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April’s arrival had startled a disheveled Xanthe, her swimsuit pulled aside at the crotch and her shoulder straps hanging limply by her side. April didn’t know quite what was going on, but obeyed Xanthe’s instruction to remain silent.

“What’s going on?” whispered April. She was another tall girl about five ten, with shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, fair skin, and a trimmed toned physique. She was popular among members of the team but regarded by many as shy.

“Ahhh … why don’t you listen to what’s happening next door for a minute,” replied Xanthe. She quickly snapped her swimsuit back over her exposed vagina. April glanced briefly at Xanthe, but Xanthe was sure she hadn’t seen what had transpired. April leaned against the wall out of the showers spray and remained silent.

The faint sounds of heavy breathing, physical contact on skin and moving bodies radiated from the adjoining shower stall. April’s face was a picture of concentration as she tried to figure out what was happening in the other shower. The situation was punctuated by faint moans and sighs.

“Who’s in there? And what are they doing?” asked April in a serious tone. Xanthe appeared a little anxious, as if she had been keeping something secret or had been doing something wrong. “What’s happening in there?”

“I’d imagine it was pretty obvious,” said Xanthe with a curious look. “It’s Nikki and Leah, and they’re … well, you know.”

April finally caught on to what Xanthe was implying, a look of shock and surprise spread across her face. “Are you sure?”

“No, I’ve only been listening to them talk dirty for the last twenty minutes. What would I know?” replied Xanthe in a sarcastic cutting tone. She could tell the reserved April was astonished to discover that two people she knew quite well would do such a thing.

Nikki paused for a moment. Leah wrapped around her, kneading her firm ass and stroking her back. Nikki was sure she had heard someone come into the shower block. Leah noticed Nikki’s sudden change.

“What’s wrong?” asked a horny Leah.

“Nothing … I thought I heard someone speaking … no, mustn’t have been anyone,” said Nikki dismissing the thought. “Now where were we?”

Leah grinned as Nikki spun her around, pushing her gently against the shower wall and kissing her forcefully. She blindly felt for Leah’s hands, finally taking them in her own and holding them out to their sides. With a slight nod she motioned for Leah to sink to the tiled floor with her. Both women gradually lowered themselves, squatting just before their rears made contact with the tiles.

“You are so hot Leah,” cooed an adoring Nikki, “I just have to taste you again.”

Nikki’s proposition brought a loving kiss from Leah and a nod of approval. “That sounds good to me,” said Leah with a cheeky tone. Leah sat down on the now warm tiles, directly under the flow of one of the shower heads. The water beat down on her tender body as she spread her legs and lay back, her full body stretching across the floor of the shower stall.

Nikki watched as Leah submitted to her. She stood towering over her, gathering her long auburn hair and throwing it back over her shoulder in a bunch. “But I do have one request. While I’m eating you, you have to eat me,” that familiar lusty gleam returned to Nikki’s eye.

She stepped over Leah. Her legs spread above Leah’s head and slowly but surely lowered herself down on Leah’s body, her knees resting beside Leah’s shoulders. Nikki could see Leah’s tangy pink flesh laid out before her, her legs spread far and wide. It was just as she was about to delve into Leah’s flower that she felt Leah’s lips make contact with the soft tissue of her inner thighs.

A slight shiver passed through Nikki as Leah’s soft kisses and nibbling bit by bit closed in on her needy snatch. She inhaled deeply and again focused on Leah, dipping her head down and sniffing her tangy nectar. A lone probing lick brought a muffled sigh from Leah and eagerness from Nikki.

Nikki tenderly rubbed Leah’s slit, her puffy folds quivering as she breathed down on them. She lashed the spongy tissue, drinking in her juices, her varying pace and suction causing Leah to squirm.

An overwhelming lust had engulfed Leah, her fervent lapping of Nikki’s pussy had forever changed her. She stretched Nikki’s gorgeous snatch further apart with her tense fingers, searching for that sweet spot.

“Ewww, Nikki you taste so good,” purred an ecstatic Leah only briefly interrupting her mad thrashing. Leah dipped her index finger deep into the base of Nikki’s crevice propelling it back and forth. Nikki pulled herself away from Leah’s pussy squealing out loud as Leah furiously finger fucked her.

The shrill cries of Nikki startled Xanthe and April. They were followed by Nikki’s pleas for more. Xanthe still worked up from her own efforts turned and looked at the blonde April. April didn’t know what to say or what to do. She wondered how long Xanthe had been hiding in the adjoining stall listening to the girls.

