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Chapter 1: Team Tryouts

The week passed quickly after Luke had dropped the postcard, his unofficial application to what was called the “Himbro House.” A quick Google of “himbro” brought up nearly nothing, so he shrugged it off. He figured it was simply some kind of old Greek or dead language that had fallen out of academic fashion. The classes came and went, the assignments started and finished. At night before going to sleep he found himself smoking pot to relax his latent nerves—more often than he usually did.

So, when Luke came home from his last class on Thursday and found a piece of mail sitting on his coffee table, his heartbeat immediately picked up. It was an eggshell-white envelope, with only his name on it in calligraphy. He put his finger in the opening between the flap of the seal and the remainder of the envelope—tugged—opened the envelope.

Removing the sturdy card from the envelope was difficult, and he felt like the entire process suddenly took on an aura of reverence. He finally got the card out and read it silently:

“It is the honor and privilege of the owners and tenants of the Himbro House to invite you to an in-person interview. Your application indicates the kind of person that would flourish in the Himbro House, and we hope to see your personality shine through this Saturday at 7:00pm. Dress appropriately. Good luck.”

Luke read the invitation several times, making sure he had understood everything correctly, before letting out a silent fist pump and breaking into a grin. He’d passed the first screening!

But, as Luke reflected on the wording in the invitation, his brow furrowed a little. “Dress appropriately?” What did that mean? Suit and tie? Business casual? Class attire? The question haunted him over the next two days as he pondered the dilemma.

Suit and tie reflects how strongly I feel about the situation, but it doesn’t seem to jibe with what I know about the house. Business casual strikes a balance between the seriousness of the event and the ideology of the house as I know it, but for some reason it strikes me as a little too eager still. Is this something to wear a shirt and jeans to? Would they think I’m not a serious candidate? Do I play it safe with the clothing, or do I gamble?

He only decided what he would wear about two hours before his call time. Grinning at himself as he walked out the door of his dorm and made the walk to Fraternity Row, he knew he was getting some stares as he walked, but he didn’t mind at all. In fact, part of him kind of enjoyed it. Turning onto Fraternity Row, he saw the house waiting primly at the corner and took a deep breath. Released it. Clenched and unclenched his fists.

Walking with a confidence that belied his pounding heart, he bounded up the stairs and knocked on the door three times, invitation in hand.

Rex, wearing only gym shorts and the same backwards cap, opened the door and immediately grinned. “Hey d—oh, damn!” Luke was in a backwards cap and stringer tank, thin straps barely covering his torso down to his stomach. His pecs and delta were on full display, leaving very little to the imagination, and the tank served only to make his midsection look even smaller in comparison to his broad shoulders. His gym shorts were simple, black, down to his shins, and his shoes were regular running shoes.

Luke felt like he was under examination as Rex gave him a quick once-over, but more than that—he felt hot. Giving a quick most muscular pose, he held out a fist for Rex to bump. “What’s up dude! I’m here for the interview.”

Rex grinned and bumped his fist. “Duuuuuude! Very nice choice! Come on in.” He gestured to Luke who immediately nodded and entered the doorway. Coming in, Rex handed him an index card with the number 4 on it and pointed him to his left towards a closed door. “Right this way man, you and a few other candidates are here. We’ll be doing group interviews, so you’ll all be going at the same time. Don’t stress man, you got this.”

Luke found himself thanking Rex as he got a quick slap on the back and went into the room, closing the door behind him. Turning back around, he found three other people in the same room, a relatively bare-bones affair with a couch, pool table, and TV. The guy holding the index card labeled 1 was a in a suit and tie that he filled out well, his black hair and chiseled jaw contrasting sharply with his red tie. He nodded once. Index card 2 was in a button-down and khakis, who smiled at Luke with a peace sign. Luke smiled back with an up-nod. Both of them had decent physiques under the clothing—and Luke found himself recalling having seen the two in the college weight room before, pushing hard. Both were taller than Luke by several Beylikdüzü escort inches—over six feet—and exuded a lot of confidence.

The last candidate surprised him. 3 was about 5’1″ and slim, the hint of abs showing through his supple, tan skin. Luke only noticed the abs because 3 was wearing a powder-pink crop top and daisy dukes, his mop of platinum-blond hair styled perfectly over his big blue eyes. Luke found himself warming to 3 immediately. He wasn’t intimidated by 1 or 2—in fact, he felt better about his attire choice having seen them—but 3 looked like someone he could get along with, for some reason. He sidled over to 3 and stuck out a fist.

