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The bleak night soon gave way to the sun with its warmth and light. I open my eyes as the sunlight flows through the window blinds. I place my feet on to the floor of my bedroom in my beach side chalet. I walk over to the sliding glass door, I opened it and let the sea breeze fill the room and heard the noise of the ocean as it lapped the shore.

The sea which adjoined the coast was crystal clear and as blue as it had always been, not only here but everywhere. I headed to the bathroom and did my usual routine. I followed it up with some breakfast and perused the internet. I get wind of current affairs and my phone began to ring. “Victor Roberts.”

“Why so formal?”

“Oh sorry Clarissa still stuck in work mode it seems.”

“Well you need some loosening up it seems.”

“I sure could use a party and some good company.”

“Well you’ll get just that Vic; meet me at the club by the pier next to the beach.”

“Voodoo Lounge, I am looking at it through my window right now.”

“Yes that’s the place.”

“See you there at about nine tonight Clarissa.”

The rest of that Saturday morning was by rather uneventful except for my trip to the golf course. I played some golf and watched the waves crash onto the beach. After I spent the morning playing through the course, as I lined up at the tee for the 18th hole, I noticed a woman approaching from behind. After I hit my ball I lingered a little longer and watched her tee off.

“That was an amazing shot.”

“Thank you, yours was quite impressive as well.”

“Well it’s a hobby”

“You play like a professional; I am Victoria by the way.”

“Victor pleased to meet you.”

“Seems we are kindred spirits through name.”

“I suppose that’s correct, you wouldn’t be a Gemini by any chance.”

“June 14 actually.”

“I am ten days earlier.”

“Well shall we get our balls then,” Victoria attempted to say with a straight face but that did not quite work out.

We got into the cart and headed off to the green where our balls had landed. I found my ball about a few feet away from the hole and readied myself for the put. I hit it and it went straight and true to find the hole. “Well done, are you sure you are not a professional.”

“No, just having a good day I guess.”

“My turn.”

I quietened down and watched her ready herself for the putt and she too nailed it in the hole.

“Well seems like that good day is happening to me as well.”

“Yes it would, how about a drink at the club house.”

“Sure why not.”

We got back into the cart and headed for the club house. A rather opulent building, even for a golf course, it did include a hotel which may have been the reason behind its opulence. We found ourselves a seat at the bar and enjoyed a drink which soon turned into a few.

“So do you live around here?”

“No, actually I am a tourist, staying at this hotel as a matter of fact.”

“Here for the golf I presume?”

“Among other things.”

“Which you would rather not divulge at the moment I am presuming.”

“I might divulge them to you, but in a more, how shall I put this, a more discreet setting. “Hmm, would your hotel room suffice?”

“Yes it would as a matter of fact.”

We then left the bar and headed to the elevator to get to Victoria’s room. We got to the fifth floor and the elevator doors parted. We stepped out and Victoria led the way and soon we arrived at her room, number 506.

Victoria swiped her card across the pad just above the door handle. The light flashed and Victoria opened the door and we stepped inside. Victoria then proceeded to open the curtains and the sliding doors which revealed a stunning sea view which was most certainly mesmerising.

“Excuse me Victor, I must go freshen up, relax put your feet up.”


Victoria entered the bathroom and closed the door behind her. I sat on the chair and continued to admire the sea view whilst waiting for Victoria. After some time the bathroom door opened and Victoria stepped out.She walked up behind me and grabbed the back of my chair and spun me around.

“Well, well, well, somebody is looking rather fresh,” I said admiring her now naked body.

“Yes, and somebody is rather hard right about now,” Victoria said with a smirk on her face as she looked down at my crotch.

Victoria then unbuckled my pants and whipped out my cock and admired it as it stood at attention all stiff and ready to do some penetrating.

“Wow, and I thought your golf shaft was pretty impressive, seems the real driver was in your pants all this time.”

“Well, it aint going to suck itself,” I said with a smirk on my face.

“Oh you cheeky bastard,” Victoria replied whilst faking shock.

Victoria licked the top of my cock and then inserted it into her mouth and slowly moved toward the base and back up again. Her slow and deliberate movements heightened the sensations surging through my body. Her soft cupping of my balls was simply amazing to behold.

