just two months after graduating, in her dreams she couldn’t have imagined this happening for real.

The week after graduation, she had agreed to meet Him for dinner, just dinner he promised. He flew down, stayed the weekend in Atlanta and she took a chance. She arranged to go to Atlanta and stay with a friend who went to school there. She met Him in the lobby of his hotel. He did look just like his pictures, she was relieved to see. He was dressed up nice, and so was she, although her clothes weren’t as sexy as she knew he liked. She had tried to dress young and pretty, pink top, white skinny jeans, her highest shoes that went with her outfit. He liked how she looked, she could tell from his big, wide smile. Maybe it was the pink and white ribbons she tied into her hair. It didn’t matter, he was pleased, and that DID matter.

Dinner was great, the food and the place were really nice, but she loved how he paid attention to her, ordered for her, made her feel special and protected and safe. And the way he looked at her, a pleased, excited and hungry look all wrapped into one way of looking at her. Every time she saw that look, she smiled back at him.

They went for drinks after dinner. That had been harder, the first two places asked for ID. She shrugged, she wasn’t 21, so they moved on. He was patient, found a place that looked fun, and when he gave his ID, he slipped some folded money behind his license and said something to the doorman. She wasn’t asked for her ID. It turned out to be a club and bar. They drank some, they went up to the DJ club floor and he got her dancing. His hands seemed to be all over her in the packed club. He led her by the hand wherever they went. She was slim and petite next to his older, taller, muscular frame. He was much older but in great shape. She could feel his muscles when she ran her hands over his shoulders and chest.

She drank enough to be drunk, but not too much to be sloppy or sick. She had that big, wide, drunk-girl smile on her face as she pressed into him. Their first kiss had been in the club, before they danced. He kissed her often as they danced under the pulsing lights. She loved the way his hands felt on her hips, guiding her movements, pulling her tight into him. When she pressed into him, she could feel His hardness. She did that, made him hard. That turned her on, knowing He wanted her.

She felt both vulnerable and safe with Him on their first real date. Vulnerable because He knew way too much about her from all their chats. He knew she thought a lot about naughty things, that she was an online Dom’s plaything for a long time. He knew she was extremely attracted to older men, that she had a “daddy/babygirl” attraction thing. He knew she was submissive, and that online, she would do anything to please. He knew that she loved to suck cock, that she would worship her “Daddy’s” big, bull cock durimg some of their chats and that she liked to be young and innocent looking. He knew she liked the idea of being a Babygirl, that she had fantasies of being daddy’s naughty plaything, of being dressed up in sexy outfits and party heels. He knew that she wanted to dress up in schoolgirl outfits, pink miniskirts and tiny party dresses that showed everyone just how young and pretty she was. He knew she wanted to be told what to wear, what he wanted to see her dressed in and he believed her when she said she would wear anything if it pleased Him. He knew also she had dark thoughts, about being restrained, wearing His collar, wearing a leather minidress and spike heeled thigh high boots, or latex, being His slut and His whore. He knew she kept her pussy bare, that she didn’t have any tattoos, that she loved to dress up pretty and that dressing for Him made her feel so hot and wanting to play with herself and cum. It was exciting for her to know he knew so much. And so very scary to think he knew all of that and it was only their first date.

She felt so sexy and good, perfectly drunk, he smelled soooo good. She felt his hand move down from her nipple and he reached lower and rubbed her slit through her tight white skinny jeans. Her snug little pussy was already damp and tingling. She hugged her arms around him, kissed his lips with her shimmering, pink, glossed puckered lips the way she talked about in their chats, closed her eyes and let Him rub her Beylikdüzü escort pussy and she ground her hips to the beat, she tried to fuck his hand as the DJ’s beat shook her body and she felt so excited and terribly horny with His mouth kissing her neck and ear. She knew people could see them making out in the club, but she didn’t stop him. She would let him have whatever liberties he was willing to take with her.

