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The first three coves Sun Seeker II and Bean Counter looked into were already taken by other yachts. People waved as the newcomers turned to return to the main part of the lake. “Damn, it’s sure busy this weekend, must be the perfect weather,” Eric said to Marilyn, his topless companion.

“Yeah, Eric,” Marilyn replied. “The other boats wanted us to join them, but I think we need more privacy today, don’t you?”

“You bet! I’m getting frustrated by the crowds. I’m ready to drop the hook and enjoy some alone time. I think this next cove will be perfect so long as nobody’s beaten us to it.”


“It looks like Eric has found us a good spot, Cindy,” Gary exclaimed as he followed Eric into a slow turn, taking the two yachts into a deep cove with a narrow entrance.

“This cove entrance is so narrow, most people won’t even notice it,” Cindy said with a grin. “Just the right spot for some private fun, eh?”

The two boats cruised deep past the rocky opening and came near the end, next to a small sand beach. Trees alone rose behind the beach and a turn in the cove protected them from prying eyes.

By the time the two boats drifted close together, Marilyn had donned her top, denying Gary any view of her tiny breasts. Her thong, however, provided an ample view of what she considered her best physical asset, a small, well proportioned bottom.

Eric lowered his anchor, then helped Gary tie the two boats together, only separated by three white dock bumpers. The two boats slowly moved bow into the light breeze and tugged on the anchor line.

“This spot is great,” Cindy exclaimed as she stepped over the gunwales and stood with hands on hips on Eric’s deck.

Marilyn joined Cindy on the back deck. “Let’s make some margaritas and break in our new anchorage,” she said enthusiastically.

The two went below as Erick and Gary shut down the engines. Gary moved over to Eric’s deck and sprawled on a cushion. “This is the life, Eric old son,” he smiled knowingly. “Cindy’s disappointment with poor Mort seems to have opened up a new chapter for the four of us, huh?”

“I sure hope so, buddy,” Eric responded with a leer. “I’ve dreamed of getting into Cindy’s knickers many times, but I sure don’t want to spoil things for you. Are you sure you want to do what we talked about?”

“Two days ago, I would have told you to keep your hands off, but this weekend seems to have created an entirely different situation. I’ve seen a new side of Cindy that I didn’t know existed. She can be a very hot gal with an appetite for adventure. I think that I like it. I like it a lot. She has told me many times that I need to loosen up more. I suppose she is right. You can’t believe how hot is was to have Cindy and Marilyn work me over together. That little interlude created a spark, and now I’m on fire!”

“Atta boy, Gary,” Eric offered in support. “I’m sure you will always remember this weekend and Marilyn’s charms yet to come.”

“Just how serious are you about Marilyn?” Gary asked seriously. “Cindy and I are pretty close to being engaged as you know. You have already agreed to be my best man for shit’s sake. If we go ahead with this, Cindy will have already fucked my best man.”

Eric thought for a full half-minute before responding. “I’m pretty crazy most of the time, as you know, and I’ve had more than my share of girlfriends. I’ve never even considered marrying any of them. Marilyn is different. We just click on every level. I find myself wishing she was with me at odd times during the day when we are apart. I have to say, it is a weird feeling for me.”

“Sounds like love, buddy,” Gary chuckled. “Marilyn is full of life and full of fun. I can see you two together for the long haul. I never saw that before with your other conquests. Marilyn is a very attractive gal and she has the brains to go with her good looks. Maybe I will be able to return the favor when I’m your best man.”

“That would be an interesting twist, I must admit,” Eric grinned. “Turn about being fair play and all.

Gary laughed at Eric’s rueful response. “Maybe we’re getting too far ahead of ourselves. It will be up to the girls, you know. Meanwhile, I’m getting thirsty. Let’s see if the girls have a pitcher ready yet.”


The cabin was a bit crowded with the four bodies but nobody seemed to care. Marilyn poured four glasses of margaritas and they slipped onto the cushions around the table to sip their drinks. “Here’s to a memorable day on the lake and in this cove,” Eric toasted as they all raised their glasses. Cindy and Marilyn giggled as they sat together, flanked by the guys.

“We can enjoy our drinks and maybe take a dip in the lake before lunch, Marilyn suggested. “The water is just right for a lazy float in the sun.”

Gary, sitting next to Cindy, nodded his agreement. “We can skinny dip today. Nobody else is around and we have this nice cove to ourselves.”

“We might as well leave our suits here in the cabin,” Cindy told Marilyn. Urfa Escort “The boys won’t be happy until we’re bare assed naked. Actually, it should feel pretty good to be nude here in nature.”

