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“Come on Trish we have to hurry,” I whispered, “If we’re late Maurice won’t let us in.”

My friend Maurice was one of the trustees for the Proctor and Gamble National Forest. As a special favor for me, he was going to let us in the back door so Trish would be able to see a real tree up close. Everyone knew this place was now off limits and only heads of state and dignitaries were allowed inside the bubble that circulated the ‘real’ air that kept the forest alive. My mom packed us a picnic lunch, I had a large blanket to lie down, and I imagined it being just like the old movies we watched on our screens at home.

Trish was excited; as was I but whereas she wanted to see a tree up close and personal, I was hoping to see her boobs up close and personal. The sound of the whoosh as Maurice opened the air lock sent a chill down my spine and Trish grabbed my hand in excitement.

“I’ll be locking the door as I leave so when you’re ready just ping me on my unit and I’ll come let you out. The forest is yours for the day, there’s no one scheduled to visit until tomorrow, so have fun.”

With that, I heard the air lock engage again and then we were left alone. Trish screamed with glee and jumped into my arms where I swung her around and around. We began a hike up a winding trail, but not a trail made out of cement, it was nothing but dirt and fir needles. It felt as if we were walking on air. Each tree we passed I held my unit by it to identify the name.

At the end of the trail there was a glen with a stream running though it and at the head of the stream was a waterfall flowing down a small cliff into a deep pool. I put our blanket down in the tall grass close to the waterfall. After our lunch, Trish put her head in my lap as gebze escort she gazed up the trees,

“Oh Roger can you just imagine our whole country once looked just like this; blue skies, green fields and tall trees as far as the eye could wander. Then we just let it all slip through our fingers to where there is nothing left. How could the people not realize what they were doing to our natural resources? I remember my grandpa talking about something he called Earth Day where everyone would stop and think about the environment and what they could do to improve it.”

“mmm,” “Roger are you even listening to me?”

“What, oh sure, Earth Day environment, yeah I heard you.”

I wasn’t listening; I was looking down her blouse to see the edge of an areola peeking over the top of her bra. I changed the subject to ward off any more questions,

“Out here in the sunlight it has gotten really warm.”

“Yeah I know I wish we could go in the water.”

“Why not come on lets go swimming.”

“Roger, we don’t have suits we…”

“Hey Trish, it’s just you and me in this whole forest we don’t need suits, that is unless your chicken.”

“Hey I’m not chicken of anything; I’ll do it if you will.”

With those words, she pulled her shirt right over her head taking her bra off with it. We striped together and dove into the cold pool under the waterfall. We swam through the tumbling water to the rock ledge behind the falls. With my back against the rocks, I pulled her close and kissed her. Her nipples firm and erect from the chilly water pressed into my chest sending electric shocks of passion straight to my groin. She felt my erection pressing against her thigh göztepe escort and broke our kiss to look into my eyes. She smiled and took me in her hands and began to stroke me.

“If you keep doing that I’m going to have an accident.”

“Really, I want to see, I’ve never seen a boy shoot before, please let me make you.”

She took me like a leash and pulled me to a flat rock a few yards away. I sat, she then got between my legs and began to pull on me in earnest. When I warned her that I was close, she pulled my dick toward her so she could watch me cum. She squealed as the first of it shot from me on to her chin and neck. As I kept cumming, she directed the next blast to her breasts giggling the whole time. She wiped a swipe off her chin and licked her finger tip,

“It looks yucky but it’s not that bad.”

She continued to clean off her face and then lick her fingers but the cum on her breasts she rubbed into her skin.

We may be only nineteen but I still knew that a lady wants to cum as well as the man. I jumped into the pool then picked her up and sat her on the rock. When I spread her legs and looked into her sex, I could already feel the passion rebuilding in my loins.

“OK now let me watch you, go ahead make yourself cum.”

“It’s not that easy for a girl silly, I have to concentrate.”

After I promised to behave, she took two fingers and spread herself apart. She took a finger and dipped it inside her, then slid it out and tapped on her nub. I looked up to see her eyes were closed and she was beginning to breathe heavy, I knew she must be close. I leaned in and blew a stream of air right where she was rubbing. Her eyes opened and haramidere escort I think she had forgotten I was even there because she jumped. I was so close I had to taste her and I put my tongue in her slit. When I put my mouth over her nub, she came as she grabbed my head to hold it in place.

“Oh my god, Roger no boy has ever made me cum before, that was so cool.”

We climbed out of the water and lay down on the blanket in the warm sun. I didn’t remember ever feeling this contented, what with the fresh air and the clear water plus my new girl I couldn’t think it could get any better.

“It would be so cool to live out here in the forest like they did in the old days.”

“Roger, why would the people ever let the forests go away, didn’t they realize how much we would miss them? I keep thinking about my grandpa, talking about Earth Day, he said that everyone thought it would help to save the forests. He said the people talked about it but no one did anything about it until it was too late to save them.”

When I said I didn’t understand she went on to tell me how back in the old days people didn’t have to recycle and everything was used like once and then thrown away. The people wasted water and energy on something called grass lawns, they even used fresh water to hose down driveways and sidewalks. First, they cut down the forest for the wood and then they would turn the land into dump-sites. Before they could stop it, everything was gone.

“Trish it’s not too late, when we get back let’s see if we can organize a new Earth Day and instead of talking about saving the earth we will do something to save the earth.”

As we lie there talking about helping mother earth, a cool breeze blew across us and when I looked, Trish’s nipples were standing at attention and then soon I was as well. First, I kissed her and then I climbed on top of her and she wrapped her legs around me as I entered her. You know its funny how something like sex will make you forget about important things like saving the earth; I wonder if that was what happened to the original Earth Day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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