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Please, feedback! I love hearing what the readers think, want, and feel. I write for my own pleasure, but I like to know that other people get something out of it as well. And I’d say to be gentle, but if you actually read the stories I write, you’ll know I don’t mean it.


Laurie sweeps into the store, knowing she’s already late to work. This is the 3rd time this month, and she hopes that her god-mother isn’t too upset with her tardiness. But when Josh wanted to slam his hard cock into her, she couldn’t say no to him, even knowing that it might make her late and cost her a job. She squeezes her thighs together, her body reminding her of how good it felt to feel him inside her as her pussy spasms involuntarily. Her lashes close over her green eyes as a low moan escapes her throat. That old buzzard has no right to complain!, she pouts to herself. I show up everyday, work my ass off for minimum wage, and never get any thanks! But I need this job – my parents will kill me if I disappoint Mrs Dillard.

Glenna Dillard glances up at Laurie and sniffs. That little tramp thinks she’s too good for this job? I’ll show her. Just look at the way she dresses. I bet there’s no panties under that excuse for a skirt. Her body starts to flush as she thinks about what might be under Laurie’s clothes. Large, pink nipples…. Her mouth starts to water at the thought. She knows she shouldn’t be thinking this way about a girl she has known since birth, almost 23 years ago. For God’s sake, she scolds herself, her parents are my closest friends. She mentally orders her pussy to keep quiet, but that doesn’t stop her wrinkled hairless cunt from moistening at the thought of having this young girl at her mercy.

Laurie sweeps her long blonde hair over her shoulder, braces herself with a deep breath, and smiles at her boss. “Sorry Mrs. Dillard. There was an accident on the Freeway, and I got here as fast as I could.”

Glenna sighs, pushes her stormy gray hair out of her face, and sets down her pen. “Laurie, we need to talk. This isn’t the first time you’ve been late. I don’t know what we’re going to do about this… I need someone who can be reliable and show up on time. If we can’t fix this, I’m going to have to let you go.”

The young girl’s eyes start to moisten. This CANNOT be happening to me!

“Mrs. Dillard, please, I am so sorry!”

“I’m afraid you’re being sorry isn’t good enough this time. Unless you can prove to me that you’re behavior is going to change, you’re gone.”

A tear trickles down her face, rolling down to her mouth. Laurie stands up to her full height, her arrogance finally asserting itself. “Whatever you want. It’s not like you ever paid me what I was worth, or bothered caring about the job I did here! I’m out of here, and I can’t wait to tell my parents what a bitch you are.”

She turns to leave, her hand on the door.

“I’ve been telling your parents for years that what you needed was a good spanking, girl!”, shouts Glenna. “ If you don’t watch your attitude, eventually someone’s going to agree with me, and take you over their knee.”

Laurie pauses. She can’t believe it, but her nipples are tightening at the thought of getting a spanking from her god-mother.

She can’t stop herself from whispering, “If I …. I let you spank me, could I keep my job?”

Glenna stops breathing for a moment. This proud, bratty, arrogant young girl is asking for it? She smiles to herself at the thought of dominating Laurie. At the same time, guilt flows over her as she remembers that this is her god-daughter, but she knows she can’t deny herself this experience. Fantasies about Laurie have been her only company on too many lonely nights.

“Why don’t you lock up the shop and meet me in the storeroom, Laurie? bursa escort bayan I think we can work something out.”

Laurie slowly locks the door, and turns to follow the older woman into the store room. She tries to swallow, but her mouth is too dry. I wish it weren’t the only part of me that’s dry, she sighs to herself. Why am I getting so worked up about this bitter hag? What kind of slut am I?

Glenna sits down on her wooden desk chair, rolling it out into an open space on the floor. She rubs her legs together, feeling the moisture from her slit along her upper thighs.

“Why don’t you come over here, girl? Lay that body across my lap”

Laurie slowly walks over and stands in front of Mrs. Dillard. She hesitates a moment, but the unrelenting look in the older woman’s eyes convinces her. She bites her lip, and lays herself over her god-mother’s lap.

Glenna slides her hand over the skirt-covered ass in front of her, feeling the muscles jump underneath her fingers. She palms the buttocks, warming them with her hands, before drawing a hand back into the air.


Laurie cries out in pain, tries to move away, but Mrs. Dillard firmly holds her in place, letting a rain of spanks fall onto the young girl in front of her.

