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I was back again, staying at the Hyatt. It was the same place where I’d been a number of times before while on business. It was a beautiful place where the central part of the ground floor was an open atrium type of arrangement, complete with tall palm trees.

There was a restaurant and an intimate lounge area with a bar across the back wall and small tables with comfortable chairs. On one side, there was an enormous glass wall that extended upward for 10 or 12 floors, while the other side was covered with the windows of all the rooms, like my own, facing the atrium.

On more than one occasion, I’d sat there in the lounge sipping a drink, looking up at those windows hoping to catch a glimpse of some tawdry goings on. Maybe in a fit of passion, someone would forget to draw the drapes and treat me to a little show. As I scanned the windows, I was a little disappointed to see the rooms that had the drapes open were all dark, seemingly empty. Ah, well. Maybe one day.

I glanced down at one of the television monitors in the bar to see which teams were playing, and I noticed a woman enter the lounge area from the side and take a seat at the bar. She caught my attention because she was wearing an elegant, yet sexy black evening dress. It was a halter style, which dipped quite low in the back. From what I could see at my seat in the lounge area, she looked quite attractive. I also noticed that she seemed to be alone.

With growing interest, I watched the bartender bring her some orange concoction in an Old Fashioned glass. She turned in her seat, absent-mindedly surveying her surroundings while sipping her drink. The evening dress lady didn’t seem to be waiting for anyone; at least that’s what I surmised from her body language. Maybe she was someone alone in town looking to kill a little time. Maybe she was just like me.

Perhaps it was my drink, or perhaps I was just feeling a bit adventurous, but I had the sudden urge to get a better look at this woman. This wasn’t something that I’d ever done before; it was definitely not in my character to approach strange women in a bar, no matter how nice of a place it was. This night, however, something felt different.

Taking the last gulp from my glass of liquid courage, I approached the bar from the opposite side of where she was seated. There was a couple sitting between us, but they were much too enamored with one another’s company to notice anything else going on. As I took my seat, I casually glanced in her direction and saw that her drink was nearly empty.

Looking her over, I could see that she was indeed quite lovely. The evening dress lady looked to be around my own age, medium height, with blonde hair and a very pretty face. I also noticed that her dress accentuated some very nice cleavage and I watched her with increasing appreciation.

Suddenly, she looked up from her now empty glass and caught me looking right at her. At first I was a little embarrassed and considered looking away, pretending that I hadn’t been checking her out, but it was too late for that. I just smiled at her and nodded. She shyly smiled back with a look of genuine congeniality. I guess my attention had really been focused on her, because the bartender appeared seemingly out of nowhere and asked what he could get for me.

“Vodka martini”, I said. “Straight up… with two olives, please.”

“Any preference on the vodka?”

I looked up at the bar, scanning the rows of neatly arranged bottles of various colors and sizes lit from behind.

“Grey Goose would be fine.”

“Very good, sir”, he answered. “Will that be all?”

My adventurous side suddenly kicked in again.

“Um… one more thing” I added. “I’d like to buy a lemon-drop martini for that lady at the end of the bar.”

The bartender smiled wryly at me and said, Escort Esenyurt “You got it!”

While he went about his work, I turned my attention back to the evening dress lady and began to feel like there was a butterfly convention in my stomach. I felt nervous, wondering how she would react to a getting drink from a complete stranger. My martini soon appeared and the bartender smiled at me and took the second one he’d made over to her.

I watched as he removed her empty glass and set the new on in front of her. The bartender leaned close to speak to her, and they both glanced in my direction. She smiled and raised her glass in a silent toast from across the bar. Well that seemed to go rather well. At least she didn’t call the police.

My new favorite bartender poured some more white wine for the honeymoon couple and then came back over to where I sat.

He leaned close, grinning like the Cheshire cat and softly said, “The lady told me that the least you could do is come over and allow her to thank you properly”.

I gathered my drink and moved over next to the lady. She was even more beautiful up close. Her silky hair framed a very pretty face and she smiled easily. She wore an elegant gold braided chain around her neck. I noticed she had a few freckles that started just below her necklace and continued on down into that lovely, deep cleavage. I took just a quick glance. Didn’t want to scare her off, after all.

“Thank you for the martini”, she said. “This is actually one of my favorite kinds, but for some reason I never like to drink them alone”.