They left the club a bit later, he took her hand and steadied her down the stairs as she stepped carefully in her pumps and helped her out to the street. The warm night air hit her senses and she felt a bit more sober, just a bit. He opened the cab door and helped her inside. He slid in next to her, and pulled her close and kissed her deep. He knew it was his decision to make, she would come back to his hotel if he told the cabbie to take them there. But he had a longer vision, a better plan for her seduction.

He told her to tell the cabbie the address of where she was staying. She looked on her phone, tried not to act disappointed, gave the address and then His lips were pressed to hers. He had sent her to the powder room before they left the club and she had freshened up her lip color and coat of gloss. Now he was kissing it off and taking it from her lips bit by bit just as he told her he would.

He fondled her firm tits in the back of the cab and her hands found their way to His bulge. She felt for it and then raked her nails over it. It was as big as He said it was. Big enough for a petite blonde nympho like Kaylee. They both knew she was secretly a little nympho, even though she was also just a sweet, pretty girl. It’s how they first met online. She stroked his cock through his pants as they kissed, unsure if she liked the idea of him taking her to her friend’s apartment. Part of her expected to be brought to his hotel and she had been ready to be brought back to his hotel and fucked like a teen slut. His. Teen. Slut. She had already thought about pulling the tip from her lips, jerking his cock fast as she urged him to cum on her and give her a facial and having him splash his seed all over her young face. She knew he would love that. Messing her pretty face with a load of His sticky, delicious cum. She didn’t really know if His cum was yummy. But she wanted to taste it and swallow it, for Him.

He looked at the cabbie’s GPS, indicating that the travel time was 17 minutes to the apartment. He turned his head and his mouth found her neck and ear, he kissed her sensitive earlobe and felt her get the chills from his kisses.

He quietly spoke in her ear, caressing her hair and telling her that it was time to be a good girl and to unzip his pants, take out his big, hard cock and thank him for dinner.

A gasp escaped her lips before she found herself saying “Yes Daddy.” and she trailed kisses down his neck as her hands worked to free his cock. Right here! In the cab? Not very romantic way to end their first date. She was a bit pissed, but also felt excited. He wants to see if I’m a dirty girl. She was a little pissed but also so turned on from all his touching and attention, she would slam her lips down on his meat and choke on it and swallow his cock in the cab if he wanted her to. He held her chin and told her to fix her lips first. It was dark, so she asked the cabbie to turn on the dome light and she held the compact mirror up and carefully reapplied color and glitter infused gloss to her lips as the cabbie and He watched. When she was satisfied, she said thanks, and the cabbie flipped off the light. I’m sure he would have preferred to keep the light on to see what she was about to do next.

She felt His hand on the back of her head and shifted her hips away from him and bent over to put her head in his lap. She quickly undid his belt, his zipper and button and pulled his underwear down. His cock stood up, and she licked it with the flat of her tongue as she felt his hand cup her firm ass and squeeze it. She couldn’t see Ray, the cabbie who was driving, but he must know by now that she was going to suck His cock in the back of Ray’s cab.

