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Kelsey rolled out of bed and looked out her window at the pouring rain, the first gloomy day since she’d moved home. It seemed fitting, since her Jeep was broken. It had run poorly for a few hours the day before, and then wouldn’t start. When it happened she called her father at work, he called the dealer that sold it to him and a tow truck was sent for it. The tow truck driver seemed happy to drive Kelsey home. It might have had something to do with the tiny bikini she was wearing. “No extra charge. I’d be happy to,” he said, looking her over. She couldn’t tell which eye he was looking at her with because they pointed in different directions. He was missing a few teeth, and the ones he had were tobacco stained. He was reasonably harmless.

Kelsey rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, pulled a terrycloth robe on over her bare skin and went downstairs for a cup of coffee. Kay was at the kitchen table reading the morning paper. She hadn’t bothered with a robe.

“Aren’t you cold?” Kelsey asked.

“Not really, Honey,” Kay said.

Kelsey poured a cup of hot coffee and sat down with her mother.

“That was so fun last night,” Kay said. “Your dad was quiet about it this morning, but I know he loved it. I haven’t seen that look on his face in years.”

“Really?” Kelsey asked quietly, her mouth curling into a little smile.

“He always looks happy when he cums, but yeah, that was definitely big for him I think.”

Kelsey took her first sip from the steaming mug and thought back on how the evening had gone…

Brie had offered to pick her up if she wanted to go out, but Kelsey decided to stay home with her parents for a quiet night watching another French movie on DVD. Kay picked most of the movies, and they were almost always sexy in one way or another. The one they’d watched was particularly steamy — a man meets two sisters who are twenty years younger than him, and they go on a week-long road trip leaving his wife behind.

After the movie Kelsey confessed that she’d been writing stories for a few years. They’d started coming to her when she watched Tucker coming up with little storylines for the porn scenes they were shooting at the studio. In Kelsey’s down time from work and school she’d jot down her own ideas, which quickly turned into a relaxing hobby of writing short stories. Filthy, dirty, sexy short stories. She didn’t do it often, but when one came to her she couldn’t rest until she’d gotten it down on paper.

Kay and Bobby were intrigued by Kelsey’s new hobby, and asked her to tell them a bedtime story. She brought her notebook to their room and climbed onto the bed with them. It was cool and drizzly outside, so Kay pulled a sheet over their naked bodies. Bobby was in the middle and put his arms around his two girls. Kelsey began to read.

It was a story about a college girl on a bicycle, riding along the towpath of the old Erie Canal. The tire on her bike went flat, and she noticed a house through the woods. A man was splitting firewood in his backyard, wearing shorts and work boots. He had gray hair on his chest, and his muscles glistened from the work. The girl startled him when she walked out of the woods carrying her bike. He fixed her tire, they drank Utica Club beer from cans, they kissed, their clothes came off, etc. etc.

When Kelsey finished the story Bobby’s cock was fully hard. Kay’s hand had been under the sheet stroking it ever since the story had heated up. Kelsey was thrilled of course, that her little story had elicited that kind of response from her first audience.

After Bobby and Kay praised Kelsey for her storytelling abilities, a sexy silence fell over the room. The only sounds were the spatter of rain on the windows and the soft rustle of Kay’s hand under the sheet, still slowly working on Bobby. Kelsey was suddenly overcome with warmth, like she’d had a transfusion of blood that was ten degrees warmer than her own. Her hand went to the top of the sheet. She felt her mother’s fingers moving underneath, and then the heat and hardness of her father’s cock. Kay’s finger’s retreated, just a few inches, to massage Bobby’s balls, leaving Kelsey’s warm hand on her father’s hard shaft, with the thin cotton sheet between them.

Kelsey knew what his hard cock looked like. She’d seen it many times. The first few times were from the third floor window when she was younger, looking down on her parents orgies by the pool, and more recently at the parties she’d been invited to. But she’d never touched it. Putting the feel together with the visual was magical.

Her fingers encircled the hard warmth, stroking it slowly and gently. Bobby groaned as he came. Kelsey watched as the cum made wet spots on the sheet. There was more than she thought there’d be, and the stickiness oozed through the fabric onto her slowly stroking hand. Bobby’s eyes were closed and his face looked beautiful.

When he started to soften Kelsey left him to her mother’s still playful hand. She kissed them both on the forehead, picked up her kağıthane escort notebook and said goodnight to them. Bobby and Kay both looked blissful when Kelsey left them to go to her room.

“Was he sexy when you first met him?” Kelsey asked after another sip of her morning coffee.

