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Susan was a young woman who enjoyed the finer things in life. Cordon Bleu food, designer clothes, cellared wines, as well as various forms of art. It was due to her interest in the arts that she had become involved as a volunteer at Hilton Galleries. Although her involvement was limited to leading a guided tour through the ‘touring arts’ gallery every few weeks, it suited her well, as her main employment was as a receptionist at a busy medical practice. At least at the gallery, she may meet ‘the man of her dreams’. John, her partner of 2 years, had debated that backpacking around the World was more important to him than settling down, so after much discussion, they had decided to go their separate ways, and see what the future had in store for each of them


Nearly 2pm, Susan thought, as she led the art appreciation group past the final print from “The Art that Hitler Hated” exhibition.

“That concludes today’s tour. Thank you for your interest, Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope to see you here again soon. Enjoy the remainder of your afternoon.”

The crowd dispersed, and Susan’s eyes met the gaze of a very familiar face.

“Susan, you certainly did your research” the voice said, “I am a great admirer of German Expressionist Printmaking, and I am very impressed with your knowledge! ”

“Ben?” Susan questioned.

Susan had met Ben nearly a year ago. The doctors at the medical practice, in which she worked, had invited several medical professionals to a get together at a restaurant. Ben was second in charge of the cardiology dept at a large hospital. Obviously of Germanic descent, he had blond hair and blue eyes, and a build which was much more muscular than she had remembered.

“How quickly you forgot me.” he commented, with a wry smile.

Susan blushed, wondering how she had not noticed this link from her past in her tour group. “A large group today, you must have kept to the back,” she stammered. “How lovely to see you again. You look different somehow, have you been working out?”

Ben laughed. “Forever the flirt, Susan, but yes, I have!”

Susan cast her mind back to the night of the medico’s party. The conversation had flowed freely, as had the wine. Many of the older professionals had left early, but others had made a night of it, and had stayed to the wee small hours. When the restaurant had closed at 4am, the last few revelers, of which Ben and Susan were a part, hailed taxis, and made their way home. Susan, Ben and Kathy, another receptionist, all lived in the same direction, so they rode together. Kathy climbed in next to the driver, as her destination was closest. Susan and Ben sat in the back, and, maybe because of their state of intoxication, they had started to feel rather horny, and began fondling each other. The cab soon arrived at Kathy’s home, and she bid her farewells, and the driver continued on his way, to Susan’s house, which was several kilometers away in the outer suburbs. Ben and Susan continued the exploration of each other’s bodies, each becoming more and more lustful, clothes were being loosened, hands and mouths feeling and tasting bare skin, breathing labored, as the driver continued on his way. Finally, the taxi arrived at Susan’s address; the Greek-looking driver flashed a toothy smile in the rear vision mirror.

“21 Lakes Ave, Ma’am” he announced.

“Oh Ben, come inside for a while, have a nightcap,” Susan pleaded.

“ I would love to, Susan,” came the reply, “but I have an early shift tomorrow, and I really do need to have my wits about me. Perhaps some other time?”

Although a little tipsy, Susan was stunned at the obvious ‘Thanks but no thanks’, and alighted the cab, barely turning back to bid farewell as the cab drove away.

Susan turned on the lights in the darkened house, and made her way to her bedroom, where she undressed, perusing herself in the full length mirror.

His loss, she thought to herself, feeling a little disappointed at the unsuspected turn of events.

She admired her petite frame. Almost boyish, but the soft curve of her hips, her pert breasts, and trimmed pubis stood testimony to her womanhood. She removed 3 clips from her hair, her long locks falling to envelop her body. She again admired her image, a true English rose. Such pale soft skin, her auburn hair like a cloak falling down around her arms until it caressed the fullness of her buttocks.

Perhaps some other time, he had said. We’ll see, she thought to herself as she climbed naked between the cool sheets, and lost herself in a dream of what could have been.

Her mind snapped back to the present, already scheming on how she may bed this elusive Teutonic God.

“Well Ben,” Susan purred, “What brings you to the gallery this fine afternoon?”

Ben was feeling a little uncomfortable, memories of that night coming flooding back, what a fool he had been. Maybe his love of fine art would give him a chance to take things further with the lovely Susan.

“I don’t know if you really want to know, Susan,” he quipped, “it is all rather boring and mundane.”

Susan flashed him a quick glance with bahçeşehir escort her emerald green eyes. “ I don’t think you could tell me anything boring,” she flirted.