He held her head with one hand and He talked to her as she tried to show him everything she had ever learned about sucking a man’s cock. His voice tone was sexy as He talked to her. She felt like she had to show him everything she knew, that it was a test, a qualifying exam for another date, and she knew she desperately wanted to see him again. He stroked her hair and told her what felt good and she listened to his voice and his moans and took cues from that. He talked a bit to Ray, telling him when she slurped his nuts into her greedy mouth or pushed her mouth down so far that the cock head hit her tight throat. He told Ray that this was their first date. She listened to every word, she heard the pride in His voice as he talked about her. As she sucked hard on the tip, popping it in and out of her tightly pursed lips, He told Ray her age. That got Beylikdüzü escort a chuckle from Ray. She was both embarrassed and proud of it all. Being talked about as she sucked His bull cock was degrading, but His praise of her was intoxicating. His hand was between her legs, rubbing her clit and pushing through the skinny jeans had her humping his hand like a bitch in heat. She heard the words good girl and knew it to be true. She was. Being good for Him. She knew she was getting him close to cumming. She felt the tightened grip of his hand on her head. She wanted the reward, to hear him grunt, to feel him pulse and to cream in her greedy mouth. She planned to pool it in her mouth, show him the pool of sweet cum around her tongue and with a smile, swallow that first gift. Then the cab bounced as the driver went into the parking lot driveway. She knew they were at her friend’s house. He told Ray to keep the meter running as he stroked her hair and asked her if she enjoyed the date. She slipped his cock from her mouth and told Him that she had really enjoyed the date. He pulled her head up from his lap and kissed her lips and told her to put his cock away. She felt a knot in her stomach, she hadn’t gotten him to cum, she hadn’t fully pleased him. When he was zipped up, He got out of the cab, helped her exit the other door and walked her slowly to the apartment. He kissed her, telling her it was an amazing first date and that he wanted to see her tomorrow, for brunch. She beamed, excited at the prospect of being with him again in just a few hours. He handed her a hotel key and key folder that had the room number printed on it.

He told her to come to his room at 9:30 in the morning, to wear a nice brunch outfit with heels and that she should come hungry. She smiled, happy to know she would see him in the morning. She told him she was sorry, sorry she hadn’t made him cum in her mouth when they were in the cab. He smiled and told her he was going to make sure that the first time he came with her would be more special than pumping cum into her mouth in the back of the cab and that if she was a good girl for Him, she would taste His cum a lot.

She smiled and promised she would be a very good girl and that she wanted His reward. It made her feel a bit better about not getting him to cum.

That was just two months ago. She was daydreaming about how much things had progressed when He came out of the bathroom and saw her waiting for Him on the bed. She thought about the cute little sports car he had leased for her. The shopping trips to the mall and the naughty things to wear they bought for her online. She was still the same sweet girl as always but she didn’t wear cheap clothes from Target or Walmart anymore. All her shoes were now trendy and nearly every pair were platform style pumps, or strappy spike heel sandals or wedges that made her much taller and changed how she walked and stood.

He made her feel so special, so precious, so needed. And that made her ache to please Him more and make Him happy in every way she could.

She was doing just that now, wearing her slutty schoolgirl lingerie for him, toes, knees, elbows and hands on the bed, with her ass up high, pointing her pink, tight fuckhole right at the bathroom door and looking back at the door, waiting for Him. She loved the way He looked at her when she wore this outfit for Him. She could feel His eyes on her pink cunt and she left the little, white lipstick vibe in her ass for him to see. She put it in her ass when she got up to dress for Him. Her pink and white plaid skirt was ultra small and didn’t really do more than just adorn her hips and ass and move to and fro when he fucked her in this position or if she rode him. It wasn’t long enough to wear in public, although she had a red and black one that was a bit longer that she wore one time so far to shop at the Mall with Him. No panties this morning, although sometimes she wore a little white or pink g-string so he could pull it to the side before he slid his bull-cock into her tight slot. Her firm tits were barely covered by the knotted white top and she wore the 6″ Mary Jane style pink platform pumps that went best with this outfit. He had also bought her white and black versions of the same shoes, but they both liked the pink ones paired with the white thigh high stockings that had pink bows up the back.

He saw her and smiled. She was lovely, adorable and such a hottie when she wore naughty outfits like this. She was a vision, looking so fucking HOT in her schoolgirl lingerie, and equally hot in so many other things he bought for her to tease him by wearing.

He moved around the bed and pushed His growing cock into her mouth as he took hold of one of her pink ribboned pigtails and used the other hand to grab the little lipstick vibe and push it deeper into her snug ass. He always knew what to do to her to make her want him even more. She sucked greedily at His offering, worshipping His cock, hearing Escort Beylikdüzü His voice tell her how adorable she looked. She could see herself in the mirror he put up that covered the closet doors and watched herself as He took control of her and gently fucked her mouth. She saw herself and felt like she was watching a hot porn movie at the same time she was getting her mouth fucked. She did look like one of the teen slut porn stars she had seen getting her mouth fucked. He had helped her look so hot with the things he bought for her and the way He treated her like his Babygirl and like an aspiring porn starlet. She didn’t want that! No cameras and lights and people watching, but she did love looking like this, feeling his desire, dressing and acting to please Him. His private teen slut was all she wanted to be.

