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I tell you what, for all the rescue remedies and I don’t know what prescribing solutions for calming the nerves and tensions during these uncertain times of wars and climate change and the hassle of driving on our every increasing traffic volumes, I have the perfect remedy, well it works for me and if oral sex is a no- no for you don’t bother to read on, because this is all about the ins and out’s of it and just how relaxing and good I find it to be.

And I know, from his reaction, Phil feels the same way because, after it – after he has released his pent up frustration which has been trapped in his briefs all day, the evening pleasure is a must for him and for me.

“I love the way you do it. Pete – the way you just help yourself like you are taking cutlery from the kitchen drawer and preparing that succulent meal you always have ready for me on my arrival, after a week in the office. Like it is the natural thing to do always and that makes me chill out from the start, just you suggesting I stretch out on the sofa and your coming to sit beside me on a cushion on the carpet, then the so very gentle and appealing movement of your fingers starting to massage my chest and me waiting in anticipation of what follows; Something which will rev me up and reveal the almighty organ swollen underneath my pin stripes which you have so beautifully prepared with that special swirl motion you use in the kitchen when mashing potatoes.

” It is so lovely Pete, it really is.”

Phil was a poet at heart and I enjoyed his wrangles, well they were all part of the guy I had come to think was the Eryaman Escort best.

I whisper in his ear as he looks so very enticing relaxing. Fed wined and ready for our regular weekly magical excursion and then for a beautiful weekend doing the things we both want to do, including dining out, a long drive in the country and a thousand and done things we mutually enjoy before Phil, takes the long journey back to the north for the week, hopefully fully restored after a really captivating and beautiful weekend doing those so special deep intimate things we love so very much.

The first taste of that perfect cock after a week’s absence is always so good, freshly taking its freedom once more after I have unzipped and gently massaged him through his briefs, feeling the excitement and the thrill build as his moans begin. Before I take the first taste I long for so much I enjoy the absolutely exclusive feel of it, balls and all, as he gets a heavy erection, feeling the strength of its incessant throb in the grasp of my right hand as my left feels the lovely elasticity of his ripe firm balls, so good and so delightfully stimulating as already I begin to get the feeling I want him deep inside me once more, to fuck me to the core – to give my aching asshole what it craves for, the feel of hard stiff cock driving up inside me, and Phil always does that so very well, he makes me purr with contentment as I feel his fuck surge inside, the occasional pause so that I might feel the pulse of his throb inside.

And when I stretch back that lovely Sincan Escort foreskin, to reveal that so lovely ripe and red plum beneath, to take in the scent of all that has been trapped beneath; the experience of that and the first taste of it, drives Phil into an ecstatic frenzy, I feel his hands grasp and interlock behind my neck arguing me to go for it, and lick and suck that very throbbing head.

But ever since my first oral experience with an old guy who had me in his allotment shed I feel it is like a drug and I cannot do without my regular fix of highly fuelled ripe cock, the sucking and the balling drive me to a perfect unison of mind, body and soul and I do love to feel the spurt of Phil’s hot cum fill the orifice of my mouth, then his French kiss immediately afterwards before the ultimate fuck when we share the nectar of his love juice replenish our special relationship, something which would have once seemed repulsive to me was perfectly right with Phil – especially after a really intimate shared cock sucking and balling, and a little more too from Phil as I enjoyed the tease if his finger tips begin to rim and stretch me in preparation for his deep fuck soon after, the light slapping of my ass cheeks as we adjusted ourselves to enjoy each other in our favourite sixty nine position when we both shared a so wonderful and exciting sniffing an tasting of each other, and feeling his tongue enrapture the innermost most private parts, stretching my ass cheeks so wide apart like I felt they would split, he went like an animal with Etlik Escort the sucking and licking, his breathing becoming ever more heavy and his hands kneading my ass like he just could not get enough of my ass.

All that while I simply took in the deep pungency and nectar of his wonderful eight inch thick cock, always a challenge to take it deep into my mouth, but with a little ingenuity brought on by my sexual need I managed with bulging cheeks to take that cock deep until I was so stuffed with cock I could hardy breath or manipulate it in my mouth. But that was soon overcome with a little pliability and movement, bending and massaging upwards and downwards and sideways licking his length and his beautifully warm balls. I wanted to keep that certain flavour of cock deep in my throat for the whole week whilst he way and then I could wank away those lonely nights without the warmth of his masculine body beside me, feeling his cock rise in the night and work its way between my as cheeks, it feeling so supple and good as we enjoyed another bonus fuck before we resumed our sleep. The feeling there inside me afterwards so lovely and so soothing and like, the sucking of Phil’s cock, the most comforting and relaxing remedy in my book

So guys and dolls, you don’t need all those tablets injections and whatever to relax you, just find yourself a compatible partner and go for it, suck each other until Kingdom cum and you will feel there is a heaven on earth.

And more for the pleasure of the union afterwards; it cannot be better than when the foreplay has been enjoyed to the full. As I suck Phil I get the motion of how it will feel deeply embedded in my ass and that is everything to me.

I always want to be quality ass for my baby, that is always crucial in our relationship and no matter how he wants me, how the mood takes him. I am always truly ready for him and whatever wants to do with me, that’s alright too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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