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I bet you all thought that it was over huh? Think again, because I have one more story to tell before I let any of the other girls share theirs.

Remember me? I am Simone. A little while back, I told you about how I ended up with a job (if you would call it that) working for Madam Nadia. I think I also told you all about my first night on the “job”, but there is more!

There isn’t much to this tale, but I just have to get it out. At the same time, I hope you enjoy my tale as much as I enjoyed the experience . . .

I had been at the bordello for a couple of months and I was doing pretty good if I do say so myself. I finally got rid of my ’85 Honda and was driving a newer model. WHAT?! I love Hondas! Anyway . . . Like I was saying, I was doing pretty good . . . kept a little extra money and had my regulars taking care of my needs and desires.


Every now and then, just for kicks, I would even put on a little show for our guests by singing a song or two before we all journeyed to our quarters. And to top it all off, I was getting extra praise from the Madam. This job was waaaaay better than waiting tables.

I mean, who could ask for a better job?! Great money, room and board, food provided, and sex guaranteed whenever you wanted it. And it was all in the best of taste.

Well, my tale takes place around the Christmas holiday. I racked up from my regulars. A diamond tennis bracelet, a necklace, extra cash and more stuff. But it wasn’t enough. All of the other girls had places to go for the holiday and the bordello was going to be closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I had nowhere to go, so I had asked if I could stay at the bordello for the holiday.

Madam Nadia was hesitant at first. “I don’t know, my dear. I look forward to the peace and quiet. Christmas is the only time that I get it.”

“I’ll be as quiet as a church mouse,” I pleaded with her. “I won’t bother you for anything.”

After she only stared at me silently, I kept begging, but nothing seemed to convince her. Finally I gave up and went to my room to take a nap before our guests for the night had arrived. I had no choice but to come up with some alternative for the holiday.

I thought about calling my cousin, but I figured that he might still be a little sour from me sleeping with his girlfriend. There was no way in hell that I was spending the holiday with mama and her shitty ass husband. That was definitely out!

I figured that I would just try to find a decent hotel room for two nights and pig out chips and cookies as my holiday dinner. Maybe I would even get a turkey sandwich from a nearby gas station. Who knows???

I didn’t look up when I heard my door open. “What?” I said testily, still not looking up.

“Oh sit up and stop being a baby” came the madam’s soft accent.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” I said sitting up. “I didn’t know that it was you.”

She shook her head at me and laughed a little. “I guess that you are mad at the madam, hmm?”

“I have no reason to be upset with you, Madam Nadia,” I told her. “I just don’t have anywhere else to go, but don’t worry. I’ll figure something out by Christmas Eve.”

“I’m not worried,” she said as she took a seat on the edge of my bed. “You know,” she then began, “I, too, know what it’s like to have nowhere to go on the holidays. I’ve learned to appreciate the solitude that I get here in my home though, but I will make you a deal. I will allow you to stay here on the condition that you sing for me on Christmas morning.”

“Is that all?” I said, trying hard to keep the excitement out of my voice. She had no idea of how grateful I was.

Smiled thoughtfully before saying, “For now . . . yes.”

Unable to contain my joy, I bounced across the bed and gave her a big hug. “Thank you. Thank you!”

“Calm down, child! You’ll wrinkle my dress.”

By the time that our “guests” had arrived, my mood had been completely lifted. After to messing around a bit with Cher in her room, I was horny as hell and ready to please the man who was lucky and wealthy enough to have me for the night.

As a small holiday treat, the girls served the men eggnog and sugary confections while I played Christmas jingles on the piano. After our own silly rendition of “We wish You a Merry Christmas”, we journey to our rooms with the gentlemen who chose us.

Much to my pleasure, I had Jerry. He was one of my regulars. He’d been divorced for a couple of months before he started coming to the bordello. His wife had left him for some rich kid from New York. He was drained of all self confidence and thought that he wasn’t a good lover because his wife told him that his dick wasn’t big enough to satisfy her anymore. Well, it took a little work, but the girls and I helped him get back on track. Nothing that a little ginseng and a threesome couldn’t fix. Now he comes to me twice a month for a little love and a little bit of role playing. Sometimes, he even got a little kinky. I was hoping that this would be the Elvankent Escort case.

