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Marc looked at Scott, his head buried in Anna’s lap, her question still hanging in the air…”So tell me daddy. You made my boyfriend a queer. What are you going to do with me?”

Marc took a sip of his wine as Scott straightened up, still sitting on the floor, his lean naked frame relaxing against the chair. Scott’s smaller cock hung limply on his leg. “You didn’t cum did you boy? We got off leaving you hanging,” Marc stated.

The older man sat down on the couch and had Scott stand, his cock inches from his face as Marc reached out and pulled at his flaccid penis, stretching it, before easing it into his mouth. Anna looked on as the older man sucked her former boyfriend.

Scott’s cock growing as the young man leaned back, his hands holding daddy’s head as his expert lips moved up and down.

She had never witnessed anything like what she had seen tonight. Two grown men sucking, fucking, going at it. Raw sex and it was turning her on like nothing she had ever experienced.

“Suck him daddy, suck his cock. I love it. I love watching you two,” Anna moaned as she let her fingers wander back to her pussy. Could she possibly cum again? She had felt spent but now she felt a passion well back up in her body. “That’s so fucking hot…”

Scott was moaning as Marc’s slurping grew wetter, louder. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, Scott groaned, “I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum daddy…”

Marc stood up facing his young lover. He leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Anna had not seen this before. Yes, she had watched both men sucking cocks and even daddy fucking Scott’s hot hole but kissing? Marc’s tongue pushing into Scott’s mouth. Scott sucking it, meeting it, their lips sliding together as Marc rubbed their cocks in his hand.

Anna groaned as she watched the spectacle of the two men in such a soulful, hot embrace. “That’s so fucking beautiful…so fucking hot,” Anna moaned.

Scott’s body convulsed and Anna watched as he spurted his hot cum on Marc’s cock and all over his stomach. He leaned back and thrust his cock into Marc’s hand. Daddy let go of the cock, placed his arms around the boy, squeezing him, kissing him. As Marc backed away, he looked down to see both their cocks covered in Scott’s sperm.

“Let’s don’t waste it boy… get down there and clean it up,” he urged.

Scott dropped to his knees and took the cum covered cock in his mouth, licking, sucking up the sperm. Marc looked over at Anna, “He loves the taste of cum…he’s hooked on it.”

There was a glazed look on Anna’s face — Marc wondered, what was she thinking just at that moment?

As Scott finished up, Marc pulled him up one last time and kissed him again.

“I want to talk with Anna. You get dressed. I’ll call you later,” the older man informed him.

Scott slipped back on his gym shorts and in moments had retreated leaving Anna and Marc alone. Marc walked over and picked up the bottle of cab. He topped off Anna’s wine and then his own. “You do know, the guy you knew… may be loved, ….well, he’s eaten at the proverbial apple. His eyes have been wide opened. He’s seen the world and he can’t go back again. You know that don’t you?” Marc asked as he took a sip from his wine.

“I don’t want him to go back…” she said softly, her eyes still glassy. “I’ve never seen anything like that, felt that before. I’ve never cum so many times, so hard as I came tonight watching you two. That was amazing… fucking amazing!” she said with emphasis.

“I know you still have feelings for him and I’m sure he has strong feelings for you… but things would be different for you two. You know that don’t you? Even if I wasn’t in the picture — he’s never going to be that other man Anna,” Marc reasoned. “I don’t want that other man. I want to be part of that man. I want….. I want to be part of what I just saw, what we just did,” she tried to explain.

Anna slid from the couch onto her knees. She bent down in front of Marc. Her soft lips pressed lightly to his cock, still wet from Scott earlier. “Please daddy. Please! I’ve never felt this way before….never experienced anything like this before,” she begged.

Daddy ran his fingers through her soft blonde hair. “Anna, sweetheart. I’m a gay man. What you did earlier,” he smiled. Marc was searching for words. “I haven’t been with a woman since my wife and that was 10 years ago.” Marc continued to slide his fingers through her hair.

“Okay, Okay… you want me to be your daddy? You want a bite at the apple,” he smiled.

“I do…please,” she begged.

“Look at me,” he commanded. Anna lifted her head. Her eyes staring back into his.

“You have no will. You will do what I say, anything I request. Like Scott, I am going to bring out things in you, expose you to things you’ve never known. You will give yourself to me willingly, completely. You have no inhibitions. I will mold you into my little slut. I will share you with men…with women. You will be just like Scott. Soon you will be consumed by desire and it will burn. Is that what you want? Tell istanbul travesti me!”

