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I’m your typical punk scene guy. You can find me out with my boys or at shows slamming on the floor. This is about an experience after a show a few months ago.

I was walking home from the bar, it was after midnight sometime. I was already done coming down off of some dope, and just wanted to get to my place and fall out.

Walking down the main road, bad neighborhood, but I have nothing to worry about. People don’t fuck with me usually. Not sure why. But I am 5’10, 150 pounds, light tan, hazel eyes, shaved head except for blond bangs, and cursed with a baby face. Though it gets me tons of pussy.

I was a few blocks from my place when I saw lights slowly coming from behind, I heard a squeak and looked over on the curb. I saw a cop car. “FUCK” I shouted in my head. Then I realized I didn’t have shit on me, so I was good. The lights on the cop car were suddenly flashing. This isn’t going to be fun.

I stood there near the curb waiting for the officer, I saw a huge silhouette rise from the driver seat and slowly approach me. That’s when I for the first time felt fear. I didn’t know why, but I was fucking scared.

As the officer got closer I realized he could snap my neck. He had to be 6’4 at least, 280 pounds maybe, and totally solid. His face looked chiseled but I couldn’t tell much behind the shades he was wearing, and wearing them at night. Maybe he was having a rough day and just wanted to get home too. All I did know was his silence bothered me.

Finally he spoke. Asking me fifty questions. Then he told me I fit the description of some hoodlum who was going around trashing peoples car windows.

I felt relieved that’s all it was. But for some reason, me telling him where I’d been all night, he didn’t seem to believe.

There was no reasoning with this guy. I didn’t have my ID, fuck I never need it. He got suspicious and read me my rights, he said he was taking me in. I shook my head in disbelief, the fucking asshole, just singling me out cause I’m a fucking punk.

He grabbed me and shoved me up against the side of the car, and cuffed me right there. I felt like shit. The way he was handling this and me was bullshit. He shoved me into the back seat and slammed the door.

He got in the driver seat and pulled off. I was silent as he tried to talk shit about us punks the entire time. I rolled my eyes and mumbled under my breath the more pissed off I got. He made a sharp right miles before the jail. I knew where it was and I had no idea where he was going.

Finally I realized, as he drove down the gravel road which lead to an abandoned farm house. My stomach turned, he sped up and pulled off on the side of the barn. My throat got dry and I could tell I looked terrified. I knew something horrible was going to happen.

He turned off the engine and calmly took the key out. He sat there silent for a minute, I could see him eying me in the rear view mirror. He then slid out of the door and stepped to mine. He opened it slowly and then suddenly yanked me out by my shoulder. Beylikdüzü escort His grip was so powerful, I felt like he almost shattered my shoulder in the process.

I snarled as he slammed me against the back of his car. He kicked my legs open with his feet and shifted his weight onto me. His hand was grasping the collar of my leather jacket, he twisted it, breathing heavy and hard in my face. He finally snapped. He told me how the town was sick of us punks dealing drugs, dating their perfect daughters, vandalizing their property. I fucked with drugs but I never fucked with some prissy bitch or vandalized anything.

He told me how some punk sold his friend some dope and his friend overdosed on the bad shit. Like it was my fault.

I told him to fuck himself. He can’t do this shit and get away with it. He laughed almost manically and told me he would write me up for cocaine, he pulled a knotted up bag from his pocket full of the white shit. I knew I was fucked. He was probably going to beat my ass right here and then say he found the shit on me.

I told him he’d never get away with it. That’s when he lost it. He told me he could get away with anything in this town. He pulled the shades off of his face to reveal his sharp light eyes, he smiled and twisted my jacket tighter in his grasp. He told me he could do whatever the fuck he wanted.

Just as I was about to tell him to fuck off again, I felt him yank me up, he dragged me back around to the back seat and literally shoved me in all the way into the other corner, I felt him get on top of me, I felt so victimized as this monster towered over me. I curled up as much as I could, his weight was forcing the cuffs to dig into my wrists.

I figured I was done for, but instead of getting a punch to the face or a gun to my head, I felt something else.

I felt his strong hands squeeze and rub my shoulders, he slid them under the sides of my jacket and pulled it down slowly revealing my arms. I was shaking, I realized something else might happen.

His hands slid up my shirt and pinched my nipples, I groaned but not in pleasure. I couldn’t believe this shit was happening, I kept telling myself it wasn’t real. But it was.

He slid down onto the floorboard between my legs, I couldn’t see much, and I didn’t want to, but to my surprise, I groaned and moaned as I felt something latch onto my cock from the outside of my shorts, there he was, clenching my package so viciously, crushing my cock in his hand. I began to instinctively resist, trying to squirm away, but it wasn’t happening, his other hand wrapped around my knee and held me in place. I felt him unbuttoning my shorts.

“You fucking bastard, you better let me go before I fuck you up!” I groaned as I felt him unleash my cock from my shorts. He didn’t say a word. All he did was man handle me. He started to stroke my cock, I continued trying to resist, I shook my head as it fell back into the corner. He began beating my cock hard, the bottom of his massive hand slamming into my balls crushing Beylikdüzü escort them. I whimpered as I felt him put something hard against my hardening cock. Realizing he took his night stick and laid it up against my cock, he started jacking me off, the pressure of the stick against my cock felt amazing, but I didn’t want him to know. I continued shit talking and throwing insults, but I got weaker and weaker the longer he jacked me off.

