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During one of my visits to see Eve, I finally approached her with my problem.

“Eve, I need to talk to you about a something that’s bothering me a lot.”

“What’s that, Jeff,” she responded. “I’ll be glad to help if I can.”

“It’s Mom,” I said.

Eve looked at me puzzled saying, “Go on.”

“Well, lately I’ve seen Mom in her underwear several times. I think it’s accidental but sometimes she doesn’t close her bedroom door and I’ve seen her almost naked. That never happened as I was growing up.”

“Well, Jeff, that probably means she comfortable with your being a grown man and being around all the time means that is likely to happen.

“I think part of her comfort may be your strong resemblance to your dad, also.”

I looked into Eve’s eyes for a few second and then diverted my gaze.

“But I’ve started to get hard when I look at her thinking about her,” I said conveying my embarrassment by my demeanor.

Eve smiled as she said, “Jeff, your mother’s an attractive woman. She has a nice body and you are a man after all, it’s a perfectly natural response. You just never saw your mother as a woman until recently and that you could want her sexually bothers you, doesn’t it?

“Don’t worry, Jeff, it’s perfectly normal.”

“But it seems wrong somehow. And I feel jealous thinking about her having sex with someone else.”

“Well, Jeff, I imagine that’s pretty normal, too. You love your mother and have all your life. She is your mother so of course you feel possessive about her and it seems more so now that you see her as a woman, and a potentially sexual woman at that.”

“And some of the things she wears are pretty sexy, too.”

Eve smiled and said, “Don’t forget, dear, your mother is still a young woman and I’m sure still has sexual desires.

“She has shut them out and abandoned or ignored them since your father died but at some point she will awaken again sexually and desire a man’s company. She’s still grieving so it hasn’t likely happened yet; but it will.

“How will you feel if your mother starts dating and finds someone with whom she becomes sexual again? Will it bother you?”

Eve looked me squarely in the eyes for a moment and then with a very slight smile asked, “Have you masturbated thinking of her?”

I blinked and immediately averted my eyes from her.

Eve smiled broadly and said, “That’s okay, Jeff. You’re a horny young man and you mother is a very attractive woman. I’d have been surprised if you denied it and wouldn’t have believed you anyway.

“Most boys’ early fantasies involve their mothers. It’s only natural considering the close nurturing relationship they have with their mothers. Most boys think about growing up and marrying their mothers at one time or another. Some even have sexual fantasies involving their mothers.”

“Thanks for talking to me, Eve. I appreciate it and you’ve helped me feel better. Looking at her as more than Mom, she is pretty attractive.”

* * *

When I got home, Mom wasn’t in the front area of the house to greet me. As I walked back to my bedroom, I noticed her door open again but didn’t see any sign of her moving around. As I moved closer, I heard the sound of her shower.

Giving in to my perversion, I moved carefully past the partially open bedroom door and moved quietly toward the fully open bathroom door. As I approached, I found a position where I could see into the bathroom.

I noted the glass shower enclosure was clear and was not covered with a blanket of steam leaving a clear view into the shower with only water droplets on the glass obscuring the view. I watched as she stood with the water cascading from the shower over the front of her body allowing me a nice view from more or less behind.

I admired the curve of her hips and the swell of her breast that I could see. I stood frozen watching her. As I watched, she turned to let the flow cascade down her back.

The frontal view was wonderful. Her breasts weren’t quite as large as Eve’s and her areola and nipples were a bit smaller and more pink than Eve’s which were more brown in color. After sating my vision of her breasts, I let my eyes wander down over the slight bulge of her stomach to the nice bush of hair above her pussy. I noted that although wet and matted, Mom seemed to have a slightly bigger and noticeably thicker bush than Eve.

As I watched, Mom brought her hands to her breasts, cupped them as if presenting them for my inspection and then began lightly pinching and twisting her nipples. I was mesmerized by her actions which firmly embedded in my consciousness that Mom was indeed a sexual creature and a sexy and desirable woman.

Her head tilted back as she played with her nipples and I realized I had a full blown hard-on watching her. I was so enrapt in watching that it never occurred to me that if she opened her eyes, she would almost certainly see me.

