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In Part 1, Carol and Rick met for drinks… then retreated to a dark parking lot for some extra curricular activities. In part 2, Rick got to take a more active participatory role. In part 3, the couple retreated to Carol’s hotel room for a little more action. In part 4, Carol invited Rick over for dinner and the sex escalated to a whole new level. In Part 5, the couple got in a few more sex sessions before Carol had to leave. In Part 6, Rick visited Carol at school and told her he was having trouble finishing. Now, Jessica aims to get herself off, desperate to be penetrated.

Carol and Rick spent the rest of the party trying to pretend to be normal. Dancing, drinking, playing party drinking games. Jessica absolutely noticed they had completely disappeared for twenty minutes and had come back looking rather flushed and energized. Jessica also quickly made a note of Carol’s completely tousled hair.

After watching Carol come down the stairs, Jessica grabbed her wrist and pulled Carol close, finding another clue. Jessica could feel Carol’s pulse in her wrist and felt her heartbeat racing.

Jessica whispered, “How was it?”

Carol smiled and whispered back, “It was incredible. He just fucked the shit out of me.” Carol laughed and kept walking back to the rest of the party. Jessica stood there, mouth agape and stared at Rick as he walked down the last few steps. She stared at his crotch as he walked by and her eyes went wide when she saw his hard dick still bulging out of his pants.

There’s no doubt about it, Jessica thought, I need to get fucked tonight. It had been a while, mostly her fault. Working to pay the bills and studying for school had gotten in her way of going out and having fun a lot of the time. It also didn’t help that she rejected the vast majority of men who tried to talk to her when she was out. College was definitely full of a certain type of guy, guys drowning in hormones and desperate to get their rocks off to the point they’d do or say anything to get the chance to fuck a good looking girl. Everything except, make sure she had an orgasm. Jessica had been out with plenty of guys who had played a good game, and then fallen asleep promptly after blowing their load and completely forgot about her needs. Jessica was done with all that noise.

But she really wanted to have sex. Jessica’s eyes found Jake, the kinda nerdy guy she’d been dancing with while Carol got her brains fucked into oblivion. Jake wasn’t the type of guy Jessica would normally chase after. His clothes were in total disarray, he was wearing thick glasses, was skinny as a rail due to a combination of being a computer geek and running for the cross country team.

But… on the other hand, she knew Jake was nice, they’d hung out at parties a few times and had a couple classes together. When his glasses were off he was pretty cute, he smelled good, she’d always noticed that he treated people respectfully, and she’d noticed something else when they were dancing. For a few minutes Jake had gotten bold enough to press their bodies together and she had felt a distinctly hard dick jabbing her in the crotch and leg. She wasn’t going to assume it was huge, but she felt enough to for sure know Jake had at the very least a decently sized and thoroughly hard dick. And it was hard for her. And Jake was staring at her across the room.

Jessica wondered if it was possible Jake was a virgin.

Jessica grabbed another shot of whiskey for herself and Jake and made her way back over to him. Handing him the shot, she gave him a wink and downed hers. A new song had just started and she pressed her body back up against him, trying to find that throbbing part of his crotch again. And there it was. Jessica smiled as she saw the look on Jakes face.

“Drink your shot crazy and dance with me,” Jessica said. Jake threw it back and put his arms around Jessica.

Well, he seems like a good listener, Jessica thought.

The party continued for several more hours. At some point, Carol lost track of Jessica. Right around the time she lost track of her own senses due to an extreme amount of alcohol. Rick was with her the whole way, but he had enough sense to not drink as much as she did. Carol got what most people would safely refer to as, plastered. Drunk. Lit. Turnt. She needed to be put to bed for several hours.

When she threw up in the bathroom, Rick figured that was probably a sign they should leave. He made an effort to look for Jessica, but couldn’t find her. He used Carol’s phone to text her that they were leaving and to call if she needed anything. Carol told him not to worry.

Rick and Carol walked back to her apartment and Rick only had to support her walking about half way. Their slow pace meant it was a solid half hour before they finally arrived back at Carol’s place. By that time, she was barely able to walk as the effects of the alcohol were still building. He made Carol drink a large glass of water and take several headache medication pills in the bayrampaşa escort hope they would stave off her hangover somewhat in the morning. Then he carried her to bed, laid her down and covered her up. He placed a trashcan by the bed and then thought about his own sleeping situation.

