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The calls came from the agency one right after each other; first my sister’s cell went off, then mine.

“I know it’s a last minute call, but this is a big opportunity,” said Marnie, our agent Grace’s secretary. “The Boss Club had a cancellation and needs a couple of girls to fill in. Can you make it there by 6?”

The Boss Club: it was only the most upscale private gentlemen’s club in the city, with a top pay rate to match, and both of us were being offered our big break. There was no question we’d take the job, as we’d had only a little work since we’d arrived in town two months before.

Lily and I started packing our kits and were out the door within minutes.

“Hi,” I introduced us to the bouncer at the door. “We’re supposed to be working tonight.”

“C’mon in,” he said, ushering us through. “You want to talk to Alex by the DJ booth.”

We found the manager right away, even amid the distracting opulence of the club.

“Ah, hello,” said Alex. “You must be the girls Grace sent.”

My sister and I both nodded, excited to be here. “When are we on?”

“Well, the duo that cancelled were going to be on already…” he consulted his schedule. “But I did some shuffling, and I’ll put you in the 7 and 10 and 1 o’clock slots.”

“Duo?” asked Lily.

“Yeah, it’s a girl-girl act you’re replacing,” Alex replied. “It’s all lesbian shows this weekend. Didn’t you get that part?”

“Oh sure, uhm,” I stammered, wondering how on earth Marnie had made such a colossal omission. “We’ll work it out.”

“Okay then,” said Alex. “Laura and Lily; welcome to The Boss Club.”

He pointed us toward the change rooms.

“Holy shit,” said Lily. “They booked us doing a lesbian show?”

“It’s okay,” I reassured my sister. “We’ve both done duo acts before. Smoke and mirrors. We can fake it.”

But even as we walked past the stage, we could see that that wasn’t true. Two beautiful women were tonguing each others’ pussies explicitly and passionately.

“Oh boy,” said my sister. “This could be interesting.”

In the relative privacy of the dancers’ change rooms, we passed other pairs of girls who greeted us and pointed us toward a vacant changing area. Finally, we found a quiet place we could talk.

“We could just leave, We’ll call Grace and make her sort out her mistake,” I said. “But…we do need this. This is THE club to work in. We shouldn’t back out on our big break.”

“I agree,” said Lily. “But you saw what they’ll be expecting. Are you up for this?”

“No, maybe. Yes,” I said. “We’re performers. And it’s just sex, right?”

“It’s still gonna be weird.” my sister said honestly. “But if we do this, even if it’s awful…or even we enjoy it, just remember that nothing changes. I’ll always love you.”

“I love you, too,” I echoed, sincerely. “Always.”

We took off our clothes and started to pick out outfits for our first appearance.

Lily looked over at me.

“Hold me,” she said.

Naked, we hugged, and already there was a strange new energy between us.

“Now,” said my sister, “kiss me like you want to fuck me.”

Without anything further needing to be said, Lily and I kissed deeply, testing the waters and preparing ourselves for a new intimacy.

“O-oh,” I purred. “Actually, I could get used to that.”

My sister smiled.

“Oh don’t you two look sexy,” said a voice.

We turned, still in each others’ arms, to see who it was.

“Hi, I’m Janice, I’m your host tonight,” she introduced herself. “Sorry, I just had to take care of some things. You must be the sisters Grace sent over.”

So it hadn’t been an accident.

“I was really happy to hear she had you two in her roster. It’s been over a year since we had a pair of lesbian sisters,” said Janice. “I’m very excited.”

“You’ve had others?” I asked.

“Over the years, here and there,” Janice replied with a nod. “If you’re good, I guarantee we’ll have you back. And by good, I mean…”

“If we really have sex,” said Lily.

“Exactly,” agreed Janice. “As a private club, the usual rules don’t apply here. Members pay a premium, and we pay our dancers top rate. So real kissing, grinding, fingering and most of all tonguing; that’s what they come to see. I hope that’s not a problem.”

“We saw a bit of the last act,” I added.

“Exactly,” Janice confirmed. “I’m curious, how long have you two been intimate?”

“Honestly,” said Lily. “This is a first-time experiment for us.”

I was going to interrupt, thinking my sister had said the wrong thing, but Janice looked pleased.

“First time sister act?” she said. “Oh, that’s perfect. I can’t wait to announce that. They’ll love it.”

I swallowed, suddenly nervous again.

