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Big Dicks

Chris Walker was nervous, his best college buddy, Kyle Lancaster had invited him to spend Spring Break with the Lancaster Family. His own parents were backpacking in Europe on their second honeymoon and Chris hated being alone in his house so he had taken the invite.

One look at the Lancaster homestead and he relaxed a little. It was wide, spacious, and had a meticulously manicured lawn. It was an inviting sort of place. Kyle had boasted about a pool and Jacuzzi, a fully stocked bar, a poor table, a big screen TV and hot neighbor girls. But even so he couldn’t shake the nervousness, he’d never lived with anyone, despite hating to be left alone; he didn’t even have a roommate at the University. A good part of him was excited and a little part was sad. This was his freshman year and he missed his parents, hometown and friends. He signed, oh well, Kyle was an awesome guy and he’d always have the summer to hang back home.

Kyle slapped him on the back and started up the front walk, “That drive was a bitch!” he exclaimed running a hand through his sandy hair and adjusting the duffle bag on his shoulder.

“You slept three fourths of the way.” Chris explained. Kyle sent him his most charming smile Chris just shook his head. “I hope we don’t wake anybody up.” Chris said looking at his watch it was almost 12:30.

“Nah! My sister is probably waiting up for me, my stepmom too. Dad is doubtlessly still at work, his hours are nuts.” They had reached the dark wood front door and Kyle slipped his key in the lock and swung open the massive thing. He called out and pair of sequels were lunched into the air.

“Kyle’s home, Kyle’s here!” The chandelier overhead flickered on and two figures came into view before Chris and Kyle.

The first woman was tall, a few inches shy of his 6’3″ frame; she had curly blonde hair that just touched the shoulders of her satiny blue robe. Which only came down to her knees, had wide sleeves and a dangerously low neckline. She wore it well for somebody he suspected in to be their early forties, stepmother for sure.

“You must be Christopher,” she said. “I’m Trisha, Kyle’s stepmom.” They shook hands and exchanged nice-to-meet-you’s .

“Thank you for having me here on such short notice, it was very kind of you.”

“Oh dear, its my pleasure really.” And to Chris’ surprise she gave him a hug. Her warm hair tickled his cheek and he could feel her hard nipples though the thin fabric. His chest constricted. He felt terrible for being turned on and stepped back, giving her a shy smile. She returned a seductive one.

“Chris! This is my sister Nadia, Nadia this is my buddy Chris.”

Chris turned his attention to the second figure, another woman. Woman? Chris had seen a picture of Kyle’s little sister Nadia, bouncing black curls and a sun burnt nose. The girl in the picture could not have been older then 7 or8. This Nadia could have been twenty! She was small, only about 5’5″ but she was luscious. Her straight dark hair, nearly black fell past her shoulders, right under a pair of full breasts, that were tantalizingly on display in a dark purple, spaghetti strap nightgown that had lace trim. It brushed mid-thigh and Chris gulped trying not to stare at her toned thighs and calves.

“Hi” she breathed, sooty lashes fluttering around the darkest blue eyes he’s ever seen. Darker then sapphire, a cobalt blue. His groin tightened.

“Hey.” He responded. She smiled, an angelic smile that made his heart lurch. He wanted to kill Kyle for not telling him, his sister wasn’t 8 she was 18 and the most incredibly sexy thing he’d ever seen!

By the time Chris was tucked into the guestroom bed he was totally hot. He had to strip to his boxer briefs and turn on the rooms small swivel fan. Tried as he might he could not get Nadia’s smile and body out of his head. Down the hall he heard Kyle snoring loudly. He knew Trisha had gone to bed right after introductions and he felt bad they’d kept her up. If only he could get to sleep. But he knew that was impossible. For not only was his room situated right across from Nadia’s she was still awake güvenilir bahis and toddling around in the bathroom. He could hear her every move. He heard the click of the light being shut off, the pad of her footsteps and the creak of the floorboards as she appeared in the crack of his door.

“Are you still up?” she asked softly.

He swallowed hard and forced out “Yeah.” It sounded like a squeak. She opened the door a little bit more and stood framed in moonlight at the entrance, hazy blue silhouetted every perfect curve.

Her hair had been pulled up and she threaded it though her fingers as she spoke, “We’re glad to have you.” She said, but Chris was transfixed at the sight of her bare shoulders and collarbone, OH! What he wouldn’t give to nibble and lick and-, “ummm sleep well.” she finished and was gone leaving the door slightly open.

Chris let out the breath he’s been holding. He watched as she entered her room, leaving the door cracked like his. The light was dimmer in her room, but as he watched she brushed the straps of her shoulders and let the gown flutter to the floor in a pile of silk. Air escaped his lungs painfully as she was clad only in a bare of lacy boy cut panties. He shut is eyes, horrified at his reaction to his friend’s sister’s slender back and delicious ass. He grabbed his throbbing erection and knew he wasn’t going to survive this Break.