Marilyn hesitated as she watched Cindy remove her top, letting her soft breasts hang free. “Can’t I keep my top on at least, Cindy?”

“Marilyn, you know they won’t go for that. What the hell, Eric has seen your tits many times already. I know that my Gary is aching to see them too. You have no real reason to hide behind your padded top. I’ll bet yours are as cute as a button, honey.”

“It’s just that I’ve always been so self-conscious about my lack of boobs, Cindy. You can’t imagine how humiliating it is to be so, so small,” Marilyn responded as she looked down at the deck.

As Marilyn spoke, Cindy slipped off her bottoms, shamelessly revealing her freshly shaved mound. “Well, I’ve always hated my oversize butt, Marilyn,” as she turned around to show it to her friend. “You have such a cute little ass, and I love your trim landing strip up front. I may try to do mine that way, if you’ll show me how you do yours.”

“Well, I suppose that nobody’s perfect,” Marilyn mused as she slid her thong down her slender legs. “I’ll show you what I do sometime, after you’ve let some of your bush grow out a bit. Just leave a strip up above during the next week or so, okay?”

“Sure thing it will grow out pretty fast,” Cindy gushed. “I’ll bet that Gary will like it once you help me groom it properly. We’ll be like twins.”

Cindy stood facing Marilyn, hands on her ample hips. Marilyn looked at her voluptuous friend. She thought she saw an aroused excitement in her eyes. Was she, too, waiting to see her remove her top and finally reveal her little knobs?

“Here, let me help you with your top,” Cindy rasped as she stepped closer. Her fingers worked the two straps down Marilyn’s arms. Marilyn pulled her arms out. Cindy turned her around and untied the strings holding her top in place. The padded top fell loosely into Cindy’s hands and she tossed the bra onto the nearby seat. Unable to resist the impulse, Cindy ran her hands up her friend’s torso and gently cupped the firm cones in her palms.

Marilyn closed her eyes as she felt Cindy’s warm hands touch her. She felt Cindy’s soft tits against her back and finger tips caressing her sensitive nipples. They were hard and erect to Cindy’s touch.

“Oh, Marilyn, you’re so firm and nice,” Cindy cooed into her ear. “Let’s go outside and show the boys what we have for them, okay?” With that, Cindy patted her friend on the rear and stepped back. Marilyn turned sleepily, finally revealing her tiny tits and erect nipples.

“Thanks, Cindy, I feel better about this now. You made me feel really good just now.” Marilyn shuddered as she thought about Cindy’s touch.


Eric was lying face up on one of the blankets when Cindy and Marilyn emerged from the cabin. Gary was floating near the swim platform, wearing nothing but a ball cap and sunglasses. The girls opened the deck access and stood side by side on the platform. The contrast presented Gary with an arousing sight. His girlfriend’s lovely soft breasts and smooth mound were in contrast to Marilyn’s small cones and trim landing strip. Behind his shades, Gary ogled both women and his mouth went dry.

“You both look delicious,” Gary rasped as he raised his arm. “Grab a float and join me!”

After floating and talking for a while, the three joined Eric on the beach. He opened beers and they sipped and sunned as the afternoon crept by. All were aware of what the evening would bring, but they seemed content to simply see and be seen at the time. Marilyn soon became comfortable being nude with her good friends. She knew that Cindy had been correct, saying that nobody’s perfect. Her Eric was loud and overly outgoing at times, and his package was of ordinary size. Gary, Perhaps, was too quiet, but he certainly had a nice thick uncut dick and large balls that made her mind begin to spin. Cindy had nice full breasts and such a pretty face, but she was right about her rear end being a bit larger than it should have been. My concern about my little boobs still haunts me, but this exposure has helped me to live with what I have. I’m going to try my best to impress Gary later, she vowed.

Having analyzed her situation to her satisfaction, Marilyn turned over on the blanket and closed her eyes. She felt Eric’s hand caress her butt cheeks and asked him to put lotion on her. Once protected, she napped peacefully.

Marilyn opened her eyes minutes later and glanced around. The scene had changed. Eric was leaning on one arm watching as Cindy continued to suck on Gary’s hard cock. His eyes were closed and his hand stroked Cindy’s head as she bobbed slowly up and down on his thick shaft. She sensed that Eric was moving too and she raised her head. Eric was stroking himself as he watched his good friend get a first-class blow job.

