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We’re lying on your bed watching a movie in your room. We’re cuddling and holding each other, enjoying the feeling of our bodies pressed together. I occasionally lean in and brush your hair aside, kissing you on the neck. I can feel the goosebumps on you when I do. I know how you like it and what it does to you. By the way, you’re looking incredibly sexy tonight, which is hard considering you do every night, but something extra is there tonight. You’re wearing your tight jeans and your black long sleeve Abercrombie shirt. Oh and you smell incredible. Just laying there with you and smelling your hair and your body turns me on. It’s hard to concentrate on the movie. I get up to go to the bathroom and you shift on the bed so you’re lying on your back. You stretch your arms above your head and your shirt rises just enough to show your belly button. I glance and you as I leave the room and think to myself, “Damn she’s really fucking hot.” I can hardly stand up straight without showing the bulge in my pants.

When I come back into the room, you’re still on your back, one hand draped across your stomach, the other at your side. You look up and smile and your beautiful blue eyes sparkle. I smile back at you and I know that I can’t hold back any longer. I want you. But I’m willing to take my time to get what I want and make sure you enjoy it. I walk back towards the bed and climb in. “What are you doing?” you ask with a sly grin. “Oh I think you know sweetie.” I slowly crawl up the bed over you on my hands and knees, staring into your eyes the whole time with an evil grin on my face. As I make my way up, I have you trapped beneath me not only with my body, but with my gaze as well. I don’t think you’ll want to go anywhere for awhile. I lean and kiss you deeply, enjoying the taste and feel of your soft lips. You reach your hands up and start running them up and down my sides. I begin to nibble on your chin and your jawline, working my way down to your bakırköy escort neck. I linger there, nibbling, kissing, sucking…running my tongue all over your skin. I hear you moaning like you do and I know you’re going to enjoy this.

I stop kissing your neck and crawl back down to your stomach, running my nose down your chest, between your breasts to the bottom of your shirt. I lift the edge of your shirt up and place kisses all along the line of your pants. My hands work their way under your shirt and run up and down your sides, squeezing and lighting dragging my nails. I bring my hands down to your waistband and run my fingers underneath it. I slowly start to work your pants down, trailing kisses after it. I kiss your legs and the inside of your thighs. My nose brushes your panties and you tense…I can tell you’re already worked up.

You smell wonderful and I know neither of us can wait until I have my face buried between your legs. Ah, but good things come to those who wait. I work your pants down your legs kissing as I go. Once I get them off, I grab your feet and start to massage them. I know you like it when I do it, and I want you totally relaxed. When I finish rubbing your feet, I run my hands slowly up your legs to the edge of your panties. I run my thumbs underneath them, but they’re not coming off just yet. I plant one kiss on your pussy through your panties. Oh man I want to just rip them off and go down on you, but I control myself.

Once again, I start kissing your stomach, lifting your shirt up little by little. Slowly I work my way up. Nibbling on your stomach and chest, kissing you all over. I go back down to your belly button and run my tongue all the way up your stomach to the bottom of your bra. I push your shirt up over your breasts, running my hands over them as I do. You squirm underneath me; you’re so sensitive now. I kneel over you and pull you up towards me wrapping my arms around you. bakırköy escort bayan I kiss you passionately. God your lips taste so good. I break away, lifting your shirt over your head and toss it to the floor. I kiss you again and you run your tongue over my lips. I love it when you do that. I lay you back down still kissing you. I lay on top of you and reach one hand up to your breast. You moan as a squeeze and rub it; I can feel your nipple getting hard through your bra. I reach up to your shoulder and brush the strap of your bra off, kissing your shoulder and working my way back across your chest. Nibbling on your collarbone, running my tongue across your skin. You snake your hand down between our bodies and start rubbing my cock through my pants. You manage to undo the button and work the zipper down. You slide your hand inside my pants and run your fingers down the length of my cock. I’m rock hard and I twitch at your touch.

I pull up and take my pants off, then lean in and slide my hands underneath you. I try to unhook your bra, but the damn thing won’t come off. This could seriously jeopardize the whole operation. Thankfully you realize the situation and undo it yourself. I smile and say “Thanks baby!” I can sense that you’re getting slightly impatient, so I lean in and kiss your breasts. I run my tongue all around one while rubbing the other with my hand. I suck your nipple into my mouth and it’s instantly hard. I roll it around with my tongue while rubbing the other one with my fingers. My cock is throbbing against your leg and it’s getting hard to hold back now. I want to be inside you. I can tell you want the same. I kiss my way down your stomach to the top of your now soaked panties. I hook my thumbs inside of them and pull them down exposing your sweet pussy. I can hardly contain myself, but I manage to get them down your legs and off, tossing them also to the floor.

I kneel at the foot of the bed escort bayan bakırköy and look up to meet your half-closed eyes. You blow me a kiss and I lose control. I lean in between your legs and lower my mouth to your love hole. I press my tongue against your lips and run it up and down. Then I stick my tongue inside of you and rub it against your clit. Your hips buck when I press against it. My face is wet with your juice and the smell is intoxicating. I keep rubbing my tongue on your button bringing your closer and closer to orgasm. But you’re not going to get away that easily. I lift my face before you climax and crawl up to you. You reach up and pull my shirt over my head and toss it to the floor. Wrapping your hands around my neck, you pull me in for a quick kiss. I lean into you and my cock is right where it needs to be. You reach down and quickly whip my boxers down, not even bothering to get them off. You look me in the eye and say, “Fuck me. Now.”

Well, a man can’t turn down an order like that. I position myself at your entrance, rubbing the head of my dick up and down your pussy, getting it well lubricated. I lean into you and slide my cock into you. You’re so hot and tight I have to really concentrate to not pull an American Pie. I slide my hand under your back and lift you off the bed. I hold onto you as I slide slowly in and out. You arch your back as I hit just the right spot. “Oh god!” you scream and I can hardly control myself. I speed up, fucking you faster and faster, our breath getting shorter and shorter as we both build to climax. You’re running your hands all over my back. I’m lifting you up with each thrust, flowing in and out of you. Everything starts to go black and all I can see and feel is you. You’re screaming out your hybrid language…I’ve been reduced to a series of grunts and moans. You start clawing my back as you get higher and higher.

That sends me over the edge, “Oh god baby!” I scream as I come inside you. You orgasm as you feel me filling you inside. Your breath catches, your back arches, your eyes are squeezed shut. You let out a gasp of breath and it’s over. We collapse on the bed, exhausted. We roll over to our side and hold each other as we try to regain our breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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