Ben swallowed hard, sensing he was about to become the prey of this auburn haired lioness. “OK, Susan,” he confessed, “This is the truth. A few years ago, in my Grandmother’s will, I was left an etching. It was by an artist who I had never heard of, Wilhelm Wagner, was his name. Apparently, in 1920, he did a series of 20 nude etchings, only small drawings, but my Grandmother had posed for several of them. As payment, he gave her one of the drawings, the one titled ‘Frau bei der toilette’, roughly translated, ‘woman getting dressed.’ Ben watched Susan closely, noting a definite look of interest on her pretty face. I do not know all the details, but I suspect he may have been her lover. The print is not worth a fortune, but I see it as a part of history, and now it is mine. From this one etching, I have developed an interest in German Impressionism; that is why I am here today. I know the story may seem far-fetched, but if you would like to come to my home sometime, I would revel in the thrill of showing a very beautiful woman with an understanding of these things, a piece of art that could tell a thousand tales.”

Susan stood in awe of what she had heard. “Why, Ben, are you inviting me to your home to see your etchings?” she giggled girlishly, feeling that her plan was falling into place.

Ben laughed, “May seem like a pick up line, I suppose, but yes. Have you eaten lunch yet?’

“No, I haven’t,” came the response, “Are you going to shout me to a burger?”

Hmm, “I think that I can do better than that,” Ben quipped, “ How about I fix you something hot, spicy and exotic?”

Susan flashed Ben a smile, not wanting to appear too eager. “An offer too good to refuse, I have my car, I will follow you, OK?”

Ben and Susan walked together to the car park. He slipped behind the wheel of the latest Mercedes Benz, Susan climbing into a sporty-looking 4WD. She followed closely behind, having no idea of where they were headed. They reached the outer suburbs, but the journey continued, on and on they went, onto the highway, until they reached a very up-market seaside town. Ben indicated left, Susan followed, parks and lakes on each side of the road, this was surely a slice of heaven. Tree lined streets, beautiful sprawling homes with sports cars and speedboats in each driveway. This was the life that Susan craved. Finally, Ben slowed, and turned into his driveway, Susan parked closely behind. Each stepped from their vehicle. The petite redhead smoothed her figure- hugging white skirt, adjusted her aqua blouse, and walked to the front of her car, where Ben was standing, offering a friendly hand, to lead her along the winding path to his mansion.

“Welcome to my home,” Ben announced, with a sweeping bow.

“Charmed, I’m sure,” came Susan’s reply, all very ‘Gone with the wind’, but effectual at the time.

Ben offered his arm, and Susan quickly threaded her arm through it and allowed her self to be lead to the front door.

“Where is your wife today, Ben?” Susan enquired.

“Oh, she is out and about,” came his reply, “probably at one of her ladies golf things, she is getting so involved, that she barely has any time for me. I am starting to think that she stays with me for the prestige, and my money. It may not be proper to say, but we haven’t been intimate in 6 months. Not through lack of trying on my part, she just seems disinterested.”

The couple reached the steps leading to the ornate front door. Ben pressed a series of buttons on the keypad beside the portal, and seconds later, the huge double doors swung open, displaying the opulent marble floored entrance, and the spiral staircase beyond.

“We have all afternoon,” Ben smiled, “let me get that sizzle plate going, and we will eat first; would you like some iced tea?”

Ben reached inside the huge stainless steel refrigerator, grabbed a prepared jug of iced tea, and poured two glasses of the icy liquid. Handing the tall glass to Susan, he turned on the CD player, and the seductive voice of KD Lang filled the air.

“Make your self at home while I rustle up one of my gourmet delights,” he laughed.

“I hope you like this music,” he enquired. “Britt is really into this at the moment, and seems to have hidden everything else!”

“Hmm,” Susan replied, “KD has a wonderful voice. Does it worry you that Britt likes her?”

“I agree that KD is a great singer, but the fact that she is a lesbian, and that Britt is so distant to me lately, and spends so much time with the golf club women, really has me wondering. I recently found a girlie magazine in our bedroom, and it certainly wasn’t mine! ” Ben confided.

Susan suspected that she knew the answer, which appeared so obvious, but seemed to elude Ben. She thought it inappropriate to comment though, as the enigmatic woman was a complete stranger to her.

Ben and Susan supped on the delicious lunch, and adjourned outside to sit on the recliner istanbul escort beds alongside the tropical swimming pool. Susan made small talk, commenting on how much she had enjoyed the lunch, and sipping her second glass of iced tea. The blonde Adonis started his move, shifting his muscular frame to the end of her couch.