He was a cute fella. About 5’9″ with a slight pot belly. He tried to cover his slightly receding hairline by combing his hair to the front, but it never mattered by the time that I was finished with him. He wore wire rimmed glasses that I always made him keep on. I thought that they made him look just adorable, like a little bookworm who liked to get naughty from time to time.

“How has my Jerry been doing?” I asked seductively.

“Jerry’s been a bad boy,” he answered, immediately slipping into character.

“Is that so?” I challenged, cocking an eyebrow while putting my hands on my hips. “Well, I guess Jerry is going to have be punished tonight.”

“Yes ma’am,” he answered more gleefully than a man who was really in trouble.

I pointed to the floor and her immediately fell to his knees before me. I lifted my foot from the floor. He immediately kissed it. “That’s a good boy,” I cooed. “Now it’s time for your punishment. Strip!”

Three hours and one red-assed man later, I was ready to shower and bury myself beneath my sheets. My session with Jerry had been a lot of fun, and now I was actually tired. I allowed him to shower with me, before he got dressed and handed me an envelope. “Merry Christmas, Simone.”

I wasted no time opening the card that held twelve crisp one hundred dollar bills. “And a happy ho-ho to you, Jerry. Thank you, love.” I kissed him on the cheek before softly closing the door behind him. Smiling, I looked around the bedroom. “I’ll get the ropes and things up in the morning,” I mumbled to myself. I climbed into my bed and slid my money under my pillow. I was asleep in record time.

The next morning was the twenty- fourth of December. I awakened early and got my room cleaned and laundry done. I then got dressed for the day. By the time I was done, most of the girls had already left for their various trips. I had to make a trip to the mall. I really didn’t want to deal with the last minute crowd, but I felt like I had to show the madam that I appreciated her letting me stay for the holiday. And, NO . . . I was not being some kiss-ass by getting her a gift!

After a ton of pondering, I came up with the perfect gift. After standing in line for over an hour, I finally was able to make my purchase and get the hell out of the crowded mall. “Damn last-minuters!” I fussed as a car waited for me to pull out of my parking space. Just to be a bitch, I took my time and checked my make up before pulling out.

I stopped at the video store and rented a couple of romance and action flicks and a Disney movie to amuse over the holiday before finally going back to the bordello. After parking in the back, I went into the house through the kitchen and journeyed upstairs to my bedroom. I was just about to slide a movie into the video player when Madam Nadia knocked on the door.

“I was about to have dinner,” she said. “Would you like to join me?” She took one glance at the junk food that I had tossed across my bed. “Now I insist that you join me. I’ll have a place set for you in my quarters in ten minutes. Be there.”

“Yes ma’am,” I responded like a scolded child. I put my goodies back in the plastic bag and washed my hands before going downstairs to join the madam. I was amazed at the layout that she had on her small dining table. Turkey and dressing, ham, green bean casserole and other goodies, along with already poured glasses of wine.

“Normally, I just have a sandwich,” she informed me, “but I couldn’t treat my guest with a ham sandwich.”

“Madam, you really didn’t have to do this for me,” I told her.

“Call me Nadia,” she then said. “Today and tomorrow, you are not my employee. You are my guest.”

“Thank you, Nadia,” I said, her name rolling off of my tongue with ease. I noticed her attire. Normally she was dressed to the nines in expensive suits and such. Today she was casually dressed in a knee length skirt that showed off her pretty legs and simple red blouse. Instead of the four inch heels, she wore a pair of comfortable looking flats.

As if reading my mind, she said, “I bet you didn’t think that I even owned clothes like this huh?”

“It’s just a surprise,” I admitted. “You still look as beautiful as ever though,” I told her.

“That is very sweet of you, my dear,” she said looking down at her plate.

Did she just blush?!

We ate dinner in a comfortable silence. Afterwards, I helped her take the dishes into the kitchen. On the spur of the moment I turned to her. “I was about to watch a movie before I turn in. Would you like to join me?”

She smiled that beautiful smile of hers and said, “I would love to.”

As I journey up to my room, I couldn’t stop smiling. That’s when it occurred to me . . . I still had a crush on my boss!! Maybe inviting her up wasn’t the best idea in the world after all. Well it was too late to back out now. I just hoped Beşevler Escort that I didn’t make a complete ass out of myself.