“Whassup man, name’s Luke.” 3 looked up at him with a shy smile and bumped his fist back.

“Adam.” The voice coming from the twink was small but confident, the brightness of his smile radiating through his vowels.

“So, you passed the questionnaire too, huh?” Luke chuckled a little bit as Adam nodded.

“I know, I know,” he sighed. “I don’t look like the typical gym rat, but I just love improving my body.” Luke gave him a sly once-over before snaking an arm around his shoulder.

“Well if my opinion means anything man, you look fantastic.” Adam blushed and mumbled out a thanks.

The two chatted for a few minutes, getting to know each other a little bit, before Rex opened the door. “Alright guys, if you’ll come this way. Index card order.”

The air was suddenly tense. Everyone seemed to take a deep, cleansing breath around the same time as they filed behind each other and followed Rex, who took them out the door they came in and across the mezzanine into another door to the right of the entryway.

Entering the room, they found four chairs lined up next to each other in the center of a room. At the front of the room was a folding table, behind which Rex sat with a piece of paper in his hand. He looked at the four as they sat, and spoke as Luke took his seat.

“Hey guys, thank you so much for coming out. Uh, this is a group interview so if I excuse you at any point you should consider yourself taken out of the running.” Rex squinted at the paper before laughing a little. “Huh huh. Anyway, let’s just cut the crap and get this started, alright?” After a general murmur of assent from the four, Rex nodded and began.

“What is your n—oh, before I forget, Number 1, thank you for your time, you are excused.”

Luke tried not to show his surprise as the guy in the suit stood up, walked behind the other three (whispering a “Good luck” to each), and closed the door behind him. That was much, much faster than I expected.

The questions began as expected. Typical stuff like name, background, high school, current GPA. Identifying questions. Luke noticed that none of their GPA’s were above a 3.0. It was clear as Rex moved through the initial questioning that he was reading word-for-word from the piece of paper in front of him.

Then the tone of the questions changed.

“Number 2, what is your favorite strain of weed?”

“Sorry, what?” Number 2 stammered.

“Your favorite strain of weed, bro, what is it?”

“I—I don’t, I mean I don’t really have a favorite.” 2 was floundering. “I just sort of take whatever’s given me.”

“Right on, right on,” Rex said, smiling a little. “Number 3?”

“Girl Scout Cookies,” Adam piped up. “It’s a solid sativa. Keeps me energized but also very giggly.”

“Alright, and Number 4?”

“Harlequin.” Luke’s voice rang out strong and confident. “It’s a great strain to bring my focus in at the gym, high CBD content, and also a pretty happy high.” Rex nodded once, his face unreadable.

“Alright. Number 2, tell me about how your workouts go.”

Number 2 spoke again. “Well, I’m a Crossfitter, so I—”

“Number 3?” Number 2 looked surprised at being interrupted, but let himself sigh and accept it. Adam again answered.

“I try my best to do full body, but I lift weights six days a week. I focus more on cardio, but I get the weights in.”??Rex smiled at Adam, who smiled back, eager to please. “And you, Number 4?”

Luke spoke up again, grinning. “I mean dude, look at me.” He raised his arms in a double bicep flex with a wink. “I go all the time. Hard, heavy, and often. Sometimes twice a day.”

Rex beamed as he saw the peaks rise higher with Luke’s effort. Luke thought he saw him lick his lips.

“Okay. Uhh, Number 2, how high is your sex drive on a scale of one to ten?”

“Pardon me?” Number 2 was flustered again.

Rex paused and read the question again. “How high is your sex drive on a scale of one to ten?”

Number 2 fumbled for a response again for a brief second. “Six? I mean, I love Beylikdüzü escort sex, but I don’t want to like get in your way with anyone I bring home.”

“Number 3?”

“Honestly? I’d put it at a 10,” Adam said. “Anytime I can get it, I’ll take it.” Rex smiled broadly before turning to Luke.

“And Number 4.”??”Same as him,” Luke nudged to Adam. “I love sex. Whenever, wherever, however. As often as possible. Don’t care how.” Or what position.