“Look, I don’t know what you brought to wear, but for your first time I’d love you to do a schoolgirl theme. We’ve got outfits here.”

“Schoolgirls…” Lily mused. “Cute.”

“Let me just pick out something in your size. I’ll be right back,” Janice said, then added, “You’re going to be the hit of the evening.”

Lily Escort bayan winked at me as Janice hurried off.

“I’m all tingly,” she said. “How are you feeling?”

“Nervous as hell,” I admitted. “But I’ll get over it.”

My sister leaned against me and invited me to kiss her again. I melted into her arms, and our tongues intertwined. Kissing Lily made me forget my jitters and awakened a new feeling of daring and taboo excitement.

“I could definitely get used to kissing you,” my sister said. “Oh god. We’re really…we’re going to make love, aren’t we?”

I giggled, enjoying hearing my sister say it, savoring the words and touching her wrist.

Already Janice was back, holding up two identical schoolgirl costumes in drycleaner plastic. They featured extremely short pink tartan skirts and matching pink ties.

“Here,” she said. “These should fit, I think. And these…”

From a bag, she produced two little pink g-strings in swirling patterned lace.

“Oooh,” I purred. “Gorgeous.”

My sister agreed, giving me a sly look.

“And I have some other accessories you might use,” said Janice. “This might make a pleasant warm up.”

Out came an enormous clear pink dildo, the double-headed kind.

Lily took it and started teasing me with it. I just laughed, but I liked the idea of breaking the ice with my sister using it. It would be a little easier than having to begin with just our fingers and tongues.

“And for a little extra roleplay,” Janice added, then handed us each a pink lollipop.

We smiled and thanked her.

“There’s not much time,” Lily noted.

We started to get ready, getting into our g-strings and the tiny skirt, then fixing our make up before putting on the shirts and ties. By the time we were finished, we were given our five minute warning.

“Here we go,” I said, psyched for our debut.

“Remember, I love you more than anything,” said Lily. “And this could be a lot of fun.”

“I love you more, sis,” I boasted. “And this will definitely be fun.”

I really wanted to kiss my sister again, but I didn’t want to mess up the succulent pink lip gloss we’d applied so carefully. We settled on another hug, which turned into some exploratory touching.

Lily’s fingers slipped under my tiny skirt, and her fingers danced across the front of my g-string.

“Looking forward to getting to know you better, Laura,” she teased.

“Oh damn, now I’m getting a little too excited,” I replied.

I fanned myself with my hand, then stroked my sister’s arm.

“Two minutes,” said Janice, herding us and our bag of accessories out toward the stage.

“Gentleman, The Boss Club has an extra special treat for you tonight, above and beyond this extra special weekend of girl-girl acts,” Janice announced from the stage. “Laura and Lily are not only full flesh and blood sisters…”

She let the word hang for a few seconds for the enthusiastic crowd reaction that followed.

“Not only sisters doing a lesbian act for your pleasure,” she continued when the hubbub had dimmed slightly, “But this will also be their first time ever together. Gentleman, and ladies, please welcome Laura and Lily, first time sisters.”

The lights and music burst into a frenzy, and the crowd hollered and whistled their approval. Lily took my hand and led me up onto the stage, bouncing and half dancing already.

I could see my sister’s underwear under her tiny little skirt.

Dropping our blanket and the double dildo to the side, we danced out with our sexy schoolgirl charm and little pink lollipops. We alternated dancing, while the other looked on and licked the candy accessory.

Lily was such an erotic dancer. She gave plenty of attention to the audience, but also directed her flirtatious moves at me.

This was the seduction phase, the first act of the standard three act lesbian show. First, we tease and start removing a few of our clothes. Next, we become more interactive, undress each others’ more intimate garments and cross the line from teasing to physical contact. The final stage was where we would actually have sex.

At least, that was the way it usually worked, but this wasn’t a standard lesbian act. We’d decided beforehand that we would try to escalate the contact as quickly as we dared, to give us plenty of time to get used to the easy stuff before we got down to the explicit contact. Fortune favors the bold, as they say, and I was simultaneously anxious and excited about the bold favors my sister and I would be performing on each other.

It didn’t surprise me then, as Lily danced to a stop in front of me and took my lollipop into her mouth. So, seizing the moment, I leaned to her and offered her my lips as a follow-up. My sister feigned a nervous peck, but then I put my hands on her hips and pulled her belly against mine and we kissed for real.

