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Let It Rain: Conclusion

Jennifer stared at Lynn gape jawed. The highly intuitive girl was temporarily speechless and it was readily apparent to me that she was as clueless about Lynn’s feelings as I was.

“…it was the summer before senior year…you were at our house swimming almost every day and…well…the way you looked at me and Tara…I just…shit, I’ve already said too much!” Lynn’s said quietly.

“No, no…go on, tell me more…” Jennifer encouraged.

“Honestly, it was the only time I thought about…ya know…what it’d be like to…” Lynn stated coyly.

All I could do was stand and stare at my sister as the air in the room seemed statically charged. When Jennifer tried to put her hands on Lynn’s shoulders, my sister backed away.

“Hey, I’m not gonna bite ya…I’m flattered,” Jennifer cooed in a sexy voice.

“Let’s get something clear…I like guys, I like cocks…I like suckin’ and fuckin’!” Lynn’s raw language was strangely provocative.

Jennifer had an ear to ear shit eating grin on her very pretty face.

“…and I like girls…nobody’s askin’ ya to turn gay!”

Lynn visibly relaxed and allowed Jennifer’s arms to encircle her neck.

“Still curious?” Jennifer asked.

Lynn’s eyes grew wide and she was momentarily tongue-tied.

“Oh…ah…I ah…” she stammered.

“You are! Admit it!”

Lynn looked very uncomfortable in Jennifer’s arms.

“You are somethin’ else girl!” Lynn was clearly perturbed.

Jennifer’s confrontational attitude was eroding Lynn’s self-confidence.

“All right, yes, I’m curious. OK? Satisfied,” my sister stated sheepishly.

Jennifer’s face carried an expression of triumph. The night of Lynn’s graduation party, she’d admitted to me that she had the hots for my sister as well as me. This could very well be Jennifer’s only chance to explore the joys of Sapphic sex with my sibling. An extreme feeling of discomfort consumed me but I was intensely curious at the same time. The booze in our systems had emboldened all of us but, did I really want to have a threesome with my sister?

Lynn was attired in a spaghetti strap belly shirt with print cotton pj bottoms. My sister or not, the girl was one sexy wench; short clipped blonde hair, large “D” cup boobs, slender athletic body. She was the complete package and I could see why any lesbian worth her salt would be attracted to her.

Jennifer’s arms were still around Lynn’s neck and my sister’s gaze was on the floor. She’s waiting for this to happen, I silently mused. A furious debate inside me ensued; should I go or, should I stay? For the first time, I noticed that Lynn’s nipples were erect, poking mightily at the front of her shirt.

“It’s my freakin’ sister!” my sense of morality screamed in my mind.

Jennifer kissed Lynn’s forehead.

“I think you’re really going to enjoy this,” Jennifer crowed.

When I saw Lynn blush, it blew me away. Jennifer turned toward me with an expression of pure unadulterated lust. She pulled my sister’s body closer and dropped her hands to caress Lynn’s prodigious mounds.

“Oh…oh…umm…” Lynn lightly moaned.

The alcohol in our systems had greatly heightened everyone’s libido because I couldn’t imagine this happening when we were sober. Jennifer was kissing Lynn’s face and neck, and it was abundantly clear that my sibling was giving in and enjoying the experience.

When Jennifer pulled Lynn’s shirt up far enough to expose her cannonball round tits, my pussy started creaming. Jennifer tweaked and rolled the fat lush nipples with her talented fingers, all the while licking the creamy flesh of my sister’s neck.

Lynn’s eyes were closed and head back. I saw her knees tremble and before she lost her balance, Jennifer guided her to the bed. In the process, she took my sister’s shirt off and started on the PJ bottoms. As Lynn lay back on the bed, she was clad only in her birthday suit. The sight of her boobs jutting skyward was too much for me and I joined them on the bed to Jennifer’s obvious delight. My dear sister, you are in for one helluva good time, I silently mused.

Somewhere in the back of mind I instinctively knew that this would be a one and done type of encounter; and, that was fine by me. The thought of having sex with my blood relative was a turn-off yet very appealing. Why? I asked myself. Why the ambivalence?

By now Jennifer and Lynn were engaged in some deep soulful kisses. I gazed at my sister’s full bosom and the size of her nips impressed me the most; plump baby pacifiers, they were mouth fillers.

My feral instinct was in high gear and as my resistance evaporated, I lowered my mouth to a straining nipple. My God, I’m sucking my sister’s teat, my mind yelled but I threw caution to the wind and nursed her lovely breasts.

