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It’s kind of late on this cold winters evening; a gentle three knocks are heard on your front door which make you wonder who it could be this late on Christmas Eve. Since you had recently just gotten home yourself you were still in your dress. You decide not to bother with covering up as it most likely wouldn’t take long of standing at the door if anything. As I’m standing outside, gift in hand and rocking back and forth slightly trying not to stand still in the cold air, slightly nervous I wondered if it was such a good idea showing up this late at your house.

Even more nervous as it was taking you a bit longer than expected for you to answer as it crossed my mind that you had mentioned going out that day and that you might not be home. Suddenly, the door sounds a light click and you open it. Seeing you at the door removes all nervousness of before and a smile appears on my face, yet a clear expression of pleasant surprise shows on your face as you stand there lightly smiling and slightly frozen in place.

You hadn’t expected anyone to visit, least of all me at this time of night. After a moment I whisper your name with a questioning tone followed by “Surprise luv” with a gentle smile on my face. My eyes moving up and down you, taking in the image of you standing there in a black dress top, short frilled skirt; I notice your bright red lips before meeting your eyes with mine and sighing lightly to myself in awe at your beauty as we stand there.

“Hey there..” you whisper, still slightly in surprise “What brings you here this late sweetie?”, replying in just as much a whisper yet quietly sensual “You” as I take a step forward and stand almost directly in front of you. Still smiling, I hold the gift in my right hand while placing both my hands on your hips.

My fingers gently caressing your sides as I feel your hands move up between us and rest against either sides of my face, a clear smile on your face as I lean in a little and your arms wrap around my neck as well as my hands pulling you closer to me. We look deeply into each other’s eyes as you feel my warm breath on your lips; a gentle kiss is placed on your lips as our eyes close before moving back slightly, your arms pulling me back in as we kiss again and deeper; my tongue sliding teasingly over yours before moving back before gently gliding over yours again as I feel you try to push your tongue against mine.

Your arms loosen their grip around my neck and your hands take hold of my coat. We break the kiss for a moment; we look deeply into each other’s eyes as our eyes slowly open. I lick my lips softly, craving for another taste of your sweet lips as we see the lust in each other’s eyes. Insistently you tug at my coat, pulling me to move inside. As we step inside, I move the door shut with foot before my hands on your hips pull you closer again, pressing you against me. Your hands impatient as I feel them pushing the coat back for me to remove it. Leaning in we kiss again gently at the same time I drop my coat to the floor as it slides off my arms as well as I drop my gift for you on top of it, leaving me in a long sleeved, yet thin gray shirt.

My hands quick to return to your sides, our lips pressing more on each other’s as we kiss deeply; our tongues sliding over one another, pushing and pressing against the other. I feel your hips gyrate slightly in a grinding motion as you rub teasingly against me, breaking the kiss a moment to look into my eyes and let out a teasing moan as well as sensually saying my name while your right hand passes through my hair and your fingers from your left hand gently press into my shoulder as you teasingly moan it out longer.

In turn making me moan gently “Yes beautiful..?” making you grin lightly as you feel the effects of the sensual kissing combined with the teasing moan against your lower stomach through your dress, a warm pressing area felt against your skin even through the clothing between us. You tilt your head slightly to the side and a very sexy smile appears on your face as you gently push me back and move further down the hall before going around a corner and disappearing into the dimly lit living room, seemingly only lit by the Christmas lights and possibly a few candles.

Turning around the corner, pressed up against the wall you wait for me knowing that my curiosity as well as lust would make me follow. Slowly I follow down the hall where you went, wondering where it is you had gone. Slightly confused I enter the living room as I don’t see you immediately, yet moments after standing still I feel your familiar presence as you slide your arms around my waist against my sides from behind.

You slide your hands slowly under my shirt, moving your right hand and lightly scraping your porno fingernails against my chest at the same time I feel your fingertips rubbing teasingly against my lower stomach, sending shivers along my skin as well as a gentle gasp from my lips. I stretch my arms over my head as I swiftly remove my shirt and dropping it aside; I feel you rest your head gently against my back as your hands continue moving along my chest and lower stomach.