“Well now you don’t have to”, I replied.

“I came from one of those office things”, she continued. “You know, the kind where all the managers congratulate themselves for being so wonderful and the rest of us are just there for the free dinner. I was supposed to meet my girlfriend for drinks afterward, but she bailed on me at the last minute”.

She sipped her drink, giving me an appraising glance. I remembered reading somewhere that the average woman makes up her mind whether or not to sleep with a man within the first 15 minutes after they meet. By my reckoning, I had about 14 minutes left.

“So tell me”, she said, “Do you always buy martinis for strange women in bars, or is this just my lucky night?”

“Never for strange women”, I smiled, “…and as far as whether this is a lucky night or not, that remains to be seen”.

She smiled warmly at that comment, shifting slightly in her seat toward me, crossing her legs to reveal a slit up the side of her dress that I hadn’t noticed before. Again, just a quick glance. I didn’t know whether it was the drinks or my witty charm (I suspect the former), but she seemed to become more relaxed and at ease.

“By the way”, I said, extending my hand, “My name is…” She immediately reached out and put her finger over my lips.

“Does it really matter?” she asked.

“Well it might be nice to know what to call you”, I explained.

“It might”, she answered smiling at me, “but then again, I’m sure you’ll figure something out”.

Her attitude surprised me a bit, but I certainly wasn’t going to complain. Something about this mysterious woman intrigued me, and it certainly didn’t hurt that she was quite gorgeous. The conversation flowed smoothly and we both smiled easily, but our second drinks were nearing the bottom of the glass. I took her hand in mine and looked into her pretty blue eyes.

“I have a room here” I began, gesturing upward toward the wall of windows facing the atrium. By this time, evening had fallen and the trees sparkled with hundreds of tiny white lights. “Would you like to come upstairs with me so I can show you the view?”

She grinned at me saying, “Well at least you didn’t ask me to come up to see your Escort Avcılar etchings!”

“I’m staying in a hotel, my dear, my etchings are all at home”.

The evening dress lady slid off her seat to the floor, extending her hand toward mine.

“Lead the way, my dear man”, she smiled, “before I come to my senses!”

I quickly paid our bill, including a healthy tip for my favorite bartender. He seemed genuinely pleased with himself as we waved and headed toward the elevators.


I watched the indicator above the elevator door as it blinked toward the lobby. My mystery date was watching me just as intently when the doors slid noiselessly open. Once inside, she forcefully pressed herself against me just as I touched the button for my floor. I pulled her body tightly to mine and she kissed me with a passion and urgency that was so very different from her controlled demeanor at the bar. Her tongue flickered against mine as I felt her thigh pushing against my growing erection. Her hand fumbled between our bodies, finally grasping my cock through the thin material of my slacks just as the elevator slid to a stop and the doors opened. She seemed just a bit exasperated by the short ride.

“You should have asked for a higher floor” she smiled, gesturing toward the lighted number “3” on the floor indicator.

“Or a slower elevator” I replied, reaching around in my jacket pocket for my key.

Once we finally made it inside the room, only the lights from the hotel atrium filtering through the floor to ceiling window lit the interior. We embraced and I kissed her again, pressing her into the wall just inside the door. My mystery date put her hands on my ass, pulling me tightly against her. Her breathing quickened as I kissed down the side of her neck. In the low light, I could see her nipples pressing against the fabric of her dress.

In the midst of touching and kissing, we moved further into the room, where she caught sight of herself in the large mirror behind the vanity.

“Oh, my… look at what you’ve done to my hair!” she exclaimed.

I moved in behind her, peeking around at our reflection in the mirror.

“I don’t know… you still look pretty good to me!”

Leaning closer, I lightly kissed the side of her neck, from just below her ear to the top of her shoulder. She moaned softly at my touch and leaned back into me, offering more of her neck. We watched one another intently in the mirror. I slid my hands up her sides and around her front, cupping her breasts and gently pinching her prominent nipples.

Her eyes never left mine as I kissed her bare shoulder and unfastened the small hook that kept her halter dress in place. She held the dress up against her breasts as the neck strap fell away. I reached behind her and slowly pulled the zipper on the back of her dress down to the middle of her ass.

