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What a fantastic way to wake up. Kelly was sucking on my nipple. She didn’t do this very often and I was utterly enjoying the sensation. As soon as she knew I was awake, she would stop. I tried to remain motionless so she would think I was still sleeping. I am not sure how long she had been sucking on my hard bud, but she soon switched to the other one. Instead of sucking on it, however, she took it between her teeth and bit down on it. This brought a mild shriek from my throat and caused me to open my eyes.

“Good morning, Sis. I wouldn’t have done that except I sensed you were awake and taking advantage of my mouth.”

“What? How?” I started to exclaim, before realizing that it was my sister, Kassie, in bed with me and not Mistress Kelly.

“Was not!”

“Were too. I could tell how your breathing changed.

“Just wanted to enjoy the feeling, Sis. Truthfully, though, I thought you were Mistress Kelly. The only way that would have been better is if you were licking my pussy.”

“Do your sister a nice favor and it’s never enough,” Kassie laughed. I put my arms around her and pulled her down. She stretched the full length of her body against mine and laid her head on my shoulder. “I can understand why you thought I was your mistress. You don’t wake up with your sister in your bed very often. I don’t mind. I’m just pleased that I am here with you.”

“Thank you, Sis. It was a great way to wake up. What time is it?”

“A little before 6.”

“So early! How long have you been awake?”

“For about half an hour. When I opened my eyes, I looked over and watched you lying there naked. The sheet was down to your waist. You are so beautiful. I waited as long as I could before needing to devour your nipples. She then grasped the nipple she just bit and started rolling it between her fingers.

“Ummm, that feels so good.” I turned my head slightly and kissed her cheek. Thank you for being here with me, and especially for everything you did last night. I love you, Kassie.”

“Oh, kitten, I know it is an overused comment, but the pleasure was all mine. Never would I have thought that I would, one day, be waking up naked, next to my naked sister, after a wonderful night of making love. When I did wake up this morning, I almost thought I was dreaming until I turned my head and saw you here beside me. I can now admit that I have had sexual feelings for you ever since you developed into a woman.”

“You have?”

“Absolutely, why do you think I wanted you to shower with me all the time. Every time I tried to turn my desires into action, I just couldn’t because you were my sister.”

“I’m sorry, Kassie. I wish I had known. Maybe I could have encouraged you a little. I can’t say exactly when, but I know I started to have feelings about you, too. I will admit, that I really did enjoy those times when we bathed one another during our showers. I didn’t even realize that I had lesbian feelings. We all thought being lesbian was wrong. That may have also held me back.”


“Yea, damn!”

“Your mistress must have realized we needed to fulfill our desires.”

“She definitely has a way of seeing inside one’s soul. Look how she brought out my lesbian side.”

“I guess we are going to have to thank her for encouraging us to spend the night together. She definitely didn’t have to do that. You belong to her, after all.”

“I’m sure she will find a way to thank her, Kassie.”


“Yes, Sister.”

“Do you think your mistress will be upset if we make love again?”

“Mistress Kelly suspended my rules until she locks her collar on again, Kassie. I am free to do anything I want until then.”

Kassie sat up, leaned over and started to kiss me. It wasn’t a chaste, sisterly, kiss, of course. Within seconds, I was parting my lips to accept her tongue into my mouth. I moaned loudly, not because of the invasion of her tongue, but because her fingers tightened around my nipple.

Kassie moaned when I broke contact with her lips and started sucking her tongue into my mouth. I felt as though I was fucking her tongue with my mouth and she sensed this too. I did it in a way similar to what Kelly had used when I balked as she first tried to French kiss me. With our lips touching, I closed my lips tight over her tongue then slowly pulled back while sucking on it until only the tip remained in my mouth, then repeated the process. While her tongue was fully in my mouth, mine would dance with it. At the same time my eyes smiled at hers, and hers smiled back. I also saw lust in her eyes. After I caressed her tongue about six times like this, Kassie pulled back. “Holy shit, girl. Where did you learn to do that?” Then she stopped for a second and said, “Oh, your mistress.” I smiled and nodded. I thought she was going to let me continue when she suddenly moved up to sit on my face. “While I really enjoyed that, I know a better use for your mouth and tongue. Get to work, kitten.”