Rex clenched his fist once. Whether that was an indicator of a wrong answer or a subtle fist-pump, Luke wasn’t sure. The questions kept coming.

“How are you with nudity?”

“What music do you listen to?”

“How often do you miss class?”

Luke answered everything as best and as honestly as he could.

Rex was getting down to the end of the paper. “Do you have a favorite porn star?”

Number 2 answered with “Alexis Texas.” Rex paused for a pit, drummed his fingers on the table, and then spoke. Adam took a breath, expecting to answer the question.

“Number 2, thank you for your time, you are excused.”

Number 2 cursed under his breath as he got up and left, the door slamming a little too loudly behind him. Rex turned to both Luke and Adam, who now eyed each other as not just brief acquaintances, but direct competition.

“Two down,” Luke said.

“One to go,” Adam said.

Rex clapped his hands once. “Yo, dudes, chill.” Both of them looked at him. “You guys both were great. Thank you for your time, and at this point we just have to compare you guys’s answers and see who would be a better fit. If we pick you, you’ll know by Monday.” Luke and Adam grinned and stood up to shake Rex’s hand, each of them getting a strong handshake in turn. They both turned and left the room.

As each of them left the House, Adam turned to Luke. “Well, shit, good luck man,” Luke said, clapping a hand on Adam’s shoulder and letting it stay there.

“You too,” Adam said, smiling softly. “I think we’ve both got a good shot.”

“Definitely little dude.” With that nickname, Luke felt a shudder pass through Adam’s smaller frame and watched him flush.

“I’m not little…” Adam murmured. “You’re just…big.” He bit his lower lip as he looked up into the taller man’s eyes.

Luke’s grin grew broader, catlike. “Oh, I’m very big. I’m big everywhere.” He grabbed his own crotch and waggled his tongue. “And our sex drives are both 10s, right?”

Adam nodded, gulping once. “Yeah.” His breathing seemed shallow to Luke’s ears.

“That’s what I thought. Come back to my place?” Luke couldn’t believe what he was saying, but the smaller guy brought out something primal within him. Something…predatory. Adam nodded again and the two set off to Luke’s dorm.

They barely managed to lock the door and put a sock on the doorknob before they were all over each other. Luke slammed Adam against the wall, covering his neck with kisses and licks, as Adam moaned wantonly and wrapped his arms around him.

“Oh shit,” Adam gasped, running his hands over Luke’s body. “You’re so fucking huge.” Luke grinned and bounced his pecs.

“And only getting bigger, little man.” Adam groaned as his hands reached out to touch Luke’s chest, gently gripping the hard muscle as it tensed and relaxed underneath his fingertips.

“Fuck, you better…” At that, Luke growled and peeled his stringer off, before yanking his shorts down and shoving Adam’s down. His hard cock bounced between the two, leaking precum and throbbing as Adam gripped it. “Oh fuck…” Adam moaned. “You weren’t kidding when you said you were big everywhere.”

Luke groaned and thrust his cock into Adam’s grip. “I told you…” Adam gripped it tighter as he sank to his knees against the wall. He looked up at Luke over his pecs and opened his mouth, tongue lolling out in lust. “Well don’t just sit there, suck it.”

Adam moaned and shoved his head down on Luke’s cock, and Luke moaned as the warm wetness of Adam’s mouth engulfed his manhood. If degrees were given out in cocksucking, he felt like Adam would have earned a PhD by now. It felt like a thousand tongues were swirling around the head of his dick, and as his huge cock inched further and further down Adam’s throat he found that there was no hint of a gag reflex. Within seconds he was fucking Adam’s eager throat with abandon. Adam was stroking his own cock as he worshiped Luke’s with his mouth, moaning around the shaft and picking up his own pace whenever Luke seemed to slow.

Finally Adam popped up for air and managed a “Holy shit,” before Luke picked him up by the armpits to kiss him deeply.

“Fuck, you’re so fucking hot,” Luke groaned as Adam kissed him back, the Escort Beylikdüzü taste of precum coating his lips. “Should we take this to the bed?” Adam moaned and lifted his legs to wrap them around Luke’s waist.

