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I’ll log into a popular gay dating app when I have some free time or a little board. I’ve been chatting back and forth with a certain guy for a while now, probably close to a year now. We work different hours and have never had the time to hook up. Finally late one Saturday night, he sends me a message. We chatted for a bit again. We were both free, so figured it was finally time to meet. We’ve exchanged pictures before, so I knew he had a great body and a big cock!

I got a shower and got dressed and drove over to his place. He wasn’t to far. I rang his doorbell and he quickly answered. He was wearing what looked like a tan sweater that was long, down to his thighs and nothing else. We sat on his couch and made some small talk for a while. He then moved his legs a little and I could finally see his cock. He was soft, but it looked good. He saw me looking, so he opened his legs up a little more to give me a better view. I moved my hand to his soft cock and slowly started to stroke him. It felt so warm in my hands. He then opened his legs a little more and pulled up his sweater. I then got up pulled off my shirt and shorts and knelt between his legs and continued to play with his soft dick. He also took his off his shirt. This guy was ripped! An amazing body. I then moved in and took his cock maraş escort in my mouth. He was started to get hard but I was still able to take him all in my mouth. Up and down with my mouth and using my hand to stroke at the same time. I also hand my hand on my already rock hard cock. I continued to suck his big cock until he was fully hard. I pulled off for a second to just admire his body. He looked great.

We headed to his bedroom, and I got back on my knees to suck him some more. I reached around and cupped his ass and took as much of that cock as I could. He pulled me up and then he got down and took my cock into his mouth. It felt so good. Such a turn on to seeing him sucking on me. He was good. I wouldn’t last too long if I let him keep going.

He got up and turned me around and bent me over his bed. He gave my ass a little slap and then spread my ass cheeks. He started to rub my asshole with his fingers, which felt great. He then got closer and started to lick my hole. He pushed his tongue in my hole. He then pulled out and started to finger me. I was so turned on by this and ready to fuck.

He pulled out a magnum condom and slid it over his big dick and then he rubbed some lube on his cock. He turned me back around and lubed my ass. First with maraş escort bayan one finger and then a second. I was so ready to get fucked. I asked him to get on the bed so I could start on top. Its a lot easier to control the pace at first, especially with a big cock. I got on top of him and slowly lowed myself onto the big dick. I pushed out and slowly took the head of his cock inside. I was so tight so I had to go slow. I got used to his size then kept slowly going down on that bid dick till he was finally all the way inside. I just stayed there for a bit to catch my breath and relax. I was now feeling good and started to move up and down on this cock. Slow at first and then a bit faster. The initial pain was over and I felt so good and full.

He wanted to change positions, so I got off and onto my hands and knees. He got behind me and positioned his big cock at my hole and pushed in. I was warmed up and ready. He went balls deep and started fucking my ass. He went slow at first before picking up the pace. He was fucking me hard and giving little slaps on my ass and kept asking how I liked his big black cock. I told him I loved it. He pulled out and rolled me to my back, lifted my legs and put his cock back in my ass. He really picked up the pace and was escort maraş fucking my ass with long, hard strokes. My cock was rock hard and I could tell I was close to cumming. He really was fucking me hard and said he was gonna cum. I wanted his load in my mouth so he pulled out, ripped of the condom and stuck his cock in my mouth. I went to town sucking and stroking that big cock I heard him moan and his body tighten an he started to shoot his load into my mouth. I felt 3 or 4 good spurts as I stroked and sucked him. His cum was thick and felt so good in my mouth. I swallowed and put his cock back in so I didn’t miss a drop. He tasted so good.

He then wanted me to cum on him. He go on his back and I got on top and grinded on his now soft cock with my ass. I stroked my dick faster and faster as I rode him. He was getting hard again and he started stroking himself. I started to shoot all over him. Big spurts. At least 5 or 6 good shots of cum covering his chest. And kept going at his cock and then came again onto his stomach. It was awesome seeing our cum mix. I leaned down and licked and sucked some of the cum off of his stomach. Then went and got a towel and cleaned off. I was spent! He wiped off and stood up. Fuck this guy had suck a great body…ripped with a big dick hanging between his legs. I just took it all in for a second while he cleaned up.

We walked back to his couch so I could get my clothes and get dressed. He stayed naked as he walked me to the door to leave. I got home and showered and got rock hard again thinking of that great fuck. I came again in the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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