Laurie is crying, the pain gets sharper and starts to sting as her ass gets hot and red. After a few minutes though, the pain recedes. She finds herself twitching towards the punishing hands, her body anticipating the next strike. To her shame, her pussy is getting excited by this, and she has to bite back the moans that threaten to escape her mouth.

Glenna stops. She slowly slides up the skirt in front of her, revealing the smooth spank-mottled buttocks.

“No panties, little one? I think I know what you’re problem is then… you’re just a little slut. Is that why you were late? Were you letting some boy fuck your slutty hole?”

Laurie tries to hide her face against the older woman’s leg, praying that Mrs. Dillard won’t realize how swollen and needy her pussy has become. Her face burns as she feels fingers sliding down to her cunt, spreading her open, and playing with her lips. To her horror, she can’t help but spread her legs wider and moan out loud. This just feels to good, it’s just what her weeping cunt needs!

Glenna slides a finger inside the hole below her and brings it to her lips for a taste. The taste of pussy is intoxicating, and she moves another finger into the young girl, fucking her slowly with her hand.

Laurie can’t help herself. She presses her hips back and upward, trying to get the thrusting fingers as deep as possible. Her head is tossing from side to side as her orgasm builds.

Glenna raises her other hand, letting another rain of slaps fall onto the writhing ass in front of her.

“Do you want to cum, little girl?” she asks. “Do you think you deserve it, when you show no respect, when you act like such a naughty little slut?”

Her spanks get crueler as she takes out her anger and lust on the helpless needy girl.

“Please ma’am! Please, I need to cum!” begs Laurie.

Abruptly, her hands stop. She withdraws her fingers from Laurie’s pussy, and brings them to her own nose, inhaling the pungent perfume of Laurie’s arousal.

“You don’t get to cum until I think you deserve it. Maybe you can prove it by showing me how obedient you are. Now get on your knees in front of me!” she orders.

Laurie quickly drops to the floor. Her body needs release so badly that she almost feels in pain. Glenna forces her moist fingers into Laurie’s mouth.

“Good girls clean up their messes. If you want to show my how good you are, you better start licking.”

Laurie blushes, and in desperation, welcomes the intruding fingers. görükle escort She sucks her own juices clean, surprised at how wonderful it tastes. She keeps up her oral worship long after the older woman’s hand is clean. Glenna slides her leather clad foot between Laurie’s legs, and teases the moist pussy in reward for the dedicated sucking her fingers are receiving, but soon her body starts demanding more.

“That’s not the only mess you made on my body,” she states, as she grabs Laurie’s head firmly by the hair, pulling her up to her mound. “Why don’t you take a good look at what you did to my cunt, and tell me what you think you need to do to fix it?”

Laurie gasps. She can’t believe this is happening. It’s one thing for another woman to force an orgasm from her, but to be forced to perform on her own god-mother? This has to be wrong. She tries to back away, but the hand in her hair pulls even harder, forcing a scream of pain from her lips, drawing her face into the needy cunt before her.

“I…. I need to clean you down there,” she moans.

“If you want your orgasm you damn well better do a good job, slut. How are you going to clean up your mess?”

“I’m going to … lick you clean.”

“Yes you are, you little dyke slut. You’re going to put your snotty mouth on my pussy, and suck me until my juices run over your arrogant, pretty face. Start licking NOW!”, she orders.

Laurie leans forward, hesitantly placing her open mouth over the older woman’s cunt. The juices taste similar to her own, but someone more musky and tangy. She slowly slides her tongue up the slit in front of her, until she reaches the erect clit. Glenna gasps out loud, and tightens her grip in Laurie’s silky hair.

“Right there… lick me there you whore!” she cries. “Now suck it between your lips, and slide two fingers into my fuck hole.”

Tears of humiliation welling in her eyes, Laurie obeys. She fucks two fingers in and out of her god-mother, while orally worshipping the clit. She feels the leather shoe moving on her pussy again, and moans against the cunt on her face.

“If you do a good job, I might let you cum on my foot. Would you like that?”

Laurie moans and starts working the pussy before her harder, fucking her fingers more furiously in and out, trying to force an orgasm out of Mrs. Dillard so that she too can cum.

“Now slide your pinky down to my asshole, you naughty slut. I want you to fuck my ass while you do my pussy.”

She gently presses her finger into the older woman’s brown hole, the juices from the flowing pussy liberally dripping down to grease her path, as she grinds her own cunt onto the shoe between her legs, until she can feel her clit riding the pleasure-giving leather.