Who would have guessed that in just over three weeks bursa evi olan escort my favorite sport would change from softball to muff diving? I wonder if you can still call it muff diving when the muff has been shaved off. Who cares? I love eating pussy. When you think about it, if someone actually sits on your face it is extremely difficult to move your head enough to properly satisfy them orally. Thankfully, Kassie was knowledgeable enough to lift her hips slightly so I could move my head a little. My sister’s secretions were already substantial, so I attacked her folds. lapping up all the sweet juices that I could, savoring every drop.

“Kitten, you definitely know how to make a woman happy. I’ve been ready since I woke up. It’s time to make your sister cum.” Her reminder that I was performing a forbidden act on my own sibling increased my own desire tenfold. I moved my mouth to her clit and sucked it into my mouth. She climaxed hard, squeezing my head between her leg.

“Care to reciprocate, Kassie?”


“You woke me up sucking and biting my nipples then suggested we make love. I considered that to be a two-way street, yet you are the only one who got to climax.”

“Oh, I see your point. Want to 69?”

“So, you get to cum twice and I get one.”

“Uh huh.” She had that devilish look in her eyes that I loved so much.

“Any other options you might be able to think of, Sister dear?”


“OK, I like that number and that’s better than masturbating, something I’m not permitted to do anyhow, even if my rules are suspended,” I giggled.

Kassie turned and stretched out on top of me. The feel of her hard nipples rubbing my stomach just before she dipped her head between my outstretched legs, was, surprising sensual. “I know I’ve said this before, but I absolutely love your pendant. It might just be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” She didn’t waste any time attacking my clit by flicking her tongue back and forth over it and the D-ring. My loud moan encouraged her. The attention she was giving my sensitive bud seemed to increase to the extent I almost forgot that I was not keeping up my part of the meaning of 69. Her hips were a few inches above my face, so I had to put my arms around her body and lift my head slightly to return her favors.

Just before I raised my head to pay homage to my sister’s pussy, my eyes focused on another target, and I knew what I had to do. In one slow, continuous stroke, I let my tongue caress her wet folds, front to back, or, in this case, bottom to top, crossing her premium, until the tip barely grazed its final goal. This caused my sister to gasp lightly, encouraging my desire.

I pulled my tongue back into my mouth to savor her sexual honey, but, more importantly, to wet it with lots of saliva. This time I applied a little pressure as I licked across her anal flower.

Kassie raised her head slightly and long enough to cry out, “Oh, my god, kitten, I can’t believe you are licking your sister’s ass. That’s sexy as hell and I like it.” I pushed my oral muscle through her anal muscle and started fucking her. After a slight pause, she added, “Nobody’s ever done that to me before. Please don’t stop.” I had to, though. I was close to a climax when she bit down on my clit sending me over the top.

By the time I recovered, she had turned around and was thrusting her tongue into my mouth. When we finally broke contact, Kassie looked into my eyes and said, “What I really want to do is fuck you, Sis. You must have a strap-on somewhere in this room.”

I quickly rolled out of bed. As I walked towards the dresser where we kept our toys, Kassie said, “You also have a beautiful ass, kitten. That is the first thing I noticed yesterday, of course, when Sam dropped your dress. It has been so long since I have seen you naked, I guess forgot how much I lusted for you.”

I surprised her when I started to put the strap-on harness on myself. This particular harness had a triangular front with a ring through which various size dildos could be inserted. It then snapped to the main harness so changes in sizes could be made without removing the harness. I slipped one of our larger dildos into the harness. “What do you think you are doing, kitten. I said I wanted to fuck you.”

“I am going to fuck you first.”

“I don’t think so, little sister.”

“Date of birth has nothing to do with this, big sister. My house, my rules.”

“I didn’t think you were permitted to make the rules.”

“I just did,” I replied as I climbed on the bed.

“Ok, as long as you promise I get to fuck you, too.”

“Done! Now spread those legs, Kassie.”

“Ah, I think that one is a little large, kitten.”

“It’s only two and a half inches thick, love.”

“But that’s nearly eight inches in diameter. And how damn long is it.”

“Nine inches.”

“Oh, shit!”

“You worry too much, Kassie. If I can take it, I know you can. Just lie back and enjoy.”

She altıparmak escort pulled her knees up and spread them. “Oh, shit! The things I do for my little sister.”

“Your pussy looks so much more beautiful and sexier since we shaved it Kassie. I don’t know why we have to have so much hair down there.”

“I agree and thank you for doing it for me.”