Observing the Urfa Escort Bayan scene, Marilyn felt her pussy begin to tingle. She knew the feeling always preceded the swelling of her labia and a wetness she couldn’t adequately control. Moving her hand lower, she quickly confirmed her arousal. She could almost feel what Cindy was feeling now, and she found herself craving Gary’s thickness in her own mouth. Her fingers probed her wet slit and she moaned aloud.

Eric saw that his girlfriend was not only awake. He also saw that she was working her fingers into her own pussy. His hand went to her body and he rolled her over. “Here, let me help you, baby,” he said as he spread her legs.

Gary heard the exchange and Marilyn’s moan. Opening his eyes, he gazed hungrily as Eric moved between Marilyn’s legs and began to lick her mound. His shaft grew even larger in Cindy’s mouth as he watched his buddy eat his petite girl’s incredible pussy. On an impulse, Gary reached over and pulled on Marilyn’s nearest nipple. It was hard and sticking straight up in the air. He wanted to feel more of her, and make her moan for him too.

Cindy fondled Gary’s balls and he could feel himself begin to erupt. His balls shrank into a knot and Cindy knew he was about to cum. Her lips tightened around his shaft and she felt the first of several strong squirts. Swallowing helped keep up with the warm jets that filled her mouth. Soon, she felt her man begin to go limp and she let his flaccid penis escape. She looked toward the other blanket and watched as Marilyn’s body began to arch and her tummy expand.

“Oh, God, yes,” Marilyn groaned as her orgasm hit its peak. Eric used his tongue over and over, trying to keep up with Marilyn’s movements. When Eric rose, Cindy could see her friend’s juices smeared on his nose and face. He had a satisfied look on his face and Marilyn lay panting with her lips parted. impulsively, Cindy moved to her and kissed her, allowing her to taste Gary’s cum in the process.

“I think we could all use a swim, “Eric stated as he stood looking over the scene of their recent orgy. Turning, he slipped into the lake, then onto a float. Soon, the others followed him and they spent almost an hour with their own thoughts.


Everyone pitched in later to get dinner prepared. They had some good wine with dinner, but everyone seemed to hold back on the alcohol, anticipating the coming evening. Gary hoped that he would be ready to give Marilyn what she wanted later, in spite of Cindy’s earlier ministrations.

Eric was still fully prepared, having done Marilyn, but not getting anything in return yet.

Cindy was thinking about Gary’s friend, Eric and what sort of lover he would be. Her disappointing time with Mort was still fresh in her mind. “Will Eric be any better?” she wondered.

Marilyn was replaying the scenes with Cindy and with Cindy and Gary. She had actually responded to Cindy’s touch, and it was a first for her. Then, she became very aroused watching Cindy suck Gary off, and she thought she could still taste his cum from the kiss Cindy had given her. “Cindy is so much more sensual than I am,” Marilyn thought. “I want to be more like her,” she decided. “If I can please others in spite of my lack of boobs, why not make the most of it?” she mused.

Marilyn and Cindy cleaned up the dishes and the boys dried them and stowed everything away. The wine still sat on the table with their glasses. “Shall we pour a little more wine and toast our evening in our own hidden cove?” Eric asked.

“Just a little bit for me,” Gary agreed. “I want to be relatively sober tonight,” he added with a chuckle.

Cindy giggled. “I’ll take the rest of Gary’s share plus mine,” she quipped. “I plan to be wild tonight.”

“I’ve still got some in my glass,” Marilyn stated. “Let’s toast to our continued close friendship,” she suggested. The others agreed and knowing looks went around the table.

Eric did a second toast to good friends and naughty girls, getting a big laugh that seemed to go over well. “Does anyone have any second thoughts? If so, now is the time to say so,” Eric continued after the toast. Each couple looked at each other, but nobody said a word. The silence continued for at least a full minute.

“Well, I guess that’s settled,” Eric said. “I suggest we start by asking our girls to prepare us for the fun by teasing our dicks to full attention. That part can be done right here. Are you gals up for that?”

Rather than reply, Cindy swallowed the last of her wine and pulled Gary up. As he stood, she lowered his trunks and began to tease his balls in front of the other couple. Marilyn, acting on her earlier decision, followed by sliding Eric’s shorts down and kissing the tip of his uncut cock. Looking over at Cindy she said, “The foreskin makes Eric’s dick look longer than it really is, but he sure knows how to use it.”

“Eric, this is your boat, so I guess you get the main cabin,” Gary said as Cindy continued Escort Urfa to work her magic on him.

“Thanks, pal,” Eric agreed. Cindy and I will need the extra room I think,” he joked.