“That’s it, whore! You love this, don’t you? Are you my slutty, pussy-licking, lesbian whore? Keep doing that, fuck my asshole. Now flick my clit with your tongue… Ahhhh! You’re doing me just right…. I’m going to cum on your face, slut!,” the older woman cries as her juices gush out of her in an earth-shaking orgasm.

Glenna tries to catch her breath, her pussy still experiencing post-orgasm shudders, when she realizes that Laurie is grinding her cunt onto her leather shoe. Glenna shoves her foot hard against the young girl’s clit, and Laurie screams out as her orgasm takes her.

“Did I give you permission to cum, you slut?” Glenna asks. “Get your mouth down there and clean off my shoe while I think about your punishment.”

Laurie can’t help it. By now, just being ordered around by her god-mother is making her pussy clench. She drops her face to the ground, and tastes the juices that she rapidly has come to love.

Glenna looks down at the subservient girl on the floor and presses her shoe further into her mouth. bursa escort bayan Laurie’s learning fast, she muses. But her disobedience still needs to be punished… I have the makings of a perfect little sub here, if I train her right. Her decision made, she withdraws her shoe from the girl’s mouth. Laurie remains crouched in position on the floor, her muscles tense as she knows her punishment is coming.

“Up on the desk, slut!” Glenna barks. “On all fours, and spread those skinny thighs!”

Another spanking, thinks Laurie. I can take that, I know I can! Tension melts from her body in relief, as she moves quickly to obey.

“Now, what am I going to do with this slutty little cunt? Should I smack it?”

SLAP! She brings her hand up hard between Laurie’s legs, punishing the swollen dripping labia with the palm of her hand. Laurie screams in pain. She knows now that her punishment won’t be that easy.

“Should I fuck it hard?” She jams four fingers into the smarting pussy. Laurie cries out in a mix of pleasure and pain. Her pussy has never had anything this size inside it, but it still responds to the motion of the fingers inside her. Josh’s hard cock seems tiny in comparison to her god-mother’s large hand.

Glenna raises her other hand, smacking one ass cheek and then the other until the redness and warmth returns. She starts breathing harder as she works the young body exposed before her.

Laurie’s pussy starts to tighten around the pleasure-giving fingers inside of her. She’s moaning now, unable to deny the demands of her god-mother, as she presses her pelvis back against Mrs. Dillard’s hand.

Glenna slowly eases her fingers from Laurie’s tight pussy. Her hand continues slapping the young girl’s ass.

“Do you like this, my little slut?” she asks, leaning against Laurie’s body to whisper into her ear.

“Yes Ma’am,” Laurie pants.

“Are you my pussy licking dyke slut?”

“Yes… please, please touch my pussy and let me cum!” she begs.

“Say it… tell me what you are.”

“I’m a slut… I’m YOUR pussy licking slut, please, Ma’am, please!’ Laurie screams, her pussy grinding against the air in desperation.

Glenna smiles wickedly to herself, and brings her hand back to Laurie’s drenched cunt. She presses the girl’s hips down with her spanking hand in order to spread her legs even wider, exposing the girl’s pussy to her manipulations, and strokes the erect clit with the tip of her finger. Laurie moans low in her throat and presses back against her god-mother’s hand.

Glenna lowers her palm, and brings three fingers together before flipping her wrist. She lightly spanks the young girl’s exposed clit with the pads of her fingers. The sound of wet slaps fills the room as she spanks Laurie’s pussy and ass at the same time. Laurie tries to lift her head and spread her legs further, but Glenna stops smacking her reddened butt cheeks, winds her hands in the girl’s long hair, and pulls as she forces her head down against the desk.

“Please Ma’am… May I cum now?” begs Laurie.

“Slut, cum for me… cum on my fingers. Only a slut would cum from having her pussy spanked,” Glenna responds.

With a low cry, Laurie orgasms. The pleasure rushes through her, and the hand twisted in her hair holds her in place and forces her to accept it. Glenna starts to lightly pet the pussy in front of her as the explosion ends, and Laurie collapses in exhaustion.

“Thank you, Ma’am,” Laurie whispers. She sits up, and looking downward, she starts to straighten her skirt over her legs, but the older woman stops her by grabbing her by the chin and forcing her face up.

“You’re welcome, little one. Now, did you learn your lesson? Are you going to start showing respect around here?”

“Yes Ma’am, I promise. I will be better. Just let me prove it to you.”

Glenna smiles in satisfaction, a wolfish grin taking her face as she imagines the pleasure that Laurie’s future failures may bring.

“Good girl. Now go get cleaned up, and get back to work. Be here on time tomorrow… and don’t bother wearing any panties.“

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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