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His whole body tingled as he waited for what seemed like an eternity.

Vaguely he could sense movement in the room, the flickering of candlelight, hushed voices with the words imperceptible. He didn’t know how many people were present—at least two. But perhaps more? He couldn’t tell.

Suddenly, he felt hands grasping his wrists, which were tied with velvet rope. He gasped a little as he was firmly pushed forward, towards the bed.

“You’ve been a bad boy,” a sexy voice whispered in his ear. “Are you ready for your punishment?”

“Yes,” he breathed back. His cock stood to attention, throbbing and hard.

“Not much of a punishment if you want it this bad,” the voice breathed, while a hand grasped his cock.

He was pushed face down on the mattress, while hands started stoking his body. There seemed to be an infinite number and they came from every direction—he couldn’t tell how many hands there were, but they were all soft, sending goosebumps running up his back. He felt exposed, naked, as all he was wearing was the velvet rope encircling his wrists, and velvet blindfold. The hands softly ran down his back, his arms, his inner thighs, his ass, and finally up his balls and cock. The intense sensation made his whole body shudder.

The blindfold was pulled away and he blinked dozily in the dim light. He saw an incredible pair of tits in his face—round, pert, with perfect strawberries-and-cream nipples standing to attention. He knew it was Layla; would know those tits anywhere. He tried sucking on one but his face was firmly slapped.

“No!” Layla’s voice was stern, but still so sexy. His cock jumped at the sound.

Next to Layla was another woman he had never seen before. Her body was soft and curvy, but still small. She looked like a goddess with soft blonde curls falling around her shoulders and an innocent face.

Layla soon established herself as the dominant in the room.

“Amelia, kneel near his face,” Layla commanded. Amelia obeyed, leaning over his face so he got a close up view of her tits. They were soft and istanbul escort luscious.

“You may suck her nipples now,” Layla instructed him. He did so, eagerly. He was shocked when a spurt of milk sprayed from her nipple into his mouth. He stopped sucking in shock and looked at Amelia’s face; she winked in return.

“Did I tell you to stop? Keep going, slut!” Layla twisted his nipple until he started sucking on Amelia again. The pain was intense but god, it made him so horny. He eagerly drank the milk flowing from Amelia’s nipples. It was so warm and creamy and wrong, he lapped it up as fast as it came out.

He felt Layla sucking his cock, her head expertly bobbing up and down. When he glanced down at her, her big green eyes were trained on his face. She looked so hot he almost came just then, but managed to stop himself. Having two beautiful women focus their attention on him was almost too much.

He felt Layla’s hand grasp the base of his cock, and then start massaging his balls. He was in too much ecstasy to think about what she was doing. The moment she slipped a finger inside his asshole, his hips bucked upward. “Whoa!” he yelled.

“Steady there, I know you love this. Just relax,” Layla said. He lowered his hips down and started to enjoy the feeling of her slim finger exploring his asshole. It felt like her finger was circling inside his tight asshole, touching all the sensitive areas it could.

“Oh god,” he moaned.

“Knew you’d love it, you little whore,” Layla spat at him. “In fact, I think you need more. Look how hard your cock is.”

It was true, his cock was absolutely throbbing. He hadn’t seen his cock so hard in a long time. He could barely focus on the milky tits in front of him because the sensations in his ass and cock were so intense.

“I bet I could make you cum from ass-fucking alone,” Layla said.

“Please fuck me,” was all he managed to whisper.

“Oh no, I’m not fucking you yet. No way,” Layla responded. “I’m going to have too much fun with you before that happens.”

Layla escort bayan stood up, abruptly, and opened the curtain covering the door. To his absolute shock, there was a man standing there—a naked man.

“Adam’s here to fuck me,” she announced. “I can’t get enough of his huge cock—he always makes me cum.” Adam smiled and stoked her ass cheek. They began kissing, and Layla directed him towards the bed. They fell in a heap next to Amelia, who had taken her nipple from his mouth and was now spraying creamy milk all over his face and chest. He reached over to touch her, while watching Layla and Adam intently. They looked comfortable with each other—it was obvious they had fucked before. And often.

“Put him inside me,” Layla told him. He had never touched another guy’s dick before, but he reached over, grabbed Adam’s hard cock, and directed it into Layla’s wet cunt. It felt amazing but so wrong at the same time. Watching them fuck, he grabbed his cock and started slowly pumping it. Amelia took his hand, and placed it over her pussy. He slipped a finger inside her wet slit, although he was too distracted by the sight of Layla and Adam to think about his actions much. They were fucking hard and fast, sweating and groaning. Layla cried out as she came, grabbing Adam’s shoulder and biting into it. Adam came almost immediately after, thrusting his cock into her with so much force it looked like she would split in two.

Adam and Layla fell apart, their bodies almost rejecting each other. He could see thick white cum leaking out of Layla’s cunt, which was still stretched open to the size of Adam’s cock. She looked so hot laying there, her legs spread, sweat running between her tits.

Her eyes locked on his.

“You know what to do,” she told him.

“What?” he asked. He wanted her to tell him. He wanted her to be in complete control.

“Don’t play dumb,” she said, grabbing his head and forcing it between her legs. He began licking her cunt, licking up Adam’s cum that was leaking out of her. It felt so wrong but at the same time, Ataşehir escort his cock was so stiff and begging for release.

“Please, please fuck me,” he managed to say before Layla shoved his head down again.

“Oh you’ll get fucked all right. I know what a slut you are.” That was all she said. It was fairly cryptic—who was he going to be fucking? Amelia? Or Layla?

“Amelia, you can fuck him now,” Layla said. Amelia lay down on her back, legs spread, and pulled him towards her. His cock slipped into her, feeling the warmth radiating from her cunt as he pumped slowly in and out. The whole night had felt like a massive tease, and he knew this wasn’t the end of it. For a start, there was still that guy in the room. He had been allowed to fuck Layla, but now what was he going to do? Would he fuck Amelia next? Would they swap partners?

“Ok Adam, go for it,” he heard Layla say. Go for what? He barely had time to wonder before he felt two strong hands spreading his ass apart.

“Oh god, what are you doing,” he said, before Amelia grabbed his face in her hands and kissed him. He struggled for a minute, but Amelia had a strong grip on him. Layla’s hands rested on his back.

“Stop struggling,” she said. “You know you’ve wanted this for so long. Just give in and be the slut I know you are.”

His face was burning red with shame as he felt a big—impossibly big—slippery cock line up with his asshole and slowly push in. It was so big and stretched him so wide open. The pain was incredible but behind it was a perverted pleasure. He couldn’t believe a man was actually fucking his ass. He stopped moving in Amelia’s cunt as he tried hard to adjust to the feeling of a cock shoved in his tight asshole.

“Oh god,” was all he managed to choke out. The feeling of his cock being in Amelia’s delicious cunt, and his asshole being penetrated by Adam was too much for him to take. “Oh god—oh god—oh god,” he yelled, over and over, as he came hard and shuddered as he emptied his load into Amelia’s womb.

He lay there afterwards; almost unbelieving that it happened at all. They had agreed that Amelia and Adam would be regular visitors to their sessions after this night—and Layla would use them all, in whichever way she wanted, to ensure her dominance was established over all of them.

And he couldn’t wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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