He saw her watching the mirror and told her how hot she looked as she slurped his meat. The girl in the mirror looked hot with that cock in her mouth. “That’s my good little Kaylee slut” she heard him say. She was still coming to grips with the fact that the hot little slut tickling His balls with her pink nails was sweet and innocent Kaylee. That always made her pussy tingle, her transformation, His praise, His words of encouragement made her want to suck him more, and she did, taking Him deeper into her young, eager mouth and pushing Him to her throat. She could take all of it now. He had insisted that she learn how to relax her throat and sheath it all inside her warm mouth. She practiced for a month on toys and His cock till she could. He always gasped when she did it. When His cock slipped into her throat and she looked up at Him with big eyes. She couldn’t see her makeup, but she knew her pink shadowed eyes looked really pretty and matched her outfit.

She used the stud He had put in her tongue to caress His cock head after each deep thrust. She knew the silver ball felt good on His dick, but that much of the appeal of piercing her tongue for Him was just the symbolic aspect. Everyone she talked to saw the ball on the end of her tongue and that made them wonder what it would feel like to fuck her mouth the way He must be fucking her mouth. And the way He held her tight, and the way she was always dressed, she was definitely His little teen fucktoy and probably whatever else He wanted her to be.

She knew a lot about what He wanted and was learning more every day. She knew he loved her dressed like this, in sexy, slutty lingerie. She knew He liked her submissive to his cock, sucking him if he wished, or letting him face fuck her and use her glossy lips to draw his cum up from his balls. She knew he would move, pull his cock from her mouth, move around the bed, and fill her young pussy with that bull cock and finish by spewing his seed in her wet little cunt. She knew he would get her to cum, to clench her twitching, aching, exploding little slot around His big cock as He was buried deep inside her. He was good at getting her to cum for him, making it easier and easier by making her fantasies come true.

Their second date had been a lot like that. He saw her short white dress and the yellow 5″ pumps she bought the day before in Atlanta and now wore when she stood tall and knocked on his hotel room door. He opened the door, invited her inside, kissed her deeply and then pushed down on her shoulders and told her to finish what she started last night. She hadn’t expected to be asked to do that, the moment she stepped into the hotel room. But she didn’t say no.

He grew hard quickly and she never hesitated as she knelt on the hotel carpet and reached with her slim fingers to grab her prize.

He used her mouth as much as he let her give him head. She was totally sober, but was intoxicated by his gentle command of her. He led her to her knees and she willingly followed. He took his gym shorts down and she pushed her head forward and welcomed his half-hard cock into her mouth. He let her do some of the work, especially as she slurped his growing cock to hardness, but he also held the back of her head and fucked her mouth, treating her the way they often talked about online.

He got so hard, so quickly and she knew she did that to him, and then pulled out of her mouth and had her bend over, tugging her little white thong over her ass and down her thighs. She was moist, and he rubbed her pussy lips till she was juicy and wet, then pushed his meat into the opening. Oh God, she wasn’t ready for the reality of him sliding that big thing into her tight, warm little pussy. She felt it open her up as he slid into her a bit, and he got two inches into her on the first gentle thrust, then a bit more on the second push.

She heard herself apologize for bring so tight and he chuckled and told her she had a perfect little pussy and that made her smile and feel proud. Perfect. He called her Perfect.

She held steady for Him as he gently worked his cock deeper, opening her up, parting her juicy walls and spreading her wetness along her tunnel. He was firm but gentle as he took her for the first time and by the sixth thrust, he was hitting her cervix, filling her completely. His big, bull cock was deep inside her and she felt every little twitch and motion he made.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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