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I prowled the hotel lobby like a jungle cat, nerves a-tingle and senses alert, waiting impatiently for the moment to come that had been so long awaited. The moment when all the promises of the past two months would either be realized or abandoned.

Would she show? Would she have the guts to go through with it? Only time would tell, and time was running out.

The hotel staff watched me cautiously out of the corners of their eyes, their inability to challenge my right to be there inbred over the centuries. Was I there to rob them or to inflict pain on one of their other guests, or was I simply waiting for someone, as I had mentioned? Whatever my motivation for being there, the level of tension would certainly relax when I left and the sooner the better.

“What you reckon he waiting for, Jimmy?”

“I don’ know honey, but I be glad when he gone. He give me de creeps. Looky them muscles under that shirt, all ripplin’ and flexin’. I hope ain’ nobody gon’ git cut.”

“You and me, too, honey. Sho nuff.”

“Sho nuff.”

Nine o’clock! Nine fucking o’clock! She said she’d be here by seven at the latest. Maybe she had car trouble. Maybe she was stranded on the side of the fucking highway, beside the bayou while those redneck bastards in the 18-wheelers whizzed by, side by side, infuriating the traffic they were holding up. That stretch of Interstate was one of the worst in the country. The road surface was terrible and the fucking rednecks jammed the two narrow lanes. It was always a relief to get past it in either direction and let the hammer down again.

Driving cross country with the radio turned up on some good shit-kicking country or blues, with my dick in my hand, jacking off to the beat while the miles melted away. Man, what a way to cross the country! Stop for barbecue once in a while and drive on with a smile on my face.

Kimberly wrote me an e-mail. Said she really liked my stories. Said she got off on the ones about the grandfather fucking his granddaughters. Couldn’t blame her. I got off on them, too. Said she was 23. I wondered why she liked stories about grandfathers fucking. Did she have fantasies about her grandfather?

My eyes snapped to the front door, but it was obviously not her. She had sent me pictures so I would recognize her. They showed a young, vibrant person with bright, questing eyes. We had begun an exchange of letters through the e-mail system. Do you like this? Would you do that? What turns you on? Can we meet somewhere? That was the big one. It required a huge leap of faith.

Gradually, she learned to have more and more faith in me and to realize that I meant her no harm. She opened herself up to me across the miles and even gave me her phone number so we could chat, late at night, when our hormones called.

What was keeping her? Should I go looking for her? Was she hurt? I felt badly about asking her to drive so far to meet me, but she was terrified that someone might see her with an old fart like me if I came to her town, and word would get back to her parents. I should have sent her a plane ticket. I mentally kicked my ass for not pushing that option, but she didn’t like flying, she said.

Unable to endure the stress of waiting any longer, I wandered outside, into the muggy heat of the city. Faint sounds of music and laughter drifted toward me on the thick air. Tantalizing smells of delicious southern style cooking wafted around my nostrils. At least waiting was more enjoyable out here than in the sullen hotel lobby.

My aimless strolls began to take longer and longer loops. As I passed a car at the curb for about the fifth time, I happened to glance in and see a woman behind the wheel who could be her. If it was her, what was she doing and why didn’t she get out of the car and come to meet me?

Taking a chance that I might wind up in the slammer for approaching a strange woman on the street at night, I screwed up my nerve and tapped on her window. “Excuse me,” I said. “Are you waiting for someone named Wyden?”

“Oh, thank goodness! It’s you! I was scared to death it was somebody else and I didn’t know how to get in touch with you or what I was going to do if that wasn’t you.”

“How long have you been sitting here? Why didn’t you come into the hotel?”

She mumbled something I couldn’t understand.


“I said I can’t get out of the car. You get in and I’ll tell you the rest.” She unlocked the passenger door and I slid in.

“Well, I’m really relieved to see you,” I told her. “I was beginning to get worried that something had happened to you and it would be all my fault.”

“Well, you’re partly right. Something has happened to me and it’s partly your fault.”