The next day had gone by quickly. Trisha had made an excellent breakfast hustling around the kitchen like a domestic goddess even in her tight little shorts. He hadn’t seen her since though.

Kyle had invited two girls over, Samantha and Katie, for a swim during the afternoon. He was hitting on Samantha right now. Sam ignored him for the most part focusing more on her drink then Kyle. They were in the basement, and he was playing pool with Katie, who seemed unbelievably bored. She was there for his benefit since Sam and Kyle had a sort of history. But Chris couldn’t pay Katie any attention, and honestly she didn’t seem that interested either. Chris knew his reason was sitting in the den across from the pool table. He didn’t know what Katie’s was and didn’t really care.

He pocketed another ball closest to the den, Nadia looked up from her schoolwork at the impact. She’d been sitting there in her white summer dress for at least and hour and a half, sighing, writing, crossing her legs, tapping her pencil and driving him damn insane in the process. She smiled at him now and his half erect dick bobbed. From behind him Katie slammed her stick down.

“Fuck this dumb ass game.” She hissed, “I’m out.” And she left just like that.

Sam made an excuse and followed her out Kyle hot on her heels. Chris had watched the whole spectacle with amusement and relief. Nadia cleared her throat behind him. He hadn’t seen her leave the den. She was chalking Katie’s abandoned stick.

“Spoiled Sport” she commented. He nodded. She smiled leaning over, Chris sucked in a breath at the amount of cleavage she exposed, and knocked a ball into the pocket closest to him. It was a tough shot and he was impressed. He gestured to the table with an arched brow. “I play a mean game of pool.” She explained. “Are you up for it?”

“Yeah.” He said. Nadia killed him.

Chris was hot again; he’s spent the rest of the afternoon with Nadia, playing pool and cards and taking her to dinner since Trisha wasn’t home to make anything and Kyle was still chasing Sam. They’d had a nice evening, laughing and talking without awkward silences and or tension, and when they weren’t talking it was nice just being with her. He’d helped her with her homework and found out she wanted to be a photographer, and that she was dreading senior prom, since she didn’t have a boyfriend and thought the whole idea was ludicrous. He smiled, she was really fun to be around and so hard to resist, his smile dropped.

He could hear her in the bathroom like the night before, tinkering around; she ran the water briefly and something clinked with something else. When he heard the light being shut off, his breathing quickened, say goodnight, say goodnight, türkçe bahis say goodnight he chanted silently.

“Chris?” her voice was soft and his heart slammed into his chest she was right at his door peeping through the crack.

“Yeah.” He said.

“Can I come in?” she asked. He sat up abruptly. Letting the sheet fall from his bare chest. It pooled in his lap.

“Sure.” He said and the door opened, she slipped inside and left it cracked again. Moonlight came in though the window leaving abstract designs on her face. “I just wanted to thank you for hanging out with me today. It was really nice and I had a lot of fun.”

“It was my honor really.” He said. She smiled and came closer.

She opened her mouth to say something but licked her lips instead; “Are you naked?” the gruff in her voice made him shiver with lust. And the glistening trail of moisture her tongue had left on her bottom lip made his penis surge with blood. He NEEDED to kiss her, to feel her lips and to taste her.

“Uh.” He cleared his throat trying to force word, any words out. “No, I’m not.” He finally stammered.

Her eyes shut and she drifted, he jumped up, hoping the dark concealed his erection. “Are you okay?” He reached out to steady her, touched her forearm lightly, her skin was so soft and warm he almost groaned. She drifted a little off balance and put her hand on his chest for support. The small touch sent shivers down his spine and caused goose bumps to appear on his flesh. She sucked in her breath like it affected her too. “Nadia.” He nearly growled his voice was so rough with desire.

“Ummhmm?” She replied staring at his chest. “Can I kiss you?” Her face jerked up to his, lips parted in surprise and it was all he could take.

He found her lips, and he knew from the moment he touched them they were the sweetest he ever tasted. He kissed her gently at first then he sucked her plump bottom lip into his hungry mouth. She moaned in delight and fell into him making small noises as they kissed, he ate them. He ran his tongue along the seam of her lips and she opened without hesitation. He slipped his tongue inside, groaning as she kissed back. He ran his large hands along her arms, her sides and curves, then finally, her right breast. He cupped it and weighed it in his hand feeling the bump of her nipple in the center of his palm. He forced her against his chest were the other nipple abraded him through her nightgown, he wanted to devour her. Chris pinched the erect nipple in his hand lightly and Nadia cried out in his mouth shoving him away from her hard.