It was an act, in the sense that we were pushing ourselves to things we wouldn’t normally, but I discovered that each thrill raised my courage and energized me for the next.

While Bayan escort my sister’s tongue teased mine, I let my hands drift around the back of her miniskirt, lifting it to expose her ass. I squeezed her cheeks and felt her squeak in reply.

Our foreheads rested together as I continued my caresses.

Then Lily reached for and loosened my tie, but as she pulled it off I spun away and danced to the opposite side of the stage.

My sister followed, coming up behind me and wrapping her arms around me. But rather than a hug, she quickly unbuttoned my white shirt. I shrugged it off and away as Lily covered my breasts with one arm. Her other hand withdrew the lollipop from her mouth with a wet slurp, and with it my sister teased my nipple after exposing my chest.

The audience was loving it, and so was I.

I craned my head back and made out with Lily again while her lollipop moved to excite my other nipple.

My sister’s touch was genuinely arousing me and it showed.

Lily came around and wrapped her tongue around my stiffening left nipple.

“Ooooh,” I sighed, cradling her to me.

She looked up at me and moved to suckle the other one, savoring the sweet stickiness of the lollipop.

This was far easier than I expected.

I was ready to be even more daring.

I danced away again to the left side of the stage, stirring up hoots of appreciation. Beckoning with my finger, I drew Lily to me. She was suddenly pretending to be the bashful schoolgirl.

But she didn’t shy away when I stripped off her tie, and she arched her back and cooed when I ran the tie under her legs and teased it back and forth across her pussy.

My sister caught my eye and communicated her arousal with just that look.

She unhooked her skirt and threw it off her waist. Everyone got a view of her little g-string being pulled this way and that as I continued rubbing with her tie.

Lily took off her own shirt and tossed it away as the first song ended. We were already mostly undressed and had taken the schoolgirl sister act to very naughty places so quickly.

Lily skipped away from me, leaving me to dance around the pole by myself for a while.

But I already knew where she was going, and it was soon confirmed. My sister came back with the double-headed dildo. I exaggerated my look of shock at the big floppy toy. I ran two fingertips gingerly along its clear pink length.

Lily took me by the hand and strutted with me along the catwalk at center stage. She parked me there and got down on her knees in front of me. I looked down and watched my sister tease the phallus against my skirt.

Then she paused and took a long moment to loosen the skirt and pull it down around my ankles. Now my sister and I wore only g-strings and our high heels.

She stood up and played with the thin straps around my hips, snugging the little panties into the crack of my ass and pussy. I did the same back to Lily as we returned to making out. Kissing my sister now felt like a comfort zone for me, a place of shelter but also one that turned me on even more.

I broke from her and bent down to play with Lily’s beautiful breasts. It felt so satisfying to be caressing her, and when I took her nipple with my lips and tongue, we both moaned.

My sister lifted me up and flashed me a smoldering look.

“You’re not supposed to be turning me on this much,” she whispered.

“Love you,” I mouthed.

Lily answered by getting low again, and began to tease the dildo against the front of my panties. I settled into a better stance, as much to steady myself for what might come as to give my sister better access. She twirled the toy against my covered pussy even as she was wetting it with her saliva.

We looked at each other, and I gave a minuscule nod of permission.

Lily peeled my g-string to one side, and stroked the end of it along my slit, separating the soft petals of my labia. My sister looked surprised at just how wet I was. She wouldn’t need any lube.

Completely focused on my cunt, my sister pressed the dildo until it began to slip inside me.

“Ooooooh,” I purred.

It felt good.

Lily slowly ramped up the pace until she was fucking me hard. My knees were trembling so badly I had to stop standing. My sister greeted me at the floor with an excited kiss, while continuing to work the double-header inside me.

But it didn’t last long. She wanted it, too. We sat facing each other, shuffling close, and my sister held her g-string aside while I aimed the free end of the dildo toward her slit. I couldn’t resist a little exploration with my other hand, so I peeled Lily’s pussy open at the same time as I got the dildo into her.

My sister was squirming in open mouthed surprise and pleasure at my boldness.

And then we began to ride each other.

I was transfixed by the sight of Lily’s pretty little pussy. It was stretched open to accommodate the stout dildo and her delicate inner lips were teased inward and outward as we ground our hips ever closer together. Escort Eventually we had almost the entire length sunk inside us, and our identical quims were literally two inches apart.