“What rus escort do we do?” posed April, her innocence was captivating.

“Well you can either, go in there and break them up, go in their and join them, or stay in here with me,” answered Xanthe, still frustrated at being disturbed as she brought herself to a much deserved climax. Her mind was an endless cycle of thoughts and schemes as she tried to evaluate her next step. But one thing that stood out was how truly horny she was, and how hot the innocent April looked.

April jolted again as Leah let out a deep visceral moan, the girls were getting louder and louder, whatever was going on next door was reaching a crescendo. Xanthe couldn’t take her own indecision any longer, it was time to act, and Xanthe knew only one way. Be bold.

“You know it sounds like those two are having a lot of fun,” whispered Xanthe, “don’t you think that they sound hot?”

April’s eyes widened at Xanthe’s suggestive question, was she a lesbian too? Was Xanthe somehow involved in what was going on? April took a deep breath. She couldn’t escape the confines of the shower stall, or the gaze of Xanthe’s eyes.

“What exactly are you suggesting … Xanthe?” a hushed April inquired. It was at that moment she noticed that Xanthe’s swimsuit had been ruffled and pulled on. Despite her own sexual inexperience she knew that it probably meant one thing.

“Oh come on April. You know what I’m suggesting,” Xanthe’s voice took on a very calm yet probing character. “Are you honestly telling me that you don’t find what’s happening arousing? The thought of two of your friends getting it on mere feet away from you isn’t tempting?”

Xanthe was a master at getting what she wanted. She knew precisely how to turn on the charm and how to seduce with best of them. She lived by the attitude that she could take whatever she wanted.

“No … I’m not … what,” a confused April struggled to get the words out. Her cluttered mind betrayed her discretion and she just blurted the first thing that came to mind. “What are you doing in here? And why are your swimmers all messed up?”

April went silent. She realized that she had probably just created a maelstrom. But Xanthe seemed to remain calm and stoic, still gazing at her with those deep brown eyes. Xanthe swept across the gap which separated the two in the shower, in an effortless glide, her eyes never breaking contact with April’s.

“What do you think I was doing in here?” invited Xanthe. “I think you know. Deep down inside you know what I was doing in here, and you can see that with your own eyes.” Xanthe’s tone was smooth and seductive, and April was crumbling right into her hands.

She let her hand slowly and provocatively slide down the front of her swimsuit letting it briefly rub her mound before coming to rest on her wet silky thigh. Without flinching and with little effort Xanthe flicked the crotch of her swimmers away from her hot pussy. The rush of air and the trickle of the showers warm water were invigorating.

“I’ll show you what I was doing April,” murmured Xanthe. Xanthe traced a small circle around her hardened bud, she squeezed it for a second and then rubbed it ever so delicately. She closed her eyes and leaned forward to better balance her petite frame. Xanthe was overpowered by her sexual yearning. “Ewww, that feels so good.”

April was stunned by the display, she found herself paralyzed as she watched. Xanthe momentarily opened her eyes to check on April, she found the tall blonde still rooted to the same spot. She effortlessness drove her middle finger into her awaiting hole. “Ummm, that is so good,” panted Xanthe adding a groan and quiver. “Don’t you feel horny?”

Xanthe’s display was having no obvious effect on the statuesque April, but what Xanthe didn’t know was what was going on inside April. April had a proper upbringing, she did masturbate, but very rarely, and had only ever been kissed twice, neither particularly passionate. All of a sudden she found herself in a steamy shower block where two of her friends were becoming lesbians, and another was masturbating before her. April had no idea what to do. All she could do was remain quiet and unobtrusive.

“Come on April, why don’t you play with yourself?” invited Xanthe, “those two sound so hot … I just want to go in there and join them.”

Xanthe herself realized that in amongst all her bliss she had made a conscious decision. She could no longer play the voyeur. She wanted to be in the thick of things. With another peek she resolved to sway April one more time.

Xanthe’s hard nipples poked through her tight swimsuit, her shoulder straps still dangling to her side. They tingled in an irresistible way, begging her to come an alleviate them. Xanthe ran her wet hand up over the neoprene suit and pushed down on the erect buds. She caught one between her fingers and gently squeezed it, giving it one final tweak before opening her lusty eyes and staring into April’s very yenimahalle escort soul.

Despite all that she had seen, April remained unmoved. It was a fear of the unknown that plagued her, a fear which hid a deep seated curiosity.

