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“I am truly yours now, my owners.”

“Yes, you our property now,” confirmed Helen solemnly. “Our actual possession. You are our slave girl. It feels incredible to own you, our very own love slave.”

“It’s fantastic,” added Sassa, stepping toward me. I almost flinched as her hand suddenly shot out, but she only caressed my hair. “To actually OWN a PERSON who VOLUNTARILY submitted so UTTERLY.” Sassa has a musical quality to her voice; the emphasized words combined with her emotive expressions had a huge impact on me. Sassa grabbed my hair, pulling gently backward, tilting my face upward. I felt that humiliation I had sought, in her reminder that I had volunteered, yes, even created this situation. As she then pulled my hair back yet further, my humiliation increased, along with my conflicting desire to display my naked body.

“Helen, I know you must love me if you are sharing this sexy girl with me,” Sassa smiled at Helen. “This body is so hot, so fantastic, I can hardly believe I – um, we – actually own such a living beautiful piece of art. Thanks, sis.” Sassa’s other open hand gently covered my left breast. Pressing firmly several times, Sassa took her time feeling this breast, paused, slide her fingers to the other breast and played with my hard nipple.

Helen said “Sassa, I do love you so, so let me make sure you know I want you to completely forget any hesitations or inhibitions. All we do with her is secret. Everything and anything is OK. Forget everything and everyone else for awhile. Lisa is truly yours as well as mine. You really really do own her too. We sisters have almost always played so nicely together, shared our toys and dolls….”

Sassa and Helen beamed at one another. I began to really feel like a doll or toy, not certain it was an entirely pleasant feeling, though certainly an erotic idea to me, until Helen’s eyes met mine, still beaming, and I knew she loved me.

“This is only the first day of many we own Lisa. Let’s take our time. I will set up a trip to the island.”

“Nice, but we won’t be alone there..”

“I’ll figure out a way…” smiled Helen. “We need a place like that to FULLY enjoy our property.”

Turning to gaze at me, she gently pulled even further back, so my front was arched backward, eyes directly facing the ceiling.

“May I?” breathed Sassa.

Helen said “Do what you feel, Sassa, do whatever you feel.”

Sassa moaned softly. The next moment we were passionately Frenching, tongues hungrily sucking and dancing. I loved it whenever she sucked my lips or tongue into her mouth or pushed her tongue in aggressively.

Sassa’s hand started caressing my torso harder and more wildly. Soon my head was cradled in her hand as I was pushed back onto the floor, arms under lower back, knees still wide apart, uncomfortable, but in the passion bursa yabancı escort I didn’t care about my stretching body. Sassa began licking and kissing my jawline, upper chest, nipples.

Her hand flew to my wet and wide open vaginal opening, spreading my moisture around the area down there, specially playing with my labia, until my entire intimate but fully exposed sex was glistening.

I moaned loudly when I also felt both Helen’s hands caressing my legs, focusing on the inner thighs.

Helen said “Let’s tie her spread eagle on the bed now.”

Sassa slowly reluctantly stopped and raised her head, her eyes glazed in passion. She helped me stand and walked me to the bedroom, where Helen started going through my box of sex tools. I was trembling the whole time as they locked me spread eagle atop the bed. It seemed to take a long time until I was properly locked and spread.

Sassa sat Indian style next to my middle and caressed my abs and toyed with my labia as Helen laid out some toys on my other side.

Sassa then more intensely teased my labia and clitoris, inserting a finger occasionally. I began arching hips upward hungrily for more. I worked my vaginal muscles to tighten on her finger whenever it was inside. Sassa and Helen absolutely loved my arching my hips upward, repeatedly saying how sensual and beautiful was the sight. I threw my face backward moaning, and threw my body upward, writhing. I felt as if my vagina were a hungry mouth, seeking to swallow.

Helen pushed me down and ordered me to lie still. I looked down, thrilled to see the lines of my naked body so taut, so exposed, with my clothed owners sitting on either side.

Helen held up one of my toys: a pair of jewelry clips. She again ordered me to hold still, then she lowered the jewelry to my labia…I could hear only my breathing as she pressed open the first clip with her right hand, grasped my right labia with the thumb and two fingers of her left hand, then carefully and slowly let the clips close on my labia.

I had played with these already so knew what pain to expect; these are surprisingly not bad, but not real clothespins either, lighter because they were made for kinky play. But, the first application was always painful enough to make me gasp. Helen pulled and caressed the labia on my left side next, and I whimpered softly though very briefly when the second jewelry clips closed on my moist flesh.

Helen caressed the area with her fingers, smiling at me. I moaned and breathed more heavily when she brought her fingers to my eager mouth, and I hungrily licked and sucked her fingers clean of my sexual moisture. Ohhh that submissive sucking and licking, tasting my own juices, made me sooo hot. I writhed my hips upward, hearing the jewelry jingly softly. I moaned bursa sınırsız escort again when Sasha’s hand caressed my naked hips. I arched higher, displaying myself, offering my most intimate parts to their hands.