You take in a gentle breath through your nose; a light scent of sweet hazel and caramel filling your lungs before you exhale lightly. Teasingly, you curl and uncurl your fingers lightly on my lower stomach, making me gasp lightly and my hands reaching around behind me. My hands rest on your sides, fingers lightly curling and uncurling over your back as they move lower, slower. I give you a gentle teasing spank on your right butt cheek, making you gasp in pleasant surprise. I feel your fingers curl lightly against my chest and lower stomach in response, making me tense up and inhale sharply before sighing softly as I relax.

My hands give your butt cheeks a gentle and teasing squeeze; I hear you give a light, yet pleasant sigh before I slowly turn around to face you. Your arms moving with me before settling back onto my upper stomach as we look deeply into each other’s eyes. I lick my lips softly, feeling you gently drag your fingernails along my skin as you curl your fingers slightly. My hands move to your sides, just under your dress top, my fingertips lightly rubbing against your back as my thumbs softly caress your stomach.

Slowly I move my hands upwards, gently dragging them along your soft skin. You reach up, your hands behind my neck as you pull me in and plant a soft kiss on my lips and making me pause undressing you for a moment before you quickly pull your top off. Our eyes are locked on one another’s as your top slides from your arms, my eyes slowly following it as I still my breathing as it falls between us. Mouthing a “Wow…” before lightly biting into my lip as I see you standing in front of me; wearing a bright red lace, low cut bra, a black frill skirt.

I let out a soft gasp and moan of arousal as I notice your pink nipples are already stiff and showing through the sheer material of your bra. As I’m standing still for a moment, you notice and grin slightly; your hands move back to my stomach which immediately catches my attention once more. Your fingernails slowly drag across my skin moving lower before reaching the edge of my pants.

My own hands move to your lower back, while my fingers slowly curl and uncurl, slowly pulling the fabric of your skirt up as I feel you undo the front of my pants and lightly tug teasingly before pulling them off and dropping them around my ankles, leaving me standing in front of you in a pair of boxers with a slight bulge that seems to get your attention.

“Hmm…” you hum quietly and whisper my name in a quiet and very erotic tone as your hand gently palms and teasingly squeezes the warm and throbbing bulge, eliciting a stifled moan from me as well as you notice your skirt’s been pulled up and my fingers are now gently squeezing and caressing your butt through your lace panties; you shiver gently in response.

My hands give you simultaneously a slight squeeze on your butt while also pressing you against me. Your fingers lightly rubbing along the length of the bulge through the material of my boxers, making me moan softly while still looking deeply into your eyes; my hands gently palming your butt cheeks before lightly tugging on your skirt and quickly dropping it to the ground.

A deep moan escapes my lips as well as you feel on your fingertips as a gentle throb pulses through the material of my boxers the same moment I notice you’re wearing a matching bright red pair of lace panties; despite being sheer in material seems to hug you just perfectly and amplify your sexiness even further by showing just enough. Lust is thick in the air and is clear also in our eyes; I firmly give your butt a squeeze, making you press up against me more.

Not having noticed you slid your hand into the front of my boxers, the squeeze that made you press further against in turn makes you firmly grasp me with your fingers; they clench tightly around the base of my dick. I close my eyes a moment and let out a slight groan as my hips thrust forward slightly in your hand; the tip ending up pressing against your lower stomach through the material of my boxers and making you moan lightly as well.

I press you further against me as I lean in and we kiss deeply and passionately, moaning into each other’s lips; my hands gently squeezing and caressing your butt as I feel your fingers lightly stroke me. Quickly our tongues meet, pressing and rubbing against and along each other. porno izle I let out a gentle groan and you feel a moist spot in the fabric pressing against your lower stomach.