A few minutes later, Nadia joined me in my bedroom and I started up the movie. I turned off the light so that there would be total darkness except for the television screen. We both laid at the foot of the bed like little girls and enjoyed the movie. As soon as the movie was over, she stood up and walked to the door. I followed her.

“Well, thank you, my dear,” she said. “I really enjoyed the movie.”

“And I enjoyed your company,” I informed her. To my amazement, she blushed again. “You know,” I began, “to be the Madam of this massive bordello, you sure do blush a lot.”

“Even an old lady like myself likes to feel valued from time to time,” she told me.

“Well, you definitely are valued, my dear,” I said, mimicking her. “When was the last time that you were pleasured, Nadia?”

The words were out before I could stop them. I was terrified of what her reaction would be. I could’ve just cost myself my job! After a few horrifying moments, she spoke.

“It’s been quite a while.”

“Why is that?” I probed. I was even more curious now.

“My main focus is to make sure that my girls are taken care of,” she answered. “And before then, my job was to please our guests. It hasn’t been about me for years.”

I stood there for a moment, speechless. How could it be that a woman whose business was pleasure, never received pleasure herself? I was perplexed. I loved and enjoyed my job. It had never occurred to me that maybe it wasn’t as much fun for the others as it was for me.

“Well, goodnight, my dear.”

“Goodnight, Nadia,” I said. “And thanks again.”

“My pleasure, dear,” she said as she walked towards the stairs.

Not yet, I thought as I closed my bedroom door. “But it will be . . . “

I quickly changed into a purple teddy and robe. I grabbed my basket of oils and lotions and made my way back down the stairs. Taking a deep breath, I knocked on her bedroom door. When she opened her door, I held up my basket. “Pleasure Inc., at your service.”

“Pardon me?” she said with a laugh. She stepped aside to grant me access to her domain.

“You said that you haven’t been pleasured in forever,” I began. “Well tonight, you are going to get the best massage of your life. You look out for everyone else, but who looks out for you?”

“This is very sweet of you, dear,” she said with a soft smile, “but you don’t have to do this.”

I took her hand in mine. “But I want to.” And I did.

Sighing, she finally gave in. “What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“I want you to go and get undressed while I set up.”

She went into her dressing room to do as I instructed, while I set up the oils and lotions and stuff. As the lotions warmed, I sat on the edge of her bed and waited for her to come out of her dressing room. A few minutes later, she came out in a sheer robe.

“I’m ready.”

“Good,” I said with a smile. “Come on over here and remove your robe and lay on your stomach.”

I stood up from her bed so that she could do as I instructed. As she laid down and made herself comfortable, I couldn’t help but to notice that in spite of her being in her forties, her body was still in good shape. Shapely legs and thighs and a firm, gorgeous ass….nicely rounded…..simply lovely.

This was going to be a little harder than I had originally anticipated. “Are you comfortable?” I asked her.

“Yes. Thank you,” she replied, closing her eyes.

Then I began. I began at her feet with a warm Almond-Cherry scented lotion, taking each foot in my hand, rubbing and kneading them firmly, but gently. She giggled a little bit as I slightly tickled one foot after finishing with it.

I moved up to her calves, using a scented oil. She moaned softly as I stoked her calves. Damn, she sounded sexy as hell when she moaned. It only made my desire stronger to make her feel good.

I leisurely made my way up to her thighs. When she stiffened a little, I asked, “Am I hurting you?”

“Oh nooooo,” she answered with a purr. “It feels too good, love. You may have me at your mercy if you keep this up.”

“Oh really?” I said with a sly smile. I continued my manipulations and worked my hands further up the back of her thighs, caressing her as I went. My fingertips brushed the curves of her ass and I heard her moan again. Dammit, I was lost, I had to make her moan FOR ME!

My hands moved to the center of her thighs and kneaded gently, causing my fingers to inadvertently (wink-wink) brush the exposed bits of flesh at her suddenly wet kitty cat. As I continued to massage her, she reflexively began to respond by slightly rolling her hips against my fingers. When she moaned again, I couldn’t help asking: “You like that huh?”

“Yesssss,” she cooed. She moaned again.

Throwing caution to the wind and forgetting that she was my boss, Cebeci Escort I tentatively slid a finger into her moist snatch and began to massage her from the inside. Then I added another finger to the combination and worked her slowly. Loving how she moaned and moved against my hand, I felt myself growing as wet as I knew she was. I bent forward and ran my tongue from the base of her back to the nape of her neck.