He’d like to sleep in bed with Carol, but her bed was a single and not really big enough for the two of them to sleep on. He wasn’t as drunk as her, but he was still pretty drunk and didn’t like thinking about the possibility of waking up sick and having to crawl over Carol to try and get to a bathroom. Rick grabbed a blanket from the closet and went out into the living room, turned on the TV and laid down on the couch.

Jessica was also rather drunk and walking out of the party, only she was with Jake and they were heading towards his apartment. During the party she had confirmed her suspicions, Jake was a virgin. She’d also confirmed that she was going to fuck him. About an hour ago she had whispered to him, “Are you a virgin Jake.” He didn’t say anything, but she could tell by the look in his eyes that it was true. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her right tit and said, “Not after tonight you aren’t. Your mine tonight boy.”

Her suspicions were further confirmed when his eyes went wide. She could feel his hand tighten around her boob and she reached to his face to give him a kiss. He was a good kisser, he softly kissed her lips and gently probed them with his tongue, testing the waters. She wanted his tongue on her pussy.

Now they were walking back to his place hand in hand. She was solidly drunk, but she wasn’t as drunk as Carol was. She’d actually said goodbye to Carol, but clearly she was too drunk to have any idea what was going on. She laughed when she got a message from Rick looking for her. Carol had no idea. Jessica texted back a few minutes later that she was with Jake and that she was fine.

As they were walking, she grabbed Jake’s hand and placed it firmly on her ass. She felt his hand grip it, his fingers digging into her flesh and loved it. She knew she was being kind of slutty, but didn’t care. She was about to take Jake for a ride, and god damn it, she needed it.

Fighting the urge to hit the accelerator, when they got into his apartment, she tried to take it slow. She didn’t want him to cum too quickly. She wanted to torture him a little bit.

They made out on the couch for a few minutes and she planted his hand on her pussy and ground herself into it. She wanted to work herself into a frenzy before they took their clothes off. She estimated it wouldn’t take much to light Jakes fire, it should be already well on its way to being a full blown inferno the way she’d been working him all night.

She layer down across the couch and pulled Jake down on top of her. She wanted to feel his body press on her and wanted to see how he’d respond in this kind of situation. She was thrilled to feel him press his crutch into hers, she could feel his hard dick grinding into her body and loved the way it felt. She grabbed his ass and pushed down so he’d grind into her harder. She moaned into his mouth when he did so.

They kept going like this for a few minutes and Jessica could feel herself getting wet and knew the time was getting close. Jake was breathing heavy above her. She moved her hands down his body and slid her left hand under his pants to feel his dick. She found the shaft and felt it’s hardness. She still couldn’t tell how big he was jammed into his pants, but she knew enough to know Jake had the goods to give her a thorough fucking. Which is what she so desperately wanted right now.

She pushed back on his chest so he would sit up. Earlier she has assessed his body to be too thin, not the amount of muscles she was accustomed to. But now her eyes were glued to the sharp lines of his thin frame. She lifted his shirt and guided it over his head. She hadn’t expected it, but she was surprised to see that he was kind of shredded. His muscles didn’t pop through his clothes, but his body fat was so low she could see every muscle in his taught torso. She ran her hand over his abs and felt his ribs.

Jessica stood up and took off her own clothes, stripping down to a black bra and red panties. She giggled at the way Jakes eyes boggled and stared like laser beams at her chest. She used her index finger to call him back over to her.

“You like what you see?” She asked as she swayed her ass from side to side in front of him.

“Absolutely I do!” Jake smiled. Jessica loved his innocent enthusiasm. Like a kid on Christmas with the surprise of a lifetime. She approached him, and slowly undid his belt and zipper, opened his pants and put her hands back on his body, feeling for his dick again. She loved the way he looked when she touched it. Like there was nothing else in the whole world.

“You like it when I touch you?” Jessica asked.

“God yes. It feels so good Jessica.”