“Susan, I was such a fool,” he confessed, as he leant forward to kiss her lips, “I wanted you, maybe I thought you were beyond my reach, but I rue the day that I let you go into your house alone. Let me make up for that indiscretion, here and now, I want you so badly.”

Their lips met, deep, wet, passionate kisses, arms wrapped around each other, he fumbled under her blouse, trying to unclip her bra, the other hand pushing up her tight skirt. She reciprocated by unbuckling his belt and reaching inside for his penis, which yearned to escape. Feeling the urgency of his throbbing manhood against the material of his trousers, she was aware of her own sex moistening her panties.


The would-be lovers sat up in shock! Britt was home!!

They speedily composed themselves, straightening clothes. Ben moved back to the other recliner bed. Each picked up the remainder of their iced tea, and started sipping the cool liquid through straws, both attempting to feign innocence, belying the fact of what had nearly happened.

“I’m home!” Britt announced, as she entered the garden through the side gate from the driveway.

Susan eyed the woman who had stopped her from fulfilling her dream of having illicit pleasures with this still elusive man.

Britt was a beautiful woman. Tall, athletic, very tanned, shoulder length blonde hair, and dressed in white shorts and a red halter neck top, which revealed her full breasts and erect nipples. Her tight shorts showed the outline of her G-string panties, also her well- toned ass.

Susan thought. If I were that way inclined, I think this woman would be my idea of perfection! Then blushed, embarrassed by even thinking such a thought, after all, she was a man’s woman, through and through!

Ben stood up, “Hello Sweetheart,” he cooed, “You are home early!”

Susan couldn’t quite pick Britt’s accent, maybe Swedish or Norwegian, but it was a strong, sexy accent, which excited her.

She flashed him a broad smile. “Those golf club bitches didn’t want to play with me, so I came home. Oh, who is your friend?”

“Sorry, Honey!” Ben ushered Britt into his empty seat, “ This is Susan, an old friend, we were having lunch, there is plenty more, may I get you some?”

“ No, no, Ben, stop fussing, pull up a chair, I want to know all about your friend”

Susan was very aware of Britt’s gaze. She was drawn to those beautiful eyes, big, navy blue eyes, that reflected the sensual being that lay within. Never before had a woman looked at her in that way, studying her from head to toe, and back again, almost undressing her with those fabulous eyes. .

Susan returned the gaze, wondering if her earlier suspicions about Britt’s sexuality could be true. Her thoughts excited her in a curious, unfamiliar way, and again she felt the deep yearning of a woman who craved fulfillment.

Ben carried a chair from the patio, to sit beside the women. As he positioned it, facing the pool, his pager beeped, he looked at the digital display. It showed a code ‘A’ emergency at the hospital, he had to attend, no questions asked.

Ben raced to the side gate, and into the driveway, barely saying goodbye. This call could be a matter of life and death for some poor soul. He revved the engine of his Mercedes, and within seconds was gone. The two women relaxed on the soft couches, Susan sipping her iced tea, while Britt supped what remained of Ben’s drink.

As if a new chapter was beginning in the lives of these two women, the overcast sky began to clear, and the clouds parted like the legs of a willing lover.

Britt reached into the small locker beneath her recliner, and took out a bottle of sun tan oil. She poured a little into her palm, and rubbed the coconut scented liquid into the skin of her lower legs and feet. She continued the application of the oil, rubbing in small circular motions over her knees, and muscular thighs. Lying back, she applied the fluid to her bare midriff.

Britt sat up abruptly, “Darling,” she purred, “ I hope you won’t be shocked if I remove my clothing, but this oil stains so badly, and besides, I hate a patchy tan.” With that, she untied the halter of her red top, and threw her cotton restraint to the ground, her white shorts and tiny G-string followed. Susan gasped at the perfection of this beautiful woman. Britt’s all-over tan, testimony of the hours she must have spent nude sunbathing. Britt flashed Susan a salacious grin, and continued working the coconut oil into her taut torso and perfectly rounded breasts upon which sat tanned puffy nipples. She rubbed the liquid onto her hairless pubic region, exposing what was obviously a full Brazilian wax.

“Ahhh, that is so much better.” She stated in her heavy accent. “Will you please apply escort bahçeşehir some lotion to my back, I do like to turn every few minutes, and I would hate to have a red derriere!”