Anna had tears running down her cheek. “Yes daddy, I want it. Yes…” she moaned placing warm kisses on his bare leg.

Marc raised her head back up, his hand planted under her chin. “There are rules. You obey me at all times. You will give yourself totally to whoever I direct — no questions asked. Like Scott, you will be naked in my presence… a reminder you have been stripped of any modesty, no reluctance, embarrassment — proud that I would show you off, whore you out as I please.”

“…and when it comes to Scott, you and he may talk, but under no circumstance are you to have sex with him, touch him, kiss him unless directed by me… do you understand?”

“Yes daddy,” she replied.

“Get dressed. Tomorrow starts your training as my little slut. When do you fly out again?” he asked.

“I’m here until next Tuesday,” she informed him, “Then it’s a 10-day stretch.”

“Then tomorrow it begins. I want you here at 7 tomorrow night.” Mark kissed her on the forehead and stood up. Anna slipped on her t-shirt and shorts and grabbed her bra and thongs and wadded them in her hand. She bent over and picked up her

little flip flops by the strap as well.

She looked at Marc, their eyes met, then breaking the silence, she uttered… “Thank you.”

Anna woke up the next morning with a slight headache from all the wine but the events of the evening were crystal clear. Did she really experience that? Did all that really happen? She was lying naked in her sheets and she could feel a stirring deep in her womb. Her nipples erect.

She rubbed herself there and with her other hand brought it up squeezing her ripe young breasts. Yes, it all happened. It wasn’t a dream and tonight she would take her own first step.

Anna showered and then headed out to the pool, letting the sun kiss her tanned body. Feeling its warm rays dance on her skin. She couldn’t wait until tonight, she was so excited, so turned on at the thought of giving herself willingly to daddy or whoever he directed… even a stranger. It didn’t matter, she wanted it, needed it.

The evening could not come soon enough. After spending most of the day at the pool, she grabbed a quick bite and then another shower. She shaved her legs and around her pussy but leaving the little tuft of pubic hair just over her twat. She sat down and painted both her finger and toenails dark red.

She was fishing through her dresser for the perfect bra and panty set but then realized — why bother? She wouldn’t be in them long at all so she dispensed with them altogether, putting on a pair of shorts and a halter top. She did spend time making up her face, wanting to look her best for whatever the occasion and whoever that might be. Then one little dab of perfume.

The walk to daddy’s could not have been longer, each step feeling heavier and heavier in anticipation. She knocked at the door and heard Marc beckon her in. Per his instruction, she stripped in the kitchen, folding her items of clothing and placing them neatly on the kitchen table.

Turning the corner into the den, there was Marc siting in a chair rising to meet her. Scott seated nude in the chair beside him.

The young girl walked into the room completely naked. There was a coolness in the air but it wasn’t the cold air of the AC that made her nipples erect and the little bumps form on her arms and thighs. She could feel the heat in her cheeks, a heat that swept through her body, now on full inspection for everyone to see.

“Anna, meet Roxie,” Marc stated as he introduced a gorgeous brunette who also stood to meet her. Roxie held out her hand and took Anna’s in hers. Roxie was gorgeous. Perhaps 5’8″ long brown hair, brown eyes wearing a tight black dress that showed off her flowing hips, round ass and even more marvelous bust.

Roxie took in Anna’s nude body, smiling with a lustful approval.

Looking over at Marc, “Damn you got both these sluts trained already. I’m loving this,” she purred.

“You are just as pretty and sexy as Marc described. Just a delightful looking young lady,” Roxie cooed. “When I got here, I was met at the door by this guy,” pointing at Scott. “Naked as a jaybird….. but nothing prepared me for you. Damn child, you are some kind of fine,” Roxie explained.

“Turn around honey. Let me look at that sweet ass of yours,” Roxie continued.

If there was any sense of modesty or embarrassment, Anna quickly dismissed it as she turned facing away from Roxie and Marc. “Nice,” the woman cooed. “Bend over sweetie,” she encouraged.

Anna had always been flexible and bent over allowing herself to touch the floor with the palms of her hands. She could feel her ass on total display to Roxie, Marc and Scott. Truth was — she loved it.

She felt the warm touch of Roxie’s soft hand as it lightly settled on her ass, and then rubbed, allowing the hand to wander south, dancing along the crack of her ass, before her fingers deftly touched istanbul travestileri and probed her pussy. Anna gasped slightly, feeling her vagina begin to moisten. She had just arrived but already she was turned on.