My sister caught my eye and flashed her eyes down. Her trembling smile told me that, yes, she wanted this. I turned my hips slightly and closed the gap. Lily’s hot cunt and mine pressed together, even as the stout dildo filled us. I could feel the warmth and wetness of my sister’s pussy on mine, and I was loving it.

“Let’s grind,” I whispered after several seconds. “Without this. You on me.”

We separated long enough for me to pull the double-header free. It was coated with both of our juices. I held it closer, then decided to flip it around and started sucking on the end that had been inside Lily.

My sister mirrored my action, swallowing the part of the dildo that was slick with my pussy cream.

There was an amazing moment when my sister and I gazed into each others’ eyes, wordlessly acknowledging that we were enjoying our first taste of each others’ pussies.

I scooted closer until my legs interlocked with hers, and we put the dildo aside and mashed our gleaming slits together hungrily.

“Mmmm,” Lily cooed. “So sexy.”

I’d almost forgotten about the audience, but they were cheering us on as my sister and I humped together. We shifted closer, pressing our breasts, and the change in angle mashed our clits together.

I moaned and spasmed as the pleasure struck my senses. My sister, eyes closed, buried her head in my shoulder and ground her hips with mine.

That was where the second song ended, prompting for a change in the action. I would’ve loved to just stay like that until my sister and I came, because it felt so incredibly good.

But new taboos awaited breaking, and I trembled with anticipation at what was to come.

Lily and I danced around the stage, cavorting and caressing and showing ourselves off for the onlookers. I peeled off my sister’s g-string and took it down off her ankles.

Half a minute later, she returned the favor, but she covered up my pussy with her hand while my underwear came off, and then she made a show of revealing my slit.

My favorite part of stripping is the feeling when my underwear peel off and my pussy is finally exposed. Having my sister do the unveiling felt ludicrously naughty. But just for added measure, Lily cupped my quim again and held my lips open with her fingers.

I whispered my approval, and Lily flashed a wicked smile, stroked the length of my pussy a few times and then left me hanging, all weak in the knees.

We ended up circling the dance pole after that, and my sister took the lead climbing it. She locked her thighs around it and leaned back near my face. I eagerly kissed Lily and played with her breasts.

Then she slid down to the floor and I went up the pole, but instead of using my legs I used my arms. Then I spread my legs and hung for a second over my sister.

“I’m ready for you,” Lily whispered from below.

I slid down until my open thighs were just a few inches from my sister’s face.

She gazed at my pussy, then to me, and back to my pussy.

I vibrated with excitement, knowing what was next.

My sister lifted her head forward and kissed my labia for the first time. The audience howled and I moaned, and Lily went to work with her tongue.

“Oh god,” I grunted. “Oh god oh god.”

My sister just smiled and winked and dove back in, licking up and down, then sucking at my clit with her lips.

I couldn’t hold on to the pole much longer, so I lifted my hips away and stood to one side. But I desperately wanted more, so I hurried to get the blanket. Lily joined me at center stage and crawled onto the blanket after I set it out flat.

She rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide open, inviting me to commit the final taboo. Lily stroked herself with one finger, revealing how wet she was, then sucked her finger dry.

‘You’ve loved every minute of this so far,’ I told myself. ‘Don’t stop now.’

As my sister went back to fingering herself and beckoning me forward, I thought of all the times I’d been at this moment before, and the intense intimacy of making love with another woman. Now what could possibly be more intimate and intense than to pour that lesbian passion into the loving bond of sisterhood?

And finally I was stirred from my momentary paralysis, and with the entire room watching and cheering me on, I climbed over my sister and settled my body onto hers in a sixty-nine.

Lily’s tongue dove right in again, and I hurried myself before I became lost in these delicious sensations. My sister’s vagina was right there, the mirror image of my own, swollen and waiting for me.

I stroked her once then dipped my whole face right between her legs. From the moment my tongue touched my sister’s slit, I felt the thrill of pushing sexual boundaries again. Other girls didn’t eat their sisters’ pussies, but now my sister and I had conquered this taboo together. And though I had slept with many wonderful women who I cared about, there was no feeling that compared to this ultimate sexual intimacy with Lily.

Her pussy was intoxicating. I slurped and licked and fingered her lovingly, even as men’s faces peered close from all sides.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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