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Some would say Lauren was dressed to kill. She would answer with a small laugh, “No, I’m dressed to suck dick.” This would give any men nearby an instant erection. There was no doubt about it; Lauren was a complete beauty. From her wavy chocolate brown hair to her full lips and down the perfect curves of her young body, Lauren was the sort of girl that demanded attention, so when she mentioned sucking dick, every guy heard.

On this particular night, looking from the ground up, a man would first see the heels, nothing special, just a standard, black open toe. Then the smooth, tanned skin of her legs. Those legs extended to her black skirt, just above the knee, showing the curve of her rear beautifully. Next was a sleeveless emerald green top covering her flat stomach, low-cut to draw attention deep into the cleavage of her d-cup bust. If a man could tear his eyes away, he would then be confronted by the face of a goddess, with full lips painted bubblegum pink just asking to be wrapped around a cock, both figuratively and literally. Finally were the eyes, vivid green, framed by stylish black glasses. She even made glasses look sexy.

As usual, Lauren was out looking for some fun. She was smart enough to realize that bars weren’t the only place a girl could pick up and on this Friday night she had decided to try Chet’s Adult Parlor, a pornographic bookstore. She had heard that all a girl needed to do was browse in the appropriate section to her tastes and the men would come to her. It was an unbelievable sight, an impossible beautiful young woman, alone, engrossed in the blowjob section of a porn shop, animatedly inspecting the various DVDs and magazines. One couldn’t help but picture Lauren in the same situation as one of the girls on the case of Blowjob Babes Vol. 7 or the cover of Blowjob Magazine. Unfortunately for Lauren, most of the men in the store seemed to be with their Samsun Escort girlfriends of wives and the others were browsing the gay section. However, all of this changed when she dropped a DVD. Lauren was clumsy, it was her biggest fault and so when she dropped a DVD case, it undoubtedly would hit another and then another, until a small pile of plastic boxes fell at her feet. This occasion was no exception and Lauren was faced with the job of picking them all up until the shop assistant, alerted by the noise, came over to help.

The shop assistant, Sam, was nothing special. Tall and a little gangly, about 30, Lauren thought. Despite this, the shop was otherwise empty by this time, Lauren was already on her knees picking up the DVDs and Sam was staring almost mesmerized into her deep cleavage. Before Sam could even think about pretending he wasn’t staring, Lauren had her hand at his crotch and was unzipping the fly of his jeans. “What’re you doing?” he asked in a bewildered tone. The suddenness of Lauren’s action had brought him out of his trance. “I’m just going to suck your dick. Is that okay?” Lauren replied. Sam just nodded as his underwear followed his jeans to the floor and Lauren began to slowly stroke his cock. He got hard right away, and at only 5 inches long, he was not very impressive. Lauren didn’t mind though, while she did enjoy sucking a nice, big dick, she knew the small ones could be just as good. Sam’s head was spinning. This girl had to be the hottest chick he had ever seen and she was about to suck his dick for absolutely no reason.

Sam groaned as Lauren’s lips touched the head of his cock for the first time. They felt so warm and soft, more so than any other pair of lips he had ever felt. It was as if he cock was melting with pleasure as his head slowly disappeared into Lauren’s beautiful and very capable mouth. He felt a sudden rush of Samsun Escort Bayan pleasure as her tongue began to gracefully swirl around the head of his cock. On the other end of things, Lauren’s mouth was awash with feelings; the feeling of Sam’s knob on her lips and tongue, the contrast between the spongy head and the rubbery shaft, the salty taste of his pre-cum, it was these sensations that drove Lauren wild. This was why she loved to suck dick so much. Soon she would get to feel his head slip past her gag reflex into her throat, feel the pulsing of his cock as he approached orgasm, and then finally, the taste of his cum, the best part for any fellatrix.

While Sam appreciated the talented tongue-work of this vivacious vixen, he had been sitting in a shop all day surrounded by porn and he was looking to get off as quickly as possible. He grabbed Lauren’s head and began to push in and out of her willing mouth. When he felt her moving in time with his thrusts he stopped and allowed her to continue the rhythm. He looked down to see her round, firm breasts jiggling in time with her ravenous mouth. For a second he thought he was dreaming, but then realized even in his dreams he couldn’t have concocted a woman this perfect. Lauren was now taking his whole cock in and out with each movement. Her hands remained on the floor supporting her weight as they had since she had first taken his cock into her mouth. She didn’t need her hands; the blowjob was perfect as it was. Her tongue continued to swirl about in her mouth, spiraling around Sam’s cock with the precision of a viper, intent on hitting its prey in the exact right places. Lauren quickly looked at her watch, it was getting late and she still wanted to catch a movie before she headed for home. She picked up the pace, never compromising her precision and skill for her newfound speed and energy. Her breasts Escort Samsun swayed dramatically as she used her whole body to push against his. She felt the telltale pulses of his cock, so very close to climax.

Sam felt conflicted. On one hand he was about to cum and clear out a day’s frustration, but on the other hand it would be the end of what was by far the greatest sexual experience he ever had and probably ever would have. This girl whose name he didn’t even know was doing things with her mouth that he did not think was possible using the entire body. And what a body she had! He took one last long look into her ample cleavage and came. Any dedicated fellatrix will tell you that the orgasm is the best part of a blowjob. Lauren in particular loved the different ways that different men came. Some came in long forceful spurts that felt like a shot from a water pistol, other came slowly in pools the same way that a soap dispenser worked. Another thing she noticed was the differing texture of the cum. Sam’s was very thick, probably because it had been building for a while. Lauren loved it thick. She had a small orgasm of her own as she felt three big, thick wads of cum ooze from the tip of his dick and into her mouth. It reminded her of the way lava flows. She felt like some sort of goddess, able to cause such a substantial eruption. Had she voiced these thoughts, Sam would have been inclined to agree. Sam slumped against the nearest wall as Lauren stood up and wiped a small drop of cum from the corner of her mouth as she swallowed Sam’s huge load.

“I’ll leave you to pack away the DVD’s,” she said as she neatened her hair, “I have to get over to the Empire before eleven if I want to catch the last screenings for the night. Thanks for that.” And with those words she hurried out the front door and away into the night. Sam was left thinking of the amazing blowjob he had just received and had the girl really thanked him.

“Was she kidding?” he thought, “No, she definitely sounded sincere.” She had actually thanked him for allowing her to give him the greatest pleasure of his life. Sometimes being a shop assistant wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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