“You have such a beautiful body,” Roxie said complimenting her. “Such a pretty ass, legs…nice. How old are you sweetie?” Roxie inquired.

“27,” Anna replied. “So tell me baby, you ever been with a woman before? Marc told me you were still a little new to all this, but you ever played with another girl?”

“No,” came Anna’s rather breathy response.

Roxie smiled, “Oh this is going to be lots of fun. We’re gonna’ have a ball baby.”

The older woman leaned her fully clothed body into Anna who was still bent over, now bracing herself as Roxie pushed harder, beginning to probe her wet pussy with her expert fingers.

Scott and Marc simply sat in their chairs watching the scene play out in front of them.

“Stand up honey and turn around,” Roxie directed.

Anna rose from her stance and turned facing the gorgeous brunette. Both had dark brown eyes, something in common, but the older woman’s gaze seemed to penetrate right thru Anna’s soul. Roxie took her right hand and swept back a lock of Anna’s blonde hair over and behind her ear. “You are really pretty baby” Roxie cooed. “And gorgeous breasts,” she added as her hand went to the younger girl’s tit.

“….And I just love how hard your nipples are…. Just two little dark berries perched on those firm breasts…so nice,” she added as she squeezed a nipple drawing a groan from Anna. Her knees and legs felt weak as heat rose from her cunt, running through her chest, to her breasts, emanating from her hard nipple. “I could play with these all day,” Roxie teased.

Roxie bent down and let her lips surround Anna’s left nipple. She sucked before letting her tongue run all around the hard nub. Anna’s head tilted back, her right hand involuntarily wrapping itself around the back of Roxie’s head, a groan deep inside her chest.

Roxie let her other hand wander down to Anna’s hip and then teasing the small tuft of pubic hair as she gently traced a pattern below. In moments her fingers were again probing Anna’s wet lips and between as the young girl spread her legs. Roxie was experienced and knew the effect she was having on Anna as her fingers moved in and out, her thumb gliding over her clit, drawing moans from Anna.

“That feel good? You like that,” Roxie said softly as Anna simply nodded allowing her soft sighs signal her response. “Tell me, you like me playing with that sweet little pussy of yours?” the older woman asked. “Yes, oh yes it feels so good, so fucking good,” Anna confirmed.

Marc sat drinking a wine just watching the sex scene play out. He knew Roxie was just getting started and the real show was yet to come.

Anna’s legs quivered and shook as Roxie kept up her assault. A squishing noise as the young girl’s juices flowed from her flower. The older woman could have kept going but she was anxious to be pleased herself. “Undo my top,” Roxie commanded as she leaned back from the girl.

Anna, gathering her senses, began unbuttoning Roxie’s dress revealing two large breasts, tightly contained in a sheer black bra. Roxie’s nipples poking through the fabric. “Unfasten it,” as she indicated she wanted the bra restraining her marvelous breasts removed.

Anna reached behind and unsnapped the bra and then slid it off her shoulders. Anna who had beautiful 36C breasts was in awe of Roxie’s 34DD “Kiss them baby. I want to feel your pretty mouth on my breasts… do it,” Roxie urged.

The girl did not need to be coerced. Within seconds she was sucking, licking, mouthing Roxie’s tits and nipples. She had never touched another woman’s tits and now here she was moving from breast to breast. Licking, sucking on her hard nipple. Drawing the hard bud into her mouth. Roxie merely smiled at the eagerness, the wanton desire on display, as Anna slobbered all over her chest.

“You like Roxie’s titties don’t you baby? They taste good?” she teased. “Oh yes, I love it… I love them so much,” Anna shot back, moving from one to the other.

Roxie’s black dress was bunched at her wide hips. She hitched her thumbs in the sides and then let it fall down her slender legs, falling to the ground leaving her in a black thong and knee high suede black boots. Anna had not really paid attention to the dress as Roxie stepped away from it.

Anna looked down to see the satin thong that covered Roxie’s pussy. It seemed to bunch in the middle as Roxie pushed the young girl down by the shoulders. Pushing her to her knees until she was face to face with the satin covered flesh. Anna placed her lips to the smooth fabric, taking in the heat, rising from within.

Roxie reached in, and tugged down the thong revealing her cock. Roxie had a cock? It had never crossed Anna’s mind that Roxie was anything other than a sensual sexy female. But now freed, a seven inch cock began to unfurl itself. Anna travesti istanbul didn’t have time to think as Roxie grabbed her shaft and forced it to Anna’s mouth. The thick meat pushing, sliding as Roxie worked the member in and out between Anna’s soft lips.