You let out a teasing moan into my lips before removing your hand from my boxer and placing both of your hands on my chest, softly scraping your fingernails against my skin as I’m panting softly, with a sly grin on my face. You tilt your head slightly to the side, smiling innocently and looking deeply into my eyes. As you slowly seem to realize what it is I’m going to next, the innocence slowly fades and is quickly replaced with anticipation. I whisper innocently into your ear “I’m craving a little… taste of you”, grinning slightly.

Gently, I slide my thumb and index finger from each hand under the sides of your panties. Instead of pulling them down, I lightly kiss you on the lips and move you towards the sofa. Seating you near the edge of the sofa, I position myself in front of you and lightly run the tips of my fingers along your inner thigh, slowing down the higher my fingers move. Our eyes lock as my fingers hook onto the edge of your panties and slowly drag them downwards and pulling them off entirely.

Softly I lick my lips, grinning slightly at you as I rest the palms of my hands on your knees and slowly spread your legs. As I look up at you I notice you’re lightly licking and sucking on your finger while grinning at me, I let out a soft moan as I see you play with your finger and tongue as your other hand lightly plays with a nipple through the fabric of your bra; you let out a long and erotic moan as you do so. Intent on not letting you tease me further, I lightly kiss then softly bite your inner thigh before slowly licking higher.

Pausing just before my tongue reaches your smoothness, I look up at you again, I wet my lips slightly and grin devilishly at you before I softly plant kisses just over your smoothness as my hands gently lift your legs up and place them over my shoulder. After doing so, my hands slide up along your sides, fingers curling and uncurling slightly against your skin before the tips of my fingers softly circle your nipples. Slowly kissing lower, I press my lips around your sweet spot and let my tongue dart out and flick over it lightly while at the same time I gently pinch your already stiff nipples a moment.

Gently my tongue slides along your wet entrance, lightly teasing as it circles and tastes your sweet juices; I let out a soft moan, making sure to let you feel as the vibrations pass through my tongue and on to your sensitive flesh, making you moan a bit loudly. My fingers pull gently on your nipples as you do; lightly pinching and pulling as my tongue lightly dips into you, moving inside you a little before sliding up and grazing your sweet spot intently.

Your body shudders lightly and you move your hands along your body lower; you grab my hair as almost press my harder in to you, my tongue pushing in further as I lick more and more enthusiastically. My tongue becoming restless as I lick you more and deeper, flicking my tongue more pressured over your sweet spot and making you shudder and moan loudly. Your legs lock behind my head and keep me in place as my tongue continues to lick along and into your wet entrance as well as moaning a bit deeper as I enjoy your sweet taste.

I smile to myself as I look up at you and see you, squirming and your body curling slightly already, you’re lightly biting into your lip as your tongue restlessly moistens them before you bite again on your lower lip. Slowly I withdraw my tongue from inside you, licking gently and very slowly upwards and you let out a fairly loud moan in anticipation. Slowly I circle your sweet spot with my tongue before I press my lips on your smoothness, my tongue darting and pressing against your sweet spot, your hips bucking heavily as well as your body curling more intensely as more intense waves of pleasure come over you.

My tongue rubs heavily against it as my fingers pinch and pull on your nipples a bit more than I had been before. I try to hold you slightly in place as I lightly kiss and suck on your smoothness, my tongue pressing more and more heavily against your sweet spot; you let out a loud moan, almost yelling “Ohhh… Fuck…!” as the intense waves of blissful climax crash over you. Your body shuddering heavily as my tongue lightly continues licking you as the waves slowly lose intensity.

After a few moments your legs loosen finally from around my neck as well as your hands letting go of my hair. Gently I kiss along your stomach and slowly moving further up and lightly lick and suck on your left nipple while your body calms down a little more, your arms move to loosely place themselves around my neck as you finally catch your breath. Once you’ve calmed sex izle down a decent amount, you lick your lips before softly kissing me on the lips. After getting to taste you, my heart beats even faster and I feel an even stronger desire to take you appear; I smile softly back at you, yet the lust in my eyes remain clear as our eyes meet.