“What? Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m not hurt. I’m sitting in a pool of cum and it’s all your fault. On the way over here I kept thinking about how big you claim your dick is and it got me so horny that I got myself off with my fingers. You should be Uşak Escort tickled. You know I can’t ever get off with just my fingers. I have to have some kind of toy or something to tickle me just right and sometimes it takes a long time, but tonight while I was driving and thinking about you sticking that big dick in me, I got so hot that it only took a little tickling and I was cumming all over the place. The worst part was that I don’t ever squirt when I cum and tonight I have squirted so much my dress is ruined. I can’t walk in that hotel lobby looking like this. I had no idea how bad it was until just before I got here. My seat cooled off enough for me to realize what a pool I was sitting in and I stuck my hand down there. Boy, what a mess! And it’s all your fault.”

What a speech! All I could do was to gape at her with my mouth open.

“You better close your mouth or I’ll stick a tit in it,” she threatened.

“Promises, promises,” I teased, opening my mouth as wide as it would go, knowing that she wouldn’t dare expose her tits in such a public place.

She looked around one time, very quickly and unbuttoned her blouse far enough to lift one of her massive tits above her bra and shove it in my face.

As my mouth closed hungrily over her erect nipple, she went on. “You keep telling me how I need to loosen up and be more adventurous. How’s that for adventurous, big shot?”

“Umhumh,” I moaned as I sucked. My hand reached for her swampy cunt. Damn! She sure was right about that problem. It really turned me on to think that I had been at least partially responsible for her condition. My hopes for the weekend soared.

“Tell you what,” I offered. “You probably have some kind of sweater with you. Why don’t you tie it around your waist, to cover your ass while we walk through the lobby? By the time anybody starts to wonder why you’re wearing it that way, we’ll be in the elevator.”

Her eyes shone brightly at the suggestion and we were soon in that elevator, heading up to our room. As soon as the doors closed on us, she ripped her blouse open and hauled out both of those beautiful suckers for me to enjoy.

Damn, when Kimmie gets rolling, she puts the pedal to the metal! I lapped happily away until the doors opened and there stood a little old man and a little old lady, staring at us with a glazed expression on their faces.

“Thanks, GrandPa. I needed that,” Kimmie told me brightly as we scooted past the old folks, heading for our room. Her jugs were still swinging free and had apparently hypnotized the old fucker. His head looked like one of those tacky wagging-head dog toys some people put in the back window of their cars because they think they are so damned cute. His old lady was beating the shit out of his arm, but I don’t think he was aware of it. He was still peeking out when the doors closed around his nose.

Kimmie giggled and grabbed my arm, smashing it against all that luscious tit flesh. “Come on, GrandPa. I want to see if you were lying about that big dick.” She was on a high. I sniffed her breath to see if she had any help from Mr. Daniels, but apparently, her high was completely natural.

“Now, you want to be a little gentle with me,” I begged. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“You asshole! All the shit you’ve told me about doing and here I’m the actual virgin and you want me to take it easy on you. I’m going to fuck your horns off, old man. You won’t be able to get it up for a week after I’m gone. In fact, I’ll be very surprised if you can get out of bed at all for a few days. I’ve been saving up for this night all my life and I’m going to ride you till you founder. Now get your ass in that room and get naked. Mama’s hot to trot and don’t care who knows it!”

Was this the quiet child who wrote me those sensitive, loving letters about firelight and candle light and bearskin rugs and sensitivity and all that shit? She had one hand on my crotch and one on hers as we neared our room. Apparently, she had lost all reticence once she had talked herself into meeting me. After all, what was the point of driving all this way if she were going to choke up and be little Miss Frigid about the whole thing? Might as well cut the binders loose and let the chips fall wherever.

I was really getting caught up in her enthusiasm and to regain most of the excitement I had been feeling until concern for her welfare had caused me to lose my focus, which was generally centered within about seven inches of my crotch.

The door finally cooperated and we managed to slink in before waking up everybody on our floor.

Now that the door was closed, I was feeling much more in control again. She had caught me very much off guard from the first time I saw her at the curb until now and I needed a familiar drill to get me back in synch.