“Oh baby, your pretty mouth feels so good. That’s right, suck on it, suck my cock. Suck Roxie’s hard cock,” she moaned.

Roxie looked down at the young girl, her lips sliding across her member as she removed it, wiping the wet shaft across her face before inserting it again between her two plump lips. “That’s it baby. Show me what a little cocksucker you are. Show me how much you love sucking my cock,” she coaxed as Anna sucked harder. Taking the shaft out of her mouth every so often to catch her breath as a trail of saliva dangled from her moth, running down her chin.

Anna plunged her mouth back on the hard cock as Marc and Scott looked on. Scott, like Anna, had no idea that Roxie was anything other than a sexy voluptuous woman.

There was no tell-tale sign, her voice, face, anything to give away that she was a T-gurl.

Scott was mesmerized watching the sex play out on front of him. He had seen videos of cross dressers and transgender women but it was one thing watching a video or a computer screen and quite another to see a gurl fucking your girlfriend’s mouth.

Girlfriend? Scott knew things were different now. He had desires he had never known before. Urges he simply couldn’t control and while he knew deep down he still cared for Anna, maybe loved her, he knew he was a slave to cock and that was never going to change.

Their sex life had always been good, perhaps better than anyone else. But nothing compared to sucking a hard cock or feeling a shaft slide up your ass and releasing its load. The feeling of lying there as the cum seeped out your asshole, forming a wet puddle on the sheets — totally spent. He had strong feelings for Anna — but he would always crave cock.

Anna looked over to see Scott sitting in the chair, his right hand stroking his erect member. Their eyes meeting as Anna let her lips slide up and down Roxie’s member. Anna broke the stare, “You want some?” she asked as she held the slick penis in her hand, offering it to her former lover? “I’ll share…” she trailed off.

Marc looked over with a sly smile, “Go ahead boy. You know you want it,” he affirmed.

Scott slid off the chair and took a position beside Anna as they took turns sucking her cock. One would work the shaft while the other licked and sucked her balls. Then switching back. Anna took Roxie’s shaft in her hand and held it for Scott who bobbed up and down. The pair of lovers working in concert. “Get her really good and hard so she can fuck me,” Anna urged.

Marc loved where this was going. Yesterday in the parking lot he had no idea Anna would be so accepting of her place. He had been prepared for a tongue lashing. Berating him as a queer, a fag, a homo but that wasn’t her reaction at all. Anna was loving every bit of this and Marc knew she would embrace what he had in mind. After all — he was just getting started with her.

“Okay, it’s time. I want some of that pussy,” Roxie purred looking down at Anna. The young girl stood and lay back on the couch, legs planted on the floor but spread wide, revealing her wet parted flower to Roxie. She smiled and walked over to an end table, lifting her wine to her mouth before bending down to a purse and extracting a condom.

She tore open the package using her teeth and then rolled the lubed sheath over her hard cock. “Need to be safe,” she winked over at Marc. Roxie slid down to her knees, her hands sliding up the girls slender tanned legs. “I’m really gonna’ enjoy this,” Roxie purred as she took her member in her hand and then guided the tip of her cock to Anna’s pussy.

Anna sighed as the head rubbed up and down on her clit before sliding in. It had been a few months since she had a real cock and that was Scott before the two had split. Since then it was her vibrator when she wasn’t simply using her fingers. But nothing took the place of a stiff cock. While Scott was perhaps five inches, and at best six, Roxie was a good inch longer and thick. She completely filled Anna’s pussy.

“Uuum,” Roxie moaned as her shaft sunk in all the way to her abdomen- flesh on flesh as she moved in and out. Rox took her fingers and played with Anna’s erect nipples proudly sitting on her breasts. She twisted and pulled the hard little nubs drawing groans from Anna as she let her feet rise from the floor and dangle in the air.

Roxie took note of the girl’s toes that curled as she pulled on her nipples. Her toenails were painted a dark red on her small slender feet. Roxie grabbed her left foot and brought it to her mouth. She examined it before she drew the big toe to her mouth, letting her tongue run around the digit, and between her toes. Anna’s toe tasted salty but sweet at the same time and she groaned as the gurl took more and more of her foot into her mouth.

Anna had never had any foot play. Never thought about her toes being an erogenous area but between the thick cock moving in and out of her pussy, her slender foot in Roxie’s mouth, and her nipple under assault from the older woman’s other hand — she felt her body quaking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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