Cindy turned to Eric. “I can’t wait any longer, let’s go, okay?”

Eric put his hand on Cindy’s rear and pushed her gently toward the aft cabin. “See you two in the morning,” he called as they entered the cabin, leaving the door cracked open.

Marilyn watched as her boyfriend disappeared with Cindy. “Come on, Gary. Let’s get a lot better acquainted.”


Cindy moved to the side of the king-size bed in the aft cabin and pulled Eric onto it. “We may not get another chance like this, so let’s make it last,” she said with a leer. Working quickly, she shed her outfit and began to pull on Erick’s shorts. As Eric rid himself of his shirt, Cindy managed to get his shorts off and looked longingly at Eric’s uncut cock as it began to swell.

Cindy cupped both of her soft breasts in her hands, teasing Eric by shaking them before his wide eyes. He moved his glances between Cindy’s tits and her smooth slit, just visible above the edge of the around his shaft. Pulling back his foreskin, she leaned in and kissed the head. Her hand cupped his round balls as she licked the tip of his now-stiff penis.

“You taste yummy, Eric. I want to some more while you do the same for me, okay?”

“Oh yeah,” Eric agreed. “Turn around here sweetie and let me have a taste of your nectar.”

Cindy moved up and threw her leg over Eric’s prone body, exposing her wet slit to his eyes. He pulled her down close to his face and, for the first time, tasted what Gary was used to eating. With no bush to impede his progress, Eric proceeded to tease Cindy’s plump mound while periodically lapping her swollen slit with his tongue. She groaned when he first stuck his tongue between her wet lips and tapped on her engorged clit.

Meanwhile, Cindy worked to swallow Eric’s dick. He was shorter and thinner than Gary, so she soon managed to get his full length into her throat. Her fingers worried his scrotum at the same time, sending bolts of pleasure shooting through him. Cindy finally felt Eric’s balls tighten, a warning that he was ready to cum. She let his shaft pop from her mouth and looked back between her legs to see Eric’s chin against her mound. His tongue felt good, but she wanted a lot more by that time.

“I want you inside me now,” she said as she rose and reversed her position. In a swift movement, Cindy paused with her wet slit just above Eric’s erect cock, her tits swaying in front of his eyes, nipples fully erect. He felt her fingers find his shaft and the head of his dick sliding along her puffy slit. Then, slowly, she lowered her body and he easily slid into her warmth for the first time.

“Oh, man, that’s good, baby,” Eric murmured as she took him fully. His hands moved to her swinging tits and he pulled gently on her hard nipples. “That’s it, Cindy, move your hot cunt on my hard cock. I love how warm and soft you feel right now.”

Cindy leaned forward and kissed him. He thought he could taste his pre-cum on her lips as she put her tongue into his mouth to spar with his own. Her soft tits pressed into his chest and they could feel each other breath. Cindy moved back and forth as his cock stayed deep inside her. Just as he got used to her movement, she raised up and he let all but the head of his dick escape for a moment. Then, she lowered again and he went back in, to a squishy sound that told him that she was even wetter than before.

Eric raised himself and began to suck on one, and then the other of Cindy’s large breasts. “Oh yeah,” Cindy moaned, “suck my tits…suck them both.”

The two continued to repeat their initial movements, Eric using his hands to spread Cindy wide open. Each time, they brought each other to the brink, then changed the pace, making their coupling last longer. It was clear that both were very caring lovers who knew just how to pleasure the other.

Twenty minutes later, neither was able to hold off any longer. Cindy looked Eric in the eye as she sat down again on his hard fuck stick. “I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel your warm juice shoot deep. Cum with me now, Eric.”

Cindy rubbed furiously back and forth against Eric’s pubic bone with her own. Moments later, she finally felt the first jet of hot sperm shoot into her waiting womb. “Oh, wow, that’s it,” she groaned as he spent the rest of his load deep inside. A couple of minutes passed as they caught their breath, Cindy lying atop Eric, still coupled. Cindy moved up to kiss Eric’s lips and she felt his flaccid cock pop out, their combined juices oozing out to coat him and the sheet below.

“Wow,” Eric exclaimed as she raised to look into his eyes again. “That was incredible,” he added smiling.

“Oh, I’m not done yet, big boy,” Cindy chuckled. “We both need the royal treatment, don’t you agree?”

Eric grinned. “What else do you have in mind? Want me to clean you up now?”

“I thought we might as well clean each other, that is if you are okay with that. Gary loves it.”

“Guess I’ve misjudged your lover boy,” Eric replied. “I never would have guessed that he’d do that for you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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