I continued watching and soon one hand moved down from her breast to her mound. I watched her fingers move along the curve gaziantep escort bayan sitesi of her pubis and slip between her legs. The movement of her hand stopped but as I continued to watch I realized that her fingers were moving and I understood that she was probably massaging her slit and stimulating her clit with her fingers. I heard her moan over the sound of the shower suggesting she was seriously hot.

As I watched, her legs bent at the knees and her hand moved again. From where I stood, it appeared she had slipped a finger or two into her pussy and was stroking herself with short quick strokes. As I watched, her mouth opened and heard a high pitched wail barely loud enough to be heard over the water noise as she came.

I quickly retreated to my room with the vision of Mom masturbating burned into my brain. As I sat at my computer, I couldn’t stop thinking about the vision I had just seen. I wanted to pull out my dick and jerk off but I feared Mom would walk in and catch me and I didn’t want to have to explain that I’d just watched her masturbate and that I was doing the same thing thinking of her.

A few minutes later, my fears were confirmed. Mom opened my door and greeted me warmly.

“Hi, honey. I didn’t hear you come in. How are you? Are you hungry?”

“Hi, Mom,” I said getting up and turning toward her standing in the doorway.

She wore a light robe which came to just above her knees and her legs below it were bare once again stirring recent memories causing my hardness to return seriously. The top was closed modestly showing little flesh below her neck.

“I’m a little hungry but I can wait. You look nice, Mom.”

“Why thank you, Jeff. I’m going to fix something to eat in a few minutes.”

She stepped close and put her arms around me drawing me into a tight hug. Caught off balance, I was pulled tightly against her pressing my hard on fully against her abdomen. I could swear she wasn’t wearing a bra either from the way her breasts flattened against my chest. This also did nothing to ease my erection. I brought my hands up lightly against her back returning her hug.

I was terrified knowing she had to feel my dick pressed against her but when she didn’t react, I began to relax a little.

About a half hour later, she called me to come eat. We talked about my future plans while we ate.

After dinner, I helped her wash and dry the dishes and put them away. We retired to the family room and talked a while longer as we watched TV.

I told Mom I was going to bed since I had to get up early the following day. She said that sounded like a good idea and she was going to turn in also.

Feeling perhaps a little too confident after my earlier experience, I hugged mom and kissed her good night. I kissed her on the lips and as my lips lingered on hers briefly, I slipped my tongue tentatively against her lips. I felt her tense and pull away but she didn’t recoil with any hostility.

“Good night, Jeff,” she said quietly.

“Good night, Mom. I love you,” I said.

“I love you, too, Jeff,” she added.

I went to bed and masturbated thinking about Mom and how she had looked in the shower in the throes of orgasm wishing I could be the one making her feel that way.

* * *

The next couple of days I was busy doing landscaping and my other job which was more part time than full. It occurred to me that I might be able to start my own landscaping business. Apparently I was getting referrals from some of my customers because I received several calls from new people asking to talk about yard work.

As I got busier, I found I had less time to visit Eve but still managed to see her at least every other week.

Things progressed to the point where I found myself hiring a couple of the older kids from my old high school to help out. I had visited the school and talked to the principal and a couple of the coaches and got some inside info on who were trustworthy and conscientious so I contacted them.

I found a couple who were interested in making a little money on the side and my small workforce grew to myself and three other guys. I had managed to save some money so I could finance the additional equipment needed without trying to get a loan.

Things were going pretty well but I got busier and it cut a little further into my love life.

* * *

“Give it a rest, Eve,” Susan said.

“Oh, come on, Susie. It’s been over two years since you lost Robert and you need to get out of the house. If you’re not looking to date anyone seriously, at least you need to get laid!” Eve said.

“I’ll bet you haven’t had any sex since Robert died, have you?” she asked her friend. “Jeff has been home more than a year and I know you haven’t gone out since he got out of school. I’m sure you are bothered at what he might think of you for dating so soon after losing his dad but you don’t have anything to worry about there.

“Jeff is pretty mature for a young man his age and gaziantep escort bayan forum he understands that women have needs as well as he does. And I’m sure he understands that you are included among those with such needs.

“He’s certainly been helpful in satisfying mine!”

“Eve! Please, I know you’re fucking my son but I really don’t want to hear about it!” Susan said forcefully.

“Oh, come one, Susie! I’m not rubbing it in your face. You know about us and you need to take care of your desires, too. I’m sure Jeff will understand. He’s very understanding with me and he is quite a good lover if I do say so having been the instrument of his learning.