After some time Şanlıurfa Escort I turned and said to her, “Let me return the favour Victoria.”

I got up off the chair and we headed to the bed and Victoria lay back and spread her luscious legs. I moved in close and started to rub her pussy to get some moisture going and then I move in and begin to lick with my tongue. I swirled and darted my tongue from left to right and up and down. Victoria began to moans in sheer ecstasy as if she has never been eaten out before in her life or she could probably be just a loud fuck.

I continue to lick away and send shivers through her entire body and she loved every single second of it. Soon though she sits up and says to me “I want that cock in my pussy now.”

I got up and moved myself over her as she offered her pussy up to my hard cock. I slowly inserted it and moved it in and out of her pussy. She looks me in the eyes as my cock goes into her pussy. It sends her into frenzied excitement as the sun shines through the open window and the sensation of the sea air continues to drive the lust between the both of us.

Her riding was mesmerising and certainly unforgettable. Her moans of delight continued to come forth from her mouth. She leans back a little and then arches her back and continues to fuck my only this time moaning louder and louder. The only sound to be heard was that of the sea and Victoria moaning as pleasure and lust shot through her entire body.

She continued to fuck seemingly content with the position we were in making me think she was a ‘closeted’ dominatrix. She gyrated, shimmied, and grinded all the while my cock was deep inside her pussy which was soaked even before I entered it.

Her moans grew louder which indicated her orgasm was not far off. She soon went quiet and the orgasm slowly crept in before it flooded through her and caused an almighty noise to come from her mouth as the juice came from her pussy.

She wanted my cum and continued to fuck even harder once her orgasm had subsided. It seemed adrenaline had kicked in and she was fucking in an almost superhuman nature. I felt my balls beginning to swell and soon I erupted deep inside her.She then slowly lifted herself off me and then proceeded to lie down next to me.

“Thank you, for that.”

“Thank you too Victoria, that was quite something to behold.”

We lied down and relaxed in each other’s arms and took in the sea breeze that flowed through the window and the sound of the ocean as it lapped the shore.

Sometime later I reached over and grabbed my watch off the table beside the bed and checked the time.

“I’m going to be at that club everyone is raving about later feel going Victor?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I’m heading there a good friend of mine, her name is Clarissa.”

“Mind if I tag along?”

“Sure thing let me know when you get there and we will find you.”

I left the still naked Victoria in her room and left the club house and headed home for a change of clothes. I slipped on some white jeans, a white shirt and a black suit jacket.

I headed out and hailed a taxi; I then arrived at the club about ten minutes before nine. I walked to the door and then I spotted Clarissa and she headed toward me arm in arm with two other gorgeous women.

“Well Hello ladies,” I said with a smile on my face.

“Hello yourself you handsome man.” Clarissa began, “Let me introduce you to Valerie and Karina.”

“Hello Ladies,” I said to Valerie and Karina.

After the pleasantries had been exchanged we headed inside, straight to the VIP section. There was a certain atmosphere to the air. The club pumped out seductive beats, something began to stir inside all of us. The lights flashed as the bodies moved to the music on the dance floor.

Booths along the club were filled with jovial and boisterous patrons. People were enjoying themselves. In this building all the ills of the world were seemingly forgotten for a night. Songs came on with people singing along when the DJ stopped it for them to shout their drunken appreciation for the music blasting through the speakers.Women were dressed seductively moving and shaking their hips as the beats penetrated their bodies and took hold of their very souls.

I sat down with the girls and we began with some shots, and kicked off a night of intoxication. Tequila began and soon I was doing body shots off them. The music pulsed and the lights flashed as the night marched forward. Soon we became tipsy and were bumping and grinding on the floor in amongst the throng of people who were soaking in the music, alcohol and flashing lights.

Clarissa suddenly grabbed my hand and led me off to the men’s bathroom and got me into a stall and dropped to her knees and began to unbuckle my belt and unzip my jeans. My member stood to attention Clarissa soon took into her mouth and began to masterfully suck it and got her other hand onto my balls to massage them and give one hell of a blow job.