I moved between her legs, positioned my fake cock at the entrance to her vagina and leaned over to suck on her nipple. I raised my head. My sister’s eyes had a feral look to them which turned me on even more, if that were possible. I pressed the dildo against her vagina and said, “Take cover, Sister. Incoming missile.”

Kassie started laughing. “How the hell can you be so damn funny when you are about to fuck me?”

“You seemed to be a little strained, Sis. Thought I’d try to take the edge off things.”

She wrapped her arms around me, pulled my face down to hers and gave me a toe-curling, non-sisterly kiss and said, “The only reason you think that is because I want that damn thing inside me, and you keep wasting time. Please, fuck me and do it now!” I slowly pushed the dildo through her slit and into her vagina and watched her eyeballs roll to the top of her head just before her eyelids closed. Her back arched and a savage growl came from her throat. “Oh, god! So big! So fucking good! Don’t stop, kitten! Please don’t stop!” That was enough encouragement to make me push the rest of the nine inches all the way in. I know it was wrong, but at that very moment, there was not another person in the world except my sister. I would eventually confess and apologize to Mistress Kelly for my lapse.

I had braced myself by putting my hands on the bed beside Kassie. Once I developed a steady, slow rhythm, I moved them to her chest and started squeezing her breasts. Kassie’s eyes remained closed while she placed her hands on top of mine and simply said, “Sweet!” I moved my hands to the bed again and leaned down to suck on her nipples. Meanwhile, I kept fucking her slowly. After a minute or so, I stretched out on top of her, breasts pressing on breasts, so I could kiss her on the lips. I thrust my tongue into her mouth and started to move it in and out, matching the in and out action of the dildo. I increased the pace of both until Kassie finally climaxed.

Kassie put her arms around my shoulders and hugged me while I rested my head on her shoulder, pecking her neck with small kisses before finally rolling off her onto the bed. “Thank you, Sis, that was absolutely amazing. Too bad we waited this long to find out what it was like.” After remaining quiet for a long time, she added, “Thinking about you licking my ass has given me a new idea, Sis. I want to fuck your ass, and I think you should agree since you just usurped my older sister’s rights to fuck you first. I hope you have a smaller dildo that will fit, though.”

“There’s no worry about this baby fitting,” I said as I gripped the dildo, “but you can’t fuck me there even if I would want you to, Kassie. Mistress Kelly declared that no one gets my ass except her. Her property, her rules. That’s one rule I know that wasn’t suspended last night, even though she didn’t specifically say so.

Kassie hopped off the bed. “Do you have a robe, kitten?”

“Don’t need one since I am required to be naked when in the house. Another inviolable rule.”

“Oh, I forgot about that. Does your mistress have one?”

“On the back of the bathroom door. But, Sis, I don’t want you to be pissed at me. Please come back. You can even fuck me doggie style if you want.”

“I’m not pissed, kitten. Don’t worry. Just relax. I’ll be back in a couple minutes to gladly take you up on that offer. Promise.”

I knew that she was going to find Kelly but didn’t think it would do any good.

I was deep in thought about the taboo, and essentially forbidden, act of making love with one’s sister and how wonderful it had been. when she entered the bedroom and startled me. “OK, kitten, I have permission to fuck your ass, but not right now. Your mistress said I had to earn the privilege.”

“I don’t understand.”

“To quote her, when I asked for permission, she said, ‘Kassandra, fucking the ass of one’s sister is not a familial birthright. And, as you well know, I now own that ass. I told kimmy that no one gets to fuck it but yours truly. At that time, I didn’t know you would be part of the picture. I may reconsider and let you do it once you earn the privilege.’ I asked her how I would do that. She only said, ‘You’ll see.” Then she kissed me.”

“She kissed you.”

“Yes, don’t go there. We don’t have time. “She was preparing breakfast and said that she would like us to be in the kitchen by eight.” Kassie was strapping the dildo on while she was talking. “On your knees, kitten. It’s time to ravish you. I’ve let sibling taboos hold me back for too many years. Last night opened the floodgates. This one is going to be fast and hard since we still gemlik escort need to shower once I’m finished with you.” Kassie positioned the fake cock at the entrance to my vagina, grasped my hips, rammed it home and hit bottom in one fell swoop. I gasped because of the surprise but loved it at the same time.