Helen raised the butterfly jewelry nipple clamps, handing one to her sister. I arched my chest upward and held still, as if to offer my nipples.

They and I loved it when they caressed and pinched my nipples. One at a time, ceremoniously, each butterfly clamped onto a nipple. I winced and lightly whimpered, for this was more painful.

They admired their handiwork, and I did too, gazing down.

Helen’s fingers played with the butterflies, causing gentle pulling on my nipples, upward and sideways. Sassa took my left breast in both hands and caressed, squeezed…one hand slide downward over my ribs, abs and thigh. I flexed my thigh muscles for her…she caressed and squeezed my healthy lean fit upper leg.

Sassa looked into my eyes. I blinked, gazing back directly into her beautifully spellbinding eyes, boldly though silently expressing with my face my erotic invitation to utterly given in to desire, to use me.

Next I knew we were passionately French-kissing again. On and on we went, mouths hungrily locked together, devouring each other.

I could feel hands and fingers on me…Sassa’s and Helen’s. My hips strained high as my groin was expertly handled: teased to almost point of orgasm, then released, again and again and again and again. I whimpered and moaned desperately, trying to grind my loins upward but too often meeting only air. I panted for air whenever I had a momentary break from kissing.

Helen and Sassa began to take turns Frenching me. I was in bliss and erotic torture, so aroused, juices flowing but no orgasm allowed. I think this continued for a half hour or more, though seemed longer…not sure!

They began talking even more openly. I could see and hear already the inhibitions dropping, the private desires begin to reveal and develop further.

Sassa looked at Helen and said, with a sensuous hoarseness, how much she felt she needed to orgasm.

Helen nodded and smiled, then to my surprise giggled. Sassa laughed too but repeated her need.

“Of course, sweet sister. How do you prefer?”

Sassa looked at my mouth…

Helen continued: “First, I want to tease more juices out of our slave girl, and make her even more mindlessly lust-crazed, just as lust-crazed as she wrote heself in the manual how a sex slave should be much of the time.”

I moaned and thrust my hips, reflecting my combined bliss and longing.

Helen’s open palm rubbed and pushed against my open, steaming loins. I arched upward as much as physically possible to receive more pressure and stimulation. Helen teased görükle escort me, pulling just out of my reach. We played this game for a long long time. I whimpered and moaned, becoming mindlessly sexual, arching and thrusting and writhing, straining the wrist and ankle bindings.

Sassa played with my hair and left breast while Helen mercilessly continued. Occasionally Sassa pulled or twisted the left butterfly. The labia jewelry tinkled as I worked hard for orgasmic friction. Slick sweat-drenched naked skin glistening all over in the soft bedroom lighting. I felt the air on my nudity…loving that I was the only one nude, exposed, bound.

Sassa commented openly how beautiful this was – their sensual, tight- and hard-bodied slave property arching and straining so arduously.

Helen took the opportunity to imprint on me while I was in this blissful and desiring state. She ordered me to tell them how completely and utterly owned I was as their property, how I must shed all inhibitions and be their “sensuous sex girl.”

I moaned even more in blissful submissive ecstasy and talked for some time as I twisted, arched and whimpered…

“Oh yes, my owners, this is your body to display and use for your sexual purposes. I am utterly your property. I submitted totally and I meant it and mean it…use me utterly for your most depraved fantasies and sexual gratification. I am here to serve and arouse and please you. Your whims are my commands.

“I admit this is what I wanted and need. I love you and worship you and need to be used. I am your legally owned property to do with what you will. No clothes are allowed to me, I must be always nude for you and your arousal.”

Sassa moaned and after a quick self-conscious glance to her sister, pulled off her shirt and bra, suddenly and quickly lowered her nipple to my lips. I did not hesitate to do my utmost to stimulate her: licking, kissing, sucking, lightly biting, pulling into my mouth, even voraciously opening wide to take as much lovely breast as possible into my mouth.

Sassa moaned more loudly and switched her other nipple to my hungry mouth.

Sassa eventually lifted up, looked me over, and lowered her mouth to my clamped nipples to suck and bite them around the butterflies. Helen stroked my hips, teasingly close but not touching my outer lips. I was surprised but even further aroused to see Helen then use her other hand to stroke Sassa’s hair.

Sassa looked up and turned to her sister. “I can’t wait, I need some relief, I’m so hot…”

Helen nodded with a Mona Lisa smile.

Sassa pushed down the rest of her clothes and nimbly climbed to sit lightly on my chest, a knee on either side of my naked bound torso. I had a beautiful and first view of her shaved sex, flat abs, lovely breasts with taut upturned nipples. I smiled nervously and blushed as Helen moved closer for a good view.

I suddenly blurted out, “Your every wish is my command, my owner!”

“I need some relief. Lick and suck me to orgasm, slave girl!” Sassa gingerly placed her sex at my mouth and I eagerly began licking and sucking her labia.

My dream was a reality.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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