“Well if you aren’t going to join me, then I guess I’ll join them,” said Xanthe her casual yet bold statement didn’t surprise April, it was a feature of Xanthe’s personality. Xanthe sauntered up to be within inches of April’s pretty face she pecked her on the cheek, still not getting a response. She swooped around behind her and whispered, “If you change your mind, you know where to find me …”

Xanthe stepped out into the open shower block corridor leaving April stunned and alone.

Leah had Nikki firmly pinned to the shower wall, the water cascading over their heads at a steady pace. Her lips nestled on Nikki’s cute nipples, drawing them in and out while her fingers caressed Nikki’s moist pussy.

Nikki was in a state of total ecstasy and relaxation, shutting her eyes and feeling every minute touch, but suddenly she felt another presence nearby. Nikki peered over Leah’s shoulder and through the steam to see another female form standing right behind Leah.

“Leah,” Nikki alerted, “Leah, quick.” Leah finally heard Nikki’s call and peeled herself from her friend’s body. It took her a moment to realize that Nikki was looking at someone or something.

“What the …” Leah didn’t have time to finish as Xanthe strode up to both girls. Both Nikki and Leah were obviously flustered, not sure what to do in the current situation. Leah tried to blurt out an explanation which seemed totally inadequate. “We were just … well we … ummm.”

Xanthe was grinning like a Cheshire cat, something neither girl could understand at first. Both of them thought they were in some kind of trouble. That was until Nikki noticed the state of Xanthe’s swimsuit and her exposed and obviously aroused pussy.

“Xanthe, what are you doing here?” asked Leah. “How long have you been here?”

“I seem to be getting asked a lot of questions today,” mused a wry Xanthe. Neither of the girls knew exactly what she meant but in their current state they both shrugged it off. “But I could ask you guys a few questions, actually I probably only need to ask one.”

Nikki didn’t need to hear it, she could sense what Xanthe’s proposition would be. With an impish grin she said, “Well by looking at the state of you, I think it’s fairly obvious what you’re going to ask for.”

Nikki brushed past Leah, stepping up to Xanthe and kissed her, slowly at first, then more vigorous as the two embraced. Leah watched on, her first lesbian experience was about to become her first threesome.

Nikki loosely gripped Xanthe’s hand and held her hip motioning her back into the shower spray right beside Leah. Xanthe turned to kiss the gorgeous Italian as Nikki positioned herself on the other side of her. Nikki’s warm lips nibbling on her ear as Leah’s tongue explored her mouth. Both Leah and Nikki then turned their attention to her neck.

It crossed April’s mind to just leave and get out of that situation. But something was holding her back. She could hear the conversation Xanthe had with the two girls and now heard the results of her boldness, the soft kissing, sucking and groaning of the girls as they made out. It was this inner feeling, and a sense of curiosity which led to April thrusting her head around the corner for a brief moment to see what was happening.

Xanthe opened her eyes as both girls began to slowly sink down her sides exploring her form. As she stared out into the open room she saw April’s strawberry blonde head appear and stare briefly. Unlike the other two girls Xanthe knew of April’s presence and it was a provocative thought to think she had a live audience.

April whisked her head away almost as soon as she put it out. She had seen the lusty Xanthe with both girls wrapped around her, tugging at her swimsuit and fondling her body. She knew that if she stayed Xanthe could tell the other girls she was there.

Furious fingers began to tug at the lining of Xanthe’s costume. She could feel their wet and supple flesh as they began to slide her top off and peel the one piece downwards. Her nipples greeted by the shower flow stood out further than before, a stray hand reaching up and frisking them. Xanthe finally felt free as her suit slid across the wet floor, channeled away by excess water.

Nikki wedged herself firmly against Xanthe’s rear, Leah positioning herself between Xanthe’s knees. Xanthe took a deep breath as Nikki cupped her pert breasts and stroked them leisurely, she could feel Nikki’s crotch clamp itself to her leg and begin to grind against her.

With a gentle nibble and peck Leah moved towards her ultimate goal, Xanthe’s open blossom. She marveled at her puffy folds and crimson flesh as she thumbed Xanthe’s uncovered clit.

Xanthe’s moans were broken by the inquisitive poke of Nikki’s tongue. She could feel a hand leave her breasts and slide down her side arriving on her firm butt. The kneading of her buttocks drove her wild as she passionately tongued Nikki.

Opening her eyes once again Xanthe caught a glimpse of April peering at her from around the stall wall. It crossed her mind to call out to her, but she had more pressing matters at hand.