All around the noise of people exiting Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan and entering bathroom stalls around me seem distant and virtually non-existent to the exiting and entering of my cock into Clarissa’s mouth. The music continued to pump and pulse inside the bathrooms as Clarissa edged me ever closer to an eruption inside her mouth. After a while I erupted in her mouth and she hungrily gobbled up all my cum as quite a large amount went down her throat.

“Vic, I need to piss.”

“Well let me get onto my knees and you can do that in my mouth.”

“Ooh, kinky are we?”

“You have no idea.”

Clarissa then stood over me and pissed inside my mouth, it was warm and an interesting sensation on tongue. After she stopped I licked her pussy and Clarissa began to moan. I continue to lick and despite her best efforts the moans never did stopped that was until her orgasm erupted and shot a jet of her vaginal juices into my mouth. I returned the favour and swallowed her juices. We stepped out of the stall and I walked to the sink and casually washed my hands as Clarissa checked her make up.

We went back out and found Karina and Valerie dancing on the table tops with water being sprayed on them. They loved it and soaked up all the attention and the water. They then got off the bar and spotted us.

“And just what were you two doing in the bathroom,” Karina enquired in a mischievous tone.

“Exchanging fluids if you must know.” Clarissa replied.

“Well let’s exchange some more at the bar.” I interjected.

With that we headed to the bar, we all decided on whiskey accompanied by shots, twelve of them. We first downed the shots then picked up and clinked our glasses and drank to a great night that was still very, very, young.

Another song came on and Valerie grabbed Clarissa and they headed to the dance floor.

Karina then leaned over the whispered into my ear “Let’s go outside and I’ll ride your cock up against the fence.”

I did not need to be told twice, we left the club, uttering to the bouncer that we would return and we headed around back found a fence. We walked up to the fence Karina unbuckled my belt and dropped my jeans to the floor. She then simply hiked up her already very short skirt and revealed her gorgeous pussy sans panties. She then jumped up onto me and wrapped her arms around my neck and slid herself onto my cock and I moved so that we were against the fence. We began to fuck, Karina went up and down on my cock and the fence rattled a little at our increasingly vigorous movements.

Karina’s moans were quite a bit louder than Clarissa’s which was probably the reason we ended up outside. Her wet clothing had dried somewhat in the night time heat but a bit of sweat had started due to our little sordid session happening up against a fence.

We kept at for a solid half hour but that felt much longer, soon I erupted with more hot cum into her gorgeous pussy and let our combined orgasm subside whilst using the fence to steady ourselves.Once we had caught our breath, Karina got back onto her stiletto clad feet and adjusted her dress. We then proceed to head back inside the club. Just before went back inside I spotted Victoria about to enter.

“Vicky,” I call out.

She turns to me and spots. We greet one another in an embrace.

“This is Karina, one of Clarissa’s friends.”

“Hey Karina, how do you do?”

“Great, its one hell of a night club.”

We three then entered the night club and back into the loud thumping music.


As it would later turn out, after we left, Valerie and Clarissa had headed to the bathroom for some fun of their own.Clarissa led Valerie into the bathroom stall and shut the door. Clarissa drew Valerie in close and kissed per passionately. They then both lifted their dress to expose their panty less pussies and Clarissa began to rub and fondle Valerie’s pussy before commencing to finger fuck her.Valerie began to become filled with ecstasy as she lifted her hands and became entranced by Clarissa’s actions.

However soon Valerie had erupted and left a bit of a mess on Clarissa’s fingers and the floor. Clarissa brought the two fingers she had used to her nostrils to enjoy the fragrance. She stuck our tongue and placed her index finger on it and took it into her mouth and sucked. She then took her middle finger and put it to Valerie’s mouth so she could taste her pussy too.

Valerie sat Clarissa down on the toilet and began her finger fucking of Clarissa. Clarissa for the second time in a single evening let out moans of ecstasy. Valerie’s fingering was rapid and constant. She left Clarissa a bit dazed but still turned on like a blazing inferno.

Soon spurts of Clarissa’s vaginal juice starts spurting out. Valerie gently rubs the moisture around Clarissa’s now thoroughly soaked pussy. She and Valerie then got up and casually walked up to the sinks and fixed their hair and make-up before heading back outside

(Back outside)

Karina, Victoria Escort Şanlıurfa and I make our way back inside the club which was still packed to the brim and pumping music continued to intoxicate those on the dance floor. The drums pulsed and flowed through everyone on the floor like a great hunt or drums beating to marching armies in battles long since passed. We make our way to a booth and find Valerie and Clarissa along the way.