He lost his footing falling back into the still warm bed. She was on him quick as a cat. Shoving her tongue in his mouth touching him everywhere she had access. Across his chest, shoulders, neck and face, though his hair and even the sides of his thighs. Straddling him he took the opportunity to run his hands over her lush bottom that had tempted him only the night before and every second after that. He found it bare. He broke the kiss. Her silky mint green nightgown, the very same style as the one the night before, except even shorter with a small slit at the bottom was now bunched around her waist.

“Your not wearing panties.” He said huskily. Even in the dark her could see her blush.

“I-.” He kissed her hard, not caring for the reason only glad for it. He gripped her ass, running one hand along the plane of flat stomach and the other down until he found her swollen sex. Heat greeted his fingers and he cupped her hot mound. She made a noise somewhere between a moan and a purr.

“Oh baby, you’re so wet.” He ran a finger over her clit and teased her opening with his index finger. His fingers were soaked. Chris was amazed. This girl was sodden, for him, he couldn’t believe it. He shoved away the thought that this was Kyle’s sister, he didn’t give a shit anymore, he wanted her sooo badly. She took his ear lobe into his mouth, sucking gently.

“I need you.” she whispered breath caressing hotly.

He flipped her onto her back, smothering her with kisses as he pulled the hem of her gown over her güvenilir bahis siteleri head. She didn’t object. He tossed it aside and looked his fill. Her hair had not been pulled up and it lay disheveled around her shoulders. He brushed it behind her and licked a hot line up one breast, and over one hard puckered nipple. She threw her head back and let out a long sigh. He took it into his mouth and her legs wrapped around his hips. He ground himself into her automatically, her heat and juices soaking though his boxers beckoning him to enter her. He released her breast blowing on the tightened peak. She moaned, and whispered his name. He loved when she said his name. He ground into her again and she ground back whispering it again. He took her other breast into his mouth and gave it the same treatment. Letting one hand roam; letting his fingers slide in and out of her soft swollen lips. He circled her hard clit, thrust a finger deep until she cried out and he withdrew, giving her only teases. Not enough of what she craved.

She started to plead with him. Begging him and over.

“Please. Please. Please. I’m so close. So close.” He knew that yet he almost shot his load at her confession anyway. “Be in me pleassssse.” She said. He scooted loser dodging her hands that tried to get him back. He spread her legs wide, almost coming again at the sight of her open and willing and ready, sooooo ready.

He licked her molten core once and that was all it took. She cried out louder then ever before, shoving a pillow on her face to muffle herself as her body bucked wildly. If he didn’t get in her right now he was going to explode, he shoved of his boxers unleashing his rock hard cock, climbed up her body removed the pillow and looked down at her face, into her half-shut glazed over eyes.

And he was in love. There was nothing he could do, and nothing he wanted to do besides make love to her. His chest burned with it.

“I need you now.” He said, she licked her lips and nodded.

He kissed her sweetly letting her know with his mouth what he couldn’t say outright. The head of his dick pulsed at the opening of her dripping cunt and he was slowly getting covered in her juices. He slid just the head and it wasn’t enough, he impaled her slowly because she was incredibly tight, it couldn’t have been more then her second time. He took a deep breath and filled her completely, they yelled in unison as he hit her cervix. He started to pump her as soon as she got used to his size. Their breathing mingled as he fought for control. He could tell she was close again and he wanted her to cum. He shifted his hips and gave it to her slowly. She yelled his name. He thrust deep once and then slowed again not even giving her all of him. She cried out again, reached for his ass, but not quite making it because he was so much taller. Her nails bit into his lower back and he thrust deep again then went back to not giving. She called him a bastard and he laughed, her breath was coming so fast he knew she was dying; he nibbled on her collarbone, then on the side of her breast.

She came then racking his back with her nails and crying out, “Oh Goooood!”

He pushed him self all the way in feeling her muscles clench him tight. “I wont torture you anymore.” He said when she stop yelling and was breathing heavily.

“Don’t.” she said and he pounded into her, giving her everything as fast and as hard as he could, there was no stopping. Her hips met his on every thrust sending him deeper and deeper; he felt her come and he couldn’t hold back any longer. He came in a scolding rush, filling her like a cup as wave after wave of pleasure attacked their bodies. When he was drained, he collapsed on top of her, carefully as possible, their sweat made them stick together in all the right places, her boobs on his chest, her stomach on his, her thighs on his thighs.

The fan felt so good on his back, the breeze cooling his hot body. He withdrew from her, their juices drenching their thighs and groins and spooned behind her, the fan ruffled her hair. He wanted her again, in everyway he could think of, and he could think of many. He ran a possessive hand down the length of her body and she moaned for him. He pulled her close and she snuggled into the crook his body made for her and slept. This break was going to be memorable. He’d make sure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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