“If you don’t want to get out and date maybe you should look closer to home,” Eve said with a smile.

“Eve!” Susan said indignantly, “I’m not going to fuck my son!”

Eve smiled lasciviously as she said, “You won’t have to. If you don’t resist, at least not too much, he’ll do it for you.”

She laughed at the startled expression on Susan’s face.

“Eve! You are disgusting!” Susan almost shouted.

“Oh, I know. And ain’t it just wonderful?” Eve said tauntingly with a big smile as she moved to leave. “I’ll talk to you later, Susie.”

Just as the silence fell across the room like a heavy blanket, the back door opened and Jeff entered the house.

“Hi, Mom,” he said. “I came in the back way ’cause I’m hot and sweaty.”

“Just the way I like my men,” Eve said smugly.

“Oh, hi, Eve. I didn’t realize you were here. How are you?”

“I’m well, Jeff. How are you doing these days?”

“I’m fine. The work is keeping me busy and keeping me in shape, too.”

“It sure looks like it. I can understand you not noticing me when you have someone this lovely to look at,” she said looking at Susan.

“Will you be coming by to see me later?” she asked.

Jeff looked quickly at his mom, then at Eve. His face began to redden at the overt reference to their affair.

“Oh, that was a joke, Jeff. Did I embarrass you, honey? I’m sorry,” Eve said with a sympathetic smile. “I was just leaving after visiting with you mom. Walk us to the door?”

“Of course,” Jeff said politely.

The three moved toward the door and Jeff reached to open it for Eve. Before he could open the door, Eve stepped to him and put her arms around him in a tight hug. She turned her face toward him expecting a kiss knowing it would probably fluster Susan.

“Kiss me goodbye, Jeff?” she asked softly but loud enough for Susan to hear.

Jeff looked at his mother’s impassive face for a hint as to how he should respond. While Jeff searched his mother’s face for some guidance, Eve rubbed her pelvis against him stimulating him to hardness quickly.

Getting no signal he could read from his mother and with Eve’s insistent stimulation, he decided it best to kiss her goodbye even with his mom watching and let her leave before his arousal became too obvious to miss.

Jeff turned his face to Eve and started to give her a chaste kiss but Eve was having none of it. She opened her lips and pressed her tongue against his lips moving on hand to the back of his head inhibiting his escape from her lips.

Their kiss turned passionate and protracted while Susan watched quietly brooding.

As Eve released Jeff, Susan said quietly, “Eve, what am I going to do with you?”

As Jeff pulled the door open, Eve said, “Goodbye, Susie, bye Jeff. If you come by to see me later be sure to bring this.”

She glanced at Susan smiling as she grabbed Jeff’s crotch stroking his hardening cock.

“Eve! You’re impossible!” Susan almost yelled.

“Nah, I’m easy, at least for the right man,” Eve said with a big smile.

Jeff fully opened the door for Eve who stepped out saying, “Good night, all. Think about what I said, Susie.”

She walked slowly down the sidewalk to her car swinging her hips with a slightly exaggerated wiggle both teasing Jeff and frustrating Susan.

Susan was frustrated and angry that watching Eve’s tawdry display of sexuality with her son had made her wet.

* * *

“Mom, I’m gonna take a shower and get cleaned up. I’ll be out in about a half hour, okay?”

“Okay, Jeff.”

After a brief pause, she said “Jeff, I don’t want you to go to see Eve tonight.”

“But. Mom …”

“Please, Jeff,” Susan pleaded.

Seeing the look of sadness or disappointment on his mom’s face, Jeff shrugged.

“Okay, Mom, I won’t go see her tonight though I would like to. Does it bother you that much that I still see her?” Jeff asked.

“Jeff, you’re my son and Eve has been my friend for longer than you’ve been alive. I don’t like thinking about you fucking her. It isn’t too bad except today she was really being blatant about it. I mean, the way she kissed you and rubbed her pussy against you was just disgusting!

“And then she grabbed you by the dick and as much as asked you to come over and fuck her! escort bayan gaziantep

“I was appalled! How could she do that right in my own house?”

“Mom, calm down. There’s no need to get so worked up and angry. I’m sure she was teasing you.

“I don’t think she meant to hurt you. Like you said, the two of you have been friends for a long time. I hope you won’t let this come between the two of you and destroy a long and wonderful friendship.”