She esenler escort pulled his pants and his boxers down to his knees and then knelt in front of him, pulling them down to his feet and letting him step out of them. His dick sprang in front of her face. Still kneeling, she leaned back so she couldn’t examine his body. As she’d hoped, Jakes cock was pretty sizeable. It had to be at least 6 inches, but it’s real standout attribute was its width. A bulbous head sat perfectly perched on top of a thick shaft. It had to be the thickest dick she had ever seen. She glanced at the rest of his lower body. His legs were skinny, his hips clearly popping out of his sides, but again, his taught muscles honed by mile after mile of running clearly showed as he stood in front of her.

“What do you want?” She asked, leaning back on her heels.

“I want you to take the rest of your clothes off,” Jake said.

“Yea? Is that all you want?”

Jake stood there silent, his cheeks flushed.

“Tell me what you want baby.”

Jake closed his eyes, still only half believing this was real and not wanting to fuck it up. “I want you to put my dick in your mouth.”

Jessica smiled and leaned in close, her lips only centimeters away from the tip of his penis, proudly sticking strait out from his body. She thought again about how thick it was, Jesus. She gently wrapped one hand around the thick shaft, opened her mouth ever so slightly and put the tip in her mouth. From this vantage point she could tell getting her mouth around his whole member was going to be some work.

When his head entered her warm mouth, he breathed out heavily.

“Oh my god.” Jake said.

“Jake, we are just getting started. Don’t worry. I’ll show you the ropes.”

With that, Jessica took the first two inches in her mouth, her jaw stretched to the limit already. She was not going to be taking this thing very deep. Not tonight. But judging by the way Jakes knees went weak, that wouldn’t be necessary anyway.

She pulled back, focusing her mouth on his big head, kissing it, running her tongue all over it and getting it nice and wet. Driving Jake wild.

Now she was torn. Part of her thought she should stop now so they could get to the fucking part. But another part of her wanted to keep going, wanted to finish him and feel his cum shoot down her throat. She loves that feeling. She was worried he wouldn’t be able to perform if she did that, although part of her reasoned that he was so tuned up right now he could probably cum three or four times with short breaks. She decided to go for it. She wanted to give him a spectacular blow job and get rewarded with his cum in her mouth.

“Jake, has a girl every given you a blow job before?” She said it with her voice at a higher pitch than normal, trying to sound a little slutty. She followed up this question by quickly bobbing up and down on his dick quickly a few times, going as fast and as deep as she could manage.

Jake’s knees buckled a little bit and he had to steady himself as his breathing became ragged. When she slowed down again he answered timidly, “No Jessica never. Girls don’t really look at me like this.”

Jessica knew that was true, but her view of him had certainly been changed forever. “So you’ve never had a woman touch you like this at all?” She followed up this question by rolling her tongue all over him and stroking his dick with both hands. She knew she was driving him absolutely wild. He couldn’t even talk. “Huh baby?”

“No no. God no.” Jakes mind was blown and he could barely stand.

“Let’s sit you down on the couch Jake. I think you’d be more comfortable if you weren’t standing.”

Jake took a few steps back and sat down on the couch. His breathing was still heavy and his skin was red all over his torso. Jessica took this opportunity to stand up and stretch her legs. She slipped her bra and panties off and took a moment to stick her tits in Jakes face. He grabbed on to them with both hands and put his mouth to her right nipple. Good boy!

She was enjoying his attention, but she wanted to get down to business so she stood up. Unexpectedly, he grabbed her hips gently and was staring at her pussy. She moved forward towards him and his face was not only a few inches from her shaved and ready pussy.

“You like what you see?”

Jake nodded.

“You can kiss it some if you want. Go ahead. Real gentle. I won’t bite.” To drive her point home she placed her hands on the back of his head and pulled it towards her until his face was millimeters away. “It’s ok baby. Just give it a little attention.”

Jake slowly moved closer and kissed all around her area, then he unexpectedly buried his face in his pussy lips and slowly probed it with his tongue. Jessica wasn’t really ready for that but she wasn’t gonna complain either. His technique was definitely inexperienced, but his mouth and tongue felt good and god bless gaziosmanpaşa escort his enthusiasm. She began breathing heavy and spread her legs a little, giving his mouth easier access to her clit and her opening.