“Your father? Oh, yes,” Kay said. “I mean not like now, but yes, he was. Nineteen-year-olds have a different way about them though. I always thought older men were sexier.”

“Yeah, me too,” Kelsey said, thinking about the professor she had an affair with at school, Brie’s father Brian, and Tucker and Dave at the studio.

Kelsey’s phone rang and vibrated on the table. Her Jeep was fixed. No charge, the man said.

“Oh good, Honey!” Kay said. “Your father said the man who runs the place is really nice. I’ll get dressed and bring you over. He’s just on the other side of town.”

Koop’s Crawlers was the name on the sign. It hung above the door of a building that used to be a gas station, probably built back in the thirties. An antique globe-top gas pump stood next to the door. Jeeps were everywhere, with a few old Ford Bronco’s and a pickup truck or two mixed in for variety. John Kooper was the proprietor’s name. All his friends called him Koop. He specialized in vintage Jeeps, some of them hard-core rock crawlers for off road use only. He was under a Jeep that was up on the shop’s lift when Kelsey walked in. He bumped his head when he saw her, standing there in her favorite green bikini top and faded Levi’s. She hated wearing long pants in the summertime, but the day was cool and drizzly.

“You must be Kelsey,” Koop said. “It was the ignition coil. Easy fix. Sorry you got stranded, but these old engines can be more finicky than new cars. Not bad, but stuff like a bad coil can sneak up on you.”

“You all set, Honey?” Kay yelled from her car window.

“Yeah, Mom,” Kelsey yelled. “Thanks.”

Kay waved and drove away.

“So what’s a coil do?” Kelsey asked Koop.

“Oh, well, it takes an electrical charge from the battery, twelve volts, and it converts it, sort of like a transformer, up to thirty-thousand volts. It’s what makes the juice that makes your spark plugs spark.” Koop rummaged in the trash. “Here’s your old one. Nothin’ much to it. Not too expensive. There’s no charge for you of course. Your father only bought Old Red a couple weeks ago.”

“So where’s it go?” she asked, looking up at the undercarriage of the Jeep above her head.

“Oh. It’s up on top. Here, I’ll show you.”

Koop walked over to an old Willys Jeep from the forties that another man was working on. He pointed under the hood to the coil.

“Right there,” Koop said. “It’s usually near the distributor. That’s the thing with all the wires coming out of the top of it.”

Kelsey leaned her forearms on the top of the fender the way Koop was doing, right across from him. The chartreuse-green bikini was her favorite because it was the least constricting of any she owned. Just thin pieces of unlined soft cotton and some string. Her tits pretty much did their own thing when she wore it, and they were hanging beautifully under her as Koop talked. She could feel him looking at her, so she moved suddenly to make everything jiggle. Her hardening nipples added to the effect. Koop was so distracted he hit his head again, on the underside of the hood.

“This one’s old, isn’t it?” Kelsey asked.

“Nineteen forty-four,” Koop said. “Built for World War Two. Belongs to Happy there. He worked on yours when we put it together.”

“Oh, cool!” Kelsey said. “Hi, Happy!”

“Hello,” Happy said, sounding anything but.

“You know, I’ve driven by here, but this is all so cool!” Kelsey said as she looked around at the old shop. “Is it all right if I stop in and say hi sometime?”

“We’d love it Kelsey. I always like to keep track of my babies,” Koop said, looking at the red one out under the carport roof. “You goin’ swimmin’ in all this rain today?” he asked, glancing again at the big tits barely contained by the bikini.

“No, not today,” she said, looking out at the spitting drizzle. “Looks like the rain’s almost stopped though. I guess I’ll wait here ’till it does. I forgot to bring my top with me.”

“Sure, make yourself at home,” Koop said.

He picked up an air hammer and went back to work on the Jeep on the lift, cutting the old rusty exhaust system into pieces. Kelsey settled in on an old vinyl couch-like thing, part of a booth from a diner. She picked up a grease stained street rod magazine and pretended to look at it, but she was really watching Koop. He was older than her dad, fifty maybe, with soft brown eyes. A little bit of gray added interest to his brown hair. Tattoos on his arms made him look like a bad-ass, but she could tell he wasn’t one.

Kelsey liked the way he wore his jeans. Not too tight, the way some guys like to show off, but not too loose either. Just right. sarıyer escort His t-shirt was the same, it fit him well and let Kelsey see the muscles working in his shoulders when he had the jarringly loud tool above his head. The shirt was a little short, shrunk from hundreds of washings she guessed. When he put both his hands up to wrestle with the old muffler she could see his treasure trail, the nice strip of soft dark hair that led down the center of his lower belly and disappeared in his bluejeans. The muffler came loose and hit the floor with a metallic bang.

