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(Earlier in the day, before the bbq starts.)

The bbq was going to be great, tonight. I made my favourite potato salad, coleslaw and other great dishes being part vegetarian I loved to try and make up other dishes which would entertain everybody else, as well.

“Not more vegetarian crap.” Darryn said as he entered the kitchen, holding on to his favourite pastime, that being a beer.

“I like it and other people do as well.” I told him. Lately I had been thinking I should leave him and go elsewhere, but I was afraid of losing the house and my friends.

“You mean, Andrew likes it.” Darryn sneered, at me.

I tried to concentrate as I continued to chop up some carrots, although I did feel myself grow hot at the thought of Andrew. He was so different from Darryn. Where Darryn drank to excess, Andrew only had a couple and where Andrew treated people, usually fairly, Darryn was a real pig, especially if he had been drinking.

“So. He’s part vegetarian as well.” I answered Darryn’s accusation.

“Yeah and I can guess what part.” Darryn finished as he left the kitchen.

I slammed down the knife on the bench, frustrated that he could be like that. Darryn had changed from when we were married, know that he had found the drink or it found him. Where he was once considerate, he was now a total pig of a man with little time for anyone else except his buddies at the pub or a piece of skirt, from the street. Maybe tonight I would show him how it felt.

We hadn’t had sex in awhile and I must admit I was getting frustrated and horny. I had taken to using a vibrator to satisfy some of my needs, but still felt the loneliness of not having a man’s penis inside of me. The odd times when Darryn and I had sex lately, he was either drunk or pretty close to it. His love making was also getting rough, although I was a bit of a nymphomaniac, in some respects, I believed that I deserved better.

I went back to chopping the carrots, thinking of Andrew.

“You never know.” I thought to myself as I continued chopping and Escort Beylikdüzü then I started to hum to myself and felt the beginnings of feelings well up within me.

I was sure that Andrew was interested in me as I had seen him steal glances, whenever he was around, looking at my legs and body. I knew that his marriage was nearly on the rocks, since Annie confided in me long ago.

I continued humming as I began to smile, thinking of Andrew as he took me in his arms and took my womanhood.

(Present time – The bbq)

“How’s the veggie burger?” Andrew asked.

“Great.” I answered as I took another bite.

I saw that Darryn was headed this way and went to stand elsewhere. The beers had really taken their toll on Darryn and he was drunk, once more.

I could see that Andrew and Darryn were chatting, as Andrew continued cooking the bbq and I felt my insides churn slightly as I looked at him, so I had a sip of my drink.

Darryn moved off so I walked back to Andrew, feeling slightly flushed and breathless.

“What were the two of you talking about?” I asked Andrew as I rested my hand on his bum.

I felt giddy just from that slight sensation.

“Nothing .” Andrew replied.

I lent in close to whisper into his ear, “You can tell me.”, as I slowly moved my hand over his jeans, feeling his bum beneath.

“Darryn said that if I wanted to, that I could have you tonight.” Andrew said, in a slightly shaky voice.

I felt heat flow through my vagina as I contemplated this. Since Darryn was drunk, he would have no idea what he was saying to anyone..

” He’s drunk, but do you want to?” I asked Andrew, as I took the plunge to indulge my sexuality and felt myself drawn to his ear as I whispered my proposal and to nibble his ear

“Yes.” Andrew said to me.

I grabbed his hand to lead him away from the bbq.

“What about the meat?” Andrew asked.

“Darryn, can you look after the meat?” I called out, feeling butterflies in my stomach.

“Okay.” Darryn Escort Bahçeşehir shouted back, in a slurred voice.

I was not even sure if he would be able to see the meat cooking on the bbq.

“Won’t they miss us?” Andrew asked me.

“No.” I replied as I led him around the side of the house to the rear patio.

I was sure no-one noticed us really, as we disappeared from view.

As we rounded the corner to the patio, I suddenly turned and grabbed Andrew’s head in my hands and kissed him with all of my force. I felt hot and needed him in me. Our tongues explored each others mouth, as our noses rubbed each other Eskimo style.

I pulled back and started to undo Andrew’s shirt, as quickly as I could, while he tried to do mine.

I won the race and exposed his chest and bent down to lick his nipples and suck on them as I enjoyed his taste, running my tongue over them so that they were hard like mine, which were straining at my blouse.

My hands found Andrew’s jeans button and undid them. I slid his jeans down to his ankles and in doing so, it took his boxer shorts as well. This freed his erection which sprung out at me.

I wasted no time as I took him in my mouth, deep down to the back of my throat, as I sucked his shaft, with wanton abandonment. My teeth raking his shaft as I pulled my head back and then my lips as I plunged back down to impale my mouth on his cock.

Andrew’s hands pulled me up, undoing my buttons as I stood.

I helped and soon I was naked before him.

Andrew grabbed me and kissed me roughly as I felt his tension grow and our needs turned to fire.

I led Andrew over to a chair and pushed him down into it. Not wasting anytime I straddled his legs and positioned my lips in front of his erection. I pushed down so that Andrew slid into me, my cunt taking him in fully, between my moist and wet and puffy lips. It felt glorious to have a cock there, in me.

I put my hands around Andrews’s neck so that I could pull him into me as we built up our rhythm.

I laid my head on Andrews shoulder as I felt my orgasm approach. This was the fastest that I had had for awhile. My need was driving my juices and my insides wild with wanting.

Andrew pulled me hard to him and I felt him cum deep within me, the heat of his semen driving deep into my womb, to mix with my juices as I climaxed again and again.

I gripped Andrew’s shoulders hard as I sought to get all of him in me. I could smell both of our bodies as they were drenched in our sweat and sexual need.

Slowly my vagina stopped contracting, as I came down from that lofty height and I started to lean back on Andrew’s legs, so that I could still feel his erection inside me.

I could feel the sweat on me and I started to glow with happiness.

“Thank you.” I said as I smiled at Andrew.

‘Anytime.” Andrew replied as he kissed me on tenderly on the lips.

After awhile we stood and started dressing. I was doing up my blouse and looked over at Andrew, with fondness in my eyes. I still wanted him badly and needed to have him fill me up.

I walked over to Andrew and placed a hand on his chest and kissed him softly on the lips, “Thankyou.” Again I said.

“Anytime.” Andrew replied again, as he had done only moments before.

I leaned in close to his ear and told him, “I didn’t put my knickers back on.”, as I held them up to his face.

Andrew’s hand reached up over mine and pulled the knickers towards his face, as he inhaled them.

I could tell Andrew could smell my sex, the muskiness on the fabric, which only made me want to have him more.

“I’m leaking and my legs are wet from your cum.” I said seductively to Andrew, as I felt his semen leak from my vagina to run slowly down my legs.

“You better get back and see what the meats like.” I said as I pushed Andrew towards the side of the house.

I watched him go and turned to go inside, when I thought that I saw some-one. I stopped and stared, but it was only the shrubs.

Goose bumps passed over my body as I hugged my arms around me, “I want you Andrew.” I said to myself, as I walked in through the back door.

End of Leah’s thoughts part 1…Watch out for part 2 and read all the other parts to the story to get it all.

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