It was a normal Friday and this was the party being put on just to welcome the weekend. Me and girls were well and truly full of good spirit . . . vodka, whiskey, and gin among others. We celebrate and continue to do so. I introduced Victoria to the girls they began to get on like a house on fire. Hardly surprising as these women were amazing and they showed in the way the interacted with one another. We continued to down drinks and party away as the music continued its seemingly never ending cycle of beats which spurred the crowd and made the inside of the club feel like a slice of heaven.

Soon from the sealing, machines spewed smoke and began to engulf the club. People enjoyed it as everyone danced their troubles away we were all equal with music on and the lights flashing. Music came on to match and the march continued to midnight as the DJ pointed out on the large clock above his booth.

Soon midnight arrived and the DJ hit a large red button air horns sounded and then confetti erupted and then began raining down on the party goers. The roof of the club began to open and the full moon soon came into view and everyone was intoxicated by its eerie shine, probably because they were already monumentally drunk. Then fireworks shot into the sky and exploded into a dazzling display of light, colour and sound, each bang was followed by rapturous cheering and applause.

After the show the roof remained open and the partying continued with as much gusto as it did throughout the entire night. People danced, drank, and cheered their way to the dawn. At about four in the morning the club soon has to close and the exodus of party goers soon began, we were rather close to the beach and decided to head there before the sun decided to rise. We ran down to my place which had a little spot of secluded beach.

The unmistakable sound of the waves crashing on the beach and the sea air filling our lungs left us feeling dizzy with life. The girls soon began to strip before my eyes. They then ran off into the surf. I soon stripped off and then followed them inside. We frolicked together in the shallow surf and cringed slightly each time the cold ocean hit us we quickly acclimatised as each waved crashed onto the shore.

We then nonchalantly walked back onto the sand and laid down. Clarissa took notice of my cock which despite the cold ocean swim had swelled considerably and it drew her in close and she grasped it in her hand and then began to stroke. Valerie, Karina and Victoria soon joined in and began to lick my balls, one at a time. The sensation of the sea air, alcohol, and a quartet of gorgeous women tending to my genitalia felt other worldly.

Their vivacious fondling continued until Valerie declared my cock her throne. Victoria then positioned herself over my mouth and I began to lick her pussy as Valerie began to ride my cock. Clarissa lay then next to me and Karina manoeuvred her pussy over Clarissa’s mouth in a 69 and they began to lick and finger one another’s pussies.

I have my hands around Victoria’s waist as her pussy gets licked by my tongue darting and flicking around inciting moans of lust to emerge from her mouth. All the while Valerie continues to ride my cock take every bit of it deep inside her pussy.

Karina and Clarissa continued their 69 and licked away and judging by their moans they had reached orgasm. I continued my fucking and then Valerie lifted off my cock and switched with Clarissa. She was now licking out Karina alongside me. Clarissa rode my cock with fury and a lustful urge. Victoria then lifted off me and took Karina’s place as she then placed her pussy over my mouth. Victoria and Valerie began to lick and fuck each other.

I was still able to see that despite having Karina’s pussy over my mouth.The moans from all four women were intoxicating as the resonated in my ears and it seemed to almost drown out the sound of the ocean lapping against the shore just a few metres away. We fucked and fucked it seemed like an eternity but we couldn’t be bothered to keep time by now. We knew sunrise was still some time off as the darkness still prevailed and even the night club lights had probably switched off. Karina got up off my face and Clarissa then pulled me up to her and whispered into my ear.

“Do me from behind.”

Clarissa then got off my cock and got on all fours on the sand. I positioned myself behind her and then slid my cock into her pussy and began to pump away. Karina had got onto the sand on her back in front of Clarissa’s mouth and began to enjoy it as Clarissa’s swift and skilled tongue go to work on her pussy.

By now Victoria and Valerie had positioned themselves on either side of Karina and she began to finger fuck the both of them which resulted in all five of us connected through lust and body parts. It had turned into a symphony and the noise was immense just stirred up the lust that had already permeated between five of us.

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