“Sorry. It gets kinda loud around here,” he said.

Kelsey just smiled. She was leaning back languidly on the seat, looking like one of the photo models in the very magazine she was holding. Betties, they called them.

“Do they use models in the Jeep magazines, too?” she asked, turning the photo spread of the Bettie leaning on a street rod toward Koop so he could see it.

“Nope. If they ever do I’ll give you a call,” he smiled.

Kelsey was fascinated by the picture. The girl was dressed in lingerie from the fifties — a girdle-like thing with built-in straps to hold her stockings up. The stockings had lines up the back of them, like Kelsey had seen in a movie one time. The girl’s makeup and jet-black hair looked old-fashioned and timeless, too — straight-cut bangs and richly colored red lipstick. Kelsey hadn’t spent much time in front of a camera with her clothes on. She wondered how a girl would get to do such a thing, modeling with cool cars for a magazine.

When the drizzle stopped, Koop walked Kelsey out. He couldn’t help but check out her ass when she climbed into the Jeep he called Old Red. She looked at the one parked next to her, noticing the seat in the back. Hers didn’t have one.

“Do they make a backseat to fit mine?” she asked.

“That one’ll fit. I can swap it over. Stop by tomorrow if you want.”

“How much is it?”

“No charge, I feel bad you got stranded yesterday,” Koop said, his eyes sparkling as he looked into Kelsey’s.

She liked him.

That evening, when Bobby got home from work, Kelsey ran to him and gave him her usual naked embrace.

“Hi, Daddy!” she beamed.

Bobby held her extra tight. The sexy handjob in bed the night before was risky, relationship-wise, but it seemed all was right with the world and their bond was even deeper.

“Koop’s so nice,” she said. “I’m glad you bought my truck there.”

Bobby could tell she’d spent some time with Koop, because she hadn’t called it a truck before. “Yeah, he seems like an honest guy. Knows his stuff I think.”

“Did you see their website?” Kelsey asked. “They sell trucks all over the world.”

“Really? No, I didn’t know that,” Bobby said, as Kelsey finally released him from her warm embrace. “I was thinking about the story you read us last night,” he said. Kelsey’s eyes twinkled as she remembered the feel of his hard cock throbbing in her hand as he came. “You’ve got a real talent for writing. You should have Olivia look at your stories. She started out as an English teacher you know, before she moved into the office. She writes poetry.”

“Really? Cool, yeah, I’ll show her!”

“Have Brie and Charity heard anything from her yet about jobs?” Bobby asked.

“Not yet,” Kelsey said, smiling a mischievous smile. “You want ’em to stay, don’t you, you dirty old man. Charity checked out your ass the other day, when she was leaving.”

Bobby was thrilled, but tried to hide it. Unsuccessfully. Kelsey giggled at her handsome, sexy father. A vision popped into her head — she and Brie and Charity were having sex with him on a big bed, and he was well up to the challenge. The fantasy made her super horny, but she tried to hide it. Unsuccessfully. Kelsey didn’t blush often, but when she did her freckly chest turned a lovely pink and her nipples puffed up to perfection. Her mother was the same way, and Bobby knew the sight well. He smiled at his sexy daughter, winked at her and looked over the days mail that was on the table.

The next morning Kelsey corralled her voluptuous curves into another sexy bikini, a black one stitched with gold, with gold strings. She pulled on some shorts and drove over to Koop’s. She wanted to give him a hug when she walked in because she liked him and she often hugged her friends, but she held off, thinking maybe it was to soon.

Koop pulled Old Red up in front of the work bay. He’d already removed the backseat from the other Jeep, so it only took him a few minutes to get it into place in Kelsey’s. She loved to watch him work, all skilled and muscly and confident.

“So, Happy had this…idea,” Koop said as he worked, suddenly sounding a bit unsure of himself. “Have you seen our website?”

“Yeah,” Kelsey said. “I saw it on your sign, so I checked out when I got home yesterday.”

“Oh, good. It’s where we do most of our business these days. We sefaköy escort list the Jeeps and other trucks. There’s lots of pictures of them, you probably saw them. They’re just simple pictures we take out in the lot. Happy heard what you said the other day, about modeling with Jeeps, and we were thinkin’, maybe…we could hire you to, maybe, like, pose with a few of ’em, like in a bikini or somethin’? To sorta jazz up the listings, you know?”