“Oh! Oh…oh…ugh…umm…” guttural sounds escaped Lynn’s mouth and heaving chest.

I alternated tongue whipping and sucking my sibling’s fat distended Eryaman Rus Escort stubs. The hard flesh between my lips was enormously satisfying and I was relentless. When I saw Jennifer’s head move south of the border, I knew Lynn was in for the cunnilingus of a lifetime.

With my mouth pulling contentedly on a thick nubbin, Jennifer grasped Lynn’s firm butt and dug in for the feast. My sister soared into outer space.

“Oh …oh…oh…” Lynn roared

Watching Jennifer’s tongue lash every centimeter of Lynn’s bald, moist slit was a rare treat. As I said before, the girl was a pussy eating diva. She slurped and sucked Lynn’s oozing gash like a madwoman.

I kept up my assault on Lynn’s heaving chest, swirling my tongue around the swollen protuberances with zealous need. Now, I’d suckled a fair amount of titties in my young life but no one came close to my sister’s magnificent nipples, quite extraordinary.

Lynn must have been experiencing extreme sensory overload as she whipped her head from side to side and animal like sounds escaped her lips.

Oh God…I’m gonna cum…” she roared, and thrashed on the bed.

How Jennifer held on to Lynn, I’ll never know. With her face buried in my sister’s vagina, sucking sounds emanated in the room. I stopped and stared at my beautiful sibling lost in an orgasm, her hips undulating rapidly, riding Jennifer’s expert tongue to paradise; a truly awesome sight that I will never forget. The detonations inside Lynn’s gash must have been mind boggling as she shook and stiffened with each contraction.

“Oh God…oh God…oh God…” she yelled over and over.

As the last vestiges of her orgasmic fury subsided, Lynn fell back on the bed with a dreamy look on her face. Jennifer pried her head from my sister’s splayed legs with a triumphant expression. Lynn pulled Jennifer close and licked some of the sticky fluid from her chin.

“Umm…I don’t taste bad…” she cooed, and licked more wetness off Jennifer’s face.

Lynn’s first sampling of girl cum (her own) and she was enthralled. Still feeling high from the booze, I wasn’t creeped out by the fact that it was my sister. We were staring at one another without a word being said and I innately knew that Lynn’s bi-exploration wasn’t over just yet. Several rounds of shots with beer ensued. Would my sister partake of her first pussy? Jennifer was sitting crossed legged on the bed and the closely groomed triangle of silky hair above her slice made her look incredibly sexy. Lynn’s eyes were drawn to it as Jennifer leaned back and opened her legs, giving my sibling an unrestricted view and access.

“I’ve never seen a girl’s privates up close,” she breathed lustily, and slowly her head dropped down for a closer view.

Jennifer was lightly biting her lip with anticipation as my sister was a scant couple of inches from her drooling slit. Using her fingers, Lynn carefully traced a line up the center, separating the dark lips and exposing the pink interior. Up and down the inner and outer folds, my sister explored Jennifer’s lovely pussy until her digits were coated with girl gook.

Lynn hesitated for a moment but brought them to her lips and licked the moisture.

“Yum…umm…I like the taste of a guy’s jizz but this is different…better than I thought,”

Lynn’s fingers traced over the sodden crease, gathering liquid then bringing the laden drops to her mouth. Finally, she leaned in and took a long swipe up the center of Jennifer’s pussy. I gawked with delight as Jennifer’s eyes rolled back in her head and my dear sibling feasted on her friend making up for lost time.

Jennifer threw her legs over Lynn’s shoulders.

“Oh God…eat me…oh…oh…eat my pussy,” Jennifer panted wildly.

The incredible sight of Lynn on her knees gorging on Jennifer’s slice was too much for me. I positioned myself under Lynn’s thighs with a pillow behind my head. I was easily within licking distance but held back briefly, breathing in the heady aroma and gloried at the sight of her dripping snatch above me.

I ate my sister’s vagina like it was my last meal. Her flavorful, pungent juices seeped into my throat and I swallowed every drop. Except for Jennifer, she had the tastiest pussy I ever consumed.

Lynn bucked hard against my tongue but I held onto her firm little ass and basted her clit with feathery licks. Like a hog at a banquet, I sucked her pussy until I heard her scream her orgasm. When I came up for air, my face was drenched.