Britt handed the oil to Susan, who felt slightly uneasy at the prospect of intimately touching a woman she barely knew. If this were a man, she would be in her element, but somehow, a woman seemed a little out of bounds. Susan poured a little of the runny liquid into her cupped hand, and quickly rubbed her palms together before the warm oil escaped between her fingers. Sitting on the side of Britt’s sun lounge, she reached across and applied a little of the oil to the beautiful tanned shoulders. She heard a small gasp escape from Britt’s lips, as her soft hands touched the skin of this sensual being for the first time.

Wow, she thought. That was not so bad, her skin is so soft. It is very similar to touching myself, really.

Susan continued, working the oil into Brit’s muscular shoulders and arms, down her torso to her slim waist, over the curve of her hips, to her buttocks, thighs, calves and feet.

“Hey!” Brit complained, “What about the crack of my ass, that burns too! Don’t be shy!”

She spread her legs a little, wriggling her hips to get the right position, “Here, Darling, make sure you get every inch of me!”

Susan applied more oil to her palm, closed her eyes, and started to work her way down that fabulous valley of pleasure. Britt was moaning softly, as Susan’s hands worked a magical spell over her body. The tanned woman raised her hips, as Susan’s hands continued the fondling of her most intimate parts.

“Keep going, Darling,” Britt cooed as the English rose worked the warm oil into her inner thighs, brushing the soft hairless outer lips of her wet pussy.

Susan drew back. She was shocked that she could be feeling such arousal from touching another woman in an intimate way; but she knew that familiar feeling, as lubricious juices welled within her, and she smelled the wonderful musky scent of her own sex.

“Sweetie, you have stopped, is something wrong?” the blonde beauty enquired.

“Um, no everything is ok,” was the immediate reply. “I am just feeling a bit warm, the sun is becoming rather intense.”

Britt smiled seductively in Susan’s direction, “Silly me, how remiss, please feel free to use the pool. The boundary-fences are high enough to afford total privacy, take off your cute little outfit, and cool off in the wonderfully icy water.”

Susan had a sense that she had worked herself into a corner, how could she possibly refuse the invitation, without looking like a total prude? There is only one thing to do; she thought to herself, I will have to go along with her suggestion.

Susan turned her back to Britt, who was looking intently at her, and slowly unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground and then folding it, placing the garment on the back of the sun lounge. She glanced back at Britt, who was watching her every move. Susan’s blouse had several buttons, which proved to be difficult to undo, as her hands shook with nervous apprehension. Finally, the blouse was removed, folded, and placed with the skirt. Susan stood in a matching set of pale blue lacey underwear, feeling very vulnerable with her near nakedness.

“Keep going, Darling,” Britt cooed, “I am enjoying the scenery.”

Susan quickly unhooked her tiny bra, and wriggled out of the panties that covered her most private parts. She looked back at Britt, and smiled, before sprinting to the edge of the pool, where she dived into the cool water. She swam slow, lazy laps, glad of the time to regain her composure. The sun was searing, and the blue water looked very inviting to Britt, who stood, and walked to the poolside. She sat at the pool’s edge and then slowly lowered herself into the icy depths. Susan was still swimming slow laps, but Britt raced across the pool to the small spa, which was fed by a mini waterfall. The palms and other greenery cast shadows over that part of the garden, and Britt called Susan to join her, lest her fair skin burn by the blazing Australian sun. The auburn haired woman knew that would certainly be the case, and swam over to the spa, where she sat alongside the tanned beauty.

“That was so refreshing,” Susan commented, trying to mask her nudity, with idle chatter. “You have a beautiful home. So how long have you and Ben been married? I love your garden.”

“Sweetheart, don’t be nervous, just relax, I don’t bite.” Britt slid her arm around the younger woman’s shoulder, pulling her close. Susan could feel the woman’s warm breath on her neck, and then the moist lips on her cheek, a long, lingering kiss. Heart pounding, Susan turned to Britt, their lips met, softly to begin, then harder and more passionately, as the urgency of their lust overpowered each of them. Britt’s tongue explored the hungry mouth of her new conquest, and Susan, closing her eyes, willingly accepted the earnest advances. Time appeared to stand still, as the two women petted heavily, their hands constantly moving over each other’s bodies. Britt was a woman with definite needs, and she knew how to captivate a naïve woman with her spell. She squeezed the erect nipples of her willing lover, and slowly brushed over the soft, pale abdomen, her fingers reaching lower, through the small thicket of pubic hair, to the love nest which lay beneath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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