I felt him release the stick and then rustle around, I heard his pants unzip and then suddenly I felt a massive fleshy hardness against my hard cock. He had to be a good 10 inches, he held his cock against my fat 8 inch dick and began to rub our cocks together. I moaned as I felt his manhood grind against mine. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t hide it but I still tried. I bit my lip but moans escaped the better it felt.

“You fucking.. you fucking faggot. Fucking faggot.” I whimpered as his cock grinded rubbed and fought with mine. He began playfully jabbing his massive cock into mine, trying to prod and poke it. He then gripped them both tightly in his hand and squeezed them hard then released repeatedly. He rubbed them up and down against each other. I could feel the hard veins of his shaft grind on mine. I couldn’t believe this shit was happening, and I really couldn’t believe it felt good. He began humping my cock with his, I felt our balls mash into each others then peel apart as his cock tangled with mine.

I felt him pull his cock away, he wrapped his hands under my knees, he yanked my legs apart and took my hard member into his mouth. Tongue fucking the head of my cock, flicking his tongue in and around the hole, and then licking hard under my shaft, he would go down and then suck my balls into his mouth. Massaging them with his tongue while he would stroke me, he did this over and over. I felt my cock swell up the more intense and faster he got.

His tongue glided down past my balls to the back of my ass, he yanked me up by my knees as his tongue invaded my tight asshole. I squirmed but it only made him grip me harder. He tongued my ass nice and hard. I never felt that before then and it drove me wild.

I began to grind my hips pressing and riding his face with my ass, my legs rested over his shoulders and his tongue explored my depths.

I felt so violated yet aroused.

He pulled his tongue out and gave me one more hard lick up my solid cock, he then finally spoke. “So you punks think you’re pretty bad ass don’t you? Let’s see how bad ass you really are.” My eyes widened as I didn’t know what to expect next.

All I could make out was him fumbling for something in his pocket, he grabbed me by my shoulder and pulled me forward, I heard the cuff unlock behind my back, but only one. He pulled me forward with the other and latched it around the grate between the front and back seat. He cuffed my arms above my head and left me there on my knees facing the front.

I gulped hard as I didn’t know what to expect, I should have known as I felt Escort Beylikdüzü something huge and hard pry it’s way through my tiny asshole. I could feel his swollen cock spread my insides apart, I begged for him to stop, the size of his cock was tearing me open. I groaned as he thrusted forward and shoved all of his length deep inside of me. My body froze up as he left it there inside for a minute. I could feel him wrap his strong arms around my stomach, he squeezed me hard forcing him even deeper inside, then I felt him slide out, then back in, over and over, harder and harder the longer he went. He began pounding into me. I could feel his huge balls slap underneath as he raped my virgin ass. I whimpered and begged and cried and pleaded, but all that did was make him do it harder and more brutally.

He used my helpless body for his pleasure. An upstanding officer of the law, my ass. He used his power to prey on people like me and there was nothing I could do about it.

He forced himself onto me so hard he was slamming me against the grate, my ass becoming so tender and raw from his massive cock raping. I closed my eyes tight and just took it. The longer he did it the more I warmed up to it. Feeling his cock length slam into my guts from behind as he grunted. I felt sweat dripping from his forehead down onto my back.

He pulled out and began kneading and massaging my sore ass as he slid off. I felt him lean over and lick my neck. Breathing heavy into my ear, it sent chills down my spine. I moaned in disgust and arousal at the same time. He slid his arms slowly up mine and unfastened the cuff only to bend my arm back and latch the cuffs again.

He took the cuffs by the center and tossed me back into the corner. I felt him crawl over me as he kneeled in front of me. He had me pinned in the corner. I could feel one of his hands rubbing my cock as his other forced me down by my shoulder. I could tell where this was going.

He grabbed my cheeks and squeezed as he slid my mouth over his cock. He grabbed the back of my head and made me take in at least half of his cock length. At first I could handle it, but I didn’t like it. He then proceeded to shove my head harder and faster onto it. His big hard dick fucking my mouth, I took in as much as he made me. But the more he forced in the more I gagged. I swallowed his whole cock, feeling and tasting him, I sucked hard hoping he would cum so it would all be over, but it lasted for what seemed like forever.

He groaned and moaned and breathed hard as I sucked him off viciously. I could feel his grip around my cock tighten, he tensed up as he began to shoot his hot load down my throat, he pulled out and continued to shoot his sticky cum all over my face. I swallowed what made it inside, as I came myself. My cum shooting all over.

He slid down between my legs and grabbed me by my head. He kissed me hard, sucking on my tongue, tasting his own cum. We kissed for a long time before he was done with me.

The funny part is he acted like nothing happened as he got out the back seat. He uncuffed me, and pushed me as to let me go. I stood there in disbelief. Still shaking. He got into his car and peeled off.

I still haven’t said a word, but I’ll never forget the lesson I was taught that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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