Swiftly, your hands on my chest, you push and pin me down on the sofa. My arms lightly caressing your sides lightly as you’re sitting across my stomach. My hands rest a moment on your hips as you lean down and teasingly plant a small kiss on my lips while looking into my eyes. Softly your fingers claw lightly at my chest as you then softly lick and bite my neck, making me in turn moan your name softly. At the same time my body shudders slightly as well as my fingers curling slightly as they massage your hips and gently try to motion you lower, craving the feel of you.

You stop teasing my neck and look into my eyes; I see a sense of satisfaction pass through your eyes as you see me laying under you, almost squirming with the urge to overtake you. Slowly you move yourself lower, positioning yourself over my legs a moment as you make quick work of removing my boxers and tossing them aside. I see you smile sweetly as you see me in front of you, with your right hand I feel your fingers lightly wrap themselves around the shaft of my dick and giving it a light squeeze which makes me close my eyes a moment and moan lightly as well as gently thrust up through your fingers.

Your left hand lightly rests against my stomach, dragging your fingernails lightly across my skin. As I open my eyes I see a slightly wicked smile on your face as our eyes lock, slowly you lean forward, your lips inches away from the tip of my dick before pausing. My body shivers lightly in anticipation as well as you feel in your hand a light throb. You lean in further, I try to slow my breathing further almost holding my breath before I feel your warm tongue teasingly lick the tip and I let out a soft groan as my head tilts back slightly, my body shuddering a moment before stopping.

As I look up, you smile sexily at me and I feel your lips suddenly on me. My back arching almost immediately as I let out a gasp before biting on my lower lip and groaning as I feel my hips thrust up slightly, pushing me further between your lips and I feel your fingers scratch lightly against my stomach a moment before feeling you let out a soft moan. Panting heavily, I feel you give a gentle suck on the tip as well as a slight squeeze with your fingers on the shaft as I try but fail to stifle my moans.

A few moments pass as I try to calm a little before looking into your eyes I realize you’re grinning lightly, as if you were enjoying the moment of teasing me and pushing me closer to the edge. Slowly you remove your lips and sit upright a moment before moving back up along my body and sitting across my stomach again, still holding and lightly squeezing every few moments with your right hand.

I sit up slightly and see you move a bit lower, positioning yourself before slowly lowering yourself just enough and teasing your moist entrance with just the tip, eliciting light moans from both of us. Innocently I ask “Ohh sweetie…?” you start to reply “Yes darl-“interrupting you as my hands on your hips gently yet firmly pull you down and at the same time I thrust upwards in to you.

Our eyes close as the sharp sensation of pleasure and slight pain almost instantly overwhelms us as we groan loudly together, our bodies shudder heavily from the intense pleasure; already my body starts thrusting in and out of you, craving to feel you and to finally relieve the lust built up. Panting heavily, we open our eyes to see the expression of intense pleasure on the other’s face.

We kiss each other deeply as the pace increases and we feel pleasure building from all the teases and lust. I suddenly feel you push down; pushing me all the way in to you making me groan loudly as my body shudders and I hit climax, feeling myself orgasm and fill you with my hot sticky juices. The sensations overwhelm you as well as I feel you grind against me and groan, biting into my neck, your hands clawing slightly into my chest as the rest of your body shudders heavily in orgasmic bliss.

Panting lightly I gently thrust in to you as you grind lightly, the intensity from it all leaving a warm as well as an electric pleasured feeling across our skins. I lay down on my back and you lay on top of me, still feeling your light squeezes on me as well as you feel my light throbs inside you; gently I wrap my arms around you.

You lay your head against my chest with your hand directly next to it, as you look up at me and I smile at you as you smile back at me. A few moments pass as we hear bells toll in the distance signaling midnight. I turn to you and softly whisper, “Merry Christmas my love…”, “Merry Christmas to you too darling…” you reply in whispers moments before we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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