April pulled herself back into the adjoining shower, she could barely believe what she had witnessed, yet at the same time she couldn’t stop looking. The low moans and heavy breathing of all thee girls, and the finely charged sexually atmosphere of the shower block was threatening to consume her.

It was at that moment that April found her right hand softly caressing the material that covered her crotch. She looked down at her recalcitrant limb as if it were acting beyond her control. The subtle stroking had a soothing effect. She closed her eyes and found the pressure growing, her hand working harder.

April never knew at what exact moment it occurred, nor what exact stimulus it was, but a burning fire set her nerves alight with pleasure. She opened her eyes to examine her surroundings, her hand having nudged her swimmers out of the way, and her nipples pronounced under her suit.

She wondered to herself, was this what Xanthe had been confronted with before? She was beginning to appreciate how intoxicating the situation was. It was no wonder that Xanthe had become so bold, and for a brief moment, April wished she had stayed with her.

With a loud course groan Xanthe came hard on Leah’s face. Leah had remained fervently licking Xanthe’s pussy to the point of climax. Nikki suckled on her left tit almost swallowing the hard nub. Her fingers exploring the cleft between Xanthe’s buttocks just stirring her puckered hole, inches from Leah’s greedy mouth.

“Mmmm, you girls are good,” purred a content Xanthe as both fell away. “But you’re still rank amateurs when it comes to women.” The twinkle in her eye excited Nikki and Leah. Xanthe pushed both girls up against the wall and then sunk to her knees. Both girls instinctively relaxed and spread their legs open.

“Let me show you how a real woman does it,” boasted Xanthe. She ran her hands over her own wet chest collecting water as she went. Nikki and Leah watched as Xanthe led a hand up to the base of their mounds and began a rough swirling motion which encompassed their puffy labia’s and swollen clits. Both girls shivered as Xanthe expertly tickled their hardened buds.

“Ewww, she really knows what she’s doing,” exclaimed Nikki. Leah leaned over, careful not to disturb Xanthe and kissed Nikki. Nikki’s voice went up an octave as Xanthe slipped a solitary digit into her and probed the recesses of her body. Leah let out a sharp yelp as Xanthe did likewise to her.

“Fuck me Xanthe,” panted Leah. Her dirty talk was totally out of character and amazed Nikki. Xanthe responded by gradually introducing a second finger to her slow and purposeful thrusting.

“How do you like that girls?” grinned Xanthe. “I’m going to make you two cum so damn hard.” Neither girl doubted Xanthe. The thrusting increased in pace and so did the pitch of their cries.

Xanthe’s driving reached demonic speed. Both girls shuddered as her digits plunged deeper and faster than ever before, neither having ever been finger fucked so hard in their lives.

“Neither of you better cum without my permission,” demanded Xanthe, “because I haven’t tasted either of you yet.”

Nikki swayed towards Xanthe ready for her. “You can start with me!”

Xanthe’s warm breath announced her arrival as she gently nuzzled Nikki’s delicate folds with her nose, playfully teasing Nikki and receiving a brief giggle. Xanthe dipped her damp tongue into Nikki’s open blossom, the taste was enchanting. Without warning she began to zealously lap Nikki up, the sudden change bringing contortions to Nikki’s face as she began to take quick shallow breaths, the sensation unbelievable.

“God Xanthe!” cried Nikki in a fit of ecstasy. “I think I’m going to cum …”

Leah watched on with a certain envy, tenderly manipulating Nikki’s rear. Nikki’s knees went lax and she let out a deep moan as her body went into spasm, Xanthe still buried in her snatch.

“Fuck!” cursed a spent Nikki, “that was fantastic.” Xanthe withdrew her tongue and fingers and let Nikki take a moment to regain her breath. She turned her attentions to the waiting Leah who strode forward with one of Xanthe’s digits still working her pussy.

“My turn,” greeted a soaked Leah. Xanthe watched as Leah generously spread her legs for her in a bold manner. “How do you like that?”

Hearing Leah’s dirty talk only made Xanthe resolve to give her one heck of a fucking. “Looks nice from down here, but how does it taste?” replied Xanthe with a raised eyebrow. She dug her fingers into Leah’s snatch and pried them open from inside exposing her pink sweetness. Leah squirmed for a moment before settling.

Xanthe wound her tongue into a tight ball and pushed it up into Leah’s gaping hole. The results were dramatic as Leah screamed her name out loud for all to hear and pushed her pelvis down into Xanthe’s face. Leah ran her hand through Xanthe’s short red hair offering her some encouragement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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