She groaned softly. “What are you doing to me, child?” she said in wonderment.

“Pleasuring you,” I whispered against her neck. “Just enjoy it.”

I then turned her over onto her back and returned my finger to their previous location. I wanted to see her face as I finger fucked her. The look if bliss was almost my undoing! As I pumped my fingers inside of her, I bent my head and took one erect nipple into my mouth and nibbled on it.

“Mmmmmm . . . “

Her noises only spurred me on. As I licked and sucked on her breast and my finger rammed in and out of her, I rubbed her swollen clit with my thumb. I loved how she writhed and trembled beneath me. I took turns, licking and blowing on her super-sensitive nipples, watching them grow harder and harder. I ran a trail from her breasts to her neck with my tongue, until I came to her lips. I took them swiftly and she moaned into my mouth.

Her tongue was like a forbidden nectar as it swirled with mine. She tangled her fingers into my hair, encouraging me to continue what I had began. I pulled my lips away from hers in order to catch my breath. I then allowed my lips and tongue to travel down her neck to her chest and further down to her navel. She tittered as my tongue dipped into the shallow cavern and tickled her there. I felt her stomach tighten in anticipation as my tongue traveled from her navel to where her hair was fine and neatly trimmed.

I could feel her breathing change and hasten as I ran my tongue through the fine hairs. “Simone….please….” she begged with urgency.

Smiling to myself, my tongue found it’s destination, flicking at her clit wildly as my fingers continued to slam into her wetness. She thrashed left and right as I devoured her. I followed the movement of her hips with my mouth as she bucked under me. The taste of her was enough to get me drunk…..delicious….

She cried my name over and over as she shuddered before exploding around my fingers. I quickly replaced them with my mouth. I drank every drop of her juices as my tongue slowly darted in and out of her dripping pussy. I then returned my mouth to her ultra-sensitive clit and licked and sucked on her mercilessly, sending her over the edge again until she begged for me to quit. Finally, I eased up on her, leisurely licking her inner thigh as she trembled uncontrollably.

“Simone,” she uttered weakly. “You are something else, dear.”

“I know,” I said jokingly.

“You know, this could be considered sexual harassment,” she said to me lazily.

“You loved it too much,” I told her cockily as I soothingly stroked her thigh.

“That, I did,” she said with a laugh. “I could get used to this.”

“Really,” she answered. “But you know I don’t want to cause a rift between you and the other girls. I’m not in the habit of playing favorites.”

“I don’t expect you too,” I told her. “I just wanted you to enjoy something for a change.”

“That is very sweet of you, dear.”

For a while, neither one of said much. The next thing that I knew, I was waking up and it was Christmas morning. As I rubbed my eyes, I caught a whiff of Nadia’s scent on my fingers. The events of the night before flashed in my mind. I smiled lazily and stretched.

“Good morning, Simone.”

I looked up and found Nadia sitting in a chair, watching me. “Good morning, Nadia,” answered with a smile. “How are you this morning?”

“Wonderful, thanks to you, my dear.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” I told her as I sat up on her bed. Remembering that I had a gift for her, I said “I’ll be right back” and ran up to my room. I hurried back down and handed her a crystal music box shaped like a piano. “Merry Christmas.”

She stared at it in awe for a second before speaking. “Are you trying to butter me up?”

“Come on now,” I said with a sigh. “I buttered you up LAST NIGHT . . . This is your Christmas gift.”

She laughed before kissing me on my cheek. “You are spoiling me,” she said smiling as she shook her head a little bit.

“And since you sang for me last night,” I began with a wink, “tonight I will sing for you.”

As promised, that night, I played the piano and sang for her. Much to my surprise, she escorted me back up to my bedroom and gave me the same treat that I had given her the night before. We ended up having to replace my mirror due to her teaching me who was the master in the house, but I loved every blissful minute of it. I knew from that day on, I wasn’t going anywhere. I was hooked on Nadia.

From that year on, we spent every Christmas together. I still spent time with Cher and took care of my regulars, but it was Christmas that I always looked forward to. All year round, she was my boss, but during the Holidays, she was MY Nadia . . .

And so, there is my final tale for you all. I guess that I can let the other girls share their tales with you now that I am done. I hope you enjoyed it . . . Hugs & Kisses . . . Simone . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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