“Let it go” I whispered quietly into her ear, “…I want to see.”

She sighed softly and allowed the black dress to slide down off her body. I watched in the mirror as her full breasts finally came into view. Her smooth, soft skin was uninterrupted by any hint of tan lines; her large dark areolas surrounded erect nipples. She was simply breathtaking.

My date steadied herself on the edge of the vanity as I trailed light kisses down the bare skin on her back, continuing lower as I dropped to my knees behind her. Tugging her dress the rest of the way down over her hips, she was left with tiny black thong panties, dark, thigh-high stockings that were held up by a lacy black garter belt, and her heels.

She leaned forward as I kissed her smooth bottom and slid my nose between her cheeks. I ran my hands slowly up her thighs until I hooked a finger into her thong, pulling it to the side; revealing smoothly shaven pussy lips, glistening with her womanly juices. Inhaling her intoxicating scent, I extended my tongue, lightly brushing over her labia. She jumped slightly at my touch, sighed heavily, and then pressed herself back more firmly against my face.

By this time, my nose was pressing against her anus while I ran my tongue and fingers inside her cunt. She was moaning louder now, hips undulating as I lightly touched her wet, swollen clitoris.

“Ohhh… FUCK!” she suddenly blurted out. “You’re making my pussy sooooo wet!”

Her body convulsed sharply two or three times, and I was rewarded with a sudden outflow of her sweet juices on my hand and face. As she caught her breath, I stood up again and took her in my arms, kissing her deeply. She moaned softly, tasting herself on my lips. I felt her hands tugging the shirt out of my slacks, forcefully pulling my tie loose, and ripping my shirt open as buttons flew off in every direction.

She took my hand and moved quickly toward the large window, sitting me down in an overstuffed chair that faced the glass. We both fumbled with my belt and zipper until my pants and boxers lay in a heap on the floor. My sexy date pushed me back into the chair and dropped to her knees in front me. My cock was now painfully erect as she attacked it with a voracity that took me by surprise. Using both hands, she stroked my shaft and balls and took my length deep into her mouth.

“Ohhh… God!” I managed to gasp, “That feels so damn good!”

I entwined my fingers in her hair, guiding her to a more even pace. She was visually stunning as I watched her head bobbing up and down on my wet, swollen cock, her beautiful tits moving with each stroke.

When I felt my balls getting that familiar heavy feeling, I knew I wouldn’t be able to last too much longer.

“I’m… I’m getting close! “I’m going to cum soon” I whispered hoarsely.

She immediately jumped up and threw her hands against the large window, bending at the waist, offering herself to me. I could clearly see the lounge area below, with people talking and sipping drinks. A couple sat up to take notice of the nude woman against the glass just above where they sat.

“I want you to fuck me!” she cried out, “I want you to give it to me hard! Right now!”

I scrambled to my feet, positioning myself behind her, too horny to care about who might be watching our little display. Taking my hard penis in one hand, I guided the head along her wet slit. As soon as her pussy parted, I entered her all the way in one hard thrust. A loud moan escaped her lips.

“Ooooh, yes!” she screamed, “Give it to me good, baby! Fuck me with that thick cock!”

We fell into a frenzied rhythm, my hands grasping her hips, pumping fast and hard. I could see a reflection in the window of her big tits bouncing with my every thrust. In another few minutes, she moaned loudly and I felt her juices flowing once again.

This time, there was no stopping for me. At the last possible moment, I pulled my cock out and took it in my hand. Groaning loudly, I stroked myself to a knee-buckling climax, shooting thick streams of hot cum all over her sexy, bare ass.

She reached back and grabbed my cock, using it to spread my cum over her ass. My mystery date turned and kissed me deeply, her mouth tasted of alcohol and sex. I held her close and felt her melting into my arms.


The next morning, I awoke to bright sunshine streaming in through the large glass wall of the atrium. Moving my hand across the bed, I discovered a note on the pillow. Rubbing my eyes into focus, I read:

Good morning, baby… I didn’t want to wake you, but I had completely forgotten that the kids are supposed to come over for lunch today. I went on home to start getting things ready. Give me a call on your way home in case I need you to pick up something at the market. I love you!!! Xoxoxoxo

P. S. Next time I get to pick you up!!

I smiled and headed off to the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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