Lynn’s head fell forward onto Jennifer’s belly. All of us were breathing very hard from our exertions and to my surprise, I had a nice cum while dining on my sister’s twat.

“Hey, Tara needs some…ya know what I mean?” Jennifer crowed.

I was going to protest but having Jennifer eat me was just what the doctor ordered. Leaning back on my elbows, she gave Lynn a visual lesson in pussy eating 101. As she tongued my Sincan Rus Escort throbbing box, Lynn’s eyes were riveted on the action betwixt my thighs. No guy or girl devoured me with as much gusto or expertise.

When Jennifer lifted my butt and ravaged my rose cluster, Lynn masturbated furiously, her fingers twirling wildly over her clit. Having Lynn observe was a real turn on and I erupted in record time.

With one hand tweaking her nipple and the other strumming her slit, Lynn soared into the stratosphere.

“Oh! Oh fuck! Oh…oh…oh…” she cried in ecstasy, and came like a banshee. Lynn collapsed on her bed with a huge grin on her face, too spent to continue.

“I’m sooo sleepy…” she mumbled, and curled up in a fetal postion.

We left a sweaty, naked Lynn, already sound asleep and walked quietly out the back door.


After the debauchery, Jennifer had a hard time looking me in the eye. In spite of the fact that I engaged in incest, I felt no shame or shyness for what transpired. To me, it was one of those rare, transcendent experiences, and I was grateful that I was a part of it.

On the way back to my apartment, the silence was deafening. Did we really love each other as much as we expressed? I was having doubts; starting with my infidelity and now this latest exploit with my sister no less!

We were overly subdued for the remainder of the day and cuddled on the sofa with the TV on. I was beginning to think that whatever bound us together, be it love or a deep emotional connection was fractured and beyond repair.

Lynn and I never discussed what happened that extraordinary August day; even in our private moments with one another. Strangely, it brought us closer together and our relationship resumed the tight sisterhood we had before l’affair Jennifer.

To this very day, I have a hard time believing that it really happened because it assumed such a dreamlike quality. Whenever I recall her juice bloated pussy above my face, my crotch creams like crazy. .

When Jennifer returned to college for her junior year, there were no tearful goodbyes. She looked sad and I’m sure I appeared the same but without the emotional upset. Our emails and IM’s went from every day to every other and eventually to once or twice a week. Gradually the raw feelings that permeated our previous communiqués ceased and the messages became more perfunctory:

“Hey, having a great week at school. Hope you are too,” was typical.

The passion that we shared for the past two years dissipated and the loving feelings faded from our relationship. What surprised me was the mutual nature of our break-up.

My substitute teaching job turned into a permanent full-time position and I quit working at Constantine’s Pizzeria. Jennifer’s father was upset that I was leaving and while I regretted not working there, I knew it was for the best.

By the end of the school year, I realized it was over between us. Jennifer returned from college and made a half-hearted attempt to rekindle the flame but it was no use. As my mother predicted, her feelings had changed and so had mine, and it was readily apparent when we were together. Occasionally we socialized and as always she was a blast to be with. I valued her friendship and I believe she felt the same way.

Yet, a pervasive melancholy inhabited my being. Would I find the same type of intense love with someone else, be it man or woman. Outside of college it was difficult meeting people and while I enjoyed the bar scene, the hookups were mostly one dimensional, one night stands and I’m just not that type of gal.

Anyway, I was on the prowl for women not men and I quickly tired of club hopping. Jennifer had awoken something inside of me and it was useless for me to deny that significant part of myself.

Although my sex life suffered, I really wanted to meet a woman that I could fall in love with and share my life. Little did I know that person taught in the same school as me.

* Nikki, a tan and hardbodied third grade teacher and nearly ten years my senior, entered my life. We’d met at several school functions and her personality reminded me of Jennifer; warm, bubbly and outgoing. In her early thirties and a recent divorcee’ my gaydar alerted me that she wasn’t totally heterosexual.

A friendship developed and we socialized on the weekends. Her companionship meant a lot to me and for the first time since the demise of my relationship with Jennifer, I didn’t feel lonely. Nikki had a knack for drawing me into her world and making feel like a part of her life. We hung out like gal pals and I valued the time that I spent with her.

I especially appreciated the evenings when we stayed in at her home to catch a movie or one of the numerous reality shows on TV. We’d microwave a batch of popcorn and munch while we flung caustic remarks at the television during one of the popular reality fashion shows. Etlik Rus Escort Nikki had a penchant for Cosmo’s and we imbibed to the point of giddiness but rarely to excess.

