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A smile curved on plump red lips, eyes glittering with mischief as Vala’s hand crept down beneath the sheets, fingertips delicately tracing up the smooth thigh of the woman sat next to her; a friend of hers, Luci, a twenty-something year old who she had had more than a few sexual encounters within the past. She was an attractive girl, porcelain skin littered with freckles and long auburn hair, bordering on a brunette. She was more than welcoming to Vala’s advances, her shapely thighs spreading just enough to allow her hand between them, giggling softly as the left knocked off the right of the third person to occupy their sofa.

Bane, a good-looking, but rather an oblivious man whose eyes were glued to the TV screen in front of them, completely unaware of what the two girls were about to get up to underneath the blanket they shared.

Vala’s gaze moved from Luci for a split second, ensuring that Bane’s attention wasn’t on them, allowing her hand to travel further up Luci’s thigh, fingertips gliding underneath her skirt, teasing at her pierced clit through the fabric of her panties. Luci was always a bit of an exhibitionist and with Bane beside them it didn’t take much before her body had slipped down the couch, legs spread enough to allow Vala full access to her body, eyes glued to Bane, the idea of him looking over and catching them in the act arousing her to no end.

Her lips parted silently as her panties were pushed aside, the tip of a single finger slowly circling her clit, dipping down every few seconds to stroke along her slit. Both of the girls knew it was nothing to get excited over and Vala was teasing, testing the waters to see if Luci was well and truly up for getting off in between two of her closest friends.

The answer, it seemed, was bursa yabancı escort yes. Her eyes turned from Bane and towards Vala, mouthing a soft “Fuck me.” before giving her hips a gentle rut, pussy already wet from how turned on she was over their current situation. Vala was nothing if not accommodating, allowing a second finger to slip in alongside the first, this time penetrating her pussy, giving a few slow thrusts, the wet sounds of her cunt causing Luci to laugh, hoping that the sounds of the TV would overpower them. Her teeth bit down on her lower lip, body tensing to remain still as Vala moved her fingers, using the wetness of her pussy to create a slick glide over her clit, even patting the delicate area to try and get the girl to jump.

Really, she just wanted to see if Luci would get herself caught, a smug little grin pulling onto her lips when her auburn haired friend brought her hand up. silencing herself halfway through a gasp, the second digging nails into Vala’s exposed thigh.

She brought her leg up, leaving her foot resting on the edge of the sofa, hoping it would come off as a simple change of position rather than her trying to make room for Vala’s hand, along with lifting the blanket up, leaving her with more room to move without the threat of Bane seeing the blanket moving from the friction of their movements.

Vala was quick to spot the change, taking advantage and slipping her fingers back into Luci’s cunt, curling ever so slightly to find her spot and begin abusing it, pounding away at the little pump as if there were no one else in the room.

This got the reaction she had been hoping for and within seconds Luci was squirming around, trying desperately to control herself, even if all bursa sınırsız escort she really wanted to do was fuck herself down on Vala’s fingers with wanton aggression. The knuckles of the hand on Vala’s thigh were white, nails digging grooves into the other girl’s skin, her head having fallen back into the couch, teeth still biting down on her finger to keep herself quiet. It had only been a few minutes, but her panties were thoroughly soaked through, the taboo nature of the act just serving to bring her closer to the point of orgasm.

Bane, being his oblivious self, was still on the screen in front of him, dismissing all the movement for the two girls messing with one another. He knew them well enough and knew they liked to get physical with one another when they had nothing else to do. So he dismissed it, thinking it better to leave them to it rather than ruin their fun.

That all came to an abrupt stop when Vala slipped a pinkie inside Luci’s ass, now abusing both holes. She was never shy when it came to making a show of someone when there was someone else in the room. She had pushed Luci’s hair aside, plush lips moving up the length of her neck, teeth scraping and tongue lapping at sensitive skin, her free hand having torn the covers from Luci’s chest, pulling her top down to expose her pierced nipples, fingers twisting and tugging on the metal, an obvious ero zone for the girl she was playing with.

In a matter of minutes, the girl became putty in her hands, her hips shamelessly rutting against Vala’s hand, eager to find her climax. Her hand had fallen from her mouth, leaving her free to voice her pleasure, hoarse moans mixing in with pleas. Dirty talk was one of her favourite forms of foreplay, the hair görükle escort raising on her arms as Vala whispered about making her squirt in front of Bane, her replies coming in a lewd mixture of her inner thoughts, rambling about how she wanted the have her cunt fucked out until she was screaming and Bane was so hard he couldn’t keep it in his pants.

In the end, Bane’s gaze was glued to the girls, watching as Luci rode Vala’s fingers, still clutching at the blankets to keep herself covered, her body almost fully lifting from the sofa. He was hard within seconds, his bulge obvious through his sweats, but too engrossed with the act that was going on in front of him to even consider touching himself.

Luci was staring at him, practically drooling over the size of his bulge and even going as far as to mention how much she’d enjoy sitting on his dick. Something Bane wouldn’t quite mind. But of course, Vala was the one to suggest it, removing her hand from Luci’s chest to grope at Bane’s crotch, only to withdraw when Luci began to moan, alerting Vala to her upcoming climax.

As she came, Vala continued her abuse on her spot, forcing the girl further until she was forced out, a powerful squirt staining the sheets, the hand once holding onto Vala now clutching the sheets against her cunt, riding out her orgasm in spasms of pleasure, deep brown eyes still on Bane when she relaxed back into the sheets, cheeks flushed thanks to the mess she had made.

Both girls had their eyes on Bane, looking at him expectantly to see just what he would do next.

He didn’t have a choice, not really. There was no way he could leave without getting off, not when his cock was visibly throbbing through his sweats, a small patch of precum already staining the light grey fabric. He brought his hands to the waistband of his pants, hooking his thumbs inside to drag the fabric down off his body, his fully erect cock freed, pulsing against the defined skin of his torso, thick veins littering the length.

“If you girls are good and give me a good blowing, I might just fuck the both of you~”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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