I reached for the cold bottle of champagne and popped the cork before pouring us each a sip. The candles I had placed around two hours before were burning Uşak Escort Bayan down, but they were still burning. There was a row of them forming an alleyway into the bathroom.

I put my glass down on the nightstand and went behind her to help her out of her clothes. She hesitated only momentarily before seemingly sucking it up and letting me go ahead. It must have been pretty tough for her, but she never said anything. My hands found several things to keep them occupied while her clothes were falling in a pile around her.

“It isn’t fair for you to be the only one with clothes on. Let me help you off with that.” She untied my tie. I had been prepared to take her out to dinner if she was in the mood. We might still go out later, but it was beginning to look as if we each carried with us what the other one would be eating tonight.

My clothes formed a small mountain on top of hers and we headed for the bathroom hand in naked hand. The scented water was pretty cold by now, so I freshened the hot while covering her body in small kisses. Goose bumps covered her. Maybe it was the coolness of the room. Maybe it was the fact that she was naked in the bathroom with a guy she had actually met for the first time only about fifteen minutes ago.

I helped her step into the warm, scented water and get comfortable before turning on the Jacuzzi jets. What was the point of going this far to meet someone if you didn’t go for the optional Jacuzzi?

“Mmmmmmh.” She gave a contented sigh as I began my massage. I couldn’t keep my hands from finding those magnificent tits with their delicious strawberries on the tips. Her muscles were knotted up along the tops of her shoulders, but now was not the time to get into those, so I concentrated on other things. By the time I got back to the muscles, she would be more relaxed and they would respond better.

Kimmie laid her head back against my swollen dick as I sat behind her to rub soothing oils into her back and front. Her hair tickled me as she lolled her head around, almost making me shoot off in her bath water. I had to move to the other end of the tub to slow myself down.

Taking up a seat at the foot of the tub, I lifted one of her feet into my lap and rested it on my dick as I massaged it. I noticed with satisfaction that one of her hands had stolen its way to her pussy and was teasing her pink lips as she surrendered her feet to me.

The problem with most massages is that they stop too soon. Giving a good massage is hard work and most people can’t or won’t keep it up as long as they should. I continued until I saw Kimmie’s head drooping. I got a couple of towels and gently got her out without disturbing her drowsy state and got her into the bed.

“Just lie back now and imagine I’m somebody sexy,” I told her as I slid down toward the foot of the bed. She had no way of knowing about the assortment of surprises I had planned for her.

At first, I simply smelled her–all over. I put my nose about a half inch from her skin and went all over her body, just getting the scent of her. I wanted to know what she really smelled like before I started with the scented oils.

There’s something about oil on skin that is very sensuous. Sometimes it’s worth a trip to the beach, just to have an excuse to rub your body all over with oil. My dick is about ten shades of brown darker than the rest of my body because of all the extra oil that’s been rubbed on it at the beach. (I like nude beaches!)

I guess Kimmie felt the same sort of way about oil on her skin, from the way she moaned and flopped about as I rubbed it into her, paying extra special attention to the best parts. In order to get the oil to properly cover nipples, they must be very slowly stretched and pinched a bit, to increase the blood supply. This heats the nipple a bit and allows the oil to soak in better. (Or something like that.)

My dick was drooling precum continuously, leaving snail trails all over her legs and back as I moved her around and sat on her at various places to make sure no part of her body was left out.

That downgrade that ends at the junction between thigh and belly has always been one of my weaknesses. I once had a sports car that had a fender joint that reminded me of this place. It’s the only car I ever had that I enjoyed waxing so much.

I waxed Kimberly’s junction, over and over. I rolled her over and waxed her sphincter a bit, just to make her wonder.

We had plenty of time. The more time I took in the buildup, the harder she would cum and the harder she came, the harder I would.

I had been working on her for something like an hour by this time. Her nervousness had completely disappeared, to be replaced by a sense of calm and release of tension. She obviously felt that she was in safe hands that would do her no harm.

Now it was time to graduate from sensual to sexual.

Up to this point, I had not touched her pussy. It lay there, completely exposed Escort Uşak and ripe as a peach, but I was waiting until I saw the proper sign before moving forward.