During our time together, we’d chatter away to hearts content but we both seemed reluctant to discuss our personal lives. My feelings about my sexuality had me treading carefully in conversations. I have to admit Nikki was an astute listener and I had the eerie feeling that she was gauging my words, weighing them to guess which way the wind blew for me.

And, as our friendship grew, I was convinced that Nikki was at the very least bi-sexual. I usually wore form fitting clothes that showcased my very fit physique and her appreciative stares did not go unnoticed by me. At the same time, she was very pretty and I ogled her muscular bod with equal interest. While our mutual admiration appeared to be on the same wavelength, I still had some doubts until…

During a Friday night dance in the school gymnasium, we worked at the snack bar. By now, I could tell by Nikki’s conversation, glances and body language that she was attracted to me. There was something in her eyes that…

After the dance ended, we made a bee line for our favorite pub. We chatted aimlessly about school and our retarded Principal, Mr. Smythe. Eventually, I asked about her divorce and she became bashful.

“I really shouldn’t say but…I feel as though I can trust you Tara…not to blab my personal life all over the school,”

Nikki was right about me; I wasn’t the catty, gossipy type and usually kept to myself.

“I met Daniel, my ex, in college and we fell in love but, I think he was more in love with me than I with him. Anyway, we got engaged in senior year and during my first year of teaching tied the knot. Everything was ok for awhile, we got along well and life was good. Bought a home, cars, tried living the good life but I kept feeling as though something was missing,”

Nikki took a big swallow of her beer and seemed hesitant about going on.

“I hope I don’t shock you with the rest of my story…” she stated with trepidation.

My face must have carried a very earnest expression because Nikki continued.

“About five years ago Daniel’s cousin Amber came to stay with us for the summer, she was taking courses at the local college and we lived only fifteen minutes from campus. A nineteen year old blonde haired blue eyed hottie, I quickly became infatuated with her. The first day when she walked out to our pool in a teeny tiny bikini, I got a strange sensation in my…ah…”

Nikki looked around sereptitiously.

“Perhaps we can go to my house…I don’t feel comfortable here…”

Before we left, I purchased a six pack of Corona and followed Nikki’s car. Unless I was completely mistaken, she had the hots for Daniel’s cousin. I couldn’t wait to hear the delicious details.

Seated at her kitchen table, we both downed another beer before she continued.

“Are you sure you want to hear this?” she asked shyly.

“Yeah, say whatever comes to your mind. Look, I’m not judgmental so…you can trust me.”

“Ok, here goes…Amber loved sunning by our pool and every chance I got I’d stare at her hoping she wouldn’t notice. Since school was on summer break, I had plenty of time to be near her. Her body was lean and muscled yet strikingly feminine; compact hard butt, sharp six pack stomach, well defined arms, back and shoulders. Forgive me for being blunt but…she made my pussy wet.”

Nikki’s frankness reddened my cheeks.

“When I asked her how she got so ripped, she confessed that she was a gym rat and loved how her body responded to weight training. I belonged to a health club and Amber took me under wing, introducing me to the weights section. After only a couple of sessions I loved how it made my body feel and I’ve been devoted ever since.

Amber was no dumb blonde and I’m sure she was aware of the effect her body was having on me. Daniel was working long hours in those days and except for Sundays, barely at home. By July, my libido was working overtime imagining Amber nude.

I had a couple of bi-curious flings in college but I thought those feelings were behind me. Was I ever wrong!

On a steamy July afternoon, just after the Fourth of July, Amber asked if she could go topless to get a better overall tan. I was dying to see her tits and our back yard is fairly secluded, so I said it was ok. She stood, untied the strings, loosening her top and it fell on the lounger. I gasped out loud when her small but very perky breasts with pink stubby nipples came into view.

The sexy girl gave me a wicked smile and dove into the pool. I figured, what the hell; shed my top and followed her in. Although I wasn’t in as good shape as Amber, I’ve always been proud of my body. My boobs are a decent “B” cup. I know Daniel loved sucking them and I thoroughly enjoyed having them sucked,”

Nikki stopped momentarily to guzzle more beer, no doubt to bolster her confidence. We’d known each other for over a year and our friendship was moving to another level.

“Amber horsed around, swimming under me, pinching my ass or tweaking my tit. My pussy was creaming and when she came up for air in front of me, I palmed her tits. The look of exhilaration on her face was priceless when I lowered my lips to a stiff nipple,”

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