“Too long. Can’t wait.” Adam gasped like he was in the desert and dying of thirst. “Need you now.” Luke grunted and spread Adam’s ass cheeks apart, his finger probing for his tight hole. Finding it, he massaged it gently with a finger as Adam threw his head back and gasped to no one in particular, “Fuck yes. Oh god, that’s it you big fucking man,” was all he could get out before Luke sank his index finger in, and then his dirty talk dissolved into gibberish, his grip tightening around Luke’s muscles. Luke growled deep in his throat as he scissored his finger in and out of Adam’s needy hole before positioning his cock against the opening.

“You ready?” Luke spoke lowly, greedily, his cock twitching in anticipation, his muscles starting to burn slightly as he supported Adam’s weight with his own mass.

“Take me…” Adam whispered as he let himself drop a little bit onto Luke’s dick, biting his lip and moaning. “Take me with that big muscle cock, Daddy…”

Luke groaned and slowly let Adam down on his erection—or at least, he tried to. Adam was letting himself down faster than Luke was, greedy to be filled. Every inch brought another moan, every sensation seemed heightened as their sweat dripped down their bodies and mingled with each other’s.

“Oh… fuck…” Adam whimpered as he found himself at the base, Luke’s balls nestled against his hole. “That’s a fucking cock right there.” He grinned as Luke chuckled lowly before rocking back on his erection.

Luke groaned and went with the flow. “Shit, you’re so fucking tight.” Adam moaned softly.

“I’m not tight. You’re just—ohhhh, fuuuuuck.” Adam moaned as Luke pulled out and gently thrust back in. “Oh, fuck yes. Oh fuck.”

Luke gave him a wink. “Yeah? You like that big cock?”

Adam nodded, smiling. “You like that tight hole?”

Luke pulled out again before pushing back in to the hilt. Over Adam’s moan, Luke growled out, “FUCK yes.” Adam moaned as Luke thrust out, then in again. They became lost in the movements as they fucked, a single unit of muscles and nerves and sounds.

Luke finally let Adam lay back on their couch, fucking him on his back over the armrest. Grabbing his legs for leverage, he leaned over Adam and started pounding him harder.

“Oh, FUCK!” Adam started getting louder, punctuating every thrust with a porn star moan. “That’s it Daddy, that’s it, that’s what I fucking want, oh god FUCK ME!” Luke kept the barrage up through the banging he heard on the wall, reveling in the pride of fucking his way to multiple noise complaints.

He fucked Adam like a machine, riding the wave of his ecstasy for several minutes. Growling as he exerted himself further and further, his muscled body aching but him not daring to stop, he warned Adam, “I’m getting close.”

Adam looked him in the eye, stroking his cock while Luke slammed into him, and simply said, “Breed me.”

That sent him over the edge. With a roar, Luke thrust one final time into Adam and shot his load into his hungry hole, Adam’s own cumshot splashing over his taut, humming body. They both voiced their pleasure loudly, almost yelling in pure erotic euphoria, as Adam’s legs wrapped tightly around Luke’s waist.

They stayed that way for several minutes, neither of them daring to move. Shaking from the exertion, and from the force of their orgasms. Finally, Luke reluctantly pulled out, groaning as he felt his dick move away from the warmth of Adam’s ass.

“God…damn.” Luke could only manage that much, and Adam just nodded wordlessly in response. “That was…”

“Yeah,” Adam replied. “It was.” Luke grinned and leaned down to kiss Adam once. He walked over to his bathroom sink, grabbed a towel, wet it with warm water, and came back over, gently wiping the cum off Adam’s body and then his now-abused hole. Adam chuckled through the cleanup. “Such a gentleman.”??”I try,” Luke said. “Do you wanna—”

“I should probably get going,” Adam said, flopping off the couch and staggering over to his daisy dukes. Luke frowned a little, but then nodded in understanding.

“No worries, dude. Can I get your number if you wanna do this again sometime?”

Adam held out his hand and Luke placed his phone into it. A few swipes, a few taps, and Adam handed him his phone back. “There’s my contact information. No matter who gets that roommate deal, you better have me over sometime.”

“As often as you want,” Luke said, nodding. “I could get used to that.”

With that, Adam left. A cheeky wink and a wave of two fingers punctuated his exit, and as the door closed Luke smiled, lost in the post-fuck swagger.

He didn’t remember getting to his bed and passing out.

And he spent most of Sunday high.

But Monday began the rest of Luke’s life as he knew it.

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