Then it came. Her hips began an unconscious, involuntary rolling motion. They would start by raising her mound off the bed several inches, then rotating it in a corkscrew motion as she lowered her ass to the bed, almost as if her subconscious self were screwing an imaginary lover. That’s what I had been waiting for.

I positioned my face just above the highest point she reached on the upswing. When her pussy lips came within a fraction of an inch from my lips, I would blow gently, a little puff of air on the hairs lining the fringe of her pussy.

Time after time she raised herself toward my lips, sometimes higher and higher, trying to make closer contact with the barely felt source of pleasure, but I kept just out of her reach for a long time.

The next time she raised her cunt toward my face, my tongue was sticking out hard and straight, like a spear. It penetrated the walls of her cunt for the first time and I felt an answering shiver from her.

The next time she came up, my tongue was once more in my mouth, depriving her of the passive thrill. Ten, fifteen, twenty more revolutions of her pelvis occurred before she once more felt the spear between her lips. Afterwards, it was there more often, but never on a regular rhythm, so she never knew when to expect it.

Slowly, I slid my hand under her and allowed the weight of her body to drive my finger just barely into her puckered back door. No pressure from me. If she wanted it in there, she would have to come and get it. At first, she held most of her weight off my finger to prevent it from penetrating.

As she became more accustomed to the game, she began to allow more and more of her weight to settle around my finger as she relaxed. Then she began actively pushing back against it–harder and harder-until it was embedded up to the first joint.

From time to time, I gave my finger a little jiggle, just to remind her that it was there, and lowered my face far enough to glide my tongue all the way from the place where my finger disappeared to the place where her slit disappeared. Dragging it slowly through the entire path with a jiggle of the bottom finger at the end of each swipe was causing a fair amount of activity to increase under my lips.

By this time, her pussy was good and wet. I wasn’t ready to fuck her, but it was time to introduce Mr. Dick to Miss Pussy.

I positioned myself at the base of her legs and flopped my dick on her belly, just above her clit.

Kimmie’s eyes flew open and she looked at me questioningly, but I smiled and shook my head to let her know she wasn’t about to lose her virginity just yet, so she relaxed again and let me continue.

I spread the lips of her pussy and laid my dick along the pink slit, then took her hand and laid it on top of my dick. She quickly picked up on what I wanted and began masturbating herself, using my dick as a dildo.

Few things turn me on more than the idea of a woman masturbating with a dildo, and when I’m attached to the dildo, it’s even hotter.

Her practiced fingers searched out the spots she knew were the most sensitive and I watched with great interest to try to memorize the places and the types of motion that felt the best to her.

Very soon, her pace quickened and her body stiffened in the first stages of a massive orgasm. I tried not to move at all or to disturb her rhythm. Each person knows their own speed better than anyone else. I like to study the person and learn their preferences.

Kimmie’s cunt was now so wet that my prick slipped between her lips a bit on each stroke up and down. At the top of the stroke, she would press it a little more against her clit before flipping it down through her slick outer lips and back up.

So far, she could technically still call herself a virgin. She had never actually been penetrated by a man, but she was millimeters away from it.

I never knew for sure whether her gyrations during her orgasm were pure lust or whether she was conscious enough to scoot forward just enough to lodge the tip of my dick in the entrance to her inner chamber, but as soon as it began to stretch her, her eyes rolled back into her head and she went completely limp.

Talk about an orgasm! She had apparently passed out, and we hadn’t even fucked yet.

In Kimmie’s mind, she was in a field of daisies, naked, and climbing up a giant prick, as big as a tree. When she looked up, she could see a huge, bulbous head far above her. She wanted so much to climb to the top and sit on it. She knew it would never fit inside her, but she wanted so much to rub her pussy all over it and to spread her juices across it–maybe even make it cum so she could watch the gigantic jets of milky cum rush out of the piss hole, between her widespread legs.

She climbed and she climbed and gradually reached the top. What a feeling of accomplishment! For a moment, she savored the view before spreading her legs as wide as she could stretch them and sitting with her hot, wet cunt splayed across the surface of cock meat. Her hand found the little feelgood button and stroked it.

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