Jessica felt her body open up and respond to his lips and his tongue. She really wanted to get back to blowing him, back to how good his dick felt in her mouth, but he was doing a pretty good job making her pussy feel amazing and didn’t want him to stop.

“Holy shit Jake.”

Hearing her approval made him redouble his efforts. His tongue found her clit and put just the right amount of pressure, swirling around it. Then suddenly he slipped his tongue inside her and her knees genuinely buckled and she had to sit down.

“Ok Jake. Whew. That was uhm. Really nice. Really really nice. But I think I want to get back to what I was doing ok?”

“Yes sure, if that’s what you want. I just uh, I really enjoyed that. I mean, I’m loving all this, but I really enjoyed that.”

“You’ll get another chance later I promise.”

“Okay Jessica. You just look and feel so good.”

“Thank you, now, just sit back and relax. Do what feels natural. This is all about you right now.”

Jessica grabbed a pillow from the couch and placed it under her knees as she kneeled in front of Jake again. She didn’t want any paid to distract her from going to town on his dick. She placed both hands on the thick shaft of his dick and was again amazed at how thick it was. Her fingers couldn’t touch at all as she encircled it.

“God damn baby. Your cock is amazing.” She placed his bulbous head back in her mouth and began slowly bobbing up and down, finding her rhythm. As she did so she gently rotated her hands and fondled his dick up and down the thick shaft in time with her head movements. Her mouth involuntarily made obscenely loud noises as she worked to give him a wet, thorough blow job. Periodically she changed her temp or locked all around his dick to give him a different sensation.

It didn’t take long before Jakes hands tightened on the couch and he practically yelled, “Oh my god!”

She pulled her mouth off of him and started frantically stroking him with her hands. “Yes Jake. That’s it. Let it happen. I want it. Please give it to me!”

She put her mouth back on his dick and began bobbbing up and down faster than ever, knowing he was close. She wanted to taste his cum more than anything in the world right then, knowing that she was giving him feelings he had only ever imagined before. She reveled in the idea that Jake was going to remember her forever.

“Cmon baby, cum in my mouth. I need it so bad.”

Jake surprised her again by grabbing the back of her head and jamming his cock further down her throat. She almost gagged but held it back, looking up into his eyes with tears running down her face and nodding as he took control of her head. He began fucking her mouth, thrusting in and out faster then she had been moving. She felt the head of his dick touch her throat. Tears kept lightly streaming down her face as she fought not to gag. This was a little more aggressive then she was accustomed to, but she was loving every second of it. Her eyes stayed locked on Jake, watching his face turn red and his features tight. She knew he was about to explode.

Just when she thought she was going to have to ask for a break to catch her breath, he jammed his dick as far as it would go and she felt his shaft surge and large load of cum shoot down her throat. He pulled out a couple inches but she latched on to his penis head with her mouth, feeling another several loads shoot into her mouth as she continued stroking his dick with her hands.

Finally, Jake relaxed and lay back, her mouth still on his dick, licking it all over and relishing how hard it still felt. She caught her breath and stood up, marveling at how exhausted Jake looked.

“Didja like that?” She asked.

He looked at her, still breathing heavy and said, “That was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

What a wonderful thing to here. Jessica has gifted this guy with the greatest moment of his life. So far.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet, Jake. But I’m gonna give you some time to recover. Do you have any beers?”

Jake vaguely pointed her towards the fridge where she grabbed two Miller Lites and sat down next to him, turning her body and pressing against him so that her substantial tits were in his face. She handed him one of the beers and said plainly, “So you had a good orgasm?”

Jake blushed and turned away from her, clearly embarrassed. He thought about what he did, grabbing her face like that and slamming his dick into her mouth. He felt ashamed.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Don’t be sorry Jake. I loved it. I would have told you if I didn’t like it.” She turned his head back towards hers and began gently running her fingers down his neck and towards his torso and dick, which she noticed was still hard. Wonderful.

“It’s OK Jake. You’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about. That’s what I wanted. Your dick felt so good in my mouth. I wanted you to cum so bad. I loved the way you jammed it down my throat and exploded for me. You were possessed. I turned you into a wild animal.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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