True to her word, she didn’t let up, thrusting the full-length of the dildo into me with a maniacal enthusiasm until I climaxed so violently that I couldn’t remain on my knees and collapsed onto the bed. Kassie fell on top of me, kissing and licking the sensitive juncture of my neck and shoulder over and over. I loved the feeling Kassie created by raising my hips, slowly, to move the dildo a few inches in and out of my hole while I recovered. “That was fun, kitten, but I also want to fuck you with some love behind it, so I hope your mistress will permit me to fuck you again, but with more time.”

Our shower was fast and furious. We quickly washed one another down with bare hands and liquid body soap. It was so much fun wiping our slippery hands over naked skin, we were both turned on again by the time we finished. I wanted to dry Kassie off and visa versa, but we knew that would take too much time and might lead to more.

It was ten minutes before eight when we finished in the bathroom. Kassie said, “I just have enough time to get some clothes on.”

“Ah, Kassie, I think Mistress Kelly will be pleased if you remain naked.”

“You’re kidding. I can’t do that. Too early in the morning. Besides, she hasn’t really seen me naked yet. I still had my pajama top on when I left her in the bedroom last night.”

“Please, Sis, do it for me.” I gave her my best ‘baby sister’ look and she relented.

We were holding hands as we walked into the kitchen together. I was surprised that Kelly was wearing pajamas with long pants. “I’m glad my pet and her sister decided to dress alike for breakfast.”

“My baby sister just flashed her puppy dog eyes and fluttered her eyelashes at me and asked me not to dress after my bath, Kelly. I’ve never been able to resist that. I hope you don’t mind.” We all chuckled.

“Not at all, Kassandra. In fact, I rather like the view.”

“Kassie, last night and the morning you kept referring to Mistress Kelly as ‘my mistress.’ You just addressed her as Kelly. Why do you keep switching?”

I noticed Kassie glance at Kelly, who nodded her consent to explain. “Last night I asked your mistress if I should, under the circumstances, address her as Mistress Kelly. She said that she was not my mistress, and preferred that I address her as Kelly when talking to her, but when talking to you, I should refer to her as your mistress to reinforce your slave status.”

“Now that that is settled, have a seat, Kassandra.” By pointing she indicated the specific seat on which Kassie was to sit. “kimmy and I have a formality to complete.”

I knelt before her, held the collar and lock on top of my outstretched hands, and said, “Mistress Kelly, please grant me the honor of wearing your collar.”

“You know, kitten, when you and I talked on the phone about your relationship with your mistress, even though you explained it, I just couldn’t quite picture you naked except for a collar locked around your neck. Damn, I have to admit, you look beautiful that way,” Kassie commented after Kelly buckled the collar around my neck and clicked the padlock in place.

“Thank for the compliment, ma’am.”

“Oh, shit, I almost forgot about that rule. I’m even beginning to enjoy the fact that you have to address me that way. pet.”

“To save time, I’ve already cut fruit and mixed the batter. You may make the waffles and serve us. The griddle is already hot,” Kelly said.

“How many should I make, Mistress?”

“Use all the batter, pet. We can freeze any we don’t eat.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“You may begin by serving two to each of us, kimmy, along with some fruit and orange juice. I’ve already poured a bowl of cereal for you. You will eat it without milk today.”

I whipped around to look at her. I’m glad she was facing away from me and didn’t see the extremely shocked look on my face. I knew this occasionally was part of our morning routine but didn’t expect it with Kassie here. And I have to eat it dry. That hasn’t happened before. Is she punishing me for something? I wanted to ask, but forced a smile instead and replied, “Yes, My Mistress.”

I had permanent permission to wear a bib apron when cooking, so I got mine out of the drawer. I was facing the counter when I fastened the ties behind my back. Kassie was watching me and exclaimed, “Wow! That is so sexy and hot! Naked, wearing an apron, with your ass on display.”

“I am glad you are enjoying my slave so much, Kassie.”

“I guess I should thank you again for inviting me to stay with you so I could see all this, Kelly.”

“You are most welcome. Thank you for accepting the invitation. I thought it was extremely important for you to know how your sister would be spending the rest of her life.”

I prepared dishes for Kelly and Kassie, served them, removed my apron, and picked up my bowl. Until then I hadn’t noticed how little cereal it contained. I guessed there was less than one-eighth cup in it. “Ah, Mistress Kelly, there isn’t very much cereal in my bowl.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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