“Oh! Cool!” Kelsey said, thrilled to be asked. “I’d love that!”

“Really?” Koop said. He was surprised how easy it was. “We’ll pay you of course.”

“No you won’t,” Kelsey said. She could tell Koop’s Crawlers was a low-budget operation, and she wanted to help her new friends out. “Just fix my Jeep if it breaks sometime. It probably won’t.”

“Wow,” Koop said. “That’s too good of a deal to pass up. You sure about this?”

“I am,” Kelsey said, smiling beautifully.

“Is your father gonna rip me a new one for exploiting you?”

“Are you kidding? He’ll love it!” Kelsey laughed. She wondered if it was the right time to tell Koop about her porn career, but she decided to wait. It never even occurred to her that it might be important to him, that he might not want to use someone with an X-rated reputation for his advertising. Her reasons for not telling him were more selfish — she liked him and didn’t want to scare him away before she got his clothes off.

Half-an-hour later Kelsey’s new seat was installed. She climbed in to try it out.

“This is so awesome,” she said. “I can put two friends back here.”

“Close friends,” Koop said. “It’s not exactly roomy.”

“My friends are all close,” she said. She didn’t elaborate.

Kelsey was really starting to enjoy the Jeep thing. She looked around the lot at some of the other ones Koop had for sale. A black one caught her eye.

“That one’s hot,” she said. She jumped out of the back of hers and wandered over to it. Koop liked that one too.

“It’s important to get the stance right. Some guys don’t. I’ve been doin’ it a while, so, I guess I’ve got an eye for it.”

Kelsey didn’t really know what he meant. She knew what stance was, but only as it related to things like having her hands up against a wall and arching her back enough and getting her legs spread just right, so the camera could see the fucking and she looked sexy.

“You married, Koop?” she asked. “Will your wife be mad if you’re takin’ pictures of me?”

“No, no wife. I’m free to do as I please,” he smiled. Kelsey liked the answer.

“So, what were you thinkin’, bikinis and stuff, or somethin’ sexier?” she asked.

“I’m not sure there is anything sexier,” he said. His eyes made a quick foray to her tits. Just a quick glance. He didn’t want her to think he was a letch.

“You want me to, like, pose against them? Or in them?” she asked. The breeze caught her long red hair just as she struck a practice pose. “Wait a minute,” she said. She flicked open her shorts, slipped them off and adjusted the little bikini bottom that almost came off with them. Koop was speechless, pretty sure that he’d gotten a glimpse of her pussy. “How about this?” she said. She put her hands on the shiny black Jeep, arched her back and looked over her shoulder at him. The finest ass he’d ever seen was just two feet away from his quickly swelling cock.

“That’ll work,” he said.

Kelsey giggled. “This is gonna be fun!” she said. “Got your camera? You could take a few right now.”

“Yeah, but…don’t laugh. It’s a piece of shit.”

Koop walked into the shop shaking his head in disbelief. Taking photographs of a hot bikini model was not what he expected to be doing that morning. Kelsey followed him in.

“I should probably look at myself,” she said. “Fix my hair and stuff.”

“Oh. Yeah. Sure,” Koop said. “It’s, uh…not exactly clean. “It’s that door right there,” he said pointing to the back corner of the over-stuffed shop.

Kelsey made her way through the maze of tools and Jeep parts, her little ass wiggling and the rest of her jiggling. Happy was deep into a front suspension job when she passed him.

“Hi, Happy!” she beamed. “It’s cool you wanted me for your website! Thanks!”

He pulled his head out from the wheel-well and watched her wiggle by, astonished to see her in nothing but the little black bikini. When she disappeared into the bathroom he turned to Koop. They both shook their heads and smiled.

Kelsey was smiling too as she looked around at her surroundings. The walls of the little bathroom were plastered with stickers from parts manufacturers and speed shops. Bumper stickers covered the toilet tank. Three different tool company calendars with pin-up girls were thumb-tacked to the walls, none of them from the current year. Kelsey guessed Koop and Happy must have liked those particular girls, so they saved them. In a place of prominence, over the top of the dirty old medicine box mirror, was a wide Playboy centerfold, held up with yellowed tape. It was a blast from the past — the seventies probably — a blonde with big hair and big tits, wearing leg warmers, sprawled on a white sheepskin rug in front of a roaring fireplace. Kelsey loved it. After she fixed her hair she untied her bikini top and compared her tits to the blonde’s. She smiled again. The Playboy Playmate had nothin’ on her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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