“Jeff!” she said too loudly. “You’re defending her! Why on earth are you doing that?”

“Mom, I’m not defending Eve. I’m trying to get you to calm down. I don’t like seeing you so upset.”

I put my arms around my mom and hugged her.

“Let me go clean up and we can watch a movie or something. Okay? Please?”

“Alright, Jeff, I’ll fix us something to eat. It should be ready by the time you get cleaned up.”

I kissed her softly on the cheek as I released her. I desperately wanted to kiss her on the lips but in her present state of mind figured that was not a good idea.

* * *

Later I returned to the kitchen to find Mom cooking dinner.

“Can I help, Mom?” I asked

“You can set the table for us,” she responded.

She still sounded a bit tense but not so much as before I went to clean up.

I did as she asked and then hugged her from behind enjoying the feel of her softness against my body.

I got a drink of water and sat down to watch her complete dinner. As she put the last of our meal onto the serving dishes, I went over to help her move them to the table.

We ate quietly talking a little about mostly nothing to avoid the silence. Mom still seemed tense and upset.

When we finished eating, I told Mom, “I’ll clean up the kitchen. Why don’t you go find a nice movie for us to watch and I’ll join you when I’m done.”

“Jeff, that’s not necessary. You’ve worked all day and are tired. I can do it.”

“Go, Mom. Go relax and leave it to me.”

“Okay, thanks sweetheart. I appreciate it,” she said with a smile.

She walked out of the kitchen and in about twenty minutes, I followed her having put everything in order once again. I found her sitting on the couch watching a chick flick and sat down beside her. She started to catch me up on the movie but I silenced her and watched quietly with her.

After a few minutes, I put my arm around her and was happily rewarded by her relaxing against me and letting her head rest against my neck a few minutes later. It was very comforting to feel her relax considering how tense and upset she had been earlier. I massaged her shoulder gently as we sat together and once or twice thought I heard her moan softly as I did.

When the movie ended, we sat there a bit longer. I turned so I was more behind her and began to massage her shoulders and neck to relax her.

As I continued the massage, she sighed and relaxed still more. After a couple of minutes, I felt her muscles tighten as she pulled up and away from me.

“Thanks, Jeff,” she said. “That felt really nice. I didn’t realize I was so tense.

“I think I need to shower and clean up.”

I stood with her and opened my arms to hug her. She responded by melting against me and returning my hug.

I was very conscious of her breasts pressing into my chest and her belly against me. I felt myself beginning to harden from her touch and maybe from the earlier stimulation by Eve.

I pulled my and looked at her face. She was a beautiful woman and the look in her eyes at the moment was passive and far away.

“What are you thinking about, Mom?” I asked softly.

“Oh, I was just thinking about your dad and the wonderful times we enjoyed together.

“He was a good man, Jeff. You remind me of him in so many ways.

“He was a kind and gentle man and the love of my life. I miss him in so many ways it’s hard to explain.”

“Not so hard, Mom. I miss him, too.”

I stroked my hands over her back gently but firmly enjoying touching her as we held onto one another. While I had become fully hard, I didn’t sense any reaction from Mom. It didn’t seem that she could not be aware of my cock pressing into her belly.

I looked into her eyes and saw what appeared to be a longing for the contact we were sharing. I took a big chance and brought my lips softly to hers. I was a bit surprised when she allowed me to kiss her actually responding somewhat.

I took a daring approach and opened my lips slightly and flicked my tongue across her lips.

To my immense surprise, I felt her lips open and then her tongue engaged mine briefly as our kiss turned toward the kiss of lovers instead of mother and son. Emboldened by her response, I let my hands wander to her beautiful backside and squeezed her hips and pressed her against me more firmly. I felt her arms tighten around me increasing the intensity of our contact.

As I massaged her lovely ass, suddenly she tensed and pushed away from me so we were separated by several inches.

“Jeff! What the hell are you doing?” she barked. “Don’t you ever do that again! Are you trying to seduce me! Damn Eve!’

“Mom, what is wrong with you. It’s not Eve’s fault. If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s mine.

“You’re a beautiful woman. You are very desirable. I didn’t mean to hurt you or offend you, Mom. I love you. It seemed like you needed some comforting and I wanted to help.”

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